Scram Kitty DX update tweaks quirky PS4/PS Vita platformer

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Scram Kitty DX update tweaks quirky PS4/PS Vita platformer

Dakko Dakko makes a few changes to its acclaimed feline action game

Hi there PlayStation Blog! I’m here today with a short blog entry to talk about the update that we’re rolling out this week for Scram Kitty DX, which brings some really neat new changes to the game on PS Vita and PS4!

Firstly, anyone who has played Scram Kitty knows that the game is a 360-degree platforming/shooter hybrid, in which you speed around giant space stations collecting kidnapped cats and blasting their rodent captors.

The direction in which the player shoots is always relative to the rail you’re riding in our game, meaning it’s important that you position yourself well to take out the enemies. But, in today’s update, players become freer to move whilst shooting as they can now spread their arms with the right stick on PS Vita or PS4, and enjoy the luxury of twin-stick aiming!


Alongside this change, we’ve made the player movement quicker when shooting, so you can be more evasive whilst still taking down those mice, and we’ve reduced the recoil on shots so that it’s easier to jump whilst still shooting. Overall, these changes enable the player a lot more freedom to choose how to engage each enemy, and the free aim adds a whole new, very satisfying element to the controls.

Of course, for those of you already playing and familiar with the ‘straight-shooting’ controls, those are still there, but we’ve tweaked the balance of shot speed and power, too, making each and every encounter a lot more satisfying! This update also fixes some audio bugs on the Vita version (don’t forget, the game is Cross-Buy if you own both PS4 and PSVita!)

I really think all of our existing players as well as new cat-catchers will be able to enjoy the twin-stick changes equally – they make the game more approachable whilst also giving you more room to show off your skills.

Feel free to leave any questions or comments below, and I’ll keep checking in! Thanks for reading!


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