New Mighty No. 9 gameplay trailer debuts

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New Mighty No. 9 gameplay trailer debuts

Plus, publisher Deep Silver confirms Cross-Buy support

Hello again PlayStation fans! We’re back again with a few more Mighty No. 9 details that we know that gamers will be excited to hear. For those of you who are perhaps new to the whole Mighty No. 9 discussion, come in, sit down, make yourself comfortable and allow our sparkly new Mighty No. 9 “Beat Them at Their Own Game” gameplay trailer get you up to speed – in glorious 60fps, no-less!

So, on to the news! We saw that, let’s just say, more than a few of you have asked about this, so it gives us great pleasure to announce that Mighty No. 9 will support Cross-Buy across PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. What’s cooler than that? Well, how about the fact that Cross-Buy will be available on both the digital versions and the PS4 retail version.



We also have a few more details on the PS4 retail version – in this edition you’ll not only receive the “Ray” DLC which grants you access to the Abandoned Lab stage, a boss battle against new bad-guy Ray, and the ability to then play through the entire game as Ray herself, but we’re also packing in a double-sided poster as well as “The Art of Mighty No. 9”: an art booklet which showcases the sublime artworks and concept arts from our friends at comcept and Inti Creates.


Finally we also wanted to drop some information on a special goody for those that choose to pre-order the title: we’ll be giving you the “Retro Hero Mode”: where Beck will don a retro-inspired suit, complete with 8-bit style pew-pew sound effects and direct access to a rock hard insta-death mode, where any single hit will result in Beck’s destruction. Not for the faint of heart!


While the Retro Hero Mode with the Retro Beck character model & the access to the insane difficulty mode will be the pre-order bonus, the insta-death mode is not exclusive to only those who pre-order: the core game will also contain a slightly different one-hit death mode – one which you’ll be able to unlock by completing a specific , but more on that later!

That’s all for now, for all the latest on Mighty No. 9 please keep your eyes peeled on and

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3 Author Replies

  • Is the retail Vita version exclusive to Spain?

    • i didn’t realise there was a retail version in spain!

      Pete, can you confirm if it will have English too?

    • Hey guys, this isn’t confirmed at this point. I can say if it did happen though, that it would indeed have English.

  • This looks excellent. Any news on Samurai Gunn?

  • Two questions for you Deep Silver.

    1. If I buy a retail PS4 copy, will

  • Please ignore my last comment because I accidentally pressed Tab then Enter, Really needs a remove/hide comment feature.

  • sp is there a vita retail version? It doesn’t sound like it but just wanted to confirm.

    Also to confirm, if i buy the PS4 version you said its cross buy, so I’ll get a code for the vita version in the box?

    • We’ve definitely seen the demand for the PS Vita retail version and we’re actually investigating the possibility of a retail version in some territories.

      If you buy the PS4 retail version it will work like the other Cross-Buy retail titles out there in that it automatically grants your PSN account access to the Vita and PS3 versions (no separate code in the box).

    • Thanks for replying. You’ll definitely have a sale if there’s a vita retail version

    • Should get a physical Vita release to justify the delay.

  • I know it’s too early to ask but will the Ps4/ps3/PS Vita share the same trophy list?

  • Perhaps it’s a dumb question, but the physical PS4 version will indeed include a disc for the game? And not a code to download the game? I’m asking since I have no idea how the cross-buy is going to work.
    And do you have a date for the EU release? The US one seems to be September 15, anything close to that?

    • Not a dumb question at all! It’ll be on a good old fashioned disc and the release date is 18th September in Europe.

    • @Pete Brolly: Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it. :)
      Sound good with both disc and date, marking it in calendar. One preorder incoming!

    • @Pete Brolly: Thank you also from me for answering directly. Good to hear that it will be coming on a proper disc – will certainly be a day-one purchase for me. The cross-buy is an interesting bonus, although I’m curious to know how it will work – will the PS4 version be on the disc and the PS3/Vita versions enclosed as a PSN code?

      (It would be lovely if there were a PS3 disc, PS4 disc and Vita card included in the box, but even I’m not that unrealistic :-p )

  • I’d like to buy it but don’t have a PS4. I’d get the PSVita version, but it doesn’t seem to be available in Italy, sadly. The same for the PS3 one.


  • I was really excited for this game until I saw the cheap “DLC” money grabs that’s haunting the games nowadays. Whatever happend to unlocking costumes and cool stuff for completing something in game?

    Probably still get it at some point but not in any sort of rush, shame.

  • Wait, wasn’t this game funded by Kickstarter?

    Kinda effed up and unethical for Deep Silver to pounce on it and cream the profits as publisher when there’s no risk involved.

    • Well, the game was indeed funded by Kickstarter, but it just gave the development costs. Deep Silver is a publisher, and its duty is to make the game as widespread as possible. That’s why they gave the game a multi-7 localization (with English, Japanese and even French voice acting) and a retail edition.
      It is actually very bold of Deep Silver to believe in this game so much to give it full distribution.

    • Yeah. Really scummy how they made sure even more people can enjoy it in their native language, adding retail versions, running marketing. Ooooooh boy so scummy! I’ll go and demand my backer money back!

      Seriously, stop being a jerk. All Deep Silver is doing is making it better for us the consumers. I mean we’ll never know if they have Inafune-san in a dungeon now but it’s highly unlikely.

    • @ambuckle: No risk? Seriously? Making investments to localise the game and publish it at retail to increase the distribution? That’s a risk in its own right.

      I think you misunderstand the purpose of Kickstarter – namely to enable games to be developed and released that would not otherwise have found publisher funding or would not be possible without publisher interference. What happens when those games are developed is another thing altogether.

      The fact of the matter is that digital distribution still is, and may well remain, a minority channel. Any developer that chooses to distribute through digital channels only despite being provided with the option of a physical release through a third-party publishers (and not all devs have this option) out of sheer spite against retailers is simply cutting their nose off to spite their face.

  • Not to rain on everyone’s parade but that video is definitely not 60fps. So, either the video really is 60fps except the game runs locked at 30fps, or some funny stuff happened during the video encoding process.

  • Is the Vita edition (even the digital version) being released at the same time as the others or later on?

  • This looks different from the first time I saw it. Although I have been living under a rock when it comes to mighty no’ 9

  • Will europe get the Signature edition with the numbered figure?

  • This looks better and better by the day. I am completely ready for the new Blue Bomber! and then the next IGAvania – looks like gaming’s golden era is not lost and forgotten yet :)

  • Can’t say I’m a big fan of how the art style turned out. Has that early 90’s 3D look.

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