New Volume video shows off level creation tool in action on PS4

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New Volume video shows off level creation tool in action on PS4

Watch creator Mike Bithell put his forthcoming stealth game through its paces

The pressure is on and we’re wrapping up Volume for launch on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita in late summer. An official launch date announcement is coming at E3 (shhh, secrets!), but I wanted to show readers here at PlayStation Blog Volume’s level editor. It’s a huge experiment for me as an independent creator, and for all of us as a small team.

Volume gives players the ability to build and share levels, utilising all the props found in the game. Yes, all of them. Every gadget, gizmo, enemy type, environmental trap, wall design and colour palette can be used for your own creations. It’s a big part of the game that I hope players will get into.


We’ve tried to make the process and tools simple. Easily create a level. Upload it to our server. And bask in the glory and praise of peers with a highly rated map!

Top-rated maps will bubble up in our online community list. It will be easy to select a specific level and hop right in. Or you can create a customisable playlist made from a mix of player-created and campaign levels.

#07 - 20140604-0190#08 - Co_Op (5)

Although we spent a lot of time making the game’s levels, players can actually go through the entire campaign using their own – or other people’s – creations. Want to hear the story in Volume again but use different maps? Done! Andy Serkis is very good as the game’s villain, so why not listen to him again while playing Volume using the best maps the community have managed to make!

We’re excited to see what you make with the level editor tools. We made 100 levels using this editor, so we can’t wait to see the first 1,000 you make. Hopefully, with your help, we can pump up the Volume! ;)


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