8 PlayStation stories you might have missed last week

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8 PlayStation stories you might have missed last week

All the headlines that mattered from the last seven days

1. Tony Hawk returns to PlayStation

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It’s been a long, hard, 13-year wait since its PS2 predecessor, but Activision finally unveiled Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 this week, with a PS4 release slated for later this year.

2. Brilliantly barmy open-world FPS Far Cry 4 goes on sale

Ubisoft’s fantastic sandbox shooter is deal of the week on PlayStation Store. If you haven’t picked it up, now’s the time – it’s my favourite FPS in years. And if you have? The season pass is also discounted, and packs some seriously compelling expansion content, including the stand-out Valley of the Yetis campaign.

3. Wolfenstein: The Old Blood offers up OTT nostalgic kicks

The prequel to MachineGames’ cracking 2014 FPS Wolfenstein: The New Order arrived on PlayStation Store this week, offering more of the same over-the-top, tongue-in-cheek, Nazi-slaying action. Just the thing to blast through this weekend.

4. Disney Infinity 3.0 welcomes Star Wars into the fold

This week saw our first glimpse at the next entry in the Disney Infinity series, and rather irresistible it looks too, with new Star Wars, Pixar and Marvel Play Sets all confirmed.

5. PlayStation 4 racks up 2 million sales in the UK

6. First The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt PS4 gameplay debuts

Looking forward to CD Projekt’s hugely ambitious action RPG sequel? Of course you are. The PlayStation Access team got their hands on PS4 code this week – take a look above.

7. Project CARS leaves the garage and roars onto shelves

After a number of delays, Slightly Mad’s much-anticipated crowd-funded racer finally arrived in stores this week, and it looks like it was well worth the wait.

8. Get ready to explore Nom Nom Galaxy on PS4

The latest entry in Q-Games consistently delightful Pixeljunk series snagged a release date this week, and it’s not far off: you can start your soup-manufacturing adventures in Nom Nom Galaxy on 12th May, courtesy of the team at Double Eleven.

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2 Author Replies

  • Hello again Fred.

    Recently we saw another two games released on the store at prices higher than their developers had quoted in their promotional posts right here on the blog, one posted the day before the game went on sale. Based on this fact I made a post suggesting that self publishing developers don’t actually know what prices their games are to be sold at and that SCEE has complete control over pricing. Your answer was simply to state “that’s not the case” but you didn’t offer any explanation for why these games cost more than their developers said they should, there is overwhelming evidence to support my position in this debate.

    Here are three examples of self published games charged at a higher price than promoted.

    Titan Attacks – price according to dev, £7.99, price on store £8.49. The promo post was less than 24 hours before the store update.
    Inifnty Runner – price according to dev, £4.99, price on store £5.79
    LA Cops – price according to dev, £10.99, price on store £11.49. The promo post was made less than 24 hours before the store update.

    If publishers do indeed set their own prices, why did these games go on sale at prices above what their developers had told us?

    Which brings me to my second point. More often than not promo posts here on the blog do not reveal the price, when asked some will answer, though recently the answers don’t make much sense:

    Alisdair @ Laughing Jackal speaking about Flame Over – “I’m not sure how much control we have over this but I will ask Sony to follow the exchange rate as closely as possible”

    Chris @ Pixelnauts speaking about Lost Orbit – “I don’t have confirmed numbers” – I should point out that Chris initially posted his USD price on this very blog, so he clearly knows what price it will cost in the US.

    Gavin @ Double 11 speaking about Nom Nom Galaxy – “The price is still being decided”

    Those last two come out this week. Less than a week to go and they don’t know their prices? Laughing Jackal having to “ask” you to follow the conversion rate? These word aeem to auggeat they dont set their prices and clearly at the time of writing none of them had any clue what price their game would be, even with less than a week from release.

    With the evidence presented, I ask again:

    If publishers are in complete control over their own prices on the PSN Store, in Europe, why are we seeing instances in which the price charged on the store is different to the prices quoted by their publisher?

    • Probably best explanation of how their system works was included in this article:

      “Both Microsoft and Sony provide pricing matrices for games sold digitally via their respective services, similar to the way tiered wholesale pricing works on Apple’s iTunes. Developers, including Ubisoft, then select a wholesale price within those tiers that best corresponds to our expectations of the games’ overall value and market potential.

      HOWEVER, THE FINAL RETAIL PRICES ARE DETERMINED BY THE VENDOR. Also, because those two matrices are not identical the resulting prices on the two online services don’t always align. We’re aware this is potentially confusing for customers and are looking into what can be done.”

      So aye every time you hear that it is just publisher who set the prices know that he is lying through his theets. Or to say it bit less agresive he is not telling complete truth. You decide upon the meaning.

      Publisher sets only wholesale price, and SCEE is responsible for setting the retail price we see in the shop.

      It’s nothing really new. I think that I’ve been talking about it before the weekly threads were removed…. well those served purpose only for complaining… because those threads can’t even compare to what is posted on NA blog.

    • Still doesn’t explain why publishers say “our game will cost £x” then it hots the store at a higher price. Nor does it explain why publishers do not know their prices.

      As for Fred’s relationship with the truth, I think everyone should draw their own conclusions, but we saw what he said two weeks ago and we’ve seen the prices differences and developer quotes I have gathered since.

    • shhh..dont tell TrueMurton publishers set the wholesale price and not the retail price. Its been highly amusing the last few weeks watching him spend so much time and effort into trying to prove that something that doesn’t happen …doesn’t happen

    • Yeah. Those indie deva didn’t post prices that were different. Nor did they tell me categorically that they don’t know their prices.

      Yes, some of the figures I used in my US vs UK pricing didn’t pan out, but some of them did. This isn’t about price differences between regions though, this is about SCEE blaming publishers alone for our pricing situation and then publishers saying that they don’t know their prices. No figures for you question, just facts straight from the developers themselves. Those are word for word quotes, feel free to fins their posts and check them.

      Fred, I hope you can look past these people trying to make excuses on your behalf and answer the highly pertinent question on SCEEs pricing policy. Over the last month my posts asking developers to give pricing or questioning their lack of knowledge over their prices have gathered more “things up” than most of the other posts combined. I am clearly not the only person who has noticed this. If you can’t give an answer on thosbyourself then at least male the commitment to fond someone who can and refer them here, the European community deserves an answer on this, a situation where independent developers can give a price but we as consumers cannot trust that price to be correct simply isn’t sustainable.

  • A good week pity about no GamesCom conference this year. I understand why it was moved to Paris Game Show but it’s still disappointing.

    Will Sony still have a big presence at GamesCom and it is just the conference being moved? I have my ticket for GamesCom and Sony area is the main reason I am going.

    • Don’t count on it.

      They might show something on the floor but they will probably keep all juicy staff for the PGW. I mean… that’s the prime reason they postponed their conference.

      And they might say stuff like “we will be still there”… but I wouldn’t really believe them at this point.

      Bit funny that every time during E3 they said that we need to wait for Gamescom which is directed to European customers… and now… they started caring that it might be too close to E3?

      I mean… what the… why do they once again focus on matching everything to what is best for NA?

      And why they didn’t inform normal gamers? Sure the conference is restricted… but come on it does influence to what is happening on the floor. I’m sure that they will keep some of a more exciting things for PGW even if it meant that they will just show same old stuff during Gamescom.

    • Well we don’t get much in the way of major announcements at Gamescom just updates on the E3 games. Most of the major stuff was usually price cuts and slim model reveals. October just at the start of the rush season is a perfect time to do that.

      I was asking if they will have a major show floor presence and it is just the conference being delayed.

    • Hey Lucreto. Yes, there will still be a PlayStation area at GC as normal. It’s just the media briefing that’s moving to Paris. With E3 being a week or two later than usual this year, and GC a week or two earlier, it was just not feasible to have a fresh show ready for Cologne.

  • Here’s something that might have been missed by the entire planet: Arcania 4 was released on PS4. I mean like, what? When? Where? Why? There’s nothing on the net about it being released, only one 2 minutes gameplay video someone uploaded DAYS after the release. I’m confused, is it that bad? I’ve heard it’s Gothis, and I loved Gothic 1 and 2, but this is just totally suspicious.

  • Another story you might have missed:

    For the 3rd month in a row, a PS+ IGC game for PS4 is quite broken. Ether One not only has performance issues, it also has a lot of bugs and crashes. I can’t even progress because it crashes whenever I complete a puzzle.
    As the PS+ revenue stream goes up for Sony, the quality of the service seems to be going down. More QA would be welcome; I like indies, but not when they’re nigh unplayable.

    • I have spoken to White Paper Games the devs behind Ether One. The fix is on the way. I am having the same crashing issues.

  • Are you guys tired of seeing that some services or digital goods are available only to selected countries? Are you annoyed that you can’t watch movies and listen to music despite the fact that people from other EU countries can do that without problems? Do you fear that PS NOW will be restricted to just selected countries.


    This week European Commission decided to go war with all forms of discrimination in digital market. In recent communication (COM(2015) 192 final) Commission clearly said that their goal is creating Digital Single Market for Europe. To say in more simple words. If something is available in one European country IT MUST be also available in every other EU country.

    Even if the communication doesn’t mention games, everything said in this document is valid also for games. Pay attention that this is here is just “communication” type of document, it’s not law per se but just sort of “strategy papers”. But it does includes action plan. By the end of 2015 there supposed to be new batch of directives. For those who don’t know types of EU documents, directive is type of document that needs transposition in local law system. But still soon SCEE with publisher will be forced to stop discriminating European countries.

    What is more, EU will make it quite easier for providers of said services. There is going to be just one rate of VAT. At the moment VAT is levied where the customer is based, rather than where the supplier is located. This is to going to change. If supplier is located in UK the VAT is going to be just 20%. It is one of the lowest rates in Europe. For example Hungary has 27%. But Germany has 19% and Luxemburg just 17%. So maybe… some people will have cheaper games (it is possibility but doesn’t mean that it will be like that for sure)

    So aye, the major change is coming. SCEE better prepare for it beforehand! Sure it will take probably more than year to make it into force. But SCEE which didn’t want to change from various reasons now will be forced to take actions.

    • It’s good news but it is long way off from ever happening. 2020 is my guess.
      The article I read said the EC intends to deliver on these proposals by the end of 2016. Then they need to get them implemented which won’t happen over night.

  • Any update on Harvest Moon? You mentioned last week you were looking into it, Fred.


  • Fred, here’s one story you may have missed… what’s being done about the Rock Band 3 DLC in SCEE regions?

    I know for a fact, Harmonix has been in contact with SCEE several times and re-submitted the content. The US PSN Store received it without delays, likewise, it’s available worldwide on the XBOX Marketplace.

    Jawad Ashraf, cowardly ignores the most asked question each week. PlayStation Support sends me this reply…

    Thank you for your recent contact with PlayStation Support.

    Regarding your query on RockBand 3 content released earlier this year and its availability on the PlayStation Store for Australia.

    Release information we have for this content confirms that the songs that were included in this release are not available on the European or Australian Stores.
    We do not have information as to why this decision was made and this would be something to query with the developers directly should you wish to know more information.

    The songs released for your information are:
    “R U Mine?” Arctic Monkeys
    “Shepherd of Fire” Avenged Sevenfold
    “Something from Nothing” Foo Fighters
    “Rize of the Fenix” Tenacious D
    “Back to the Shack” Weezer
    “I Still Believe” Frank Turner

    Should you have any further issues or enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us directly using the contact details below or by replying to this email.


    PlayStation Support Centre

  • You know, it’s a shame there is not enough support for the PSVita and lemme tell you why:

    – Double 11 cancelled in the Vita version of Nom Nom Galaxy in favour for PS4 which annoys me.
    – Still no sign of Tetris Ultimate which it may sliently got canned due to poor sales.
    – No new themes recently on PSVita.
    – No connection error fix on PSVita Store.
    – No first-party or AAA support.
    – No advertising or retail marketing (Even HMV ceased sales for the console and it’s games due to poor sales).
    – Too many games missing for PSVita such as Adventure Time, Infected Wars, 1001 Spikes due to poor QA.
    – Too many digital only releases (Looking at you Koei Tecmo and SCE).
    – Has no TV/Movie apps.
    – Is getting outsold to smartphones and Nintendo’s New 3DS due to high popular games.

    Back in the decade, the PSP also had troubles but console quality and first-party games saved the PSP from failing. Don’t get me wrong. The PSP is a really great portable machine with it’s great library of games. But the PSVita is more powerful than the PSP. But the downside is that the Vita is doing horrible in sales, company support and advertising over to touch phones. Do you want us Vita gamers to suffer the drought of no games other than just indie games and niche digital only titles? The Vita is a really great device and has a good fanbase but the handheld was poorly handled and I bet next month’s E3 conference will have no announcements for Vita because SCE themselves is going all focus on the PS4. I also love my PS4 but what about the Vita SCE?

  • @Fred

    I emailed Quantic Dream a month ago asking if Dark Sourcerer is still in development, I have received no reply. Do you know if the game is still happening?

    • It’s a tech demo as far as I know. It was never planned to be a game just a way to show off the new technology of the PS4.

      It is like the FF VII tech video when the PS3 was revealed.

    • @Lucreto

      If that is true than it is pretty disappointing as i have a pre-order for it from GAME.

    • A mistake on GAME’s part. I still have my Rise of the Tomb Raider preorder from last year. Quantic Dream might be at E3 with there next game.

  • Is there any plans to get PS2 classic game working on the Vita? I seen Suikoden 3 was rating and I rather play them on my Vita than on a big screen.

  • Any update on just what is going on with Powers? Season 1is over with a second season confirmed to enter filiming this year and the last news we heard was “coming soon to the PAL region” back in February. Since then it has launched in New Zealand but via a third party premium service rather than as part of their PS sub as promised in February and before that at last years E3.

    Is the rest of the PAL region waiting on third party deals too? What happens if no deal can be made, do we just simply not get it in that instance? Why are third party deals happening anyway? Why not distribute via PSN as originally planned?

  • Hi,
    Sorry to bug again but about 2 months ago the classics disappeared from the webstore, again.
    Didn’t think much of it because they had been reinstated once before but now I feel the need to press about it again. If you could, can you perhaps update us about it? I really miss my classics.

    Note: I do not mean “discover/Classics” but the good old platform tag for PS1/2 as the discover/classics section is missing way to many games compared to how many have actually been released.

    Best Regards Rildiz

  • That’s all folks. So we learned that Sony will still be at GamesCom its just the press conference that has moved, which we already knew. And that the question that Fred couldn’t answer last week he still can’t answer but wants to keep the guy who asked it strung along for the time being

    Every other question or criticism however, not worthy of a response it seems. This would be fine if not for Fred saying here last week that he would answer more questions in future.

    There’s simply no way that he, and the major players at SCEE are not aware of the growing price gap between Europe and thrbrest of the world, the situation regarding indie devs set prices not being reflected in the store, the ongoing absense of Rock band DLC, the ongoing silence regarding the availability of Powers and it being behind a paywall in one country that can get it or any of the other points that we make week in and week out. So if they know about them, why not answer then? Because its easier to handle a silence than a page of rage. The answers to thessw points would paint SCEE in such as bad light that simply ignoring them is better. True story.

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