Street Fighter V battle system detailed in new trailer

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Street Fighter V battle system detailed in new trailer

Find out how Capcom is mixing things up in its fighting game sequel

Hi Street Fighter fans, Matt Edwards the fighting game community manager from Capcom Europe here. Now that you’ve seen a little bit of Street Fighter V in action, I want to take some time to give you a rundown of the new fighting systems.

The Street Fighter series is renowned for innovating the fighting game genre with each numbered iteration and this title is no different. So it’s out with the Focus Attacks and Ultra Combos as we introduce you to the V-Triggers and V-Skills that are set to dragon punch the Street Fighter series into the new generation.

Whether your weapon of choice is the DualShock 4 controller or an arcade stick, pulling off a Hadoken with Ryu is the same as it’s always been. A quick flick of the stick, any punch button and out comes the plasma.

04 Bison Vtrigger05 Bison Punch06 Bison Scissor Kicks

The same is true of the classic Shoryuken and Tatsumaki Senpukyaku, but what makes SFV Ryu different is his Mind’s Eye and Denjin Renki. The former is his V-Skill, a unique ability which is performed by pressing both medium buttons together, and for Ryu, the effect is a parry that instantly deflects blows and projectiles alike.

Ever played Street Fighter III? Ryu takes the legendary mechanic from 3rd Strike and makes it his own. Chun-Li can use her Rankyaku to jump forward at a lower trajectory while M. Bison can use his Psycho Reflect to snatch a fireball out of the air before propelling it back at double speed.

All V-Skills are free to use without dipping into your V-Gauge, but if you really want to turn the tide of battle, the new V-Trigger system pushes your character to the limits of their martial prowess.

The hallmark of the V-Trigger system is that it gives each character a more distinguished fighting style, and it is easily activated by pressing the heavy buttons together once the V-Gauge is full.

When Ryu activates his Denjin Renki, he temporarily enters a powered up state. He can charge his Hadoken for additional hits and break the opponent’s guard more easily.

09 Nash Punch

M. Bison can use his Psycho Power to amplify his special moves. Nash can instantly close the gap with his Sonic Move teleport. And Chun-Li can power-up her already excellent normal attacks with multiple hits.

It’s also worth noting that the V-Gauge – just like the Revenge Gauge from Street Fighter IV – resets between rounds. So if you’re low on health with only a few seconds left on the clock, your best bet is to activate V-Trigger and mount an epic comeback.

So, is the V-Gauge reserved exclusively for the V-Trigger? Not quite. You can also spend a portion of the V-Gauge to perform a V-Reversal. This is similar to the Alpha Counter system from the Street Fighter Alpha series, as by pressing forwards and all three punches or kicks (depending on the character), you can knock the opponent back whenever you block an attack.

10 Chunli Vtrigger

Not all V-Reversals have the same effect either! Some knock the opponent down completely, while some cause the players to switch sides, so it will be important to know how your V-Reversal functions.

This is just another way in which Street Fighter V takes the timeless fighting framework and pushes it to the next level. Here’s to another era of unforgettable Street Fighter action.

Stay tuned for more information and exciting news on Street Fighter V over the next week!

07 Nash Vtrigger08 Nash Knee
DN_011 DN_020DN_CO-OP_004
01 Ryu Vtrigger02 Ryu Vtrigger Fireball

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  • So the V-Gauge is similar to the EX Meter from SF4?

    Not a big fan of the new moves Bison has got. But maybe they are better then they look.
    Looking forward to the game. It looks really slick.

  • I have to have this.

  • I wonder if this mean that you wont be at the Sony E3 press conference or if you something else to show.

  • This was very low on my radar but those screens look amazing!

  • I had a lot of worries about this game when it was first shown. Visually it looked too much like SF4 and the speed/gameplay was giving me SFxT vibes but man it’s really starting to take on an identity of its own. Not sure if it’s just the lighting on this London stage but the game really looks phenomenal and it’s a lot faster than earlier builds. Can’t wait!

    Here’s hoping Sakura makes the cut…(and if Bison’s white hair is anything to go by, maybe she finally got out of high school?)

  • Ryu’s eyebrow is outa this world!
    Even more than his precious duckface at 2m9s :D

    Can’t wait ^^

  • Might pick this up after your third revision of the game. Not fooling me again!

    • @BankeA

      Just another guy that doesn’t understand the editions sfiv came in. That it’s updates, just like every other game gets these days, and that they just release them in a disc with the entire game present. It’s not like they ask for full price of a new game each time, even though some of the updates had enough content as most games.

      What the real problem behind sfiv was, was the dlc, not the updates! Some people just have it ass-backwards i guess :S

  • Wow, Ryu gets a free parry and Chun gets a hop forward. I hope that’s not as unbalanced as it sounds or Ryu confirmed better than SF4 vanilla Sagat!

    Still can’t wait! So so can’t wait!!

  • Gotta laugh at that stage background; how many London stereotypes could they fit into one background? I regularly see people with Croquet mallets in train stations :p

    Shall be getting this :)

  • PsychoticNinja84

    will there just be four characters in the game?

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