Tearaway Unfolded release date and pre-order extras confirmed

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Tearaway Unfolded release date and pre-order extras confirmed

Atoi and iota arrive on PS4 on 9th September

We are very excited to announce that Tearaway Unfolded will be launching across Europe on 9th September (and 11th September in the UK). Hooray! Not only that, if you pre-order Tearaway Unfolded now, you can get your hands on one of two packs filled with super-duper bonus content, including exclusive costumes and decorations inspired by some of your favourite PlayStation titles!

The Pop-Up Pack

In The Pop-Up Pack, you’ll receive a shiny Gold Leaf to wear on the headband of your messenger along with an exclusive Journey costume, allowing you to ‘journey’ through the world of Tearaway Unfolded in style!

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You’ll also nab yourself these super-cute Sackboy and Baby Wendigo papercraft plans for you to make while you wait for the release of the game, as well as 5 custom decorations from the fantastic Lemmings, Gravity Rush, No Man’s Sky and The Order: 1886 for you to use in creative challenges. And if that wasn’t enough, we’re also including the official Tearaway Unfolded soundtrack featuring all original tracks from the game.

The Messenger Edition

Keep your eyes peeled, because we’ll also be releasing a unique jam-packed edition of the game featuring alternate cover art and, most importantly, the Torn Away Pack.

#07 - 20140604-0190#08 - Co_Op (5)

The Torn-Away Pack contains more magnificent papery things to adorn your messenger with. This pack includes a shining Gold Stamp to be proudly worn on the headband of your messenger as well as an exclusive God of War costume to wear as you battle your way through Scraps and other enemies. You’ll also get the Sackboy and Baby Wendigo papercraft plans to make, five super sweet custom decorations from WWS PlayStation titles God of War, Infamous, The Last of Us and Killzone, and last, but by very no means least, the spectacular Pig Crown (as seen in the Vita version).

Tearaway Unfolded: Special Edition

We will also be creating a Special Edition of Tearaway Unfolded to be sold at selected retailers which will include a rare and extremely adorable atoi plushie AND the Torn-Away Pack filled with lots of rad bonus content.

We’ve been completely blown away by your excitement and anticipation for Tearaway Unfolded over the past few months, it has really inspired us and spurred us on during development of the game and we wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for all your love and support! We really can’t wait for you all to play it!

Tearaway Unfolded will be available on shelves and on PlayStation Store this 9th September!

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  • OMG I TOTALLY SURPRISED BY THE NEWS!!! September 9th is THE BIG DAY! And the Pre-Order bonuses are GREAT AS WELL!!!

  • Cool, I’ll probably end up getting this If the price Is right, I’ve been wanting to re-download Tearaway on my Vita for a while, but apparently the PSN gods don’t seem to think I own It anymore…:(

    • I get that all of the time. The thing is, If you go into your downloads rather than searching for it on the store, then go through them it will be there. Just if you library is 97 pages long like mine it can be a real chore.

    • ^^this; the sooner they put a sort/search function on the download lists on the Store the better it would be for everyone. I’ve got over 1000 items and it can take forever to find stuff.

  • madmanwithabox12

    Looks very nice. I’m sure the PS4 can do wonders for making the papery world of Tearaway feel more vast and alive than ever. And I’m sure the brilliant minds at Media Molecule have plenty of crazy cool ideas in store for this reimagined version.

    The only thing is… I don’t think the game is going to have the same kind of magic on PS4. The very conception of Tearaway was based around the Vita, which acts as the console, screen and controller all in one. The idea of holding a tactile world in your hands just doesn’t translate as well to the PS4, where there’s a three-way separation between the PS4, DS4 and TV screen. The tactility and the very personal nature of the game is lost. At least in my opinion this feels a little disingenuous compared to the original, which WAY more people should have bought because it was fantastic by the way.

    • I feel as if it should have remained a Vita exclusive.

    • Oh god…no. They should release Gravity Rush and the Danganronpa games on PS4 too.

    • It’ll still be a great game, no doubt about it. But announcing it for PS4 was the final nail in the coffin for Vita, hence why it’s living on through the former rather than the latter. It’s a shame, because it was fantastic on Vita, worked superbly in every aspect.

    • The best feature of the game was the use of the camera.
      The most charming moments were created with the camera.
      So I have my doubts that the ps4 version will be able to capture the vita’s versions “magic”
      Kinda feels like a Quick filler so People dont notice nothings comming out the rest of the year…

    • @X_Weapon, just buy a damn vita and don’t irritate people.

  • PS4 needs more unique bright colourful games like this, will buy day 1 to support this

    • madmanwithabox12

      Unique? It’s a Vita game that’s been reimagined for PS4. The original is unique, I’ll grant you that. This one, not so much.

  • Cool. Great news Sony.

    ALL E3 2014 announced games are getting a release window BEFORE E3 2015 even starts.

  • The game looks super-polished. I wonder if any of those special editions will come in card packaging.

  • Its coming to ps4 so tough cookies lol day1 buy for me as well and this version WONT be on vita it was remade for ps4 only


  • 11 September you say. . . I’m flying out to Greece then, Could you maybe bring it to the 9th in the UK too. I don’t understand why the rest of Europe can have it earlier.

  • Alot of people already saying what’s the difference between Vita and PS4 versions lol. This article is terrible, didn’t even note the brand new 50% more content and changes only on this version..

  • I hope there is co-op or multiplayer…

  • There is one thing you should not change from the Vita version.
    When choosing color of your finger. If this game has it please don’t forget that function.
    Was really surprised that you had thought of that detail and it made me really happy and emotional in a good way.

  • looking forward to this game but again a Sony game gets a pre-order bonus.
    That’s saying you don’t think the game will get good reviews so you want to sell it before release and the reviews.
    I’m sure that is not the case and the game will be awesome but real gamers HATE the pre-order noncense.
    Please be For The Gamer and be more like CD Project Red and a bit less then…this.

  • we always have to wait a few days after the us, annoying :( also why hasn’t a price been announced yet like the us has?

  • oh and sep/oct will be busy for ps4 owners, i’m glad the games are getting better now.

  • Why make the UK wait until LAST?! MM is in the UK, but the rest of Europe gets it earlier, no fair and makes no sense!

  • You can pre-order it from the ps store for £35 so wouldn’t mind guessing about £30 as the store always seems to be about £5 extra than physical copy

    • Gotta love the pricing. $40 on the U.S. Store (£26~), yet £35 on our store ($55)… Bleh. Would be all over it at £25. Probably same with Ratchet and Clank pricing too.

  • Excellent news,

    I plan on getting the special edition.

  • My first ever platinum was this game a few months ago.
    Being a creative type At the age of 35 I was entertained utterly from start to finish.
    I just wonder how different/long this version is.

  • I figured out how to make this game even better.
    1. To each box you should add page od paper with game hero to cut out.
    2. Make mobile APP with ability of taking pictures of things and then adding them as a in-game texture.

  • The only vita game I want to play again is uncharted golden abyss on my ps4 come on Sony make it happen.

  • MADE (to wait) IN BRITAIN.

  • Is this going to be cheaper here like in the states?

  • there is still no place to preorder the special edition, game or amazon have yet to list it :( hope that changes soon.

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