’70s-themed top-down shooter LA Cops hits PS4 next week

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’70s-themed top-down shooter LA Cops hits PS4 next week

Modern Dream’s frenetic action title launches on 22nd April

Hi PlayStation Blog readers! We’re excited to announce that alongside the wicked independent developer Modern Dream, we’re going to be releasing ’70s-themed top-down shooter, LA Cops, on PlayStation 4 on 22nd April!

LACopsPS4 (6)

LA Cops is a rad action game with a tactical aspect that sees you cleaning up the mean streets of ’70s LA, one action packed shootout at a time! Can you dig it?

Choosing from six different groovy cops to play with, LA Cops pits you against eight main and five optional levels featuring unique tactical play as you take control of two cops at the same time. You’ll even be able to choose from five upgradable weapons to take out those chump bad guys with, including pistols, Uzis, shotguns, assault rifles and funky grenade launchers!

LACopsPS4 (1)LACopsPS4 (7)LACopsPS4 (4)

LA Cops will be available to download for PS4 via PlayStation Store on Wednesday 22nd April for just £10.99/€13.99.

Thanks for reading, we hope you’ll enjoy the game!

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  • This is a bad game, please don’t buy it.

    • Ye i know it’s not fantastic but for me it seems most suitable for the PSV :)

    • It’s a fun game maybe not as good as Dead Nation or Helldivers which are also isometric games but it does look perfectly suited for the PS ViTA if improved upon compared to the Xbox and PC Version. I just hope they make it better, I know it didn’t get high reviews but it’s not a bad title. It’s average above average based upon tastes.

    • Why is that?

    • Xbox One & PC versions currently at 51 on metacritic, it doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence.

    • Michael Shillingford
      Michael Shillingford

      Hey Liam!

      So sorry you feel that way, did you play it on PC / Xbox One? We’ve tweaked/improved the game since launch based on community feedback and we’ve had really positive feedback on those changes. You’ll find them in the PS4 version at launch :)


  • The guys on videogamer podcast talked about this a few weeks ago saying it’s horrible and trying to be like Hotline Miami playstyle but isn’t fun.
    If it were on Vita I’d try it out but not for my PS4.

    • Michael Shillingford
      Michael Shillingford

      Hey Thug!

      We’ve worked hard to address the feedback in that video since launch, and you’ll find those improvements in the PS4 version of the game. There’s more to come too, so keep your eyes peeled to http://twitter.com/lacopsgame for updates!


    • What specific improvements have been made?

    • Michael Shillingford
      Michael Shillingford

      Hey Thug,

      The AI reaction speed, health and speed have all had improvements so far. The developers are also working hard to bring local co-op to the game in a future update.


  • This looks more suited to the Vita. Oh well.

  • Any chance of a PS Vita version?

  • I haven’t really followed this game, what I’m seeing here are a handful of gamers saying it’s bad in some way then the developer, claiming that whatever was bad about it has been improved but not detailing how.

    The games industry has in recent times shown it is beyond trust. Games are shipped with knowledge that they are broken, priced with complete disregard for currency exchange rates and when developers are caught openly lying about thebfrstures of their game they claim to have been misinterpreted.

    Sorry, but I’m going to take the advice of my fellow gamers and avoid this. If you want to prove that the criticism is no longer valid then prove it. Give us a demo and let us see it in action.

  • It’s an interesting concept, but it got pretty badly trashed when TB did his review / first impressions of it. Considering how much I respect that guy’s reviews, and how many new games are coming out demanding my money and time, there would have to be a whole lot more than tweaking to make me drop money on this.

    After that bad a critical mauling, I’d need to see a whole lot of revised Let’s Play footage and glowing praise for it before I’d change my mind.

  • I heard that there is a cheat for this game. You just type in “I feared for my life” and you can shoot anyone without any consequences whatsoever. Well by no consequences I mean for you the player,the npc’s usually aren’t too happy.

  • You can control two cops in this game, but it does not offer coop, neither couch nor online, at the moment.

  • No co op online or couch ?!
    What’s the point?!

    Over £10?!? WHY?!

    If it was £3 I’d consider it at least.

  • Yeah 14 € for a game with retrographics? No thanks, wayyy to overpriced…

  • Bought the XBO version a few weeks back, but sad to say, the game is pretty crap.

  • …And yes, it’s WAY too over priced. Verging on rip-off territory.

  • Only £10.99 lol.

    I’ll wait until it’s 99p, and then I still won’t buy it.

  • just watched a 5 minute play through on youtube and no wonder theres only screen shots of the game on here for a ps4 game to make it worthy te best thing to do is scrap it and start again because it looks like another game from a long list that gives indie games a bad name by any chance was this game a fresh idea from you or like most of the indie trash on the ps4 is just a game dug up from decades ago and been so called revamped for the ps4
    £10.99 i wouldnt even play it for free

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