The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited PS4 beta starts tomorrow

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited PS4 beta starts tomorrow

Everything you need to know about the impending trial run

Hello PS4 players! With the worldwide console launch of The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited on 9th June just a little over six weeks away, tomorrow we’re kicking off the pre-launch festivities with the console beta.


This is a limited public beta — it will be our one beta before launch, and you must receive an invitation to participate. Prepare to explore the vast expanses of Tamriel with your friends, game-subscription-free, for the first time on PS4!

Read on to learn more about the ESOTU console beta test. Those invited will also receive additional details in the invite email. If you have questions about the beta test that aren’t covered below, please leave a comment — we’ll do our best to answer!

What is the ESOTU console beta test?
This is a limited, closed public beta. You must receive an invite to participate. We are sending invites to some of those who signed up for the ESOTU PS4 beta (not everyone who signed up will get an invite.)

When is the ESOTU console beta test?
The ESOTU console beta test opens on Thursday, 23rd April at 2.00pm GMT and ends on Monday, 27th April at 2.00pm GMT.

When will invites for the ESOTU console beta test be sent out?
Invites start going out today, Wednesday 22nd April, at 2.00pm GMT, so check your inbox! Don’t forget to check your spam box, too (just in case!) We strongly advise that those invited start downloading the game as soon as possible.


Is there an NDA in place for the ESOTU console beta test?
Nope! There is no NDA in place for this beta test, so we encourage participants to share screenshots and livestream until your heart’s content.

Will my characters from beta carry over to the live version of ESOTU on PS4?
Unfortunately, no. We will be wiping all characters from the PS4 ESOTU console beta before the official worldwide launch on 9th June. If you are eligible for the PC/Mac to PS4 transfer, your characters will be waiting for you on the PS4 megaservers at launch. Otherwise, you will be creating new characters on launch day.

Is this a cross-console beta test?
No, PlayStation players will have their own megaservers — one for North America and one for Europe. For the beta (and at launch), you will be able to choose which one you want to play on. Characters are unique per megaserver.

How many megaservers are available during the PS4 ESOTU beta test? Can I choose which one I want to play on?
We will have two megaservers for PS4, one for North America and one for Europe. You may choose which one you want to play on.

Will we be playing the full game during the ESOTU console beta test, or only parts of it?
Everyone participating in the ESOTU console beta test will have access to the full console version of the game, not a slimmed down version.

Remember, there is no NDA for this event so we encourage everyone on PS4 to stream the beta over Twitch or UStream by using your PS4’s built-in share capabilities. We’ll be on the lookout for great streams to share! In celebration of the upcoming PS4 launch on 9th June, we also have a handful of shiny new screenshots to share with you. You can see all these locales and more during the beta and at launch. Which one are you most looking forward to seeing yourself?


Keep an eye out for the PS4 version of The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited to be available for pre-order on the European PlayStation store very soon. We look forward to seeing many of you in Tamriel for the ESOTU console beta test, and in June at launch!

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20 Author Replies

  • So how do you enter the beta test? Do you have to sing up somewhere or do you send invites to random people?

    • Oh, I’ve found my answer :)

    • You can’t sign up anymore. Sign up was over a year ago and is not possible anymore. That’s sad, I know, but luckily the launch is not to far away and the beta has no NDA.

    • When reading comments and done a search, it seems people signed up for it back in Jan. Way to late for the rest of us now. :( Can anyone confirm this is correct?

    • In order to be eligible for the upcoming ESOTU console beta test, you had to have already signed up. Unfortunately, we are no longer taking beta sign-ups.

      On the bright side, launch is just a little over six weeks away, so you won’t have to wait too long!

    • To bad, not convinced i should throw down money on this… a beta invite would have worked as a good demo.

    • Kinda gutted, I signed up way back and even got a short questionnaire to fill out, on the 15th, asking me which system I wanted to test the beta on.
      I’ve pre-ordered anyways would have been nice to see what changes, if any, there are between this and the PC version.

  • I am interested for this game,. MMORPG without a sub is welcome but I’ll be honest. I have no idea how this will work, what kind of in game shop you will have, paywalls and if it is a p2w game. So for those reasons I’ll just wait for reviews.

  • I already play ESO since release on PC, so an invite for the beta would be great, as I will play it on my PS4 soon. @Rochala the shop isn’t p2w (yet). There will be DLC you have to buy, when you don’t have an ESO plus membership. In the shop you can buy mainly pets, mounts, costumes, crafting style books, and some potions, that aren’t as good as the ones in game. Hope that helped you.

    • @Seleryn
      Thanks for the info! IF I enjoy the game, I don’t mind to pay for DLC containt, imagine that I have almost all of the containt from DCUO and Lord of the rings online!
      As for the cosmetics items, I think they are needed for those kidns of games, after all the guys have to spend earn money too.

  • I want a invite so bad I preordered the full game

  • How do you sign up for the beta?

    • You can’t sign up anymore. Sign up was over a year ago and is not possible anymore. That’s sad, I know, but luckily the launch is not to far away and the beta has no NDA.

    • I know I can’t sign up any more, but how was sign up done? Did one have to be playing the PC version, the PS3 version? Or was it an open sign-up where anyone could just enter their email address to get a chance? (I signed up for quite a few betas, can’t remember if I put my name in the hat for this one.)

      Is the selection completely random or based on your progression on the PC/PS3 game?

    • You had to sign up back in Jan 14. So most people might not have even known about the beta back then or didn’t own a proper console.

  • So it doesn’t matter which server we choose? I play with people globally in North America, Europe and Australia. So as long as we are all on the same one that’s ok, it doesn’t matter which one?

    • That’s right. Just for information: NA server is in NA, EU server is in Germany located. At least, the PC servers are and I think console servers will as well. Just make sure you are all on the same region server.

    • You can choose which one you want to play on. In fact, you can play on both, but please be aware that your characters are tied to the server. So, let’s say you created a Wood Elf Nightblade on the North American megaserver. That character is only on the North American megaserver, not both. The same goes for characters created on the European megaserver. Characters are server-specific (as are guilds.)

    • So are the servers regions locked? If you have the EU version of the game you can only join the EU server, if your PSN account is EU you can only join EU server, if your IP address indicates that you are in EU you can only join the EU server… that sort of thing.

      Or is it totally region free, buying any copy of the game (regardless region) will allow you to play on both servers (completely separate instances)?

      What about Asia and Japan? Will the game be launched there (physically and on their PSN stores) and can they also freely join the NA and EU servers?

  • You can’t sign up anymore. Sign up was over a year ago and is not possible anymore. That’s sad, I know, but luckily the launch is not to far away and the beta has no NDA.

  • [goes to check inbox for an invite]
    [finds an email asking for feedback on the PS Now beta, for which the invite never arrived]

    Good job all!

    • I don’t think, that you would have gotten your invite for the PS Now beta by ZOS, from whom you would get the invite for the ESOTU console beta ;)

    • [goes to check inbox for an invite]
      [Hello Michael. Do you need viagra?]

  • More interested question – will be there PC to console transfer. Not discount for console version than currently available, but normal 1 time transfer for user who start playing TESO on PC after 30/6/14.

    • No plans for that so far. Only for people which started before 30/6/14. Otherwise, they would have already told us.

    • @Seleryn,
      That really not a good idea. :( I have a lot of friends who start playing after that date, and then willing to go to PS4, but don’t want making fresh start.
      I hope they reconsider and add ability to make 1 time transfer for all users who start playing on PC before console release date.

    • Hi Stratege,

      Unfortunately, we are not planning for another PC/Mac to console transfer, nor are we extending the date for the existing PC/Mac to console transfer. In order to provide this option, we had to set a cut-off date (which was June 30, 2014, as you noted.)

  • i hope you send me soon :)

    1- buying crown coins = tru psn ?
    i am also big fan of no abo ( if i like i wil suport big expansions + some other litel tings )

    only ting i do not like usa / euro servers = bfffffffffff i have lots of gaming usa friends – euro gaming friends

    so i go buy tommoro 2 tb hd (preorderd ), buth whith beta of the game i wil wait to instal to nex week

    ps. you goth limited time mount on pc ( i realy like mount = coming also limited to ps4 ? )

    • Hi monoliet,

      Is the limited availability mount you’re referring to the Senche-Leopard? If so, it is possible we will offer it again in the future, including on PS4, but we don’t have any further details at this time.

  • also i forget how big download zize ( 20gig )????

  • Wouldn’t mind trying,but the PC version got low to average scores.Apparently a very hollow and empty experience.You can’t beat a full single player experience for an Elder Scrolls game.

    • The game had really heavy problems during the first weeks / months and therefor bad ratings, that’s true. But it was being improved over the last year and if the performance on the console is good, it is worth a try at least :)

    • yes but game chage a lot from when ith louncht
      i see on you tube game repoters who did not like the game
      buth them retry after latest great update nowh them are very happy.
      only ting them need to focus = frame rate isue in( dungeons are hel on pc )
      bringing out free stuf / paying stuf – big dlc ( buth future = bringing usa-euro gamers to gether )

      diablo3 also geth same problem after them louncht latest patch = hurts like hell

  • 11 days ago I got a email about the beta with the “Please comfirm your platform” text and with a survey where I could chose a platform.
    Does this mean I am in the beta and I will get a code, or it’s still not 100% sure?

    • No, it doesn’t mean that you are in the beta. You still have to wait to be sure.

    • Seleryn, thank you for all the helpful answers. :) We really appreciate it.

      misi2mezei, what Seleryn said is correct. If you answered the survey, that means you are eligible for an invite to the console beta, but it is not a guarantee. We are sending out invites throughout today and tonight, so please keep an eye on your email inbox (your spam folder, too, just in case.)

    • Thanks for the answer :)

    • Your welcome Jessica. You nicht know me as Leijona at the official forums ;)

  • Has anyone at all in the EU received a beta invite yet? I also signed up ages ago and recently replied to the reminder prompt. I’m conscious even if I get an invite today/ tonight, the beta is so short in duration, that after downloading, it will likely be over. It feels like a missed opportunity for someone who is a fan of TES and MMOs alike, but is on the fence given this long-due release (and stiff competition with FF14).

  • I bought the game on PC after Christmas. Apparently that means I can’t upgrade to ps4 so no more of my money for them.

  • JoystickJedi
    jes if we do not geth now = wil be tursday evening untile we can play ( i work nicht ) so starting = friday / saterday /monday ( sunday not ath home )

    • Apologies, monoliet. Not sure I understand your question.

    • ‘If we don’t get a code now, we won’t be able to play until at least Thursday evening as I work nights. I can only start playing on Friday.’

      (That’s my translation)

  • This came out of nowhere. I don’t even remember any news post about a possible beta signups. I was planning on getting it, but it does kinda leave a bad after taste, as if Europeans were ignores again >.>

  • I have a question: So the beta is pretty much the full game correct? I have recently took up the transfer offer from PC to PS4. Instead of me deleting the beta. Can I just keep it on my PS4? Then once it launches be able to use that download instead of having to download the whole game again on launch? Thanks.

    • Yes, the beta is the full game. There will be some polish between now and launch, but you can keep it on your PS4 and simply patch up on launch day. :)

      Hey folks, need to post a correction for this. My apologies for the incorrect info. The retail client will be different, and you will need to perform a fresh client install at launch.

  • was gonna get this for the 12.99 upgrade deal, but the game is tied to one account on ps4, asked eso on facebook and they said the game gets linked to one psn account, so if you buy it, other users on the ps4 can only play on your account, which for an mmo is annoying, would have been good if like every other game my kids could play on it too when they wanted to without having to buy two extra 50 pound games

    • Unbiased, your kids could always make characters on your account (if that’s okay with you, that is.) You have multiple character slots. You can log into only one character at a time, granted, but it might be an option for you?

    • they are pretty mmo crazy themselves, crafting, looting etc,i know i wouldnt like someone using my account, and bank space and they would be same, we can all play dc universe online on separate accounts, shame this wont have it

    • Wait, is each copy of the game (digital download and/or physical disc) going to be tied to a single PSN account? Or is this restriction only applicable if you buy an upgrade package for existing PC/PS3 game and carry over your current progress?

      If I buy the digital version from PSN store at launch (for a game that I will be playing for a long long time, it’s always digital), can other PSN accounts on my PS4 (which will be the “primary PS4” for the account that buys the game) play it?

    • from what eso told me on facebook only one psn account per game can use it, if other psn users on your system play the game, they are playing on the same account as you, same bag space,character limit etc.
      If another psn user wants to play game for themselves and there own account they have to buy another copy of the game yes.
      So if i bought upgrade and transfered my characters over, all psn users would use the same account, mine..

  • got a beta invite, yay :)

  • 1 year, 2 months and 16 days since I placed my pre-order for the physical Imperial edition of teso at game. Purchased a PS4 around this time last year just for this game and upgraded my internet package, only no game yet:c
    I also signed up for the consol beta last year and got the beta email, yay…
    But now is seams only a small number of people who have got the first email will actually be able to take part is VERY disapointing… PC gamers had months of beta testing and we get 4-5 days total. Thats rediculous!
    Is it not enough that PS4 teso subscribers wont have access to the same loyalty rewards without paying cash in the shop.

    Is ZOS intending to continue to flash up cheap sales gimics during game play?! Like those done on the “Welcome back beta” weekend. I understand why you done it but not how!! I have always intended to pay the subscription but if cheessy gimmics that don’t even come close to teso law i most likely won’t sub. While I’m not lucky enough to get an invite I will be watching many of the PS4 live streams to see how the game has actually come on, as well as ESO Live on friday as ZOS said new console footage will be shown;D

    • We don’t plan on doing the in-game messaging anymore, KnightTalon. That was, honestly, just to get the word out about the Senche-Leopard due to the very limited amount of time it was being offered. We heard our players loud and clear that they didn’t like the in-game messaging, so it’s gone the way of the dinosaurs. We’re working on better in-game messaging about limited-time offers and sales that aren’t as intrusive.

  • Without Cross Play with PC, like in Final Fantasy, Elders Scrolls will die few moths after release.
    Low population servers are killers for any MMO.

  • Need some help I got an invite to the ps4 beta
    but when I put in the redeem code it tells me its invalid and to check try again im in australia is the client not available here yet please help

    • Not sure about this one, wattsy_84. Maybe you’re trying to redeem an EU code in the NA store, or vice versa? If that’s not it, could you please contact our Support team so they can look into this for you?

    • I’m also in Australia and having the same problem with my code. Was there a resolution to this issue?

    • Sorry been at work
      how do i know which region my code is for i only have eu psn

    • Ok so i spoke to sony australia and the code i was sent is not valid in australia
      dam it

    • HI Wattsy_84 could I have the code please? or message me on twitter @OmegaSaiyanX thanks!

    • I got my code yesterday and it didn’t work. I’m in the UK but had selected that i wanted to play on the North American server so it appears i got a NA code. Luckily i have a US account also set up on my ps4 to be able to redeem the code and download the client. This should work with all my other accounts on the ps4 if like normal games you buy off the other stores.

    • As a follow-up, wattsy, just spoke with our Support Team. They will be able to help you, if you contact them. This goes for anyone else running into this issue (particularly those of you in Australia and New Zealand.)

    • The code I was sent didn’t work on any EU store, but ended up working on my old NA account from when I was over there. Your support team should know that Australia/New Zealand is on the EU PlayStation store, not NA.

    • Just to let u know the support team was no help at all i just got generic email responses asking for information i already provided luckly the ps community was much more helpful n i sorted it out
      the game is great by the way

  • I have been waiting so long for this game played the beta pc but wanted to hold out for console awesome its finally here

  • Thats great to hear Jessica. In that case I’ll be doing the 180 day sub…
    Will you be on ESO Live this Friday?

  • Will there be an open beta or demo before release or is this the only taste we get?

  • Got my beta on download :D

  • Would be nice for you to put in brackets what an NDA is for those of us who don’t know the lingo. I certainly don’t.

    • NDA is a None Disclosure Agreement, meaning you cannot show screenshots, video, stream or tell anyone about your experiance in game. However that does not apply to this beta.

    • A NDA is a Non Disclosure Agreement, which says that you are not allowed to talk about to anybody about the game and not even, that you play it. But as the beta doesn’t have one, which wouldn’t make sense anyway, you are free to talk about everything.

  • I have not played ESO before, so a few questions:

    – There is no save file kept on the console, your progression is automatically saved on the server, right?

    – I can have multiple characters, can i transfer items between them, perhaps a common vault?

    – Is there gifting between players?

    – Can I assume that I can still play the game without paying for any DLC? I will not be able to enter certain DLC areas or activities or gain some unique items tied to those areas/activities, but other things like any level cap increase or upgraded items can still apply to me? Will I still be able to play non-DLC content with someone who has the DLCs (and is probably OP)?

    – Do the NA and EU trophies stack or I can earn trophies on the NA server and then earn the same trophies again on the EU server? What if I buy both NA and EU versions of the game, can I earn 2 sets of trophies?


    • I try to answer some of your questions:

      – Yes

      – Yes

      – You can send other players stuff that isn’t bound to your character or account. You can’t gift another player stuff from the crown store though.

      – Yes and pretty sure also yes

      – No idea about trohpies, sorry.

    • That is correct, their is no save kept on the Playstation.

      You can have upto 8 characters and you can swap items between them all and give them to others except if they are ‘Bound on Equipment’ which also means no other character can use them and they cannot be sold, bartered or given away to anyone else.

      DLC’s are sepparet just like Skyrim. ZOS has said that all leveling related game mechanics like the up-coming Spell-Crafting skill line and the full implimentation of the Champion system including higher levels will still be available for those with only the original game. However their may be some skill line directly tied to spacific quests within some DLC’s.
      You can still quest with anyone who does have DLC’s but you won’t be able to adventure into DLC zones and there are 3 that I know of on the way.
      Note: If you set yourself as group leader the content will be scalled to you so you won’t be slaughtered.
      You don’t need to buy 2 copies of the game as you can play on both the NA and EU servers with the one game but all characters are tied to the server they are created on.

      For more info checkout or watch the ESO Live stream on twitch @ 9pm GMT for console info and new footage of the game (no membership required to watch twitch).

      See you all in Tamriel in June….:D

  • Have all the beta codes been sent out?

    • Not yet. They are still going out. We’ll let everyone know once we’re done sending out the last batch of invites. :)

  • Yesssss I got mine via email at 20:34 on the 22nd. Well chuffed thanks for this. Signed up for it over a year ago now seems ages ago and now it’s arrived in my inbox. Thanks Playstation! I will be streaming on twitch starting sometime between 2pm and all night. Twitch username is Dying_light_uk follow me to view stream later.

    • I will be there and I will have so many questions regarding the UI and things, they have or have not implemented, as ZOS still refuses to give us more details on that topic. Shame on you Jessica :P

  • Pretty sure I signed up for this but nothing in my inbox :(

    Never mind, I’m currently playing Dragon Age Inquisition at the moment and hoping to get it done by the time this comes out!

    I wouldn’t say no to a Playstation Now beta test invite to make up for this though ;) ;)

  • I didnt get a beta key yet (i completed survey like 2-3 days ago). Do i still have a chance to get a key or the keys were already send to lucky ones?

  • Not really interested in MMO games even though I am a fan of the series and I will be probably buying a PS4 for Witcher 3..Btw can’t wait for the next fallout xD.

  • My friend signed up for the beta code but has no access to internet for the whole time the beta is out for ps4, because of this he has given me the code which I’ve used so it says it’s in my library, I started downloading it and it had an error in the middle of the download and is now not showing a download icon where it would usually be, I was wondering if by any chance I could get an invite under this account so that I could put this code to great use?

  • Hi, I signed up to the beta ages ago and I got a confirmation email about a month back asking me to confirm my platform of choice which is PS4. However I have not received my beta code :(

  • MaxDiehard
    good translation
    wil stil take 18 hr to download then instal
    i started ath 7:00 morning local time ( if you want gamers be abel to play send 2 days before lounching beta /game )
    very happy ful version wil be disk
    so first play = tomoro +-14:00 local time
    saterday = ful day – ( sunday i gone try ful nicht + lots on monday )

    • At least you seem to have gotten an invite, something many of us can’t say. And have fun with the beta.

    • Just a heads-up, the full version will also have a day one patch of about 15 gigs, since the game won’t fit on one blu ray disc. Or so I read.. I find this pretty disappointing and wish they’d go with 2 discs. The whole reason of buying physical is so it’s plug-and-play and there’s no major downloading or loss of HDD space involved.

  • What’s the chances of there being a demo for this game? I’d like to try it before buying it and seeing I didn’t get an invite for the beta (never knew about signing up), then I won’t be buying until I know it’s worth buying. Will be busy with Witcher 3 and Batman Arkham Knight but having a demo to try this game out could increase the chances of a purchase day one instead of Batman (that’s if I enjoy it of course).

    • Yeah … wait half a year or so, maybe then you will get a demo ^^ Seriously, there still is no demo for the PC version and that is more then a year old. So I wouldn’t expect one soon.

    • You should never really expect a demo of open world games like these (especially an MMO I would guess). I think it’s too hard to put a piece of an entire open world in a demo and it wouldn’t represent the game at its finest. In any case, if you know and love Skyrim, I don’t expect you to be disappointed by this.

  • I am extremely excited for this game, do hope it isn’t a disappointment. Can anyone explain to me what different versions of the game will be released on the release date, and their benefits? For example, I know that there will be a normal version of the game, but isn’t there also an Imperial version or something? How does this differ and what benefits will it have to me? Extra DLC, more content? Is the game worth getting without this additional DLC?

    I appreciate anyone’s response who can offer me any advice.
    Thank You! Ben.

    • There is the imperial version that grants you a mount for just one gold, the possibility to play as the Imperial race, a pledge of Mara that grants you two rings, one for you and one for a buddy to recieve more XP as long as you play together, and mudcrab pet.

      Then there is the explorer pack, that you can also buy, but that is an upgrade and doesn’t include the game itself. With the pack you get another pet, some treasure maps (that aren’t worth it) and the possibility to play every race in every alliance (but not Imperial).

  • I can’t even remember if I signed up for the beta or not, no code yet though although if I did sign up, any chance I could still get a code today or should I just assume it too late and I’m not gonna get one?

  • Pre ordered on PC, signed up months ago for ps4 beta. Paid 20 dollar transfer and no beta key… Very unfortunate.

  • Hmm if this is anything like the PC Beta then it is probably a 55 to 65gb download. I will be sure to pass my code onto somebody who can make better use of it. It would literally take me 150 hours to download it :)

  • This game is the only reason I got a ps4, I’ve been looking forward to this game since it was announced for consoles

  • Andrew can you please give it to me?

  • Seleryn

    ideed goth lucky , i went on usa blog to looking other ting , then i saw blog whith link to the beta almoast 10 – 12 month ago .

    mi downloading goth faster ( 39,30 gb + update +-15 gb ath same time = i goth mesage stil 11 hr )
    but i am happy in +- 30 min i can instal

    stil howh many hour before we can play ore them are live already ?

  • If I buy this on my U.S account can i play it on my main U.K account?

  • Oh well, I guess I’ll wait until it goes on sale then

  • are the servers up yet?

    • Asce, we’re currently investigating a login issue impacting both the PS4 and Xbox One megaservers. Typically this will appear as Error 404 and Error 405, and it is preventing testers from logging in.

  • Hey folks, we’ve resolved the Error 404 and Error 405 issues. If you are still having problems logging in, please reply with what error you are receiving? There is one other issue we’re tracking related to an error that says, “Login Failed – An unexpected internal error has occurred. Please contact customer service at”

  • I signed up a year ago, how do u no if u get in

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