Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls are coming to PS4

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Quantic Dreams’ twin interactive dramas return to screens

Hi everyone. We’re really excited to finally reveal that two classic Quantic Dream games are coming to PlayStation 4 only for Europe and the PAL region – we’re bringing both Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls to a PS4 near you soon. Both titles will be available as individual digital releases, with a two-game bundle also available both digitally and physically.

For many players Heavy Rain was a defining moment in their gaming history, and for us it was definitely a milestone of the PS3 generation. The BAFTA and AIAS winning game helped establish what we like to call ‘interactive drama’ back in 2010, and loads of you have told us over the years how much the game’s story of a father who would do anything for his son moved you.

We’re really proud of Heavy Rain and we can’t wait for you to either play it again or experience it for the very first time.

Later in the life of the PS3 came its spiritual sequel, Beyond: Two Souls. We loved the epic journey of Jodie Holmes, featuring an incredible performance from Ellen Page complemented by the wonderful talent of Willem Dafoe.

Jodie’s story is a tumultuous one, and one we know touched many of you at the time. On PS4 you will have the opportunity to experience that story played in chronological order, watching Jodie grow from a curious young girl to a powerful woman. We’re hoping you’ll get a kick out of this much-requested mode.

We can’t wait to show you what they look like now… We’ll share more details on exactly when and how you can get your hands on these classic games soon!

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  • How about making the first two backwards compatible

    • What do you mean? You want to play Heavy Rain and Beyond on a PS2?

    • Backwards compatibility would be extremely hard and perhaps even close to impossible to put on PS4. The PS3 used a cell architecture and the PS4 uses an x86 PC architecture. They are so vastly different. It was extremely big of Microsoft to make the Xbox One backwards compatible, because they have the same architectures. I’m sure it could have been implemented at launch if it wasn’t for Don Mattrick’s sleazy always-online plans.

    • The technical wizardry that went on to get 360 games on X1 takes a team of stellar expertise in SW/HW development and I don’t think any other company would be able to do that with vastly different architecture that this gen has compared to the last gen. Think about emulators and how much they demand in power on PCseven if its for a 20 year old console and to see MS actually accomplish this they really deserve credit for it.

    • I think it’s infinitely cooler giving these games a minor touch up and extras like photo mode, plus you know, backwards compatibility is not going to happen due to the tech this gen.

      At least not for ps3, I’d like ps1 though personally as at least that would be practical still regardless of the shift in architecture from ps3 to 4.

    • The only reason why sony/ps4 would never do backwards compatibility is because of playstation now. It would cripple that service and also their profits and that’s not good for buisness so that’s why they will never do backwards compat.

  • Cool! Not remastered i’m guessing? Also, why no American release?

    • They wouldn’t release it on PS4 without doing something and he don’t talk about America because this is the European PlayStation.blog and because he is the European Brand Manager.

    • I missed this part “only for Europe and the PAL region”. Maybe it didn’t sell very well in America or maybe there’s more new players in Europe.

    • They could always just import it anyway :)

  • In b4 the remaster drama comments.

  • Am I reading this correctly? Only for EU/PAL regions?

  • polash_thelegend

    Beyond: Two Souls was expected. Heavy Rain was not. Not sure if they are remasters, though. If they were, I’m sure the post must’ve had the 1080p60FPS tagline.

  • Double “X to Jason” action? :p

    I never got the games on PS3 so I’m actually okay with this.

  • Theres a certain irony in announcing this so soon after Microsoft’s shot about making people pay again for games

    • AbandonedTrolley

      Given that they have said there are improvements and changes, this is nothing like what Microsoft said they are doing. IIRC they also mentioned Gears of War remake at their conference and I don’t remember them saying it was free to those with the original.

    • The man with the wobble wheel speaks the truth.

    • More ironic to announce a Gears remaster on the same system you’re getting backwards compatibility on. This at least gives those who jumped ship a chance to play without purchasing an entire gaming system. Same applies to Uncharted and TLOU. Smarter.

  • Classic Sony response to Xbox live about buying your own games again, is to make you buy more of your own games again :)

    • The same Microsoft who charges for Gears 1 Remaster at August just because they had no time to work on the whole Trilogy BEFORE releasing the retrocompatibility update this holiday?

      Yeah. Sony is Evil..

    • Unless you never owned or played them before of course.

    • You could buy the gears remaster, but at least you could choose not to and play the old ones via xbox, Sony not giving you that choice

    • What are you talking about Sony not giving us the choice?

      You can go out right now and buy a PS3 and a copy of each of these games cheaply and play them

      If you’re going to have an anti-Sony rant at least be factual and don’t pull criticisms and complaints from your backside which simply aren’t true

    • @unbiased

      Pretty sure gears are not on compatibility list. FYI Xbox One BC is emulation = they need to make every game compatible one by one. Currently there are 18 games. most are meh, and I’m like 90% sure no one will rush to make profiles for games they are just remastering.

    • They have only released a handful of games immediately with b/c ,hundred more by end of year, I would put money on gears being in that lot, but if I’m wrong will come back and say so on this lost next year

  • Nice to hear that it’s finally coming. I have been holding out on Beyond for PS3 because of the rumor of it being released on PS4.

    • haha. I got a PS3 only for these games. Then I sold it and got a PS4 because I wanted to get InFAMOUS Second Son and more PS4 exclusives. I’m so happy about this release.

  • Please can you tell us if Heavy Rain on PS4 will support PlayStation Move controls like in the original? Thanks.

    • GOOD question. The Beyond APP will also works on the PS4 version?

    • It played so well with the move, weirdly added to the immersion (how I don’t honestly know) and is always the game I look back as being the one that made having move worthwhile.

    • Yes. The PlayStation 4 already supports Move.

    • Despite PS Move being supported by PS4 at launch, the games are seriously lacking support – Unfinished Swan is a good example of this problem…

  • This is cool but why is there no American release? Seems kind of odd.

  • Backwards compatibility would be amazing, but I’m still happy as I’ve never played these games.

  • LOL Xbox annouce backwards compatibility, Sony announce They are “really excited to finally reveal” that we’ll have to pay again to play our old games. Think I backed the wrong horse this gen.

    • You ARE right but let’s be honest. We upgraded to PS4 to play PS4 games.
      Yesterday Sony showed so many current gen games you don’t need to go back playing your already played games.

    • Xbox announces limited Backward compatibility. Only about 300 out of the thousand games.

    • Did Sony come take away our ps3s? AFAIK, we can still play ps3 games on a ps3, it hasn’t been outlawed.

    • @Lucreto
      That’s still more games than PS3 -> PS4

      And way more games compatibile than Vita – > Vita TV

    • You did if you own over 100 360 games. If you have ZERO like some of us here, it doesn’t mean a whole lot lol. And what are you talking about? Cross Buy is 3 and a half years old now. Oh yeah, nobody DARED mention or compared that non feature on Xbox before yesterday.

    • @Archacus

      It will be years before they get that far if they don’t give up after a year. It will cost the Xbox division a future and not all will work and others won’t run properly. There is a list of current games with bugs in the emulation that can’t be fixed.

      Backwards Compatability is only useful in the first 2 or 3 years. I have enough new games coming out between now and Uncharted next year before adding remasters.

    • PS2, PS3, PSP were so popular because of backward compability.

      And no I don’t believe people saying that backward compability is just a silly gimmick not worth a dime. It is a big thing. And I can’t agree with you that it is useful only 2-3 years.

      The fact is… I still play all the time my previous games. In 2015 year alone I revisited Valkyria Chronicle, Final Fantasy VI and IX, Dark Chronicle, Persona FES, Persona 1 and 2, Folklore, ICO, Shadow of The Collosus and many other games.

      In fact I play more old games than new ones. The new ones… don’t have any spark that would ignite my lust for those. I might be getting old… but in the past games were just better.

      So aye… backward compability is a big thing. That’s how one can win few console battles. Because now even that forsaken by Japanese developers Xbox One might have in the near future Tales of Vesperia, Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Magna Carta and Witcher 2 (not Japanese). Of course it depends on what titles will be added. Lost Odyssey alone is better than any FF released after X.

      But there is one more thing. They decided to do thing that SCEE and SCEA didn’t do because they were too greedy. Remember PSP Passport? That was grand concept! That in fact boosted sales of Vita in Japan. Here in West they were too greedy… even now people have to re-buy games that they already own if they want to play on one system.

      Of course… it is by far easier to implement backward compability for Xbox One -> Xbox 360. Nobody can deny this fact.

    • Good Lord you people are quick to defend a corporation.

  • Not interested as I already played both on PS3. Hope to see Quantic’s new game at Paris later this year.



  • I’d like a PS4 version of Indigo Prophecy, not these 2 titles most of PS3 players have purchased a long time ago.

    • Not everyone with a PS4 had a PS3 – I didn’t at least. I’m very happy for people who’ve played these games before to completely ignore these re-releases, as I’m sure you can be happy that those of us who haven’t had the chance to play them now will.

    • Yea this is for the Xbots that missed out on the rich Playstation library. I get that feeling a lot with ps4, that it’s the Playstation that tries to please the competition. DS4 showing a lot of similarities with Xbox controllers too and stuff like that.. All really nice for the Xbox players that crossed over, but not so much for Playstation gamers. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad you guys get to enjoy it, but I would prefer Fahrenheit too :p

  • SONY SONY SONY SONY i already have fallout tom clancy siege on pre-order i will get this day 1 sony you guys are the best heavy rain is one of the best playstation games i have played iv been playing ps since i was 3 years old but this is one of my dreams i told everyone who ik to get heavy rain i love you and thank you

  • As I already played those I’m not interested in re-buying them again.

    Would rather backward compability… though I know it’s not as easy as in case of Microsoft


    Care to explain why this will be available only to Europe? Seems not ok to me. Either release game in all regions or at least make a deal with random publisher to guarantee free shipping around the world (PQube X RiceDigital casus).

  • I would appreciate that if Sony intends to re-master or re-release all of the games I bought for my PS3 in it’s final year, that they would make the games forwards compatible. At one point a gaming company did suggest doing this. If you put previous generation game in it’s next gen console, the console could download refreshed assets and content so that game is supported on the new console. They didn’t do that but someone still could. I guess money is better though?

    I think these two games are very deserving of a re-release. I think giving both games a second chance is going to make them even more successful. I want the PS4 versions so I can be rid of the PS3 versions but I’m not willing to pay for all of the games I’ve already bought a second time around.

  • While backwards compatibility is great, playing the games in 1080/60 rather than 720/30 will ultimately give you a better experience, but you will have to buy the game again so it that respect it’s bitter sweet.

    That said, even the (inferior) PS3 versions will still set you back £20 (2nd hand) if you wanted to buy them today and personally I’d rather spend the extra few quid to get them brand new on PS4 in their respective higher resolutions and framerates.

  • Please make sure you release the uncensored version of Beyond!

  • Are you doing some improvements *beyond* 1080p and maybe 60fps? If there’s some extra polishing, I might get it.

  • Shut up and take my money!!!
    I couldn’t help imagining how gorgeous BEYOND would be on PS4 when I was playing the original PS3 version, now dream comes true!

  • Why is this only coming to EU and PAL territories? Please bring this to North America. Two of my all-time favorite games, particularly Heavy Rain, I will never forget that experience. I’d love to play Beyond with its new chronological mode. Why go to the effort of making the game and then limit it just to one territory? Please rethink this and bring it to the rest of the world, at least the English-speaking world, as we know the game was made natively in English language so it requires to translation work, the exact game you’re releasing for Europe should be able to be released in America with no extra effort. Please!?

    • You can sign up a new account to buy it and download it to your PS4 and play it with your present account. Or you can buy a physical copy on Amazon, eBay, I dunno. PS4 isn’t region-locked.

    • I’m from uk hahahaha

  • I could see how these 2 games could be a great contender for a Morpheus treatment.
    Wish you added Fahrenheit to the collection, it would benefit greatly from an remaster.

    • Was actually one of the only games I genuinely enjoyed with Move. Wish they had provided Move support to more existing games like they did for this one. Not sure how you would see this working with Morpheus, it’s not even a first person experience.

  • Nice, I will get them again.

  • Backwards compatibility is all well and good if you owned them originally.
    I jumped from 360 to Sony so can’t wait to get cracking on some more top PS3 titles I missed out on.

  • I’m looking forward to playing beyond again only had chance to complete the once I will get the disc release

  • “You can’t have too many of these things otherwise next-gen just looks like rehashed last-gen and we certainly don’t want that,” PlayStation Europe executive Jim Ryan told CVG in an interview. “I think the balance is just about right but you know, there are other games that could be looked at, but there’ll come a point where next gen will have moved on and rehashing old-gen will have passed its sell-by date.”

    • Apparently we’re not at that point yet :p

    • I’m watching the clock and ticking off the calendar. I had enough of thee remasters eighteen months ago. But now? It’s gone beyond a joke (no pun intended). Sony don’t care about “showing the love to old classics”. It’s simply a small overhead against maximum returns, and as such we’ll be getting more remasters than new exclusives for another two years. Hell, they’ll be remastering Barbie Goes Shopping next.

  • i bought heavy rain 5 times lol because i sold now i ca keep it on ps4 forever

  • Awesome. I played Heavy Rain many times. Wanted to see every possible ending. Now, five years later, I want to relive it all over again. Same goes for Journey. Yes, bring it to PS4.

  • didn’t realise that Sony was forcing people to buy this again, if you played them already don’t buy them again, just play some of the many many other games coming out!

  • I think 2k should remaster BioShock for next gen.

  • Well, Heavy Rain could do with a remaster, but I’m up for that!

  • Yes i love heavy rain beyond two soul was ok love it when jodie play the guitar in sing.

  • Not a fan of these constant remasters of last-gen games but this I might have to get again..

  • Woohoo day1 buy for me and both games will have better graphics why cant the usa have these games as well i thought sony was This is 4 the players shame on you sony .Well i vote that usa gets both games as well hit the thumbs up button if you agree

  • Microsofts xbox 1 is not 100 % backwards compatible and there is quiet a few restrictions 1st you can not just put any old 360 game in and play it even when its fully released second the games that will be on the service will be chosen by Microsoft and it has to be approved by the actual dev / publisher of said game
    ( sure some games will be chosen by fans but not all )

    I just watched a vid on my xbox1 were major nelson says they cant put all games up ( even after some time it still will be restricted )

    As far as xbox wining because of backwards compatibility? meh it seems as far as the inter webz is concerned sony won sure some aren’t happy but I guarantee if sony slapped those people with original new games on a daily bases they still wont be happy.

    these are the games apparently confirmed to release 2015 for xbox 1
    ◾Halo 5: Guardians –

    ◾Forza Motorsport 6

    ◾Rare Replay – 30 game compilation of Rare titles, out in August < collection of old games

    ◾Gears of War: Ultimate Edition < this is a remastered xbox 360 game ( I have this on my 360 a shame this ain't back wards compatible )

    ◾Rise of the Tomb Raider < this is a timed exclusive as in it will eventually release on other platforms
    ◾Fable Legends < meh free to play team based / solo game
    ◾Beyond Eyes< this looks ok its about blind people etc
    ◾Ashen fable a remastered gears and the obvious halo is their first party games releasing this year imo not that impressive ( and yes I know they got scalebound but they haven’t even showed gameplay for it apparently its gonna be at games con but this e3 so what ever . )

    • wow these two cutted out from text

      Ashen > a 3rd person rpg idie xbox 1 exclusive via id@xbox ( not fond of art style)

  • These are possibly the two PS3 titles that needed a remaster LEAST. Sheesh. Just announce Demon’s Souls remastered already!


  • I would like to see Fahrenheit in pack, memories fade…but masterpiece stays.

  • I don’t really like playing games with oldps3 graphics I would rather play it with new current gen graphics, playing older games with ps3 graphics would ruin how I saw the game when I played it

  • heavy rain beyond two souls sony ps4 what else can i say

  • Hi all,
    For the purpose of clarity, we are announcing here on behalf of Europe and we look forward to advising more on North America in the near future.

  • @john thank you for bring this game

  • “On PS4 you will have the opportunity to experience that story played in chronological order.”

    Yet you can’t be bothered to release a patch that would do the same on PS3. You’re really taking your customers for idiots.


    Why not release this on PS4 in North America? If it’s remastered, that is. If not, I wouldn’t bother even though Heavy Rain is great.

  • the game will be in the eu/usa look at this post from the OFFICIAL twitter page it says at the top it will be coming to the eu/usa


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