Huge free trials for Metro Redux hit PS4 today

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Huge free trials for Metro Redux hit PS4 today

Play through 9 chapters of each Metro game without opening your wallet

If you never got round to playing the Metro series, we have some very good news for you! 4A Games have created two huge, free demos – one for Metro 2033 Redux and one for Metro: Last Light Redux – that are now available to download for PlayStation 4.

The Metro games are gripping, story driven first-person shooters based on the works of Russian author, Dmitry Glukhovsky, that combine exploration, survival horror and stealth gameplay. Set in the shattered ruins of post-apocalyptic Moscow, you play as Artyom – a young Ranger who holds the fate of mankind in his hands.

The original Metro 2033 was first released in 2010, with sequel Metro: Last Light following in 2013. Using the cutting edge proprietary 4A Engine, they set a graphical benchmark on PC that the previous generation of consoles could not match. But last year, both games were completely re-mastered for PlayStation 4 and now boast stunning 1080p visuals at 60FPS.


The Metro games are atmospheric slow burners, so a short demo doesn’t really do them justice… But we cast our minds back to the shareware days of the 1990s, and remembered that when Doom was first released you got the entire first third for free, and only paid if you wanted to play more.

We applied this idea to Metro – and so each trial contains nine whole chapters representing several hours of gameplay. If you reach the end of the trial and want to continue, you can unlock the full version and play on without interruption – you keep your game save!

Each standalone game is currently available for £15.99/€19.99 – so if you haven’t yet experienced the world of post-apocalyptic Moscow, now is the perfect chance to try it…


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  • Great idea. I’d probably never buy these games (not my thing) but will definitely give the demos a go. Thanks!

  • StevenJamesHyde

    I have enough games on my backlog without adding two more, but you know what? I’m going to download and play both demos just to show support for this way of doing things. Kudos to the folks at 4A, and may many others follow your lead in future

  • Nice one, the games have been on my radar for a while. I’ll give’em a go when I get the opportunity now.

    • where are they cos they’re not showing on my ps4?

    • psn store updates every wednesday’s in the UK.

    • @joy

      Not any more about t doesn’t. Now the store updates almost every day with games appearing anywhere from Tuesday to Friday, apparently publishers want this but its only happening in Europe and last week, the first time it has been done, a couple of games were released on Friday that their publishers had officially dated for Wednesday, so year, just another thing for SXEE to get wrong.

  • Very nice move! All games should have it, but it´s a start :) Downloading now!

  • Can someone please tell me if trophies are being counted when you play these trials?
    If not I have to start from zero again to earn them?

    I believe some people are interested in this.

    • The trial is similar to the old PS+ trials on PS3. It tracks the trophies but doesn’t unlock them. Buy the game however and on launching it the first time after they just flood in.

    • It doesn’t track them. The developer has already stated that.

    • Didn’t see that part. My post was based on what I read on a news site that obviously didn’t check its facts properly

  • Someone confirm whether trial versions give trophies please.

  • These games are excellent, for those people who are sick of CoD and are looking for an atmospheric single player FPS with a bit of Stealth / Survival thrown in.

    I picked up the Redux collection in a sale a few months back and was one of the best puchases I have made so far for the PS4. If you have not tried these games, now is your chance to have a look!

  • Trophies aren’t available in trial sorry – for technical reasons.

    For 100% completionists, there are a handful of level-specific trophies that may require some chapters to be re-played

  • Hey 4k Games, Sony, i have a better idea! why you give us the half game when you can give the full game for free with plus?
    I mean is take long long long long long time to see some good plus games Think about it you don’t want people to cancel there sub don’t you? :)
    Seriously guys the last light is amazing game thanks to plus i play it and is one of most epic fps along with bioshock and half life i don’t know about the other one never come to ps3 i don’t care
    so 4k Sony what do think to give us the 2033 for free :)

  • Nice i never showed interest in these games but will try them out if i do like they i might buy them

  • People have always told me I should play these but between time and money I never did. These trials should see to that though.,

    Cheers guys.

  • Thank you sony,we actually got a free thing,demo!

  • Got this on digital sale and cant argue with that or the full price, enjoy the demo as it will take a while before you will see a game that perfoms and looks as goos as this.

  • Last time i played Last Light on PS3 no matter how many times i tried i keep feeling motion-sick playing that game, hopefully now the game won’t cause motion-sickness

  • more of this please game devs.

    thank you 4a games.

  • Does the progression also transfer, if I buy the game as a disc version?

  • This is pretty smart, anyone who gets through all 9 chapters is going to want to buy the full game to finish it.

  • Its Wednesday and no rock band dlc, i mean fred said it would be today.

  • Hi all. if you try and like these don’t buy them from the store unless you want to pay way over retail. Go get them from Argos on disk. its £16.99 for the set of both ;)

    • Thanks for that, if be playing the demos right now but the iron banner is on for destiny, so yeah.

      Got a few days off work coming up though so will give it a good go then. If it’s as good as little say, and that deal is still on, I’ll be taking it.

  • Holy [MODERATED] this is the nicest service to bring back. Good job 4A!

  • LOL @ Price-tag

    THIS series will be MINE when both games will be 14,99€

  • So I started the trial, completed the first section then closed it. Why? Because there are two things not mentioned in this post.

    1: at all times in the top left or right corner of the screen are the words “trial mode” in huge letters. Its distracting and took away from my enjoyment of the game.
    2: on entering every new area, or reloading a checkpoint on death, the words “Enjoying the trial? Press options to purchase the full game and earn trophies” right across the centre of the screen, huge letters again.

    I know I downloaded a demo, I don’t needs a constant reminder of it along with the game quite literally begging me to buy it. Are there any chances of a patch to remove these awful screen elements and let us enjoy this for what it is? Which is the most generous demo that has ever been offered on PSN.

    Currently I cannot enjoy the demo due these distractions, which makes me less likely to take the plunge on the full game unless I stumble upon it at a “can’t walk past that” sort of price.

  • Is it just me or didn’t I see metro last light for free in free to play section a couple of days ago it was up for one day n then just as a trial the next don’t know wether that was a mistake or I’m just missing something but it was literally the full game 4 free but cause I didn’t download it I missed it

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