Super Meat Boy is coming to PS4, PS Vita – and PS Plus!

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Super Meat Boy is coming to PS4, PS Vita – and PS Plus!

Acclaimed twitch platformer finally leaps onto PlayStation platforms

Once upon a time, two friends named Tommy Refenes and Edmund McMillen got together to make a game. They called that game “Super Meat Boy“. They were forced to form a company by “the Man” and that company was given the name “Team Meat”. They did not pick this name – it was on some promotional information for a press event they attended and being the savvy businessmen they are, they took a note from Warren “G” Buffett and rolled with it.

For 18 months they both slaved away creating the greatest platformer they possibly could. The process was hard and very well documented in Indie Game: The Movie. Neither Tommy nor Edmund expected Super Meat Boy to be a huge success. Much to their surprise, everyone wanted the game, including some very disappointed PlayStation fans.


When Super Meat Boy was launched, Team Meat wasn’t allowed to bring it to PS3 for very complicated reasons. They hated that they had to alienate the loyal PlayStation fans who desperately wanted the game but couldn’t have it. They felt their pain as PlayStation fans had to suffer for years without the greatest platformer ever made by two guys named Tommy and Edmund. Team Meat was very sad about this, but what could they do? Their hands were tied.

Earlier this year, Team Meat got an unexpected gift. The gods smiled upon them and opened up a teeny tiny sliver of a path that could eventually lead them to re-release Super Meat Boy. Even though the path would be difficult they knew they owed it to their fans to at least try.

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Fast forward to today. We walked that arduous path and with a lot of hard work, a little convincing, and huge scoops of luck we are now here today with huge smiles on our faces to say:


Crazy right?! We actually never ever EVER thought this day would come and it makes us both so happy that it’s finally here! We know this has been a long time coming but better late than never. Expect to be playing Super Meat Boy on your PS4 and PS Vita later this year.

Oh…and we almost forgot: It’s going to be free on PlayStation Plus at launch. That’s our way of saying, “Thank you for waiting patiently” to all those PlayStation fans that reached out to us over the years only to get back a “we can’t do it, sorry” response. We love you guys and girls and we’re so happy that you can finally play Super Meat Boy on your system of choice!

Here’s a trailer for your viewing pleasure. Spread the word!

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  • Oh my godOh my godOh my godOh my godOh my god

    • IKR! OMG INDEED! I refused to buy this game on my janky old ad-box 360 and now I can play it all fresh and new on my beloved PS4! *faints* Might even buy a Vita so I can play it (and Isaac) on the move.

  • Glad it’s finally coming to PlayStation, it really is a unique and brilliant little game even if it is frustratingly difficult. The fact it is free is just icing on the cake!

  • Excellent!!! Can’t wait for this.. and even more for Isaacs DLC

  • “It’s going to be free on PlayStation Plus at launch. That’s our way of saying, “Thank you for waiting patiently” to all those PlayStation fans that reached out to us over the years only to get back a “we can’t do it, sorry” response.”
    No. It’s a business decision. You struck a deal with sony for money.

    • Those selfish bastards, right?

    • Money, who needs that, right??

    • @Sadodee: Yeah, you love shilling for free, don’t you?

    • A post about getting a great game, and for free and still people find something to complain about!

    • Who cares? You’re getting the game at no extra cost. Surely that’s a good thing?

    • i dont complain about a game. it’s about spinning the truth.
      it’s not free either. we pay for the sub.

    • Yeah but you got yourself a bunch of games and other extras. I wouldn’t complain. Some years ago the Sub was just for online gaming on other platforms

    • I don’t want this, even for free. Playstation Plus should be for good games. This was released in 2010.
      It’s time Sony gave us a choice of games we can select from each month. Indie games are shovelware.

    • “Playstation Plus should be for good games”

      And how do you know this isn’t a good game? Oh, of course, it’s an indie game and all indie games suck according to naive people.

    • Because I already own it and hate it, duh.

    • ‘I don’t want this, even for free. Playstation Plus should be for games I like.’

      Corrected that for you. :D

    • Theres always the depressing pessimistic moron like you. Of course it is a business decision, of course they are not going to give away a game for peanuts, but that doesn’t mean to say it can’t be a thank you, they did not have to give this away with PS Plus.

  • I never owned a play station before the PS4 …..I thought meat boy was already on playatstion,
    I got the Mac version too now I think of it.

  • I honestly thought this would never happen. But the universe just got a little more right. Meatboy on Vita is actually happening.

    • Even when it is great news for you, you still can’t show any glee? Even a smiley perhaps? :)

    • Or you could not be provocative and disrespectful for no reason? What a thing to say to someone.

    • Well you say quite provocative and horrible things to devs for no reason, like, ALL THE TIME, even when there is no call for it. So when there is nice news that there is NO reason to be negative about, its a “oh okay” reaction.

    • 1) When am I horrible to devs? I give SCEE a hard time sometimes, that’s about it.

      2) Who are you to tell me how I should react to something?

      3) How can you possibly know how “great” I apparently think this news is?

      4) What exactly is wrong with my response?

      I don’t see what’s got you so bent out of shape. I commented on the thing with a positive response, but because I didn’t vomit rainbows at the end you’re holding a grudge?

    • madmanwithabox12 all I will say is if I was you just ignore them and play with your ps4 like a good little boy everyone has their own opinion ok :D

    • just you wait goat simulator will hit the ps4 soon lol

  • Man Tommy you’re buff as hell. I had no idea. And Ed is his usual sexy self. Good show.

  • and what would the complicated reason be for the not being allowed to bring meat boy to PS3 ?

  • This is incredible. Can’t believe its finally happening! So happy to see this :D

    Loved it on PC + that amazing soundtrack.

  • Oh boy. My poor Vita. I’ll have to plat this one, but it’s going to hurt my back so much.

  • Will you be having a sale on controllers, I think I’ll need a few…!

  • Fantastic news! Never bought it on X360 because the controller sucks for this type of game. And PS+? Lovely!

  • Awesome, awesome, AWESOME news! :-)

  • “Very complicated reasons” – you signed a contract of exclusivity, doesn’t sound very complicated to me. At least you learned that at the end of the day such deals ultimately benefit the platform holder only. And if I remember correctly MS never held up their part of the deal anyway, you were supposed to be the “spotlight” game for Halloween week but MS shafted you and gave it to the first Costume Quest game instead.

    Happy to see this come to PlayStation even though I’m terrible at twitch platforming. Still I’ll get a kick out of my repeated failure to beat it until I switch off in frustration and return to my other games.

  • Played it on PC until my fingers were bloody meat, but I would buy it again for the vita.
    Actually would prefer it on psp to avoid breaking the buttons on my vita but still…!
    Thanks Team Meat!
    Meat. Boy. Portable.
    Life is good.

  • I hope the PS4 can handle it.

    • the ps4 can handle better games then the xbox can

    • counterUAVbaby only changed the language on the ps4 so it shows greek he can choose any language he wants on the ps4 :) so play nice people and be nice to him :D

    • It’s called sarcasm, boy. I don’t have an Xbox1, I’m just sick of deleting the PS Plus games after 5 minutes. I had a 2600, I had a Spectrum, I want to play modern games. The PS3’s offerings when I first signed up led me to believe it was great value but now I just need it to play online. I’m sick of these neckbeard craft beer games. Give me back the Guinness.

  • Great news. But what was stopping you before? I don’t get it. Isn’t this game out YEARS on Xbox? Pleased don’t tell me you actually signed the game over to Xbox for FIVE YEARS exclusivity? What is your guys opinions about Xbox not being able to do practices like this anymore? (not having majority marketshare in the US being the reason now).

  • Seriously enough of these indie garbage!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Seriously? More of this indie garbage please!!!

  • It’s beeing a bit early to, again, beeing disapointed for Plus this early in the month but here it is. Yes it was hyped, yes there is a niche that loves this kind of indie crap but I just installed, played, disliked, deleted and downvoted my last batch of “free” Plus indie disapointments and I’m fed up with it.

  • Very impressive graphics in the trailer. Is that actual gameplay?

  • BEST. NEWS. ….. OF. TODAY.


  • There’s nothing that can possibly be announced at E3 that will beat this

  • Yawn, a five-year old game which will be sold for five times the price as on Steam. Got it, played it and moved on back in 2010.

  • THIS




  • Greate news.
    O hope they are not throwing real meat in the game trailer…………….

  • People, seriously, try this one, it’s not just another retro nostalgic platformer. This is actually a great game. Extremely addictive, hard as nails but fair, controls, style and music are amazing, plus when you complete a level you get to see a timelapse of all your failed attempts. Priceless. Can teach many ‘full retail’ games a thing or two..

    • Don’t waste your time on these people. The ignorant people who think budget equates to quality will forever be stuck in their loop of indie-hating and being suckered in by every broken Ubisoft game that releases in the fall.

    • @madmanwithabox12

      Amen, brother.

    • @madmanwithabox12


      Most people including me are retro-haters no indie-haters. Never Alone is indie, The Unfinished Swan is Indie, Papo & Yo is indie, The Journey is indie, Trine is indie and all these are well acceptable.

      You know why?

      Because their creators worked hard to make them, trying to be artistic and unique. Because indie is mostly that: artistic and unique.

      Now Super Meat Girl Or Boy and all these retro things are based on extremely old ideas with extremely ugly graphics (because it needs ability and aesthetics to make beautiful graphics) and with minus effort if you are an average developer.

      And since there are obviously many gamers with the lack of aesthetics too, this retro – game – project is a easy way to get some money. But it does offer absolutely nothing to the game industry.

    • @LocoBoom

      To be fair, you’re a rare breed.

      I disagree about Super Meat Boy being a retro game, but at least you don’t lump indie games into one category: crap, instead you just have a preference as to what indie games you enjoy, which is absolutely fine. Most don’t even get that far.

  • Sony should offer a free replacement on all Vitas and PS4’s broken whilst playing Meat Boy.

  • I don’t buy anything that was an X-box exclusive. You didn’t care for PlayStation gamers then, I don’t care for you now.

    • If you’re going to have some dumb buying conditions on your games at least get your facts straight first. SMB was taken to Sony and Sony weren’t interested.

  • Can we still buy it to thank and support ya :D or does ps+ help you guys too :P

    • Any developer/publisher willing to give a game tobPS+ is handsomly compensated, these guys got paid so no worries there.

      In fact if you think about it they got a very good deal because how many people would have paid £9.99 for a five year old 2d platformed?

  • Will it support cross save? Lets hope so.

  • That’s what I call good news.

  • The Movie Owns! -> Indie Game: The Movie… respect

  • Thank you, Team Meat and Sony.

  • This is a perfect Plus game, I haven’t played this in years so I’m looking forward to having my self belief destroyed again. :D

  • Brilliant game, if your interested in how it’s made checkout indie movie the documentary. Shows other games like Braid too and how stressful it is for the devs.

  • This is one of the best platformers ever made and we’re getting it free yet people still complain? Amazing.

    I loved SMB on my Mac, I loved it on my Xbox 360 and now I’ll love it on my PS4 and my Vita. Happy days!

    • YES , people are still complaining . You know why ? Because it is an old game rehash ! Again i might add …
      And we are sick of it !

    • PS : my comment is directed at Sony to be clear . Not to the indie dev’s . SMB is a good game on it’s own and i have no hate for the game .

  • I have heard good things about this, very much looking forward to playing it on my Vita, thanks! :o)

  • Good.

    Now, Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth first…

  • This is in my backlog for X360, but it seems it’s my destiny to play it on PS Vita instead. Thanks, gents and ladies, for the good news.

  • On vita??


  • So stoked! This is going to be right at home on my wonderful Vita. Thanks Team Meat…. you guys are choice :D

  • Really ? Another over a year old indie comming to plus ?
    Please give us something decent next month !!!
    yes meat boy is a good game , but i am getting so sick off bloody indie rehash titles every time ….
    Can’t you people come up with better stuff for plus ? Old games and very old games is what we’ve seen in the last few months . this year 3 titles that where anything in the right direction in the last 6 months ..
    And i thought you’ve promised us gamers that it would be so much better since january , but it didn’t .
    This is the second year of the ps4 and we haven’t seen most titles that where highly anticipated or they came out broken and unfinished .
    I love my ps4 , but Plus has gone down the drain since it came out . You should make the multiplayer free again for at least two years . Then fix up the online (witch is decent btw ) to top notch and then ask us to pay for it .
    I’m getting an Xbox one next week and i fear that i will own a fancy dust collector next to that console .
    That would make me sad Sony .

  • Another retro in Plus, another brick in the wall… My eyes cannot stand these HD graphics anymore!!… Stop… Stop… Stop… And bring some games that belong to this generation…

    There is a huge market for games like super meat garbage… smartphones and tablets… get out of our PS4s!!!

    I cannot understand that someone paid minimum 800 euros or pounds (PS4 with a cheap HD TV) to play games like these. I guess the next logical thing to do is to wear his underwear on top of his pants and fly from the window like Superman :)

  • This is Awesome news!!!
    I’d given up hope of ever seeing SMB on PS.
    Was it just a 5 year exclusivity deal with Microsoft that’s held it back?
    So glad they are finally porting it over.
    Can’t wait to have this on the Vita.

    • I think the more likely thing is “never on PS3” (MS attempted to push this deal a lot in 2009 and 2010) and adte getting a PS4 dev kit for their next game they checked to see if PS4 and Vita are allowed and been told its okay.

      5 years seems like a really weird time frame and a really stupid agreement to make. Most exclusivity deals are 1, 3, 6 or 12 months or just flat out exclusive.

      I suppose its possible it was a one year exclusivity and the PS version just never got made until now, they’re only two guys after all.

  • why show a trailer that isnt actually of the game all the trailer shows is of an idiot throwing meat at a board

  • Will there be any new levels and/or characters?

  • Comment number 100! Where is my prize?

  • Sweet, a good game coming to the vita!

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