Flash sale! Bloodborne discounted on PlayStation Store this weekend

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Flash sale! Bloodborne discounted on PlayStation Store this weekend

Grab the acclaimed PS4 exclusive at a reduced price

Starting today and for this weekend only, FromSoftware‘s phenomenal PS4 exclusive, Bloodborne, is available at a reduced price, for the first time, over on

Create your hunter, choose your hunting weapon of choice and soak in the gloriously grim gothic atmosphere Yharnam offers. Then, find out what all your friends were complaining about when they couldn’t beat the first few bosses ;) Personally, I soloed the campaign because I am amazing. And lucky! Will you be so lucky? Get stuck in now!

Was £49.99/€59.99/AU$79.95, now £34.99/€39.99/AU$54.95

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  • SCEE doing a flash sale!? Have I banged my head? :P


    Sale brings price of digital copy of Bloodborne down to price of normal physical copy!


    • Actually it’s £30 at The Game Collection so it’s still more expensive lol.

      Come on guys, the US had like 30 games for under a dollar a couple of months back. This is just embarrassing :(

    • Maybe for you people in the UK, but for the rest of us this is a great price.

    • You can get £35 of credit for £30.48 from CDKeys so makes its much closer to The Game Collections price (£29.95)

    • Get £35 of credit from CDKeys for £30.48 and this is an even bigger bargain.

    • £30-35 for a brand new 40-70 hour AAA retail game is ridiculously low.

      Don’t be greedy.

    • @kivi95
      Well I live in Slovakia(small country in middle europe) and Bloodborne was £35 when it released here(and that’s not 39.99€ that’s for sure, it’s more like 49€) And I bought mine 2 weeks after release, used for £25(roughly 35€). So this is a good price if you are not using UK store, the EURO price is good, but the £ price is ridicoulos. If they want to sell it for 39€ then they should lower the UK price to £30.

    • @European_Gamer: He’s not complaining at the price of the game but at the stupid discrepancy between digital and retail pricing on consoles.

      £50 for a digital copy of a game that has been readily available at around £30 for a physical copy which also has manufacturing, shipping and retailer costs not to mention it’s future trade-in value.

      It’s hard to stick to digital when the prices are a rip of “relative” to their physical counterparts.

      It’s about time that both Sony and Microsoft opened up their digital stores to other retailers to add in some competition so digital buyers may finally benefit from some form of price parity.

  • This is NOT how a Flash sale works, this is NOT how any Flash sale works. You just don’t discount one game, you offer a great number of games and all of them for low prices like under 5€! Bloodborne for 40€ isn’t a Flash sale!

    • It´s an ok deal tho for an amazing game, I agree this flash sale needs way more ps4 games at 90% off.

      But it´s simple. Sony can see in their numbers that people aren´t buying unless the sales are damn good.

    • A Flash sale is a sale that comes up as a surprise and only lasts a short period of time. The quantity of products doesn’t matter. Please stop changing the meaning of words just because you don’t get what you want.

      This is a step in the right direction for SCEE and you’re discouraging it? Really didn’t think people couldn’t get any more unappreciative. They don’t have to do these sales for you, you know.

    • Bloodborne for 40€ is a damn great sale, but Bloodborne for £35 is not so much…

  • Not bad, but seems a bit lacking on the $0.99 and $4.99 PS4 deals

  • Eh, it’s a start.

  • Haha, flash sale with only one expensive game. This suck Sony.

  • Such a fantastic game should never be this cheap!! It’s should be “Flash Increase because games so good sale”

    Good job Sony, now me mates can’t say no to the bestest game of all time! Better than that witcher rubbish!!!

  • I already own the game and am enjoying the hell out of it, but I’d like to live in the same place as those who are complaining that this brings the title down to the normal retail price.

    In Sweden where I’m located, the cheapest price for a new retail copy right now is 548 SEK. This flash sale brings the digital version down to 369 SEK — that’s about 33% off! That’s pretty damn great for a recently released game that’s hugely popular and unlikely to drop off greatly in price anytime soon.

    TLDR: this is a great deal, keep up the good work Jawad and SCEE! :)

  • It’s a nice… Gesture? I got Bloodborne on disk for £35, 2 days after it came out (That’s ASDA price… *slaps rump*)

    Annnd this isn’t really how a Flash Sale works.

  • This is a great price for Bloodborne, wasn’t expecting this to go on sale until Christmas! Bought since I have PSN credit and since I got £50 of credit for £40 through the PayPal deal this is the cheapest price it has been anywhere!

  • I am desperate to start buying digital downloads but will NEVER pay more than a physical copy! Who are the people that do this? There are no manufacturing and distribution costs for a start, they should be cheaper and still give them bigger margins. Who sets this policy, I should be doing that job.

    • And also, if you bought digital, you don’t get some physical “freebies”, like maps or others (GTA’s, Witcher, etc.).

    • Also they don’t lose money when you trade it in for £5 so can then sell it on for £30 and keep all that profit for themselves.

    • @Roon1 – I completely agree but it’s different for you because you live in the UK where there are actual competitive prices in retail. The retail price for Bloodborne is still 70 euro in Belgium. It’s cheaper for me to buy day one from the US store digitally than it is to buy retail 6 months later which is why for me this gen has been 100% digital so far.

  • The second “flash sale” of Bloodborne in two consecutive weekends?

    • Last week they forgot to inform their customers. That was just a dry run to check if they could lower a game’s price for three days without the store server crashing.

      The server survived.

      This week, they’re testing if people will buy a game if it’s on sale. For good measure, they’ve created one good sale (Bloodborne, Euro zone) and one bad sale (Bloodborne, UK), to see if the competitiveness of the sale price has any influence on the boost in sales.

      Who knows. Maybe if people in the UK (where, apparently, one can already buy the game for close to nothing) can show some restraint, Sony will conclude that one-euro flash sales are the way forward.

      However, I’ve seen bits of The Geordie Shore, and I’ve concluded that hoping for Brits to show restraint is futile, these days.

  • I miss US Flash sales in Europe.Because they are awesome.And this is a Bloodborne sale,not a Flash sale xD.I hope EU Store does flash sales someday.

  • Hardly a sale when I have just seen the physical copy for £29.99!

  • Great, I could purchase a copy on any shop between 30-40€, and I’m not talking about second handed (wich could be down to 20/25€).
    So… whats the deal?, a digital copy wouldnt allow me to resell it… And will dissappear without warning from the store on the next years… (yes, it will, say 10, say 15 years, there will be a moment when it won’t be available, that’s for sure)

    If you want to sell digital copies, make sure it’s worth it, paying 40€ for “cloud code” is not fair…

    If you check my account you can see I buy several games on your sales, if the price is right for what you offer, Im trying to say I’m not an anti-digital taliban, I just think the price must be on concordance with what you offer.

    And this sale it’s a bad joke…

    • As long as big retailer chains have the publishers ( sony microsoft etc) by their “marbles” we will have this problem, PC managed to get free of the retail chains a long time ago thanks to steam, if only consoles managed todo the same , sight :(…..

  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Amazing game, though.

  • Kinda misleading, I think. “Flash Bloodborne sale” would’ve probably been better. I came here expecting a list of offers. Oh, well!

  • Strangely it was appearing as a weekend sale 30% off last weekend.
    I already have the digital copy, it’s worth every darn penny of the £49.99.

    What you guys need to see if Sony reducing prices just a couple of months after release. This is a good thing.

  • Great game buth demon- dark souls i love more

    hi fred
    why new dlc witcher 3 not in store ?

    to sony
    i am also of opinion sales are normale store prices in moast of you sales
    flashsales = steam ( big diference )
    New bloodborne disk = 49.95 € retail ore lesser if you search a bit .
    so in first place you game in store need to be around 40€ sale = 25€ weekend

    like many peopel i tink you find you self ( company ) in a to good position ( do not become arogant , keep both of you feeds on the ground )
    first excl. games are needed + pricedrop end jear 2015 to before e3 2016 ( you can permite 1 time skip if value go up to same price but summer 2016 no excuses to not drop )

  • Not what some of us expected, but its a start. I don’t think we’ve ever had a flash sale before.

  • This just in, Sony was no idea how flash sales work !!
    More news at 20pm on how sony still havent figured out that EU customers are also missing the 10% ps+ discount on pre orders since EVER.

    For related info see how STEAM does flash sales.

  • I think “flash sale” was a bad choice of words. While technically the term “flash sale” refers to a sudden and short sale with a generous discount, peoples expectations of it are skewed by Steam and thebUS PSN where numerous games are available for an absolute pittance, see the recent “30 games for a dollar” sale the US PSN ran.

    It was blindingly obvious that those here on the blog asking SCEE to operate a “flash sale like they have in the US” were referring to a wide collection of games very cheap for a weekend and not a single game reduced by 30%

    Still, its a step in the right direction for sales and certainly a better way of generating store traffic than simply delaying a dated game until Friday as happened last week and again this week. But the choice of wording here raised a certain expectation and that expectation hasn’t been met, which brings us back to the topic of “parity of policy” between the two regions, with thebgap getting even wider with each new SCEA initiative while SCEE maintains its status quo.

  • Flash sale !!!!! Excellent. Keep it up. We need more like the U.S. Store.

  • Yeah I hate to say it but as far as sales go, this one is underwhelming.

  • This is kind of like when my grandma says something’s “really hip”, it just makes me cringe. Still, nice for those that don’t already have it but the US has defined what a flash sale is already when it comes to PSN and this isn’t it.

    Also could we please get The Witcher 3 DLC on the store, or an update on it? Thanks.

  • could of sworn it was this price on the store a coupe of days ago

  • Does this game have multiplayer PvP? if so how is it? is it good or just meh? Im wondering if i should buy this or Guilty gear Xrd sign.

  • Not really a flash sale i was expecting!

  • Thanks you so much SCEE! I got the game this time. Going in the right direction with sales!

    Gonna slay some monsters after exams end!!! heheh!

    Happy gaming!

  • Too hard for me

  • This was just what Sony needed to do to win me over for the game. I’ve been debating getting this for £35 on disc so am impulse purchase for the same price and it’s on my hdd now is a big plus.

  • in all honesty it doesn’t bother me that here in the UK that we don’t get flash sales. do what i and many others have done, create a US account, buy some US PSN cash from and boom!!! take advantage of the US Flash sales.

  • why people buy digital copies is beyond me its daylight robbery compared to hard copys and until gamers stop buying digital version they will continue been ripped of

  • I would like a fifa 15 discount.I believe that if they discounted Fifa 15 one more time many gamers would buy it

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