The Last of Us: Left Behind launches as a standalone download this month

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The Last of Us: Left Behind launches as a standalone download this month

Immerse yourself in Ellie and Riley’s acclaimed adventure from 12th May

The team here at Naughty Dog is excited that Left Behind, the critically acclaimed and award-winning single-player chapter to The Last of Us, will be available as a standalone download via the PlayStation Store. The Last of Us: Left Behind standalone will be available on both PS3 and PS4 from 12th May for only €9.99/£7.99. We will be dropping the price of the Left Behind Add-on on PS3 to the same price on that day as well..

If you haven’t had a chance yet to check out The Last of Us, this is a nicely priced gateway to checking out the world and characters so many people (and critics) loved. While part of the story of Left Behind takes place during the main narrative arc of The Last of Us, I think some of the best and most touching moments of any game in recent memory occur during the prequel segments, as we follow Ellie and Riley as they sneak out of boarding school to visit an abandoned mall, getting one final chance to enjoy their friendship before Riley leaves to join the Fireflies.

You can get more immersed into the story of Ellie and Riley in The Last of Us: American Dreams comic book, published by Dark Horse, co-written by Faith Erin Hicks and The Last of Us Creative Director Neil Druckmann, with interior art by Faith Erin Hicks. I highly, highly recommend it.

We realise that most Naughty Dog fans and readers of PlayStation Blog will have probably already played The Last of Us and maybe even the Left Behind Add-on chapter – if you enjoyed the games, be sure to tell your friends that haven’t played of this great introduction to The Last of Us.

We’ve also included a two hour trial of the Factions Multiplayer mode. The Left Behind standalone game will have built-in upgrade paths through the in-game store to both the full Factions experience and/or the full game for The Last of Us.

Below are the details on the upgrade possibilities on both PS3 and PS4 after you already own the Left Behind standalone game.


Full Factions multiplayer €9.99/£7.99
Full digital single-player game with Treacherous Territories Map Pack
(if you already own the full Factions multiplayer)
Full digital single-player game, Factions multiplayer mode, and the Treacherous Territories Map Pack bundle €34.99/£28.99


Full Factions multiplayer €9.99/£7.99
Full digital single-player game with Treacherous Territories Map Pack
(if you already own the full Factions multiplayer)
Full digital single-player game, Factions multiplayer mode, and the Treacherous Territories Map Pack bundle €24.99/£19.99

We hope to see all you new fans of The Last of Us on 12th May!

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2 Author Replies

  • I don’t get it. I understand if they add something like co-op feature to this.

    • Just think of it as a money ploy. What I’d really be interested in is the sales figures of this.

    • There are two potential audiences for this. One would be people who traded up to PS4 without playing the DLC and not buying TLOUR. The other — which is who we are really trying to reach — are people new to PS4 and PlayStation in general who may want a taste of TLOU (via SP and MP) but don’t want to commit to full price. That’s why there’s an upgrade path.

    • It’s like a big demo, the people who will like this DLC will probably buy the main game. It’s not a bad idea.

    • Arne Meyer: Remember before you guys released ‘Left Behind’? You had a note recommending that people play TLOU to the end before playing ‘Left Behind’. Why all of a sudden do you want new people to experience the game the other way round? I don’t get it.

    • If you want to reach more people why not sell the game at a reasonable price? The amount of times I’ve seen ps4 tlou under £10 for US accounts but never for EU, it’s criminal. I may have to finally bite the bullet at create a US account.

    • Translation: Cheap cut-down game to give away on PS+ in two months time.

  • It’s a good idea, some people will probably try this, like it and buy the game. I won’t, because I already have the Remastered version on PS4 (and bought the original version too on PS3). One of the best game ever made.

    • You bought it twice? Interesting.

      I always considered the PS4 version a must buy only for those who hadn’t played it on the PS3.

    • I sold my PS3 that’s why and I wanted to play TLOU again. BTW the PS4 version is really good.

    • Sounds fine. I recommended the PS4 version to a friend who had never played it before. He said it was easily the best game he had ever played.

  • New Trophie´s list

  • “Full Factions multiplayer €9.99/£7.99”

    By usage of the word “full” – does this mean the multiplayer for EU is no longer censored?

  • I thought that they would consider making a ps vita version for this, guess I got my hopes up for nothing

  • Save all this faff, just go to CDKeys and buy the FULL PS4 Last of Us Remastered (digital) for £9.99.

    • Only works if you have a US account.

    • It’s around 5 mins to make an US account.

    • CDKeys are an illegal reseller, use them at your own risk. Here’s what their website doesn’t tell you about their service.

      1: they ask for photo ID on the purchase of non-controlled items. No right to do and being a long distance seller this is illegal under the Data Protection Act.
      2: they ask for proof of ID *after* charging your card. Not illegal, but generally seen as bad practice.
      3: they refuse to detail how they will store your credentials if you do choose to give them. Illegal under the Data Protection Act.
      4: refused to close my account and remove my details from their system. Illegal under the Data Protection Act.

      Yeah, they’re bad people. I won’t go near them.

    • I never gave them any ID ever.
      I think they asked for a phone number so they could send the sms verification, I got the code in sms, tiped in to the site and got the code. No personal details’s been given from my part. Since I used paypal neither my credit card details has been given to them.
      (same with G2A, both sites are reliable and cheap)

    • @TrueMurton Ubisoft accepted their validity as well as the other services mentioned above.
      If it wasn’t allowed it would never work, the websites wouldn’t be in business.
      I think you must’ve been subjected to ID theft somehow, I have never heard of that either.

  • I’ve praised this game enough, and I’ve only played it once on the PS3. Now, I’ve been one of the people asking for the ‘Left Behind’ PS3 DLC to go on sale. Since it’ll have a price drop, I just might pick it up. However it’ll still have to be at a pricing point I agree with. You know…the way MGSV Ground Zeroes was on sale for I think $5 off the store. That was an easy buy.

  • Will the TLoU milking machine be squirting out more hats?

    • They’ll still need to release a version of TLOU remastered without the ‘Left Behind’ content, for those who had bought the ‘Left Behind’ stand alone, but have not played the full game.

  • This was actually better than the main game for me.
    I played it over two nights in the dark with headphones on ps4.
    It’s fantastic and the most subtle and authentic display of emotion in the video game medium.

  • Finally! This should’ve been available day one for those of us who got rid of the game on ps3 after beating it and before left behind came out, good move guys will buy for sure, also seems an acceptable price for once!

  • A big thanks for the guys at SCE coming up with this. Played TLOU on PS3 but never played LB as I didn’t want to buy the entire game again for just the DLC. This is perfect!

  • TLOU 2 please i need more zombies in my life

  • It seems they are trying to grab every single penny they get. And them people keeps on blaming Activision all the time! By the way I have the game and the DLC on my PS3 and still haven’t played it the DLC yet. Is it really that long to be released seperately?

    • Yeah because The Last of Us is a very very good game, that’s the difference with Activision.

    • TLoU captured my imagination from it’s very first reveal, even easter egg (newspaper article in bar scene in uncharted3) however, after rushing out to buy it on launch day i just felt that familar feeling that gaming industry is infamous for, so ok, it wasn’t no watchdogs, yet the whole ’20 years later’ scene, Especially after the mindblowing opening left me fuming, so much so i lost all enthusasim i had, and it was much believe me, so after that far a fall i never did regain my ‘footing’ enough and find the heart to continue much further past 3rd part, ‘taking ellie to whoever’, and yes every time i post this i am always told how much i should of continued/i missed out on etc, IF they’d of marketed the game as was, and not involved the actual cause, ie scientist baffled by mysterious new desease, which i remember having many a lenghty discussion on as it was/is actually based (similar to RE4’s) mind controlling parasite, albiet only in certain animals, then i would’nt of been/felt as let down, after asking wether they actually do a ‘and 20 years earlier’ scene, showing outbreak, at least soent one lousy chapter on at, then fair dues, but sorry, that was not to be and TLoU remains, imo one more ‘ nearly masterpiece’ then later i guess my reaction was strenghended by ridiculous amount of mp skins. Then pay to win system, agree with above, the once almighty ND is on the acti train, also already been ‘stoned’ by the diehards so used to bieng dismissed etc.

    • solarwind12: Now that you mention it, that ’20 years later’ bit could make some interesting material for a sequel (if any). I know everyone has an idea what direction the game should go but I would like that. In hindsight, I also felt a little bit cheated when I saw that time jump, but I just played on.

      And yes…you should have played it beyond where you reached. Haha! Just messing with you.

    • @Seishoujyo Ha! Let me have a laugh! Haha!

  • Any chance we can get the “pre cursor orb” available to purchase in uk/EU please?
    Also what if you have the goty edition on ps3, what is included for owners of that? Thanks

  • Prem-aka-Prince

    Is it just me or do the numbers not add up? A=£8. B=£20. But if you buy the bundle, then A+B=£29. What? Why shouldn’t you just buy them separately then!
    The PS3 version isn’t so bad but even there the listed prices will cost you a penny extra to buy the bundle…

  • This is an incredibly bad idea that I would have thought ND would have put more thought into. It’s a bad introduction to the series because it takes place I’m the middle of the game and ruins an incredibly effective scene if you haven’t already played the campaign. Not only that, the events in Left Behind are especially meaningful because we already played the campaign.

    Put Last Of Us up as a timed demo letting people play the first 2 hours and they will be hooked. This stand alone thing is idiotic.

  • Vivis_apprentice

    This is perfect for me,I played through TLoU on PS3 but never picked up the DLC now that ive moved onto to PS4 ill be able to finally play through it without having to buy the full game again :)

  • I. for a rule, never like DLC. Most of the time it’s overpriced and the content is sub par.
    Ofcouse Naughty Dog is the exception. I picked this up expecting it could never be as good but I was blown away. It was amazing. I wish ND would have made a character DLC of every character in the story (even the minor ones) and I would have picked them up in a hartbeat.

  • Does this mean that you’ll be cutting the price of the DLC as well?

    • The article says: ‘We will be dropping the price of the Left Behind Add-on on PS3 to the same price on that day as well..’

    • This is why I shouldn’t be allowed to use the internet without a responsible adult present.

  • I played the original game on PS3 and switched to PS4 soon after that so I never got to play the DLC. Now’s my chance ;)

  • beth-izzy-henry

    Hi all
    TLOU is a fantastic game. I notice that one or two players seem a little dissatisfied with the game. They are surely in a minority.
    I bought the game when it first came out on PS3, I almost completed it when there was a download offered on play station store for LB ( Left Behind) I can’t remember if it was £7.99 or £9.99 anyway I purchased it and again naughty dog did us proud. Then last year ( 2014) my wife bought me a PS4 but TLOU was not backwards compatible so I purchased a PS4 copy and was not disappointed,it was even better and it came with LB. I have played both copy’s at least 10 times each, the PS3 only up to survivor level. I have done the same on PS4 but am now doing grounded which believe me is hard. I myself along with countless other players would love to see a sequel, what way it would go I just don’t know. It could be in the 20 year gap or it could carry on with Joel and Ellie’s lives with new adventures ,who knows only naughty dog.

  • This is unbelievable! I can’t believe Naughty Dog are behind this!

    ND were so clear on the original release of ‘Left Behind’ that it HAD to be played AFTER the main game.

    You’re ruining the artistry of the narrative completely for people! There are things about some of the characters from ‘Left Behind’ you shouldn’t know before going into the main game! It ruins the whole thing

    This really is a cash grab and you’re ruining the legacy and impact of the title by doing stupid things like this!

  • Hi. I see the stand alone version is now in the PS Store (NZ) Thanks. However the PS3 add on still seems to be at original price. Will this receive a price drop as mentioned above. Also is there any difference between the stand alone version, and the add on version?

  • If you own the dlc already will the standalone version be free or discounted? I ask because I traded in my disc of the Last of Us for ps3.

    • yes I would like to know the same thing I had the last of us for the ps3 and I paid for the season pass and it came with left behind and I sold The LOU physical disc and got the ps4 version so why can I not get the left behind stand alone for free when basically I have already paid for it? I for one am sick of Playstation trying to double dip it’s Customer’s and I’ll give you one thing for instance purchased infamous second son for the ps4 and then I purchased the DLC first light and this is what makes me mad not long after that they gave it away for free toPlayStation Plus members which I do have PlayStation Plus when they did this they should have applied a $15.00 credit back to my account but PlayStation’s not going to do this because they’re going to double dip us to death one last thing quit with all of the remastered stuff and start making new games one game I’m talking about in particular is God of War 3 that is a ridiculous price I can see $20 but i is no way in Hades I’m paying $40 for it when u can buy the whole collection for under 20 on the ps3 thanks for reading my rant

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