Watch new Kill Strain, Drawn To Death and Guns Up! gameplay videos

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Watch new Kill Strain, Drawn To Death and Guns Up! gameplay videos

The team at Sony San Diego Studio stream brand new footage

Hi everyone. E3 2015 is just around the corner and everyone here at San Diego wanted to give all our fans out there a special treat: a week-long SD Studio Twitch Week with some special guests!

All through this week, we’ve been hosting Twitch streams featuring an assortment of announced games being developed and produced by Sony San Diego Studio. All of these livestreams are being archived on our Sony San Diego Studio Twitch page so you can watch them at your leisure!

On Monday, the MLB The Show development team kicked off the streams with MLB 15 The Show. Hoping to hear tons of stories and feedback from the community; it’s a rare treat for us to be able to celebrate the season-in-progress before we shift our gaze to next year! The stream features designers Nick Livingston, Lance Leahy, Luis Martinez, and yours truly.

On Wednesday night, we hosted a new Kill Strain livestream that gave the community a real-time look at the game’s progress. Conversations with the team and beta sign-ups continue over at

Watch live video from SonySanDiegoStudio on Twitch

Thursday saw the World Premiere stream of Drawn To Death being developed by The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency. The stream featured Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency’s Creative Director David Jaffe, 3D artist Caryn Cook, animator Chris Kovach, and producer Nick Kononelos.

Watch live video from SonySanDiegoStudio on Twitch

Last and most certainly not least, today, Friday 12th June is the World Premiere live stream of Guns Up!, developed by Valkyrie Entertainment. The stream will feature Valkyrie Entertainment founder Joakim Wejdemar, art director Forest Telford, and SD Studio Sr. producer Jeremy Ray. Head to for more details and catch up on the late night stream on our archive – it starts at 3.00am BST, but will be archived thereafter.

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  • No thanks, had enough of all these violent releases lately. Hopefully something fun and different will come to the PS4 for a change.

    • Its always nice to see people go out there way to criticise a game they are not interested in to begin with.

    • I agree, Drawn to Death’s art style and game direction doesn’t appeal to me at all, but it’s surely going to find its audience. Gameplay looks pretty decent.

      Between Tearaway Unfolded, ABZU, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture and Ratchet & Clank (well it’s cartoony violence but it’s obviously lighthearted and it looks amazing) geting PS Blog updates recently there are enough different, fun games without excessive violence coming up though.

  • Well said darkroom.

  • Darksoul..sorry for the mistake.

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