Journey soundtrack to get special limited edition vinyl pressing

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Find out how you can pick up the beautiful set from iam8bit

Hello again, PlayStation fans! Here at iam8bit, we’re huge fans of Journey. It’s a masterpiece — and we can’t wait to relive its epicness when it arrives on PS4!

I’m here today with some very special news about Journey. The result of a superfun collaboration between PlayStation, Santa Monica Studio and thatgamecompany, we’re proud to unveil that the Journey soundtrack is getting pressed on vinyl for the very first time! Speaking of firsts, Journey was the first game ever to be nominated for a Grammy Award. That puts the score by Austin Wintory in the same legendary company as composers like Gustavo Santaolalla, Howard Shore, and John Williams. Pretty cool!


We teamed up with acclaimed artist, Mark Englert to create an original album cover that honours the beauty and emotional voyage that players experience during Journey.

iam8bit began 10 years ago as an art show — so naturally, we view EVERYTHING as a canvas, including vinyl records. This set includes two picture discs, featuring unique art on each side (for math junkies, that’s FOUR different sides of visual goodness!). The scarf of the Traveler wraps around the album’s perimeter, creating an almost hypnotic effect as it spins. If you pay close attention to the Traveler’s robe, you’ll notice that the embroidery becomes more ornate as you progress from side A to side D — just like each time you beat the game.


The gatefold jacket opens up to reveal the soundtrack credits, as well as the beautiful ancestor painting seen in the game.

Pre-orders for the vinyl open at 6.00pm GMT on Thursday 23rd April, so set your alarms now!

But wait, there’s more!


We know that not everyone has a record player, so we’ve also had the gorgeous cover art EXPANDED into a gigantic 12 x 36-inch screen print that’s just dying to be framed and hung on your wall. (For printing nerds, it features nine colors individually layered atop one another, creating the illusion of a wide spectrum of both texture and tone). We’ve even applied some specialty inks, including pearlescent metallics, which give the sand a stunning, shimmery effect that catches the light in a pretty magical way.

These prints are available in a very limited edition of 350… and come signed and numbered by the artist.

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  • I’d love to buy it, but I won’t support slanderers and harassers.

    • I aint buying anything from iam8bit after my experience with them when I bought the Hotline Miami 2 collectors edition. Customer service is awful, shipping is overpriced

    • What do you mean?

    • Spill them beans, me hearties!!!!

    • He’s a gamergater, check the pink and green shades on his avatar. iam8bit must have spoken out against GG’s harassment campaign and been made a target themselves in the process. Probably worth dismissing what he says.

    • Gamergate
      Utter nonsense.

    • Since when are gamergaters calling regular people harrassers? Is it opposite day?

      Guess I’ll buy this to support them then.

    • The whole gamegate whatever is nonsense. If you are going to beg people to give you money to buy video games, achieve said amount and keep accepting money over your initial amount expect people to question that. Then declares that women in video games are mere tropes (blah blah yet another university word like liminal…that everyone misuses). Have the courage to stand up for yourself and your “beliefs”.

      If games like Assassin’s Creed somehow exploit women and have them as a background figure or as a cliché one might actually want to expand their gaming repertoire a bit. They have obviously never played a Japanese game. As a female gamer, yes some game likes Way of the Samurai 4, Senran Kagura and Criminal Girls are sometimes uncomfortable but I play them because they are funny. As far as exploitation is concerned I’m an equal opportunity exploiter. Some games I have for the DS I imported from Japan not only “objectify” women but men as well like Duel Love. Think about that for a sec, Nintendo, the one in the west most often associated with children gaming has games more exploitative than big AAA games released on consoles associated with teen to adult gamer.

      If you make a statement about something then you should stand by it. Cutting out all avenues of debate in regards to your statement is petty and ultimately violates the freedom of speech of others. It’s dictatorial and one ends up looking weak and irrelevant. Isn’t that just another “trope” the cliché of the supposedly strong plucky female that stands up for herself and convictions but really is just the weak girl desperate for any kind of attention and can’t handle that attention when she gets it.

      There are means and ways of dealing with threats and abuse both on & offline. There is no anonymity online everything can be traced.

      I wouldn’t have run and hid from backlash, stopping debate. I would have spent the time finding out who the trolls were then naming and shaming them. Setting up a facebook page, twitter, website et al, especially those that like to threaten specific violent assaults against women. Nothing stops a troll like that in its tracks being unmasked and having their personal details posted online, people lose jobs, end up on predatory lists, relationships get destroyed…may even go to jail. Don’t get mad…get even and best of all you are giving the finger with a smile.

  • Journey PS4 release when?

    • “The PlayStation 4 version of Journey will launch bundled on disc with flOw and Flower this summer, Sony Computer Entertainment announced.”

      “Journey will also be released as a standalone digital download on the PlayStation Store.”

  • Will the vinyl be a limited edition?

    • The title of the article is “Journey soundtrack to get special limited edition vinyl pressing”

  • Being a Playstation fan in the EU is really annoying. Why cant i buy this in other retailers here in the EU?

    Hohokum vinyl on amazon by another retailer 11 € (shipping included) in iam8bit 16 $ (15 € + shipping)

    really?! and Journey 35 $ !!!????

    i was going to buy it but this changes everything.

    • Wost thing is that they’re printed in the ONLY VINYL RECORD FACTORY in the world. And you know where that factory stands? Haarlem, The Netherlands. That’s right, EUROPE! I really don’t understand why they (all record resellers BTW) won’t add a EU distribution near that factory – they’d make tons of profit doing that.

    • Who uses vinyl anymore lol just download to iPhone.

    • Only someone who has never owned a vinyl record…would say download to iphone. Also Apple…really people should support Apple? Is that support for when they add anti-suicide measures for when their employees are trying to well…literally jump to their death.

      Apple rotten to the core

    • Very disapointing this isn’t available trough a european retailer. The price is crazy expensive. No buy from me but I wanted to. Lost sales!

    • What’s wrong with Apple? Great products, I have got the apple watch on preorder can’t wait for Friday.

    • What’s wrong with Apple?

      So I’m guessing the first thing you might do with your new Apple watch is google their business practices and how they treat their employees, particularly the ones from Foxconn? People so glad to be a part of Apple they were jumping to their deaths

    • Wow someone doesn’t like apple products and I won’t be using the internet on my watch just on my iPad, iPhone and Mac book air :)

    • “Wost thing is that they’re printed in the ONLY VINYL RECORD FACTORY in the world. And you know where that factory stands? Haarlem, The Netherlands”

      There is a large vinyl factory in the Czech Republic so it cant be the only one in Europe ….

  • Why are you allowed to advertise this on the EU blog when there isn’t an EU distributor? Clicking the link just leads to prices in dollars and an undoubtedly extortionate international shipping fee.

    That’s pretty shameful to be honest.

  • Yet again nobody thought about customers outside of the US? Typical…

  • I’ve listened to Austin’s music for quite some time now, and his recent releases are not as good as this album. But to be honest, its the opening that I enjoy, after track 3ish, the music becomes too slow and depressing for me now (listened to it too many times perhaps)…..
    What I want to know is, if we own the digital PS3 version, do we get the digital PS4 version free (cross buy), or are they making us buy it all over again?
    Kind regards

  • I don’t know about this game but resident evil revelations 2 sound track is pretty good imo.

  • I can’t be the only one that initially thought this was for ‘Don’t stop believing’

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