Watch the Star Wars Battlefront reveal trailer now

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Watch the Star Wars Battlefront reveal trailer now

Your first look at the epic shooter from the team at DICE

My name is Mathew Everett, Community Manager for Star Wars Battlefront and I am beyond excited to show you our reveal trailer that debuted during Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, California today. The DICE team has been working very hard to get to this point, and we are thrilled to be working on Star Wars Battlefront.

WATCH: Star Wars Battlefront reveal trailer. The Force is Strong with PlayStation >>>

Posted by Sony PlayStation on Friday, 17 April 2015



Our reveals have only just begun, and we’re eager to get to know many of you, and we hope to see you on our official EA Star Wars social channels:

In the meantime, I will be answering your questions in the comments below, or you can simply get ready to join the team and me on PlayStation 4 starting 17th November.

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3 Author Replies

  • Produced by EA? Not buying it.

    • Okay. Your choice. But not exactly an interesting, constructive comment.

    • No space battles or single player campaign either, boat load of dlc :/ that’s my preorder canceled

    • @MR_KA_95 We don’t have a traditional single player story, but our Star Wars Battlefront Missions deliver carefully crafted moments inspired by the films that let you live out your battle fantasies.

    • Thankfully, preowned sales are a thing. I don’t have as much a problem with EA as everyone else, but I do the same thing with Ubisoft.

    • Mathew, you may want to consider pushing those missions more; sounds to me just like all of the other Battlefront games, but your marketing team makes it appear as if it lacks a single player mode altogether.

  • Looks nice, but it is not raw gameplay. :)

    Also, I hope that Sony Computer Entertainment didn’t pay EA/DICE to remove content (or delay content) in the Xbox / PC versions for a “marketing deal” like Destiny. Nobody benefits from that.

    If it’s just a marketing deal where you there’s a quick PlayStation logo that flashes during Battlefront commercials, then it’s okay.

    • The lack of gameplay footage is far and away the most crushingly disappointing this about this non-trailer. No gameplay = utterly worthless.

  • I hope SONY COMPUTER ENTERTAINMENT didn’t pay EA to remove content or delay content in the XB1 or PC version of Star Wars: Battlefront. Those business marketing deals are a very dubious practice.

    Please tell me it’s just a marketing deal where the commercials and trailers of Battlefront are branded with PlayStation logos.

  • For all that is sacred in gaming, please don’t riddle this game with microtransactions and BS DLC!!!

    • Lol of course there will be DLC

    • Look at Battlefield 4; that’s exactly what you’ll be getting. I’m expecting tonnes of microtransactions for unlocks and given that it’s Star Wars, numerous skins that you can buy.

      Expect a couple map packs based on the new film, too.

    • Lol, this game is from EA. Of course there will be microtransactions.

    • I know it’ll have DLC, I meant BS DLC like £4.99 for 6 bullets kind of nonsense. I’m already out anyway no matter how good it looks I don’t do MP only games!

    • You can’t buy skill with microtransactions and they’re optional, so what’s the problem?

  • Hmm, never cared about SW games since Clone Wars But man does this trailer do it for me.

  • They showed game engine animated footage with concepts for gameplay. There was no actual gameplay footage in there and what was in there may not be in the final game. I bet they touched up the graphics for the presentation too. I’m not excited for multiplayer… But I bet the campaign is going to be awesome :D

    • Apparently there is no campaign. :(

    • There’s no apparently about it. There has never been a campaign on the cards for this one.

      Personally I can’t get excited for a 40 man multiplayer game any more. If its going to be a “large scale objective based multiplayer” then it needs to have multiple objectives per map and a huge amount of players. Though it was grossly unbalanced and lacking in content, MAG was years ahead of its time, Battlefront 3 should have been what MAG was trying to be, but the ambition just isn’t there.

    • Star Wars Battlefront is a multiplayer game, and our focus is to allow fans to create their own epic Star Wars battles.

  • Phew, so it is 17th november.

    Got really annoyed when I read somewhere that it would be 19th November in EU.

  • To people who are not going to buy the game because EA is publishing it. NOBODY CARES! Go back to your crying walls if you really have to.

  • I must admit that I’m surprised to see the PlayStation logo on that trailer considering that you (EA) let Aaron Greenberg (ms) brag about them getting the game first.

    • Don’t think that’s something EA allowed them to do; Greenberg is a person and can state facts as he pleases. This’ll be out on EA access a week before launch.

  • I read it’s only multiplayer/co-op, two things I don’t care for (no wait, I hate them with a passion). Very disapointing because Star Wars is all about adventure and story for me.

    • We have Multiplayer yes,. but our Star Wars Battlefront Missions deliver carefully crafted moments inspired by the films that let you live out your battle fantasies both online and offline and with split screen co-op.

    • Thanks for your reaction Mathew but I just don’t care if I can’t play the game by myself. Also all multiplayer games die after the next one (and I’m sure this franchise is going to be milked) so the money spent has no replay value for me in the future.

      On top of that, because of the uninteresting games (for me personaly) I’m getting with Plus I desided to not renew my membership so I can’t even play it.

    • Important question that wasn’t asked, dedicated servers?

      And I mean actual real honest to god dedicated servers. Not Destiny, Advanced Warfare Halo MCC “we’ll say we have dedicated servers but actually run peer to peer”

  • Well this looks awesome. I’m not going to miss space battles. Allways thought they were slightly boring. Definetly a must buy since it’s starting to look like you guys are not going to screw this up.

  • This game has ZERO chance of working for the first week. Never mind the first day.

  • Is this in engine footage running on actual ps4 hardware, if so this will be by far the best looking game…ever. Great job, couldn’t think of a better team to deliver this game.

  • Only DICE can make this even more amazing!

  • -Why no Clone Wars? The first 2 games had them and EA has more than enough resources in use to add them to the base game.
    -Why no Space Battles? I would think it would be quite simple and might even be less taxing from rendering standpoint since no ground to render. Flying in meteor cloud would be cool. So do you really want to milk that experience from us by redoing Battlefield 4’s Carrier Assault as DLC just like the Air Superiority from BF3 to BF4?
    -Is the AT-AT really only partly in player control? Why? Worked well in the two previous games.

    -You do get points for split screen support though.

    Just have to wait patiently for a year for a reasonable price for the content you are offering compared to the previous instalment’s contents. I don’t want to support “Pay more, get less” type of approach which EA is currently doing.

    • No idea, given that it’s just skin changes.
      Laziness; zero gravity physics changes will be a chore when they’re shoving this out to capitalise on the movie.
      Maybe a gameplay decision in terms of balance? Not too much a person can realistically do about an AT-AT.

    • I thought it was obvious why there’s no clone wars stuff, its a Star Wars game and George Lucas’ fan fiction simply doesn’t belong.

      As for the ATAT, there is no handheld weapon in the Star Wars universe capable of dealing with one, that means for balance they either have to make stuff up (new weapons) nerf the ATAT to the point it isn’t special or limit its use somehow. It isn’t fun for the rebel side if there’s an invincible walker on the other side that only man in a very specific vehicle can get anything about. Remember that not one weapon on the entire Hoth base damaged these things and they had to improvise with lift cables to bring them down.

    • @Nathan-DTS @TrueMurton
      Yes, the AT-AT was super killing machine in the originals but it wasn’t impossible to take down. If I remember correctly, all strong explosives damaged it. Rockets and mines, turrets and drone strikes (those which summon air strike as self destruct mechanism) had the ability to damage it. And I believe that the AT-AT’s neck was the most vulnerable spot on it. Just enhance the counter weapons damage input since AT-AT was quite a sponge when it came to taking damage.

      But I really want to blaze away as droideka. It had immensely satisfying feeling when rolling into battle from the rear of the enemy starting to blast away people before they realised what was shooting them. That shield, THAT SHIELD! I want it. Jetpackers were great counter against them.

  • I’ll leave this one to the multiplayer fans then. It would be cool to have a KoTOR style SP-only game again in the future. There hasn’t been one of those for quite a while.

  • Battlefield: Star Wars

  • Looks COOL ;)
    But i will wait until i see it running on the PS4 before i go ‘WOW!’ :D You know the drill by now big game companies show off the 4/8/12K :D PC versions & everyone thinks that is what they will get & end up with a Watch_Dogs’ish last Gen looking game etc etc + I hope the PS4 version does get extra content that the X1 doesn’t er why not??? MS have done that all last Gen :-/

    So i say – Star Wars + PlayStation = The BEST things EVER :P

  • Any chance of #PSVita release? I would love to play this on my favorite handheld….Make it happen Man….

    • I’m afraid the PS Vita wouldn’t be able to run this. It would to be a completely different to work on PS Vita.

      If you’ve a PS4 and a PS Vita or Xperia Z3 smartphone you can always use Remote Play. It’s something.

    • You port beggars are getting crazier every day. The Vita has a big enough library of games now that you should know where its limits are, this game is way, way beyond what the Vita is capable of (and way way under what the PS4 is capable of)

    • Any chance of #Gamegear release?

  • The trailer looks amazing and I’m excited to see more for this. I just hope this will be a great game but I have a bad feeling it could be like Destiny, shorter than I expected (especially with no space battles which is a big let down) and having overpriced dlc (I will be mad if it get’s space battles and at a high price!).

    I wanted to pre-order it today and I thought we were going to see some gameplay but it looks like it will need to wait until E3 and even closer to release so I can make up my mind. Need to get as much info about this before making my decision.

  • How much content will you have from the new trilogy? I know you have the maps planned, but any characters on the cards?

  • “Chewy, we’re home” “Switch on the PS4” :D

  • I was interested when it was announced, but the forced multiplayer, no single-player campaign kills it for me. The whole “we want people to make their own stories” smells a little too much like Bungie’s “you make your own epic stories” in Destiny, which translated to killing the same mobs over and over in the same place. Not to mention the last thing I want to do when coming back home after a bad day at work in customer services is interact with people.

    It’s looking more and more like just another Battlefield re-skin, when it could have been so much more – the complete Star Wars experience, with everything from space combat to open warfare to infiltrating enemy ships, and backed up with a solid backbone of a story. Instead, another generic multiplayer shooter with flashier graphics than most and the Star Wars license attached this time.

    First Battlefield cops and robbers, now Battlefield Stormtroopers – I find that I just can’t get excited for this any more after so many awful AAA releases. Of course it will be jam packed with game-breaking bugs on day one, have so many different pre-order options you’ll need a spreadsheet to keep track of them, and be even more jam packed with “not in any way micro”-transactions.

    Maybe I’m just getting cynical and jaded in my old age, but I’m honestly more excited for Ironcast, Wasteland 2, Operation Abyss, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture and No Man’s Sky than I am for any AAA title other than Persona 5 and Witcher 3 this year.

  • looks sick cool want to get it

  • from what i read there is hardly anything too be hyped about with this game it only has 4 variety off planets and 8 maps total and considering no single player or space battle it feel more geared towards more DLC pack and scamming U.S consumers into expensive DLC packs.

  • Do we need PSPlus to play split-screen like in PvZ Garden Warfare?

  • The problem is that all Dice Games had no similar particle effects like this in their game – BF4/ BF:H and they run not smooth. Here you see 40 Player matches, particle effects never seen before and you are telling us 60fps? with 900p?

    • On SCEE it says it is 720p…if it’s running at 60fps it should look pretty good still. I just want to see actual footage captured from a PS4

  • Will any server options/features be added to help players have a more lag-free experience?

    I’m thinking of things like ping/packet loss monitoring and filtering, even if these options are only available on private servers. Also, for people who do pay for private servers will they at least be told where ‘their’ servers are located? Or, preferably, given a choice of several locations to choose from within their region?

  • The lack of singleplayer content is a little worrying, but then again it is battlefront. Nice that you can couch play with a buddy though

    • In a multiplayer dedicated game, the singleplayer is usually just a tacked on tutorial. I don’t mind them putting their full attention to what they’re dedicated to.

  • I think it’s apparent that we would rather have a dedicated single-player mode and Instant Acton just like the original games, not online focussed.

    Don’t try to farce us with these ‘Battlefront Missions’. We like the ability to choose game type, factions and various other settings.

    We want something that will remain playable long term. Online isn’t the answer for that, as servers won’t be online forever.

    Stop thinking about lining your damn pockets and listen to the players for once.

  • OMG finally something to look forward to again.. First of all, it’s Dice and Battlefield formula, my favorite multiplayer dev and series of all time. Second, it’s Star Wars. As an 80’s baby, how can I be anything but excited?
    Third, I’ve been waiting for a follow-up on BF2142 (my fav in the series) for years and this is the next best thing.
    Fourth, it looks ABSOLUTELY gorgeous. I know it’s not actual gameplay per se but it gives a good idea of what to expect. Not a big fan of spinoffs in general but DICE and Star Wars has to be one of the the best combos I can think of, and now it’ll be reality. Keep up the great work guys!

  • The good

    +Star Wars : being a nerd and not liking Star Wars is simply not possible

    +Graphics : look nice

    The bad

    -Graphics : It’s game engine footage, which means nothing for what the actual game will look like let along what actual game play footage will look like on a console.

    -It’s by Dice with Frostbite engine : the newer the frostbite engine the less amusing the game and the more game breaking bugs/glitches that don’t seem to get resolved.

    -MP only . Oh sure, another game where the only way to try and enjoy is by playing with or against crude rude 9 year olds (age or mentality wise) that have no clue about working as a team but just want to shoot stuff.

    The ugly

    -Publisher is EA

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