New on PlayStation Store: Ultra Street Fighter IV, Magicka 2, The Escapists, more

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New on PlayStation Store: Ultra Street Fighter IV, Magicka 2, The Escapists, more

New digital discounts and Assassin’s Creed deals begin today

It’s time to get reacquainted with your plinks and option selects – Ultra Street Fighter IV lands on PS4 this week, featuring the definitive character roster and over 100 costumes. Dust off your pads and sticks and get stuck in.

Also available this week, co-op wizard action Magicka 2 casts its spell on PS4 and The Escapists tasks you with busting out of prison.

Finally, don’t forget to check out this week’s discounts that include Resogun and CounterSpy, lots of deals on Assassin’s Creed titles and additional savings on FIFA and PES 2015.

PlayStation StoreOut this week



  • Color Guardians
    Magicka 2
  • Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster
    Riptide GP2
    (out 29 May)
  • Helldivers: Turning Up the Heat Bundle
    (Not available in Russia, Ukraine)






  • Driveclub
  • Lamborghini Icons Livery Pack
  • Torque Livery Pack
  • Lamborghini Icons Expansion Pack
  • Torque Tour Pack
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Jaws of Hakkon
  • Dying Light (out 28 May)
  • The Bozak Horde
  • The Escapists (out 29 May)
  • Alcatraz
  • The Evil Within
  • The Executioner
  • Evolve (out 28 May)
  • Savage Monster Skin Pack
  • Markov Night Hunter Skin
  • Hyde Night Hunter Skin
  • Parnell Night Hunter Skin
  • Behemoth Glacial Skin
  • Assault Night Hunter Skin Pack (out 29 May)
  • Farming Simulator 15 (out 28 May)
  • ITRunner
  • JCB
  • LittleBigPlanet 3
  • Don’t Starve Costume Pack
  • Rocksmith
  • Love Singles Song
  • Friday I’m In Love – The Cure
  • Steve Vai -For The Love Of God
  • Lovely Day – Bill Withers
  • Zen Pinball 2
  • Portal Pinball (Unlock)


  • Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Jaws of Hakkon
  • The Evil Within
  • The Executioner
  • Zen Pinball 2
  • Portal Pinball (Unlock)


  • Hyperdimension Neptunia U
  • Bonus Quest
  • Difficult Quest
  • Zen Pinball 2
  • Portal Pinball (Unlock)

Free for PlayStation Plus subscribers until 3rd June

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2 Author Replies

  • Hey Jawad

    Well they say that the Third time is a charm,

    So was still wondering if we will be getting the Arcade Archives coming to the EU at any point in the future?

  • Loving the new layout.

    But Riptide has the wrong icon.

  • Ohh… Nice new look! I love it! :D

    • I’m kinda liking the new layout too.
      I would like to see the game titles in the DLC section bold. So I can quickly scan to see if anything has been released for a game I’m interested it. It will make it seem clearer and less off a wall of text XD

      Ideally (though going a step more complicated)
      Drop down boxes on each dlc with a detailed description on what it is would be nice. Even if it’s a direct rip from the psn store description.

  • loving the new layout.

    This post has been out 10 seconds and shadowdragon not out yet?

  • and still no towerfall dlc :(

  • Interesting new look we have here, not too bad.

  • Love the new layout! Much easier to read.

  • infernalmonkey1

    Zen Pinball 2 Portal DLC is currently broken. Purchasing the table unlock only downloads the trial version, and not the actual unlock key.

    • Darn, you beat me to it. Alas, I found out this morning that it has been delayed again. It’s now targeting next Wedensday, though given the history here, I don’t want to confirm that 100% at this stage. Apologies every one – I’ll keep on this until it hits the store.

    • Ugh… so obviously we are never going to get the DLC here… thus confirming my fears that Rock Band 4 will probably have next to no support in the Euro/Aus zone.

      Time to get a US PSN Account.

    • Thanks for the reply Fred. We really hope the songs are up next week.

      As well as the missing Rock Band 3 DLC, there’s also some Rocksmith 2014 content that hasn’t made it onto the PS4 either. For a few weeks, the folks at SCEE looked like they were doing their best to make it all available, but it’s come to a grinding halt.

      We really hope these delays won’t affect Rock Band 4 when it gets released on the PS4 later this year.

    • Fred, the update is, again, appreciated. However, can we get some insight into why this keeps happening? It’s difficult to understand why only one territory and service is affected when Xbox Live and PSN in other regions has made the content available long ago.

      A lot of folk that are interested in this DLC will also be planning to invest considerable time and money in Rock Band 4, and I’d like to be reassured that we won’t be having a repeat of this or the Rocksmith debacle once it’s released.

    • If only the Store team would improve. Late releases and constant delays is getting out of hand now.

    • Can we please start having delays and missing games highlightes in the actual update post? I get that it gives a negative connotation, but another way to look at it is being proactive.

      The idea that we as consumers have to point out that something is missing and it somehow be a surprise to the blog team or “beat me to it” is really quite laughable.

    • Probably stuck in QA, makes you wonder why a broken Ultra SF4 did pass QA.

    • It passed SCEA’s QA pretty easily…

  • Whay about ps+ IGC in June?

  • One question though,

    What’s with SCEE deciding to release some games a day later. Kinda silly if you ask me.

    • or… or rather they are releasing it a week earlier rather than mandating it to release on the next Wednesday.

  • Trophy Unlocked – Beat Shadowdragon To Post (Bronze)

  • Arghh when are they releasing any more Tales from the borderlands, I remeber when it was released and in the description it said very 4-6 weeks, its been nearly 7 months and still only 2 parts

    • While I’m loving that part 4 of GoT’s was out yesterday (according to the webstore, downloading it now) I reaaaaally wanna get my teeth into more Tales from the Borderlands!

    • yeah, and now they are stacking more and more projects, it took me about an hour (or there about) to finish the last episode and I waited months for it

  • So… Rock Band 3 DLC? Where is it???

    Last Week we were told – We were supposed to be getting it this week!!!

  • PS_TrophyHunter

    Riptide wishes it was Final Fantasy X X-2 HD Remaster lol wrong picture :) Plus Game of Thrones episode 4 is already out I downloaded it yesterday. Can’t find the Dragon Age Inquisition DLC or Dying Lights. This store updates a mess hopefully it improves next week ;)

  • Wow new look! Nice one. I am glad that Octodad: Dadliest Catch made it to PS Vita. Love this game

  • And there was me actually thinking Megaman 8 was going to be the first PSone Megaman classic on the European store today, glad I brought it from the Japanese store.

    Please could you release Megaman X3 as this game only came out originally on Europe and I would be very grateful.

    Please could you add a PS1/PS2 section to the website instead of random “classic” games, is it right that I have to use Wikipedia to see what classics are on the store? I could only find Suikoden 2 by manually searching the title, surely hiding these games is costing sales.


    • Capcom + Europe + Megaman + PSOne Classics = doesn’t compute

    • Indeed none of this computes but what do you do? I’m not one to use comment sections but if enough people raise a concern or show interest in something then maybe one day somebody will take note.

    • The blog isn’t exactly the place to beg for games, ya know…

    • Are you employed by Sony to answer everybodys comment here? I wont begging for anything. I requested one game and a feature standard on every other store variation. So take your little answers elswhere know it all sad case!!

    • Hooray, another who decided to follow the “moronic” route…

  • Please be polite and keep trolling out of the thread to avoid the whole tread getting deleted because of 1 or two trolls.

    Just posting to say Thank you to Fred for answering my questions last week. Nothing more.

    • Did you really had to copy-paste that silly first line? Just say THANKS and begone.

    • @Lance_87 Do you really have to be such a troll?? Yes, I also admit that some of the questions from Shadow is a bit of a folly, but really?? I don’t see his posting any different than all those singstar posts or eu/dollar whining. However you dont see me complaining. All he wanted was an official statement / answer, and now he has gotten one.

    • Well, uhm.. meh?

    • Disconcerting! I think my brain filled in the rest of the message I’m so used to seeing it! Fair play Dragoon, hope to see you joining in on game related discussions etc.

  • Oh, I’m kinda digging this new layout.

  • I like the new layout! Much easier to see and navigate!

    Also PS Mobile..

    Raptor RPG has now been updated, it has cross-platform multiplayer, which unlocks halfway through the game. :)
    Hill Cliff Horse has been remade, better graphics, larger more detailed environment!

    And both have a new Ragdoll Physics options, for extra fun ;)

  • I enjoy the new layout, much clearer in my opiniom. :-)

  • Powers?
    no, didn’t think so.

    sorry i even asked, i just came over all entitled for a second there.
    you’d think i was one of sony’s beloved american customers the way i expect to get something i was promised.
    the ego on me, right? ^_^

  • This new format, got me confused, but I will get used to it I guess!

  • Any chance of the Nepal charity theme coming to our store ? I have a couple of £’s on my account which I would like to donate.

  • I find it strange that Octodad would be released tomorrow. The game’s done, and out in other regions, why wait an extra day?

    Releasing games a day later in the EU is dumb enough as it is!

  • In what alternate universe did Badlands get a game of the year award?

    • StevenJamesHyde

      It won iPad game of the Year 2013 in this very universe. As for alternate universes, who knows what other awards it might have won there?

    • in the mobile universe, i suppose.

    • I’m also wondering where’s the PS3 version, it was released in the US yesterday…

    • Its a terrible game, one of the most boring mobile games I have played. I was annoyed and felt ripped off even though I got it for free on ios.

  • Any chance the Arcade Archives games coming to the UK & Europe soon? Well I got a few already off the Japanese PSN Store but would still buy Scramble again because I am mad like that :D

  • No pigeon fancing again…no Onigiri again

    Do you think maybe you could get the German blog team to properly sort out the dlc on PS4, PS3, PS Vita stores? Novel concept, I can’t believe no one has thought of before….sorting dlc with the correct games please…maybe please

    • If only so I don’t have to look at all those bleeding Major league Baseball themes when I (pointlessly) search for a new dynamic theme for the PS4.

  • What a pathetic update. Cant give us one new crappy game for PS3, ey?

    Now you list dlc under PS3 games like Game of Thrones ep.4, because you dont have anything for PS3, yet bundle of games wait for Sony approval, some wait since 2013, if anyone here can believe it.
    PS4/Vita content is approved lightning speed.

    Dragon Age Inquisition Jaws of Hakkon PS3 is not on store.
    Get is sorted, Sony.

    Better would be to invest some money we pay into supporting minor PS3 titles. No content, no money from us.
    March, April, May – instead of best period, it turns out to be the worst ever PS3 period, and summer drought is ahead.

    • PS3 has been out for over 8 years now. Get over it.

      Time to move on.

    • Again with this entitled pile of crap?

    • Developers and publishers are moving on from the PS3/360. They’re just not financially viable anymore. 2015 will be the last year AAA titles are released on those platforms.

    • @MaxDiehard
      LMAO! Dead for 8 years? Great, I didnt know.
      It came out 9 years ago, but its dead for 8.
      You must be rocket scientist, or still sucking on daddy’s wallet so you never learn the value of money and what it means to work and earn every cent. Maybe then you would learn how to count.
      Btw, I see how “alive” PS4 is, lol. This year there might be… more delays, more downgrades, more indies.
      Most people on PS3 are still here, only 10 mil PS3 users upgraded to PS4, so get your facts straight.
      You smell convert (xbox) allover the place, or first time PS buyer.

      As for you, I notice you are a regular Sony advocate here, each week making idiotic comments on other people complaints who just want what they payed for, better service and games.
      You a perfect sheep-customer for Sony. Pay, praise and dont complain.
      Better stick to your fanboy Sony posters and leave adults to talk actual problems and make playstation better place.
      Go to EU store and find me direct link to Dragon Age Inquisiton Jaws of Hakkon DLC or shut up.

    • Yeah, try harder.

    • Didn’t Sony state that each console had a 10 year life expectancy (meaning games still being made for the system)?

      It was only 2012 when Sony finally stopped support of PS2 in Japan. Also some of the most loved series from the PS2 came after the release of the PS3…like Persona 3 and 4 and the change to PS3 to PS4 is the same. People are still buying PS3’s and PS3 games hence why they keep releasing content for that system. When Game and Shopto stop selling PS3 bundles and PS3’s new and the only place to buy a PS3 are places like Cash Converters..then maybe its time to move on or get over it or add it to the collection of my retro consoles

    • @RetroA**hole

      I’ve paid for everything I own myself. I’ve played PlayStation since I was 4 back in the 90’s.

      If you actually had an education, you would have read that I said PS3 has been out for ‘over’ 8 years, not exact.

      I’m also a game developer myself, and PS3 has lived its generation cycle. We’re moving on to the next system. Indies are the future of games, not the AAA studios that churn out nothing but countless sequels and 7th gen remasters.

  • Any more word on when Yakuza 5 is coming?

    New layout looks good by the way!

    • They don’t know more than you :/

    • They don’t know anything yet they are the publishers of the game and Yakuza 5 is part of their 3 party program. I swear….

    • I know, but Yakuza 5 is a Sega title, and now they suddenly decided to disavow their own franchises… don’t be surprised if one day they decide to delist all their games from PSN.

  • Wow, really nice new layout guys, makes it much easier to read! And so many great new games out this week! :D (PS: GoT Ep.4 was out yesterday, not Friday)

  • Great Layout, two suggestions – Header font for PS4 DLC ect sould really be a serif font, it looks out of place. Second, Keep up the great work!

    Is the PS plus announcement today?

  • HI Jawad
    1-Any news about pre-order call of duty black ops 2 for Qatari store
    2- I can’t found destiny DLC

  • Loving the new layout! (Thanks, Germany)

  • @Fred What happened to Octodad?

    It was due to release yesterday and you said so yourself that we would be seeing more Tuesday releases.

    • It’s tomorrow now. So much for false info in the last post when Young Horses said 26th May worldwide. It needs to change. Why should us have to wait an extra day?

  • How come the Inquisition DLC will be AU$23.95 ?
    There were several news articles last month celebrating how EA charged equally on this one.
    $20 on xbox and PC while being $24 and a month late on PS ,hardly seems fair.

    • It recently came to light that publishers only set prices for US and Europe and the local SCEE offices handle the conversions for the “sub-territories”

      This is why so many game prices differ in UK, Aus and NZ from what the publishers themselves say they should cost.

  • Any news on FFXIV Heavensward pre-orders? I sure hope it will be out before the 19th, so we PS4 players can enjoy the early version too.

    • We have two weeks they can possibly announce it in to give people time to preorder before early access. Otherwise, it’s either going up during E3 week (2 days to preorder in time), or the day after launch (no early access at all)…

      Some news on this would be good, please!

  • Great store update of which 70% of the content isn’t released until tomorrow. Oh how I dream of a universal store (not unlike LIVE) where everything is released on the same day world-wide and not managed solely by the EU.

    • I was hoping for a universal store on PlayStation when the PS4 was announced. Getting increasingly fed up with waiting for thing’s to appear on this store and they never do.
      How much localisation is needed on a theme or an avatar !

    • I feel your frustration. the XBOX has had a universal store for over nine years. While I respect the EU has a lot more territories to contend with unlike the US and JP, Microsoft never had any issues. However, Microsoft did have the foresight to understand how stupid it would be to set up all these individual territories requiring individual submissions and QA instead of having just the one governing oversight. It’s a mistake Sony refuse )or are unable) to rectify.

    • It does seem more than a little daft. Before last month digital only games released on a Wednesday and retail on a Friday, not always the week they are supposed to (or even the year they’re supposed to due to QA delays)

      Then we had the surprise Tuesday releases, confusing but if announced properly would have been manageable. This week we have games released each day Tuesday through Friday, with many not matching their publisher set dates.

      I guess adjusting prices against the wishes of developers or holding their games in a QA limbo wasn’t enough, it must also be possible to drop a release back by two days for no reason whatsoever.

      I hear and know that Sony’s support of indie developers is fantastic, but if I was a developer I would have to think long and hard about working with Sony when I can’t control my own price out release date.

      Let’s stop this madness early, you don’t want to unify the stores, that much is clear. But to make your point by deliberately breaking the EU one so we accept the original flaws is a little childish for a multinational is it not?

  • Nice store update but when I click on the dragon age inquisition jaws of hakkon not on the ps store so is it out now or friday

    • I know, man.
      I said that earlier about Dragon Age Inqusition Jaws of Hakkon, but all I got is troll responce.

      As usual, Sony saying or writting one thing, but actual store content is nowhere to be found.

      Same thing with Game of Thrones Ep.4.
      They say coming out on 29th, but PS4 version is already available, while PS3 version is not.

    • DieFliedermouse

      Maybe if your comments were a tad more respectful, you’d get a kinder response.

    • Rule #1 when it comes to Store weekly updates: do not expect immediate availably of content after the post has been made. Sometimes the content is made available a couple of hours before the post, sometimes a couple of hours later.

  • Love the readibility of the new layout. So clean and easy to see! Great work!
    Since I don’t know where to ask this, I’ll ask on this and on the discounts post. Any chance of getting a discount on Akiba’s Trip PS4 since it recently launched on the PC for half the price? (Although I would enjoy more on the PS4).

  • @spikewestphal
    I know, man.
    I said that earlier about Dragon Age Inqusition Jaws of Hakkon, but all I got is troll responce.

    As usual, Sony saying or writting one thing, but actual store content is nowhere to be found.

    Same thing with Game of Thrones Ep.4.
    They say coming out on 29th, but PS4 version is already available, while PS3 version is not.

  • I love the new look too!!! Much better and easier to read. The previous way was a bit messy so I couldn’t go through the whole thing without feeling a little bored. lol. But I love it now.

    I was just wondering, could you add the PS Now Beta section in the post? I just got a few games on it today but I have no idea if I missed out on games last week or the week before as I haven’t used it those days. Would be nice to see to see here on the blog what the new games gets added to it.

  • Paypal support for Vita please

  • darkhearthowlin

    Can’t find the dragon age dlc for the ps3 wasnt it due today?

  • When will Shin Megami Tensei: Lucifer’s Call be availabe in Scandinavia?

    If it’s store localization holding things up once again I can only say that it’s laughably amateurish to even have this requirement. Everyone with the ability to navigate PSN in the first place will have adequate command of the English language to make a purchasing decision. If SCEE has stupid requirements, YOU should solve this for small publishers in the name of customer care – Even though this concept most likely is entirely alien to you guys at SCEE.

    Why do you disrespect Scandinavian customers like this? SCEE is just abysmal at times, most times even…

    • The Dutch translation is awful… Its just done with google translate. I wish I could select English instead of getting this garbage forced to me. And like Scandinavian we keep missing out of stuff because of this [DELETED] too.

  • GoT on Friday?? That sucks, I was looking forward to that today.

  • Just a friendly reminder, there is still Rocksmith 2014 legacy DLC missing! Very few songs, shouldn’t be too hard too fix those and finally be on level with the rest of the PS4 world (and other platforms). Thanks!

    • Seriously, how useless are you, SCEE? How do you not fail to drop the ball every single time? Just finish getting the content up – how hard is it? How much longer do we have to bang our heads against the wall over this? I’ll make sure the Trading Standards complaint is updated.

      Rockband players – I feel for you, knowing the Rocksmith DLC library is about a quarter of the size of the RB one… You’re in for a loooooong winter.

  • madmanwithabox12

    Yes to this layout. Good job. I thought for a second I was on the NA blog. (@_@)_b

    Nothing for me this week. I’ve been thinking about Octodad, but can’t help feeling it’s going to be fun for a hot minute and then quickly wear off.

  • madmanwithabox12

    Isn’t Badland supposed to be out on Vita as well? Or has it vanished into the aether, much to the chagrin of the developers?

  • When are you going to fix the season pass for Dead Or Alive? I still can’t access the latest costume pack (Fighter Force) with it. I paid for the season pass so I should be entitled to its contents.

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