New trailer hints at the story of Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture

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New trailer hints at the story of Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture

Not long to go now until The Chinese Room’s PS4 adventure arrives…

We’re a couple of weeks out from beta, which is incredibly exciting and quite scary in equal measure. There’s always a point in every game development where you start counting down the days and hours, and everything gears itself around the question of “right, we’re shipping this thing, are we ready?”

Everyone’s time is split between chewing through those and carving out time for as much polish and finesse as we can. And of course there’s always something that can be improved. Late tweaks to design, signposting, player flow, discovery – this is all still happening. Rotating a prop by a few degrees can make a dramatic difference to how you navigate a space, or the likelihood of encouraging an area to be explored in more detail.


Small adjustments to things like audio volume, or the area boundaries of ambient or procedural sound, can have an impact on the emotional tone of a space or moment, which has a knock-on effect to things like pacing or the interpretation of a story beat.

There are some big exciting changes too. This month Jessica (our talented studio head and composer) went to Air Studios to work with a world class team of musicians and engineers and came out with a soundtrack that is going to be one of the highlights of game music this year. Actually, I think it’s better than that, it’s one of the best game soundtracks ever created.

DN_011 DN_020DN_CO-OP_004

We’ve spent a fantastic week implementing it into the world and it’s transforming the experience, adding a huge jolt of warmth, depth and humanity. These are the most rewarding moments in development, where the game leaps forwards and just transforms around you. It’s really exciting and makes all of the grunt work worthwhile.

So the end is in sight. We’re going to announce a launch date shortly, so stay tuned. I’m so proud of the team and the game we’ve made. Rapture is going to be really different, an apocalypse like no other, and we think it’s going to be good.

#07 - 20140604-0190#08 - Co_Op (5)

To give you an updated look at the game, check out the new trailer, which is focussed a bit more on the tone and story of the game – we’ve got a lot of beautiful world to show you, but we wanted to go small and intimate with this one, be a bit different with it.

Finally, you get one of those amazing music tracks from the soundtrack I was just raving about. Enjoy!

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  • looks good :)

  • those screenshots are making me drool.

    • i genuinely thought the picture you click on to get to the article (with the bike) was a photograph at first.

  • Utterly sublime. I want to dive in right now.

  • The screenshots are simply gorgeous. I am really looking to seeing how this games pans out. The premise and setting combine to be one of the most appealing games on the horizon.

  • Looks incredible and intriguing, can’t wait for this one!

  • Can’t believe this is the first I’ve heard of this, it looks stunning. Feels like the second coming in Flatford Mill.

  • Looks wonderful! Day-one buy.

  • The town in the screenshots looks incredible. I wanna live there. Can’t wait to find out, what has happend. Will the game support MOVE controller?

  • Loving the soundtrack! (and the rest too!)

  • I wonder – is this a download title only, or will there be a disc version too? Not that it will change much for me, I expect to buy it anyway, probably day one.

  • Still looks great.
    Still Sounds great.
    Yepp definitely buying this.

    A question though what is the name behind that lovely voice? I’m checking the studio page but the only woman there seems to be the assistant or is perhaps Ms.Cruickshank also a singer? Anyway I wish us all a great time :)

  • I’m very much looking forward to this.
    I hope the price is right.
    This would be a great future contender for Morpheus.

  • Fred, this is a little off topic but please answer if you can.

    The price of games in the EU region compared to the US has been a hot topic for years and you have always said that publishers set their prices on the PSN. Well several games in recent weeks have come in at new even higher conversion rates, approaching 1:1 in the UK even. This has lead to the the price question being asked in almost every game announcement post made by the many indie devs who have been allowed to promote their game here. Well, the few that have answered have been quite enlightening, it seems that many indie developers simply do not know the price of their own games in the EU region. His can that be if they are self published? Surely as the publisher they told you (SCEE) the price the game is to be sold at?

    Care to offer your thoughts on the matter?

  • Finally a somewhat different game then your average FPS or 3rd person action/adventure game. And MYST… what I’ve played that a lot. Now I want to play this one too… besides Fat Princess Adventures and Super Time Force Ultra.

  • Everyone’s gone to Somerset. No seriously it looks very pretty and interesting … where has everyone gone..!?

  • Looks utterly fantastic! Games like this are the reason I migrated from Xbox to Sony this gen. The only other game I am looking forward to with equal passion is No man’s Sky! Good times!

  • Wow, looks amazing, I hope it will be released this summer, I will buy it without a doubt.

  • So does this have anything to do with bio shock :)

  • I absolutely cannot wait for this. The setting (so much nostalgia), the concept, the music and the atmosphere all come together to make this a day one buy for me. I just know that I’ll get to the end of this and be hungry for more, but that’s never a bad thing.

    For some weird reason though, I got the thought into my head that it would have been absolutely awesome to play a Valkyria Chronicles mission in these surrounds, or have this as the starting point for an epic fantasy RPG. Probably just my brain telling me that the English countryside as a backdrop has so much potential in gaming, and yet is so underused.

    • Totally, and this is what had me hooked from the first screenshots when they first materialised.

      Cities are boring – the UK countryside is where it’s at and naturally has the potential for all the atmosphere you’ll ever need in a game. You never know what may lurk at the end of a remote country lane…

  • So, is it going to be another walking simulator, or where will be gameplay aswell?

  • Please please please implement third person perspective. This beautiful game should be playable by everyone. Not just those who can handle first person view. I and many others get severe headaches and motion sickness from first person view games. Why block out potential buyers when you don’t have to?

  • I can’t wait for this :-)

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