Mighty No. 9 release date confirmed for PS4 and PS3

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Mighty No. 9 release date confirmed for PS4 and PS3

Keiji Inafune’s action platformer arrives on 18th September

Hello PlayStation fans! At long last am I able to share new and exciting details about Mighty No. 9, as Deep Silver announces a partnership with comcept and legendary designer Keiji Inafune to increase the reach and scope of this incredible, beloved title. Deep Silver will bring the title to retail this fall, with even more content for new and established fans around the world.

Mighty No. 9 is truly a transformative experience for the 2D side-scrolling action genre, with deep roots in gaming spanning generations of gamers. Taking into account decades of design experience as well as tens of thousands of pieces of feedback from the Kickstarter backers (thank you!), comcept and Inti Creates have put together all of the best elements of 8 and 16-bit classics that you love, and infused them with fresh mechanics to reinvigorate the genre.


With today’s announcement, we’re pleased to tell you that the game will release physically on PlayStation 4 as well as digitally on all three PlayStation platforms: PS4, PS3, and PS Vita. PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 will launch simultaneously on 18th September 2015, with the PS Vita version coming shortly after.


Comcept is continuing their hard work making Mighty No. 9 the best game possible. We’re excited for everyone to get their hands on the game, but in the meantime we’ve listed a couple of the specific features you can look forward to when the game launches on 18th September.

  • Play through 12 unique and challenging stages in a single player campaign.
  • Unlock New Game+ to add an additional two extra difficulty levels including a punishing Turbo mode.
  • Single player Challenge mode with dozens of mini missions for the hardest of challenges.
  • Boss Rush Mode: Play through each of the game’s bosses, back to back, with a clock ticking to keep track of your best time.
  •  Show the world how Mighty you are in the two player online Race Battle where you compete online, racing through each stage together in a head to head battle – adding an all new twist on versus mode play that will give Mighty No. 9 life well beyond the single-player campaign.
  • Two player online co-op Challenge Mode: take on over a dozen missions online with a friend, playing as Beck and his partner, Call! Use Beck and Call’s different powers together in order to defeat these special challenges.
  • Toggle between regular and 8-bit music: this game is a veritable who’s who of veteran game composers – Manami Matsumae, Takeshi Tateishi, Ippo Yamada. As such, Mighty No. 9 features an optional chiptune version of the entire game soundtrack which you can toggle on and off.
  • Brand new Ray DLC which features a new stage with its own unique boss as well as a brand new unlockable playable character.

Look for us as we showcase the game at various events this summer! Stay tuned and keep up to date at www.deepsilver.com!

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3 Author Replies

  • We want a Vita Retail Release! Please!!!

  • Nice. hope the Vita version doesnt take too long to come out. is it cross-buy?

  • Oh for goodness’ sake.

    “PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 will launch simultaneously on 18th September 2015, with the PS Vita version coming shortly after.”

    This REALLY needs to stop happening. The Vita’s getting shafted constantly. <__<

    • How is the Vita getting “shafted” by having to wait for the game to be finished? Surely it would be the PS3 and PS4 getting “shafted” if their finished games had to wait until the Vita version was finished.

      But then logic doesn’t fit with your Vita victim complex I suppose.

    • How is it being shafted? Because as ever, the it’s going to be late to the party. This game is going to be a big deal and the fact is that nobody is going to care when the Vita version arrives much later because they’ll have likely played it on any of the other platforms it’s available for. It’s another blow against a platform that barely has any traction in the first place.

    • ‘Shortly’ after. I see it still being September. However, instead of getting it for around £15-20 on the 18th, it might come out on the 20th, or the 25th. If they said ‘The Vita version will be announced at a later date’, I’d understand your rant, but it’s basically saying that you might have to wait till the end of the month, maybe slightly into October.

    • Why not look at it as the Vita getting the patched, functional version on day 1 :D

    • yea!!!-_-

  • Great, Mighty No. 9 looks awesome! I want to know if the game is Cross-Buy, Cross-Play, Cross-Save. And, why is there no local co-op, but only online? :(


    • As a fellow avid Vita owner I can totally understand this! :)

    • So then why is the Vita version an afterthought? =/

    • Oh it’s definitely not an afterthought, we just want to make sure it gets the care and attention it deserves!

    • But the problem is it’s not going to sell as well because everyone will be able to pick up the game on every other platform. And that only leads to less games for Vita in future because Comcept/Deep Silver were unhappy with the sales.

    • I disagree with that it will sell ‘worse’ because it’s slightly late. If they said it’s release would be ‘announced later’, as I say above, it would be worrying. But instead, there’s no confirmation yet, and there’s several months yet to work it into possibly the same week, just the Friday release window instead of Wednesday.

    • Is it going to be cross-buy? Pls tell me it is.

  • Heard a lot about this game. Finally, with vita version i will b able to play this. But yeah, this definitely looks lyk a step motherly treatment to vita by keeping the release date later than the consoles. I am a vita lover and its the events lyk these which make people and vita owners think that its soon gonna be game over for vita. We need reassurances and very few devs are interested in givin any. Sony itself seem to be behind all this blotches that is happenin with vita.

  • Like everyone else in the comment section I want info on the vita version, this looks like the perfect game to play on the way to and from work

  • really looking forward to this on ps4

  • The only downside is mentioning DLC before this has even released. This is what ruins modern games for me.

    If the DLC is ready on launch day, it should be put in the main game people buy, not fragment it to make a quick buck.

    • Yet, you’ll still buy it…

    • @Lance_87, Wrong! I share Max’s opinion on this and I haven’t bought DLC in years (Shivering Isles was the last one, I think). I refuse to support those practices. The only exceptions I’ll make are DLC that are more like expansion packs and are worth the money. The Witcher 3, for example, seems like they’re going to do it right.

    • Yeah yeah, whatever…

  • the retail version will just be at all retailers not just certain specific one’s?

  • One of the very few games im glad i backed on kickstarter. And free dlc as a bonus is always welcome! CAnt wait to get my hands on it!

  • Ohh great! Deep silver is great! And really great for those that don’t like the English language due to reasons :)

    People are weird….already forgotten that this was a kickstarter project? It was already decided there which platforms it would come to so the Vita definitely isn’t an afterthought, neither is any other console/handheld.

    Btw, still waiting for my loot ^^

  • Reminds me of megaman.

  • Thank You for a retail version. I don’t like digital distribution.

  • As a Vita and PS3 owner, and a future PS4 owner, I hope, really much, Mighty No 9 will support at least Cross Trophy Support and Cross Saves. Cross Buy as well would be nice on the digital releases, but it wouldn’t be a deal breaker.

  • Looking very nice! Will the Vita version be compatible with Playstation TV?

  • I hope you’ll consider a physical Vita release for Europe, Deep Silver! <3

  • I clicked hoping it was going to say late March, September is so far! I can’t wait that long!!

    I actually got my psp out to play Megaman Powered Up again because of this :). Wish capcom would get its act together and do a Megaman collection for vita, even just the two new ones would do! It’s not surprising Inafune left :(

  • Having played all and completed most of the Megaman games ever released, I am completely hyped for this game. While some of the major complaints have been about the lack of environmental detail, I agree to some point, but Megaman has always been about character design and rock solid gameplay, and if Comcept nailed this down, the clean looking environments will actually emphasize the focus on what really matters here. This is your big test Inafune, I know you can do it, go blow us away once again like it was 1989 :)

  • So this game misses the April/Spring release, well games do tend to slip, so there’s nothing surpising there. As for the September release, I have figured it out, Mighty No.9. September is the 9th month of the year, I get you now, and the placement of releasing this game, very cunning, and clever. ;)

    • … just no.

    • Going by that logic they would’ve released the game on 9th September, surely?

    • @Lance_87 nice reply, just no, my post was actually a bit sarcastic, and not very clever at all on my part.

      @VenomousAlbino, It would of been nice if it was released this month in May, would of been a Mighty May for us all in gaming, oh there I go again, trying to be clever, and trying to use a pun from Mighty No.9’s title. Quite frankly, I was interested in this game, but I lost interest a while ago, and I’m rubbish at any Mega Man game, and this will be no different to me, I’ll play rubbish lol.

  • Lol. “Comcept”. Fail. I couldn’t even keep reading.

  • 15th Sept for real or we’ll have another delay??

  • Lets hope it get a retailer release

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