Destiny: House of Wolves – new Crucible details

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Destiny: House of Wolves – new Crucible details

We take an early look at the second expansion for Bungie’s epic shooter

Destiny’s second expansion is bringing a bigger, more rewarding competitive experience. In addition to three new Crucible maps (plus an exclusive fourth map for PS4 and PS3 owners), Bungie is shaking up the formula with more loot and more activities for high-level players.

Timekeeper is the new PlayStation-exclusive map, and it’s a looker!


Thieves’ Den is an intimate arena set in the tunnels under Venus. Black Shield is a medium-sized map set on Phobos. Widow’s Court takes the fight to Earth’s European Dead Zone, a striking thematic departure for Destiny — expect crumbling gothic spires, stained glass, and overgrown plant life.

Across the board, House of Wolves aims to make Crucible a more rewarding endeavour. You’ll earn double the engrams and marks in Crucible matches, and guaranteed rewards for participating in the daily featured game. Not bad!


Then there’s Trials of Osiris, a new weekly event designed to captivate high-level Crucible players with new challenges and exclusive rewards. The pitch: You gather your best gear and two friends to take on a punishing 3v3 Elimination challenge. The Trials of Osiris challenge opens up each Friday and closes each Sunday.

These Elimination matches are tight, intense affairs where every kill counts. Fall, and you’ll need to be revived by a teammate (unless you’re a Warlock sporting that uber-handy Fireborn self-revive ability). The first team to win five rounds wins claims victory, though you’re free to keep competing all weekend long.

To participate in the Trials, you’ll need to buy a Trials Passage from Brother Vance, a new NPC in The Reef, House of Wolves’ new social space. This Passage works like a scorecard; once you’re ready to claim your hard-earned rewards, you’ll hand the Passage into Brother Vance for a shot at winning exclusive weapons and armour. Take note: The Osris-themed gear is some of the best in the game.

House of Wolves comes to PS4 and PS3 on 19th May.


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  • I basically got tired after my 3 characters hit 29. Spent a whole time farming materials and shards after that but quit when the DLC started appearing. Love co op but not into the raids that involve more than 3 players and Crucible isn’t my thing either so I’m waiting for a pricecut on the season pass to play some of the added content that I do enjoy and get back into it ;)

    • I wouldn’t bother with The Dark Below, but then if the Season Pass is cheap enough, why not.

    • The DLCs are honestly required to play the game. Tons of content that was available to all for free pre Dark Below has been locked behind paywalls because they want to push the DLC (Xur having TBD items constantly, some weeks even in all slots, omnigul being the weekly and nightfall every 3 weeks and all the gear and weapons locked away even though they are just reskins) so if you want to play the game you need the season pass.

    • The Raid is terrible, and you’ll have access to all 3 multiplayer maps when HoW hits. Plus the quest missions are non-essential to the content. The dlc guns are average for the most part, especially the raid guns. Admittedly, some of the exotic armour is quite nice, but to be honest, HoW seems to be more rewarding from what I’ve seen. I guess if you’re a PvE player, you may as well pick up TDB, if you’re a PvP player, HoW makes the most sense. But like callu23 said, there are paywalls in the sense you’ll miss a week of Xur depending on his stock and you’ll miss out on Nightfalls once in a while. Sadly, the latter activity is one of the best ways to score gear.

  • “The Trials of Osiris challenge opens up each Friday and closes each Sunday.” umm not what I heard from the twitch stream they said Fridays till the week reset on Tuesdays

  • I stopped playing once The Dark Below started locking out Daily and Weekly Heroic Strikes to people who didn’t own the quite extortionate DLC.

  • Anyone still cares?

    Better give us Shadow of Mordor expansions for PS3.
    PS4 is getting GOTY with all dlc soon, yet PS3 still dont have either of two big expansions released.
    When are we getting those? Its been 6 months since game got out.

    • They’re probably not coming ever. The whole ps3 version was half assed, with the framerate at 24 and dropping as low as 15, made to cash in on the people still on last gen that thought the game would be playable because it was ported.

  • Destiny is the misunderstood child of its generation, who ends up a hero. I was quick myself to put the game down after playing through the main game, then a few colleagues dragged me back in, we started playing weeklies together, then went on exotic hunts, then the adrenaline of getting through the first Nightfall together – and once you start to raid, Destiny starts to deliver the same kind of satisfaction gained from games like Dark Souls, but with a much tighter focus on team work. I can’t wait for HoW.

    • Exactly. I started alone, completed the quite small amount of content on offer and started a second, and third character but never finished them due to boredom.

      Then I realised that me and a colleague were on more or less the same shift pattern, we could play together. He had a friend, the weekly and nightfall become possible, I finish my other characters to get more gear.

      Another group of colleagues who I didn’t know so well had started the game, we all teamed up in January and formed a clan. We’ve been playing almost every night since. Nightfalls, raids, even a little crucible now and then. We are really looking forward to the Prison of Elders and for me, getting my Vex and Necrochasm yesterday starting a whole new exotic hunt now that I own all 24 (plus a second ghorn)

      Bring on the 19th.

  • True! Have the same feeling about the game.

  • no matchmaking for stuff in destiny -> imo stupidest decision ever , no game before has forced me to spam forums for hours just to substitute missing ingame features , i had to waste countless hours with forum spamming and cluttered my friendlist with 500 players i playerd just the one game with where i had to add em to even get to play , very disappointing game design

    • You are quite wrong of course. It was the best decision they could have made and if it wasn’t for all of you billy no mates whining on forums it would still be the case.

      I used to like to start the weekly missions and have my friends join me on the way. No more. Now I have to be matchmade with randoms who quite often do nothing. Just remain at the back and let you do all the work. Yesterday both of the people I was matchmade with left early and just as the going got difficult. Luckily one of my friends joined to help out and then Bungie sent in another random just as we were tackling Omnigul.

      Matchmaking should be an option. It shouldn’t be compulsory to appease those who can’t be bothered to make friends online that they can rely on.

  • I preordered the LE for £50 and I was STILL disappointed. Terrible story & an exploitative loot system that tries and fails to extend the games short life, I did the first co-op mission (the one with the spider tank and the orb, I forgot the name) on my own and got nothing for it). I expected more from Bungie, even after selling out to Activision.
    Awful game, all style no substance.

  • i quit
    reason = i do not hate fps , buth mmo feeling = nope
    give me more whath u promised = big worlds ( you worlds are very litel ,+ why no vendors on starting place of all worlds ?)- more constant content ( free -paying by pas)

    I am a explorer = why i love soon to play the witcher 3 en the elder scrolls online

  • also auto match very needed + when them who lounch game kick you ath end ( you resife also tings like in wow )
    + he gets bader stuf .

  • Too much focus on pvp :( No matchmaking for 6 player raids :( mostly the matchmaking part is a huge letdown.

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