The Order: 1886 gets powerful Photo Mode in new update

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The Order: 1886 gets powerful Photo Mode in new update

Compose, capture and share your shots of Neo-Victorian London

We’re very excited to announce a new feature that has been requested by fans of The Order: 1886. In the latest patch you’ll find our powerful new Photo Mode.

Fans expressed an overwhelming desire to see and share the realism, beauty and detail of our Neo-Victorian world. With Photo Mode, you’ll be able to compose, capture, and share stunning images of your favorite moments, characters, and environments.

Note: Enabling Photo Mode will disable the Camera Bias option if you have turned it on in the Controls menu.

Developed by Ready At Dawn from the ground up, we took a slightly different approach with our version of Photo Mode, while trying to keep many aspects of it familiar so that users would immediately feel at home using the feature, which includes a fully untethered camera.

To learn about our Photo Mode in The Order: 1886, please watch this tutorial video.

As shown in the video, we’ve added the ability for you to play the game with your selected Colour Grading. Want to see what The Order: 1886 feels like if you play through it in high-contrast, gritty, black & white? Since The Order: 1886 is completely rendered in real-time with no pre-rendered frames, you’re able to play in a customised look from beginning to end. If at any time you want to change Color Grading styles during gameplay, simply enter Photo Mode and make your adjustment. You can also reset the option if you wish to play the game as it was originally intended.


We hope you’ll enjoy this fun new tool and we can’t wait to see what incredible images you’ll create with Photo Mode and The Order: 1886. Good luck, and good shooting!

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  • This is great and a great way to capture this amazing graphics!

  • Hey guys,

    Any other items on the update?

    (Showing how much of each collectible we have got in chapter selection would be handy for starters)

  • I enjoyed this interactive entertainment product. I’ll definitely check out photo mode when I play through it again in the near future.

    Bloodborne photo mode next? (after the horribad load times are fixed)

    • You’ll need to ask Bloodbourne’s developers for that. They won’t see it here on another dev post.

    • @MaxDiehard

      It was more like a general comment to SCE. But thank you for your “valuable” input. You are surely scholarly wise and a lot of fun at parties.

    • Bloodborne photo mode is very unlikely. You can’t pauze the game, and I don’t think they will ever change that in their series.

    • @LeftMonocle

      You are most likely correct that it will not happen, for the no pausing reason. I didn’t even consider that, despite having played Bloodborne to completion over the past week. A shame, since the game just screams for a photo mode to crank out great screenshots.

  • WOW :P Think i will play it again in good old Victorian Black & White mode soon :D That looks well COOL ;)

  • “We’re very excited to announce a new feature that has been requested by fans of The Order: 1886”

    I’m a huge fan of your game, and when I got the update this morning I got excited for a minute, then I checked the update history to see it was a photo mode, and right away thought, meh!

    Surely any real fan like myself would much rather see some real DLC for this game, any extra DLC especially story related content would be fantastic, can’t believe some proper content is not being worked on for “the fans”

  • This looks great! I really wanna play through this game agiain now. Every PS4 game should have photo mode. I had a lot of fun with it in InFamous Second Son.

  • That’s great.
    Any chance we could get an update that includes some more gameplay?

    I really enjoyed the game as an interactive movie type experience – but once you have finished you feel that value for money wasn’t in your favour as a customer and that you probably just helped finance a tech demo.

    Even a horde type mode would have been a modest addition and added some value to the game without having to include an online mode (although to be fair a gears of war multiplayer clone probably would have gone down fairly well for playstation fans)

    Great game though and i look forward to the future of this franchise – but will also be checking if there is more bang for your buck.

  • .PNG SHARE capture would make photo mode so much better in every game. And auto-upload to Flickr.

  • Fantastic! Great to see this actually happened.

  • Wow?! So they add a feature that will add to even more non playable time in the game? Amazing…. Instead of adding something playable like dlc, they add a photomode.
    I’m glad i dident buy this…trying it a friends house for 1 hour was more than enough.

    Playstation… Greatness awaits huh?

  • I wish they had fixed some bugs in the game. Like the subtitle-bug in the Brothers In Arms chapter, that I’ve seen on many Let’s Plays and during my own playthrough. The subtitle wouldn’t fade out until more subtitles are displayed. Or the sound effects, that are mixed in the music channel and can’t be heard anymore, if you deactivate the music, like the opening and closing of Galahad’s blackwater bottle or when you search through cabinets and documents.

  • That game is fascinating in all terms. I just got my new PS4 last week along with The Order(it was a bundle) and I’ve been hooked on it all the weekend. Just finished it last night and man that was intense. Absolutely love this feature too.

  • When they going to patch in the ‘good game’ mode?

  • This may be a dumb question but what’s the point of an in game photo mode when the functionality is built into the OS itself.

  • I didn’t think anything of photo mode at first but I ended up taking 1000+ photos in Infamous SS, I was VERY surprised taking creative photos was just as fun (if not more fun) than actually playing the game itself. A game as beautiful as Infamous deserved it and The Order is even more deserving. This is another way to enjoy the game and it’s free, show some gratitude or at least some respect.

  • Can’t wait for the gameplay add-on!

  • Who asked for a photo mode? Give us some new contents. And PLEASE give us an option to get rid of the black bars. It’s annoying as hell. No one thinks it’s cool to have a third of their TV screen not utilized.

  • Wow, this now has more features than actual gameplay.

  • any chance next update will change this wierd screen ratio or at least will give you option to change it please…. and maybe some more action….

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