Yu Suzuki begins crowdfunding Shenmue III on PS4

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Legendary game designer begins a crowdfunding campaign today

Hello everyone. Yu Suzuki here. It has been 14 years since Shenmue II first went on sale. The game system it was released on, the Dreamcast, is not around anymore, but the voices of the fans that have been eagerly awaiting the sequel are still there and are as loud as ever. Any country I visit for work, any event where I am up on stage, any interview I do, the question I always get asked is, “When is the next Shenmue coming out?”

Moved by the fans and their passion, I have been constantly doing my homework and preparing for this day. And here it is — today marks the beginning of the Shenmue III project on Kickstarter. If there were to be a sequel to Shenmue, I wanted the voices of the fans to be heard, so we could make it together. I knew that could happen with Kickstarter.

Shenmue III, 01

PlayStation fans love video games, deeply understand video games, and have great ideas about what video games should be. Your support and cooperation will be absolutely necessary for this project. Our Kickstarter goal of 2 million dollars is certainly not an easy one. However, if we do reach that 2 million dollar mark, Shenmue will live again on PS4 (and PC).

The more our project can collect for game development during this campaign, the more the game will come alive — with more quests, more story events, more mini-games, the addition of a free-battle system, and more fight options. Stretch goals are part of the project to show supporting fans what they can expect as project funds increase. Like at the 2.5 million dollar stretch goal, Shenmue I & II flashback scenes will be added.

If you have not heard of Shenmue or are a first-time Shenmue gamer, this stretch goal will give you an even deeper gaming experience. Both you and your friends will benefit from your support, and you will be helping to create the next generation of Shenmue fans.

One of the rewards for the project will be the Shenmue III Demo Version. Something like this, of course, was not around for I & II. This is a Kickstarter-only privilege that will allow you to play Shenmue III before it gets to the stores. Besides me and the development team, those who play the Demo Version will really have the first word on the new Shenmue III.

We have a lot to show you, so please come and take a look at our project page.

So, until next time!


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  • Ok, so I backed this at $500. No Regrets but I still would love to know if this is like the Bloodstained setup?
    Are you helping publishing or not?

  • I can’t believe Yu Suzuki is posting on PS Blog. And about Shenmue 3 of all things.
    Please hold me.

  • As I just noted over on the North American PS Blog post, this is great news!

    I’m hoping we might see a PS Vita version added as a future stretch goal.

    (PS4 and Vita ports of the first two games would be good, too.)

    • Thought that releasing them would have been a no-brainer.
      Help fund it and get people into the series ^^

    • I’m sorry, but what? Shenmue 3 for PS Vita? You serious? I think it’s like wanting Witcher 3 for PS Vita.

    • @OldHorn666 Pretty sure you are wrong, Shenmue is clearly not aiming to be a tech marvel and it’s possible to make UE4 work on vita, as evident from Bloodstained KS. But, well, I’ll be content with at least a HD-collection of the first two games for vita.

  • I saw the announcement live, and I cried. I truely cried. I’m so happy for this! I love both Shenmue games, first one changed my view on games. There still hasn’t been a game like first Shenmue on Dreamcast. Now I’m waiting for the third part, and it’s gonna be a long wait. Because I needed this yesterday! Thank you so much!

    PS. It seems like Kickstarter has no problem getting funds for this, so maybe thinking about releasing Shenmue and Shenmue 2 again, for PS 4, as HD remake. Only remakes I’d need.

  • 1. Sony left Yu write that the game is also coming to PC. Kudos
    2. Would like the first 2 too but I think isnt possible.
    3. Tomorrow I’ll contribute too

    4. Sony today did videogame’s history..

  • They are already over 1 million dollars! Wait till the rest of the UK and Europe wake up. This is going to skyrocket.

  • This is so unbelivable awesome! Yay!

    Now I only wish that SEGA will make a Shenmue 1&2 HD too!

  • The kickstarter is ALREADY over $1.2m! Well i think it’s safe to say that will meet it’s target and stretch targets with ease lol

  • Took me 45 minutes to back Shenmue 3 i bet Kickstarter is loving you blowing up their servers :P

  • What a great way to announce the game! Would it be possible to get a physical PS4 copy?

  • Good times, good times indeed! Gaming can be a wonderful thing that a 14 year cliffhanger will finally get a conclusion. I haven’t played Shenmue myself yet, but I always related to the fans who wanted a sequel because a lot of my favorite series are dead as well. The Kickstarter just shows that the fans are throwing their wallets down to express their passion and desire for this game to be made.

    I hope the Kickstarter gets all the money it can get, a cult classic like this needs to be at its best so it will be remembered for a very long time.

  • Funded by lunch time. What a weird morning to be a former Dreamcast fanboy, and now it’s really happening… wow.

  • Bam, past the 2 million mark in less than 10 hours. That is more than $200K per hour. Crazy stuff :-)

  • Mr Yu Suzuki, Thank you so much for brand new shenmue 3 game! That time for the dreamcast on 1999 and 2001 was expensive. I was 14 years waiting for new shenmue 3 and finaly it comes now for ps4. Take your time and I am very glad how it looks later if is done. You doing great and the much fans here want very sure to buy your shenmue game. So suzuki very goodluck and thank you so much for beautiful news for this! Greetings Andreas

  • Congratulations on reaching the target! I hope we’ll see some sort of Shenmue 1/2 port mega-stretch goal, but most importantly, I hope you will succeed in making Shenmue 3.

  • Aaaaaand it’s funded, will buy, please get Sega on board for remakes of 1 & 2 as it’s been long enough!

    • Agree.
      Would be strange to play the third game without having playing the 2 first.

    • @Aremisthemp

      In theory they could give a synopsis as was done with Yakuza 3. Reading about a game is less interesting than having the experience playing it but it’s a nice compromise (especially as Sega hasn’t released Yakuza 1 & 2 HD so I’m guessing it will be the same with the first 2 entries in this series

  • Now this is my favorite announcement of E3. Please make it dual audio or have this as a stretch goal. I only hope either Sega jumps on it now and remakes/remasters the first two games or you make a bigger stretch goals to buy or license the first two and do them yourselves :)

  • I never played Shenmue or Shenmue 2 but after watching some gameplay vids on Youtube this looks like something I would want to play…now over to the kickstarter page

  • Mr Yu Suzuki, Thank you such a great amount for just took the ribbon off new shenmue 3 diversion! That time for the dreamcast on 1999 and 2001 was extravagant. I was 14 years sitting tight for new shenmue 3 and finaly it comes now for ps4. Take as much time as required and I am exceptionally happy what it would appear that later if is finished. You doing awesome and the much fans here need beyond any doubt to purchase your shenmue amusement. So suzuki exceptionally goodluck and thank you such a great amount for delightful news for this! Welcome Andreas

  • I owned a Dreamcast and played both these game all the way through. I still have the discs in my cupboard somewhere and I have been waiting 14 years for this news :D Very happy, for me the best thing about E3 was this announcement!!!

  • I did not play any Shenmue game and do not intend to support this project.

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