Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is coming to PS4

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Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is coming to PS4

Your first look at Castlevania veteran Koji Igarashi’s long-awaited return

After a year of work, I am excited to announce my next game — Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Fans have asked us for a new exploration-heavy, Igavania-type game, and that’s the game we’re excited to make.

I have interest from investors who can provide most of the funds necessary to make the game I envision, but they have requested proof that there is demand for this type of game before they will commit. With that in mind, I am turning to Kickstarter to call upon my fans’ support. You can pledge to the campaign at


Miriam, the protagonist, is an 18-year-old orphan whose skin is slowly crystallizing in stained-glass patterns, a curse inflicted on her by a corrupt guild of alchemists. The alchemists’ curse is transforming her into the conduit for a demonic invasion — the guild’s punishment for a world that has begun to lose faith in them.


Her friend Johannes, a rogue alchemist who is studying the curse, has learned to slow the spread of the crystallization by drawing runes around the infection sites. With his help, Miriam will explore a massive, demon-filled castle in search of Gebel, her friend and fellow curse bearer who destroyed the alchemists and summoned the castle when he realized the curse had made him something other than human.


The cursed crystals in Miriam and Gebel’s skin are linked to demonic magical powers. With that in mind, I intend to equip this game with many classic gameplay elements as well as a slew of new ones, including a crafting system that will allow players to infuse weapons with magical abilities and a unique skill/parameter system.

I’m glad for the opportunity to make this game, and I thank all the fans who will help us do that. I look forward to leading you in my army of the night!

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  • Actually that’s my fourth or fifth look today. ;)
    But yay Igavania!

  • I just logged to say: Hi Mr. Igarashi! :D

  • This is awesome I love every Castlevania and SotN still gets a playthrough now and then.
    All the best of luck Iga with this project I hope it’s amazing!

  • I’m throwing my money at the screen and nothing happens! :O

    It’s a joke, backing the kickstarter! :D

  • We’ve been waiting for you :)

  • i do want this game to succeed.. its just so masterpiece on 3DS titles from years ago and now i am happy with that Kickstarter funding that is pass 1 Million and i am keen to play that as well since i was a wee lad that played Castlevania IV on SNES and ever since played most of games under his direction. so good and breathtaking with Soma and Alucard taking the cake since.. so i do want the Sony Europe to steer that game into future and got a potential out of it :)

  • LieutenantFatman

    Great news, can’t wait to play this!

  • Congratulations on successful campaign. Almost already at 1.2 million.

  • There’s no chance of a PS Vita version?

    • If there were plans for a vita version they’d be mentioned in this post or the kick starter page, they’re not mentioned so the answer is likely no.

      I love the vita, but its only capable of so much. Begging for ports of games the vita is simply not capable of running is just going continue the bad name that a vocal band of vita fans earned for us all when they trolled this blog for weeks on end over a physical release of freedom wars before they all Vought the digital copy because it was cheaper.

      There are literally hundreds of games currently in development for vita, it hasn’t been “forgotten about” as people keep claiming.

    • It’s already coming on Vita. It’s the PS4 version. Through Remote Play.

    • Clearly you haven’t seen Uncharted or Killzone Mercenary.

      The Vita is more than capable.

    • @TrueMurton Actually the Vita would be very well suited to this; check out Muramasa Rebirth and the Blazblue Continuum Shift ports to see it handling 2d/3d (seriously Muramasa on the Vita is one of the most artistic animated games I’ve ever seen, runs great too).

      But yeah, as this is a new “separate from Konami” venture for Igarashi I can see why he’d want to go for the top platforms first.

    • It’s using Unreal Engine 4 so it’s doubtful it’ll be on Vita, as well as WiiU!

    • madmanwithabox12

      @TrueMurton: So constantly pestering SCEE about pricing conspiracies is fine, but people inquiring about the possibility of a Vita port isn’t? Come on man. It’s “trolling” when Vita owners had the audacity to actually ask for a physical release of it’s biggest first party release last year? Are you serious? And what evidence do you have at all to suggest they bought the digital versions? I find it particularly silly that you’d accuse, of all people, the ones who actually made the physical version happen through sheer demand.

      And what’s this about the Vita not being capable? Have you not seen Killzone Mercenary? Uncharted: Golden Abyss? Wipeout 2048? Persona 4: Dancing All Night? Freedom Wars? Or for games with a more similar aesthetic to Bloodstained, there are games like Muramasa Rebirth and Dragon’s Crown, which are both considered among some of the better games for the system.

      With the amount of quiet cancellations, indefinite delays or releases with no promotion at all that have been happening on Vita, it’s a perfectly valid concern that the platform isn’t generating enough interest. Of those hundreds of games, how many will be cancelled along the way because the developer “underestimated” developing for Vita (but chose to announce it anyway)? How many of those games have vanished into the aether already? Hand of Fate for example – it was announced for PS4 and Vita. The PS4 version is out, there has been no further mention of the Vita version. That’s a problem.

    • @madman

      In the case of quiet cancellations you have a valid point. A game was announced, then cancelled without notice, much in the same way that my recent posts where a price was announced then increased without notice. Its a matter of being able to trust what we read here.

      As for freedom wars, I remember two things. First of a group of people levelling personal insults at anyone who disagreed with them and being generally disrespectful on the blog spamming up other developers posts asking for a physical release, and the physical release failing to chart while the digital one topped it.

  • This actually looks really awesome, especially compared to the onslaught of generic indies in recent years. Give me a scythe option and it’s a day one buy XD

  • I will definitely keep an eye on this one.

  • Okay, Bloodstained has more than enough money now.

    Don’t forget Formula Fusion from some of the WipEout guys ( with a PS4 and Vita stretch goal

    or Station (a retro horror adventure that only needs $10K

    plus many more (

  • I’m so happy to see IGA working again on a “Igavania” game. Too bad it’s not a proper Castlevania title… we’ll never ever see the Battle of 1999 in a proper title. Konami is currently shooting themselves in the feet and would prefer to make a F2P Castlevania game than making a new one. I’ll be getting this Bloodstained on PC, or PS4, we’ll see. Good luck IGA, don’t disappoint us, you never did.

  • Man that twitter pic you used for this is absolutely stunning as a Lock screen for the Vita. ^^

    Anyway, Iga-san better limber up that writing hand :D

  • Mighty No 9 and now this, my childhood suddenly feels so close again :-) Oh, and please take all my money, Iga!

  • Definitely going to support the kickstarter, this looks awesome. :D

  • The artstyle looking gorgeous. Can’t wait to see actual game footage. Definitely going to follow this, might even grab the physical version from Kickstarter.

  • backed the kickstarter last night congrats on funding :)

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