Gravity Ghost announced for PS4 with exclusive new content

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Gravity Ghost announced for PS4 with exclusive new content

Check out Ivy Games’ forthcoming intergalactic supernatural adventure

Hi all! Erin Robinson Swink of Ivy Games, here. I just wanted to drop in and announce that our game Gravity Ghost is coming to PS4!

We couldn’t be more excited about the game’s reception, and we can’t wait to share it with you guys. So excited, in fact, that we’ve added some timed PS4 exclusive content:

  • New constellation with brand new challenge levels
  • Three additional bonus tracks from the OST by Ben Prunty (composer of FTL)
  • New unlockable player character


The game follows Iona, a little ghost girl flying through the cosmos in search of her friend the ghost fox. As she travels through space she meets many unusual characters: giant fantastical creatures known as “Guardians,” a few stranded survivors of a black hole, and the restless spirits of many animals.

By reuniting the spirits of dead animals with their bodies, she sees flashes of her life and begins to understand and come to terms with her death. It’s an unusual story for a game, and one I’ve wanted to tell for a long time.

The narrative is brought to life by voice actors Logan Cunningham (aka “The narrator from Bastion”), Ashly Burch (“Hey Ash Whatcha Playin?”), and Sarah Elmaleh (“Gone Home”). I was a huge fan of their work before this game and they did a truly marvelous job with the strange universe of Gravity Ghost.

This announcement is a huge deal for me and the team here at Ivy Games. I’ve been making games since 2005, but this is the first time I’ve ever made it to a console! Just opening the game and playing it on PS4 is a delight for me and I hope it will be for you as well.
Have a great day!


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  • And the release date would be… ?

  • Looks amazing, love the style of graphics.

  • There’s any chance of a PS Vita version? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

  • Gravity Ghost looks profoundly gorgeous, and needless to say I’ll be snapping it up on day one for my PS4.

    I must concur with shouts for a Vita version too though! I’d love to play Gravity Ghost on the go as well.

    Erin, I sincerely wish you and your team all the very best in bringing your stunning game to Playstation. I’m sure it’ll do fantastic! :-)

  • RetroGameGeeks really liked the game a lot for the PC, Erin is a fantastic visionary and the game is a delightful and charming experience. Looking forward to the new content Erin. The review is here…!gravity-ghost/c22qx

    I’m so glad more people will get to enjoy this, it suits a console perfectly, also VITA would be an outstanding format to release on as well. All the best.

  • I wish we could return to the days where games were announced with firm release dates that weren’t months or even years away. I get that developers are excited to show off what they’ve been up to and some gamers like the idea that they’re on the inside track because they have all this early info but for me that excitement wears off long before the game releases and feels a little pointless.

    Keep the major hype trains for the huge releases, small stuff like this should come out of the blue with “coming next week” sort of announcement which makes it more of an impulse thing. Just my opinion.

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