New gameplay trailer showcases the size and scale of Mad Max on PS4

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New gameplay trailer showcases the size and scale of Mad Max on PS4

Take a detailed look at how the epic open world action game is shaping up

Hi PlayStation fans! Here at Avalanche Studios, we’ve had our heads down, busy putting the final touches to Mad Max. We have been focused on pushing what we can do on the PlayStation 4. Now we’re confident we will be able to show you an experience that you have not played before.


We are very proud of Mad Max, so we thought the best way to showcase it would be to put together a video. Since the game is massive, both in terms of geography and variety of content, we didn’t think one continuous sequence would do it justice. So, we have cut together a bunch of in-game footage (with a little in-game rendered cinematic sequences to set the scene) to give you as broad a sense of the game as possible.

We hope you’ll enjoy the first real look at Mad Max gameplay in our walkthrough video.

There has been a lot going on recently as we launch into the final phase of development. A massive moment for the team was the recent release of detailed information about the game. It was great to be able to share as much as we did in recent articles, especially the large spread in Game Informer. It was equally rewarding to read your responses and hear the support for Mad Max and Avalanche Studios. We’re lucky to have such a passionate fanbase.

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So, what’s happening with the development of the game right now? Well, we are continuing to push the fidelity of The Wasteland and squeeze as much content and immersion out of the PlayStation 4 hardware as possible. True to the Avalanche Studios promise, we are cramming in content, both above and below ground level, to ensure that there are surprises around many corners. Apart from very desolate and barren landscapes, the prevalence of indoor locations is something quite new. You may have to look hard for many of them, but they’re worth it if you persevere!

It’s important that The Wasteland is a living, breathing entity – it’s one of the game’s most important characters. We are really pushing the weather systems, day and night cycle, skies and environmental effects so that the world feels as dynamic as possible. It’s not only the inhabitants of this world that are intimidating!

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We’ve also been looking at how we allow PlayStation users to share their experience with friends. At heart, it’s a single player experience but since you can customise so much (your Magnum Opus, Max’s appearance, your journey, your investment in strongholds) we felt it was important to be able to show off! More about that stuff later.

We’re looking forward to bringing you more news from the trenches and we’re working on more video and trailer material that shows off this unique and disturbing universe. We hope you like what you’ve seen so far!


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  • Yep, definitely having a bit of this!

  • Off-road driving and fighting in weaponized cars is cool but it may get boring over time if you have to spend several minutes every time you want to get somewhere. So what are you doing to make travel interesting every time? And are you adding fast travel?

    • Yes, There is “Fast Travel” in the game. There is plenty of Driving.. It is also a bit of a survival game. You need to find food and water. You also need to find Gasoline but since they wanted the game to focus on driving a bit more, Fuel isn’t very scarce. It is more easier to find gasoline than it is to find food, because a lot of things are gasoline powered in this wasteland. This is all backed up by the Game Informer Article, it was a really great read.. If I can answer any other questions, I will definitely try. They are making it interesting to travel, because it is Open world, and traveling can have you come across Enemy Convoys, and you can find valuable supplies / metal to upgrade your stuff or to take to “Friendly” Outposts. You can jump from Outpost to Outpost via Fast Travel. You also can go into the “Great Nothing” and it yields extremely terrible conditions, but It can yield very powerful upgrades. It is supposedly “Never-Ending” and is just a Giant Dust Storm where visibility is low, and there is immense danger inside of it. Guess you get hit by lightning bolts and stuff, and can only go so far in at the beginning due to the car not being strong enough to handle it, and as you get a stronger vehicle, you can go deeper and find better things. This game looks like a pretty darn solid game to pick up.. It will definitely become the game to play.. after you’ve beaten the rest of the masterpieces coming out in the Fall.. Its a shame its coming out so close to Metal Gear Solid V.. Because I can see it being overshadowed by its mere presence.

  • Is this game going to be good or are you just pooping out a movie-tie-in game for a little extra cash while you make Just Cause 3?

    • Dude it’s made by avalanche Studios? Guy’s behind Just cause, Renegade Ops.

      If it’s one thing they know how to do is make a game fun about blowing things up!

  • Wow, just wow! Looks really cool. There are way to few games like this where you get to freely roam around after the apocalypse. I wonder what impact this game will have on the next Fallout…are you still forced to travel by foot or will there be vehicles?

    • You know Avalanche don’t make Fallout right?

      Vehicles in Fallout were nuclear powered and have all but become inoperable. The only ones working are VTOL’s and are in the hands of authorities and wannabe governments.

    • @MaxDiehard I think OP was asking how Bethesda might respond to this with the next Fallout, as this game could be considered competition.

      I’m not so sure myself as I’m not sure if vehicular combat would fit in to the Fallout world to the extent that it does with Mad Max.

  • I was looking forward to this until I saw the pre-order incentive at the end. Don’t be a DLC hog.

    • What pre-order incentive are you referring to btw? I’m genuinely curious as I didn’t see anything about pre-order DLC incentives so keen to see what I missed.

    • At the end of the trailer.

    • How odd – maybe the trailer has been changed out as there’s nothing on there at the end. I googled and found another version with The Ripper incentive.

  • Reminds me of RAGE

  • Looks interesting but please say that the enemies won’t be standing around waiting for you to finish your melee combo on one of their pals before they start to act against you.

  • Yep! I’m hyped! :D

  • At long last! The Mad max game that I’ve been waiting for since the original movie with Mel Gibson. Ok, we only now have the powerful consoles that can deliver game worlds like this but I am very happy with what I have seen here and I am extremely excited about this great looking game. This looks like it will take the bitterness of Summer ending away and add a little heat of it’s own at the same time! Sold!

  • I want to be the gyro captain!

  • Even though Just Cause 3 is still my most anticipated game regardless of platform, this will also do very nicely thank you very much.

    Avalanche are on a roll. :)

  • Looks Sick. Thinking of preordering now :)

  • Looks great! I’m in!
    Sadly I was old enough to watch these films when they came out lol

    • Looks great, I’m excited about the concept and what I’ve seen. Sadly, past PS4 experiences have taught me to keep my upcoming game expectations really low.

  • Looks awesome, have already pre-order the game :D…Mad Max is the king :P.

  • “Well, we are continuing to push the fidelity of The Wasteland and squeeze as much content and immersion out of the PlayStation 4 hardware as possible.”

    Speaking of immersion Avalanche the HUD can be immensely immersion-breaking so please, please, don’t clutter the scree with bars, min-maps, icons, markers like most open wold games do.

  • It is by my hand…you will rise…from the ashes…of this world!

  • When do Sony give some good discounts on the PS4 Store with games and prices a human would pay for? It has been going on like this for 3 weeks now. And when do games get some OKAY prices that a 100% human would pay for. People still buy them because they are forced to pay. The price setup is the same in whole EU.

  • My most waited game. Soon, i’ll be breathing in the Post Apocalyptic fumes enjoying the sound of the V8s, while feasting on maggot corpses… Good times.

  • Stoked. Jak and daxter 3 meets fallout 3

  • Since they announced this game a couple of years ago I’ve been waiting for it. Just found out it’s release has been cancelled on PS3. NOT HAPPY.

    • It sucks for last gen users that these things are being cancelled, however, trying to get these games working on old hardware is holding the full titles back. It takes time, money, developers etc to tone them down for the last gen and the current gen versions suffer too. Eventually these things need to move on and stop being held back by outdated technology.

    • Everything before the , I agree with. The rest I don’t care about.

  • Pre-ordered, cant wait to play it ! :)

  • I like the scavenging and hopefully it’s not gimmicky, but what’s with the jocky jock Max? These Nathan Drake type jock protagonists are a huge turn off for me, and I wish the industry would make an effort to leave them behind and make more interesting characters. Mad Max isn’t a jock anyway…

  • God, I despise from the bottom of my heart games where the AI is just observing you instead of attacking you. Between 3:00 and 3:06 the player should have been kicked, hit, stabbed in at least 3-5 instances but instead the AI is just waiting for him to finish one of the thugs. Ridiculous. I simply can’t take such WWE brawler type games seriously. Please fix that, a game made in 2015 should not be so blatantly amateur.

  • Well this is like the closest we’ll get to Red Dead Redemption 2 for a few years

  • Looks like the same old [MODERATED] I’ve played a million times before…

  • Any movie content planned? Like a Tom Hardy skin for example.

  • Wow, I wasent expecting this level of scale. Amazing, ill get this!
    The only bad thing about it is that its beeing released the same date as Mgs phantom pain.
    You need to move the date guys or else youll be totally overlooked by the audience.
    Move it a month ahead and you got a winner and it might be the biggest surprise of 2015, jut like shadow of mordor was in 2014.
    Thanls making this game, a dream come true.

  • An epic movie coupled with an epic game. without a doubt one of the most anticipated movies of 2015. but haven’t we been here before. what is so different about this Mad Max movie than from the original franchise. Well for one, a better actor, a great production team and better Director and Producer.

    But, some games can outsell the movie itself and be more popular. but I don’t think it will happen in this case…

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