Ride dinosaurs in ARK: Survival Evolved, coming soon to PS4

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Ride dinosaurs in ARK: Survival Evolved, coming soon to PS4

Check out Studio Wildcard’s ambitious Morpheus-ready FPS

We just announced ARK: Survival Evolved (www.playark.com) and I’m here to tell you how excited we are about bringing this experience to PS4 and Morpheus.

From the earliest stages of our development we knew we had an opportunity to create a game that pushes next-gen gameplay experiences in addition to awesome visuals. The result is that the world of ARK and its inhabitants feel like a real place that you can walk through, explore, and truly experience in your own way.


The PS4’s powerful hardware has allowed us to bring a scale and scope to the game that wasn’t previously possible in the console space. We’re shooting for the moon with this one, a fully persistent game world, tens of thousands of AI entities, totally destructible foliage and environment, and multiplayer on a huge scale.

And yeah, we’ve got dinosaurs. Dinosaurs that you can ride! At release, we’re shooting for about 60 distinct species, and we don’t plan to just have them just wandering around as cannon fodder.


All creatures in ARK have their own living ecosystems, predator hierarchies, and an autonomy that exists outside of the players’ influences. Their interactions with each other intertwine with the way that players might use them, because almost every one of our creatures will be able to be tamed and used for peace or for war. The PS4 has the horsepower to pull this off, so we’re really excited to be finally bringing these kinds of next-generation gameplay experiences to consoles.

We didn’t stop there, though, because what’s better than experiencing all of this as if you were really there? After working for almost three years pioneering and creating high-end experiences for HMDs, I can tell you with good confidence that not much compares to soaring over the jungles and mountains of ARK’s islands on the back of your very own pteranodon. The feeling of immersion the team has created in this beautiful world simply has to be experienced first-hand; it is profound and impactful, and even for me was a little bit surprising when I first tried ARK in VR.


When you design an experience like this, one of the most important things is to not fall into the trap of focusing on one platform and type of input while letting the chips fall where they may on the rest. Just like mouse versus gamepad, you have to design with VR in mind from the beginning. All of your testing, all of your gameplay elements, they need to tie into the experience of wearing a VR headset, the different FOV, the perception of motion and presence that exists between looking at a flat computer screen and virtually “being there”. In the end we don’t just “allow” for VR, we recommend it, and ARK is a richer game because of it.

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  • Looks amazing! I can’t wait to see more for this. You’ve got me excited. I can imagine it being amazing with Morpheus so can’t wait to see that!

    • Yeah it does look quite exhillarating! Look forward to see how this pans out, all though I’m still unsure of what to make of morpheus :)

  • Very intrigued by this. There seem to be some interesting games to begin with for Morpheus.

  • Ermagerd, Riding dinosaurs with Morpheus. No brakes on the hype train. 2016 cant come soon enough!

  • What game engine is it running on? Does it say on the trailer? I can’t check yet from where I am at the moment. :)

  • This looks very cool, finally something monster hunter-ish on the PS4! But….. soon? The studio says it’s not ready for release until the summer of 2016, unless it’s going to get a timed release on the PS4, it will not be here anytime soon.

    Got some other questions…… can it be played without Morpheus on the PS4 and can it be played single player as well?

    • Yes it can be played without seeing as it’s on Xbox One too.

      Morpheus doesn’t release until next year, same as the consumer version of Oculus, so I think they’re holding out until then to properly finish development until they’re out.

    • this is not monster hunter-ish at all .. this is more like the stomping land, or rust
      if you want a monster hunter game there’s toukiden kiwami ;)

  • The character animation could use a bit of polish but it’s really looking good.

  • Ps4 exclusive?

  • summer 2015 to summer 2016 = the year of the dinosaurs.

  • Wow where did this come from!

  • Looks like you have a winner here.

    Just don’t do what EVOLVE did and break up the game into expensive DLC.

    I’d like for this to be a full game at launch, just like the old days, fully tested too, with no day one patches.

    I have faith in you.

    • I agree with the DLC comment but fully tested? Really? If you want games like the old days then sure, but as games get more and more complex and deadlines get tighter, sometimes bugfixes have to be in a day 1 patch. There’s nothing wrong with that.

  • This is my first introduction to this game so please correct me if I’m wrong.
    Only multiplayer, no deep story line and shooting dino’s?

  • New TUROK game?! Awesome!

  • today i feel possitive,so only the
    SUATMM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Ahh…This looks absolutely amazing! Where did this came from? Looks so beautiful. If done right, I’d buy Morpheus to play this. Amazing job so far!
    Some advice: Improve the animations, add more impact to the shots/arrows to the dinos. It would be cool if there was an offline or single player mode, just me, the dinosaurs and the wilderness to explore.
    Anxiously awaiting more from this game ;)

  • Omg… Sick. There’s suppose to be a Far Cry Dinosaurs game as well right? Far Cry games are really up there so that could end up being even better and having a cool story as well :D

  • Shapeshifter_dan

    Just Great! :)

    Keep the VR software flowing in, designed from the ground up like here or integrated and focus on a robust 1st party line-up.

  • This is coming to early access ,LOL we will probably never see it.
    Just like Dayz and h1z1 beta beta beta and loads of micro-transactions bugs and glitches.
    I miss when we used to get complete games.

    • I agree with the complete games totally! As for never see it and the game that the game is still in early access worries me a little as well, but not completely. Look at Nom Nom Galaxy for example. The PS4 version will be released this week, while it’s still in early access for the pc. Seems like Sony wants games early and manages to get developers releasing the full version on the PS4 first, long before the PC version is released. I’m all for that :) I’m pretty sure a developer that gets Sony’s backing can sell his/her way more copies of their game on the PS4 then on the PC. That’s why more and more developers are releasing on the PS4 first or even only.

    • Nom Nom Galaxy for PS4 is being handled by Double Eleven. They have a great history of handling other games and ports, such as LittleBigPlanet Vita, Pixeljunk Shooter for PS4/Vita.

    • @Shadow
      I really hope im wrong about it because Ps4 users are going to have to set an example of not buying unfinished titles or betas, especially in Europe as we are overcharged for everything already and if sony think they can milk us using betas and early access titles they will.
      Look at planetside 2 that beta is a mess on PS4 and it already runs on PC , and warthunders ingame prices are a joke 60€ for a tank and this is still in beta after 2 years on PS4.

    • There will be no microtransactions in this game. Jesse Rapczak did a long interview (it’s on youtube) with lot’s of info. Good news, you can play single player or only with a few friends if you want to do so. There’s farming, building, crafting and much more.

      Bad news is the release date (found on the US PS Blog) when asked about beta and such, I’ll quote the answer here: “It’s not unlikely that there will be a public or closed console beta much closer to launch. We’ll have more details when the time comes, but won’t know for sure until sometime in 2016.”

      There’s nothing soon about this game, at least so it seems.

  • Will it support stereoscopic 3d while we wait for Morpheus?

  • Did you ever think of getting the dino-rider licence? Dinosaur mounted laser cannons and a nasty bad guy sounds like a win, win, to me. http://observationdeck.io9.com/why-the-world-needs-dino-riders-now-with-100-percent-m-1601551178

  • Is it really coming out in June? It beats RUST by far!!! Glad it is not only for PC

  • TheToxicDragon90

    Is it early access and is it coming out 2nd of june

  • Dr_HariboWarfare

    Why do we have to wait so long it’s not out for ps4 for another year and I don’t want to just sit around watching other people play it and ruin my excitement by 2016 June I would have given up on it, please release on 2nd June or in the next couple of months

  • TheToxicDragon90


  • When is be release in PlayStation 4?

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