New The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited trailer and launch day details

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New The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited trailer and launch day details

Plus, find out more about the game’s Quick Chat system

We’re excited to welcome PS4 players to The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited in just two weeks. When we began development of the console version of the game, we knew we wanted it to feel like it was developed for the PS4, not just another port. With integrated voice chat, a completely redesigned UI, full PSN connectivity and controller support, PS4 players should feel right at home in Tamriel.

Today, we’d like to share some details (and some fun things, too!) to help you prepare for launch. Thank you for supporting us through this journey – we hope to see you in Tamriel on June 9th!

This is ESOTU

Over the past few weeks, we’ve released the first two ‘This is The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited’ videos. In them, we delved into the freedom and choices that shape your experiences in Tamriel, and all of the activities you can enjoy in ESOTU with friends. Today, we’re pleased to present the final video in the series, all about exploration in Tamriel. You can watch all three videos, including the latest one, below. We hope you enjoy it!

Launch day timing

On 9th June, everyone who has purchased The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited will be able to log in at midnight, local time. This means that every hour, players from a new time zone will gain the access to play ESOTU on console, beginning with UTC+14.

The Quick Chat system

At launch, the console versions of ESOTU will feature a Quick Chat system. This system will allow you to select from a collection of premade phrases to quickly communicate with other players around you. You set them to your shortcuts just like you would a consumable item. Once you’ve assigned the Quick Chat phrase to your shortcut wheel, you simply hold down Right on the D-Pad, then use the R-Stick to choose one.

When you use a Quick Chat phrase, it will appear as a text chat bubble, visible to those around you along with an emote. Below are a few screenshots of the Quick Chat system in action.

DN_011 DN_020DN_CO-OP_004

You can have a total of eight Quick Chat phrases on your shortcut bar at a time. There are currently 22 Quick Chat phrases you can choose from, all of which are localised into English, French and German. We do plan to add more over time, based upon the requests of the ESOTU community.

If you have any questions about ESOTU’s console launch or the plans leading up to it, please post them in the comments. We’ll do our best to answer!


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3 Author Replies

  • The game I am mostly waiting for this summer!

    • BTW can you costumize your keybinds for remote play?

    • However you set your keybinds on controller will determine how they are via remote play, so keep that in mind.

    • You are right.
      What i really mean is that some games at remote control use the back touchpad as 2 buttons and 2 corners from the touchscreen, most use the back for 4 buttons. IS there a way to costumise this?

    • You can customise the button layout in your settings but I can’t remember there being too many different options.

  • Hope this keeps me well busy after the Witcher 3, as there aren’t a lot of interesting releases for the rest of the year besides a particular few. Skyrim totally blew me away. Never was a fan of the old ones but Skyrim was a technical marvel that kept me going back over the years. Don’t think there is any other game that kept me interested over several years. This is my first mmo so I hope I’ll get to enjoy it as much and as long as Skyrim.

  • It was watching the PS4 Broadcasts coming out of the TESO beta trial that swayed me to preorder in the end, for some reason watching it on my gaming TV made it so much better than on my PC monitor. Regarding communications, does the game support just a regular USB keyboard plugged into one of the PS4’s USB slots too so that players can do the usual chatting in various ingame channels?

  • Do people that bought the game on PC get a discount at all?

    • Why would you?

      There are no subscriptions now.

    • Yes. The game costs £50ish if this is your first time buying it, but if you had the game on PC, you can buy the console version for £12.99 which transfers all your characters and Imperial edition bonuses.

  • Also, I need to say it again. The ESO cinematic trailers are sooo epic. Wish they’d make a movie like that :p

  • Why do America get a 10% PS+ discount on this game but we pay full whack?

    • Because america……simple

    • Because doesn’t really answer the question, does it!

    • You must be new then lol,sony love…..LOVE giving the americans the best deals offers ect while we get what ever is left and are expected to be grateful.

    • I’m about as new as my Nan’s slippers.

    • buy the game in real shop = you also geth 10€ of if you look a bith

      witcher 54 € real store so i buy game + ( pas 24.99 on psn )so i pay 78€ total
      solo game ath sony psn 67.99€ no disk + 24.99 pas = 92.98 € on psn !!!!!!!!!!!!!
      buy bundel game + pas on psn = 89€
      buy bundel on psn = you loose
      buy game + pas separetly on psn you even loose more .
      i refuse to buy new games on psn ( only littel indie games )

      1 ting = clear ath sony ore them are thiefs ore them tink we are stupid ore them are stupid .

    • monoliet,
      Ya they are cheaper and they play a tiny bit better (like 1-3% better) as there is a extra disk to read from.
      you can also trade disk games in and have a actually physical copy so it feel you have bought something.
      Also its helping the economy better by paying the gaming retailers.

  • Will the PS4 version be kept updated day-and-date with the PC version?

    • If it’s anything like WarThunder and FF XIV, it’d have to be. Both can be played with PC players.

    • Due to the time needed for first-party certification (with Sony), there will be a marginal delay between when updates go out for the PC/Mac version of ESOTU, and when they are available for PS4.

    • That is ridicuolus Jessica. Just wait with the PC updates until you get the approval from Sony. Really, think one second about what you make PS4 and Xbox players feel with your behaviour.

  • When can we pre download from the store? apparently ppl on xbone can already pre download.

    • Preloading for ESOTU on the PS4 should be available sometime next week. We’ll let everyone know via our official social media channels when it is!

    • Nice hopefully a day or two before launch to get the 60 gig download out of the way lol :)

    • 60 gig, my god! Well guess I wont be playing it for a bit after I pick it up from store.

  • Do your own exchange rate conversions “for the players”

    PSone Classic
    Mega Man 8 (Wednesday release)

    PS4 Games
    Arcade Archives Crazy Climber – $7.99 (15.8GB)
    Arcade Archives Ninja Kid – $7.99 (15.6GB)
    Badlands: Game of the Year Edition – $11.99 (236MB)
    Game of Thrones Episode 4 – $4.99 (2.3GB)
    Magicka 2 – $14.99 (2.1GB)
    Roundabout – $14.99 (3.9GB)
    Ultra Street Fighter IV – $24.99 (13.1GB)

    PS3 Games
    Badlands: Game of the Year Edition – $11.99 (498MB)
    Game of Thrones Episode 4 – $4.99 (1GB)
    Weird Park: The Final Show – $14.99 (1.4GB)

    Vita Games
    Badlands: Game of the Year Edition – $11.99 (498MB)
    Invizimals: The Resistance – $19.99 (1.5GB)
    Octodad: Dadliest Catch – $14.99 (3GB)
    Vitamin Z

    Plus US Psn has almost 500 ps4 themes
    There are a few free ones too such as
    Cod AW
    and a few others i cant remember.
    If u want them create a US account and download them ,u can use on ur main account.


      That’s an extra 20% on average, which will explain most of these. It pays for stuff like healthcare, education, welfare and other fun things you take for granted.

    • Vat on digital content which is stored outside Europe !
      We have been paying it for years so .yet that vat never reaches the countries it was purchased in!
      Ok go research it for every country then come back to me.

    • Funny that, each receipt I get from PSN says the legal entity is in the UK, which for the time being is still in the EU and is therefore legally required to charge VAT on digital goods sold within the EU. Are you accusing them of dodging their tax obligations in a post where you’re indirectly encouraging tax evasion?

    • There are 81 VAT rates across the 28 EU countries , start reading.
      Please take into account exchange rates and country of design or whether its 3party sales or payment.
      So since the 1st of January 2015 the EU began to address the problem of digital content and
      it will only get worse.

      Best thing to do imo , is never go full digital.

    • And? It doesn’t take away from the fact Sony must charge VAT on games sold on PSN. Yes, there are multiple VAT rates for different products but it’s largely accepted that video games will be on the higher tariff, i.e. around 20%

      Let’s take USF4. $25 (exc tax) = €22.93. Add 20% you get €27.50. Sony are selling it for €24.99 inc tax. Not a rip off.

    • MOSS and calculate ..say a product designed and developed in Europe like the witcher 3 digital version.

    • I wouldn’t know, but I’m not a tax accountant, but the mere existence of MOSS would carry weight to the argument that VAT needs to be paid, if you live in an EU member state which has VAT. Which you do.

      It doesn’t make any difference at all if it was developed in Europe or on the Forest Moon of Endor, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe are based in the UK and they must charge VAT when they sell a digital game to you. That is the law in both the UK and Italy, plus many more countries.

  • And this has nothing to do with PS+ discounts

    • Because sony hates everybody outside NA,
      Recent EA sale 80% off in NA
      Europe 60% off
      They have a reward system with 15usd back for every 100 spent
      They have more content , flash sales with 90% off
      Video library , apps , ps Now
      over 500 ps4 themes

      Equality …..for the players….

  • Will there be any region locking on the languages available, or will those 3 languages be available on all European copies. I’m always a bit wary when it comes to Bethesda, who often assume we only speak German here so will only release games in German, e.g. Wolfenstein Old Blood. I’m interested, but would like to know if I will need to import it to get it in the right language.

    • All three supported languages in ESOTU (English, French, and German) are available with the game, regardless of where you live or the version you get. You won’t need to import a specific version.

    • Fantastic. Thank you for the response, it’s greatly appreciated.

  • Hi Jessica
    love the beta , day 1 to me on disk = match cheaper then on psn store 59€ crown edition +-al games are 10 € cheaper in real store whith fisicly somthing we have :) ( pointing to you sony )

    i want to play whith friends buth somtimes i love solo play ( them gone lounch more solo dlc like campain ore adventure zones/ dungeons in future ?= i do not like pvp ore aliance war )

    do the team intend to solve frame rate isue in the game ?

    buy back/bank space tru crown store ?

    also beta = not lots peopel where invited in first place so are you servers good so day 1 + first weekend go wel to more peopel ?

    • There isn’t any issues with frame rates, I had the beta and it was silky smooth.

    • screwthepooch
      Not in beta buth in ful game on pc = very bad in dungeons ( so i realy hope console + servers wil not have same problem)
      If you read i also played beta ;)
      Do not forget beta very smal nr. of players ( so not a real test to the servers )

      mojo_ _ man the game = diferent buth to say dull = not tru , i play lots of rpg , i can say the game = very adictive + love move to remove monthly fee ( if them suport game good + do lots of free stuf updates them wil be rewarded whith peopel who buy dlc expansions + others if price corect )
      ( i tink if Zenimax Online Studios = smart them let try peopel the game 4 days free , not first 2 weeks )

  • I heard the game was nothing like Skyrim and dull.

  • I never really checked but will there be any or at least planed expansions in the future and will you to buy or are they free? I would pay for more content on a game like this.

  • it´s being delayed already in portugal, comon i want to play this game :///

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