An update on Resident Evil Revelations 2 for PS Vita

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An update on Resident Evil Revelations 2 for PS Vita

The portable version of Capcom’s latest is coming soon

Greetings PlayStation Nation! It seems like eons ago since we announced a whole slew of new titles at PlayStation Experience, but really it’s only been a few months. So, I wanted to give you all an update on what’s going on with Resident Evil Revelations 2 for PlayStation Vita.

As the final episode of Revelations 2 was just recently released on PlayStation 3 and 4, we now have all the code to complete the porting of the project over to the PS Vita platform. The incredibly passionate team at Frima Studio is knee-deep in production of this title for our favourite little handheld.

While we get closer to locking down the PS Vita-specific gameplay and features, we will update you all again with a firm release date. But for now, I am just saying “coming digitally this summer.”

The PS Vita version of Resident Evil Revelations 2 will contain all four episodes of Capcom’s scarefest, including any released DLC (sans consumables) thus far. As for Raid Mode, single-player will also be included at launch, but online co-op Raid Mode and the ad-hoc modes will most likely come post-launch via an update. This is so we can get the full game into your hands that much sooner. Finally, we’ve added Gyroscopic Targeting to make shooting weapons that much more Vita-centric.

As I said earlier, I will update you all with a firm release date soon, but for now, I’ve got to see what horrors Barry, Natalia, Claire, and Moira are facing on that terrifying island.

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  • Thanks for the short update, is there any possibility for a retail release publish by Third Party Production?

    • I’m always surprised there’s still quite a bit of demand for boxed cartridge copies of PS Vita games to be distributed to retail stores.

      To each their own of course. I can perfectly understand it that it might be preferable for some to have something physical. Or that if you’ve a low bandwidth internet connection and download times are slow, you might prefer a retail copy as well. Of course it’s also possible that you’re memory card is full and you want one specific game, but don’t want to spend more money on buying another memory card, without deleting games on your current one.

      On PS Vita I definitely prefer everything digitally. It’s more convenient (to have your whole catalogue directly accessible without needing to switch the cartridges), it’s more envrionmentally-friendly and less expensive on the long-term usually, because the sales/discounts on the PS Store are pretty good.

      Anyway, have a nice evening, heubergen1. :)

    • Personally I like to actually own my games.
      No retail no buy I’m afraid, will get it for PS4 at some point.

    • Digital-only isn’t really convenient when Vita’s memory cards are so expensive.

    • @Cyrske
      Boxed is always cheaper than digital, especially on the EU stores.

    • You can import a 64GB Memory card for around £60. Whilst it’s still hefty, if you can afford the sheer number of games it would take to fill the card up, it’s highly likely you can afford the one off cost for a memory card.

      Should the cards be non-proprietary? Probably. Should digital games be cheaper? Definitely. Should any game that SCE are involved with be released at retail? Unquestionably. If they want to maintain true support for the system.

      However, this is a business venture at the end of the day and too many people fail to realise that. A company is not going to continue to throw money at a product/situation for eternity, there will come a point where decisions that make sense for the business come into play.

      Too many people criticise every aspect of the Vita in their justification why they won’t support the system, then complain when nothing notable* is on the horizon, or the situation seems bleak. Too may people unprepared to put their money where their mouths are. If you aren’t prepared to support the games that come out – whatever their medium – then there are no excuses when nothing else follows.

      *not my opinion.

    • its quite amazing whenever we have a ps vita news, it will always have so much people commenting on it, I hope this will make Playstation realize the power of ps vita owners craving for more great games like this.

  • Will this work on PlayStation TV as well??

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      About your question, I have no idea btw.

    • @ iARDAs

      Hah, thanks for the background information iARDA. :)

    • @iARDAs That’s great and all………………….except that is an Irish flag…………..of the Republic of Ireland.

  • Yeah! Almost there :)

  • Hell yeah! Almost there! Cant wait

  • Thanks for the update, really appreciate :)

    Any news on the Banner Saga port as well?

  • I was hoping Alyson Court would’ve reprised her role as Claire. Bit of a shame she didn’t.

    Year of the vocal changes huh. I wanted to pick this up on the Vita – was pretty disappointed – as were a lot of people – that it was delayed in comparison to console versions.

    • The problem is that the port isnt made by capcom. They needed the green light from them. See the brith side no DLC :)

  • I wish PS4 games would use gyroscopic aiming it’s one of my favorite things about the Vita.,

  • I hope it’s a good port, I really do. Would show some confidence to see the game in action before the release so we can be assured that it’ll be a quality job. Not too thrilled with Capcom’s lack of interest/involvement, but I’ll try to keep an open mind.

    • Are you kidding? Its Gio “the man” Corsi whos controlling the project, its going TP be better that The ps4 version( i m a really really optimistic guy lol) but serious hes a vita lover like us and im confident of his work and believe is going to be a good port

    • I love Gio, I think he’s doing great work. But his team also handled Borderlands 2 on Vita.

    • I havê B2 (physical copy) and its a very good port. Sure it hás some frame drops but nothing that kills the game, unity was much worse and sold what it sold lol

  • Also, hows about bugging Capcom for a Vita exclusive RE? Revelations was a big deal for 3DS, Revelations 2 won’t be as big a deal for Vita because it came out on everything else already. If Vita got some great original content first for a change, you might see it garner more interest from people who haven’t bought one.

  • So, Sony have clearly abandoned anything to do with the Vita. They can’t find an in-house team to do this task? They are clearly paying peanuts (in dev terms) for the port (no offense to Frima) and are likely to hang them out to dry once the code is shipped in just a few months (no time at all in dev terms, even though the content is all there).

    Imagine the biggest game of any other platform this year – would you let a small team handle all that expectation? Even with Sony’s “help”, what are the chances of a decently optimised game, maintaining visual and audio fidelity? And just how many features will be cut to get the job done?

    This reeks of another CoD (which fair enough was Activision’s fault) – why not get Iron Galaxy involved who at least have experience of cramming a big game onto the Vita with B2, for all its faults they did a hell of a job.

    Good luck to Frima, but this has all the hallmarks of another Sony minimal-effort approach to the Vita.

    • The same happen with PS AllStars and the game is hás good has the ps3 counterpart. If Sony does this more studios will have exp. With the vita and can make their own games for the vita

    • Having Iron Galaxy doing it is a bad idea. Look how Borderlands 2 came out.

    • Hi Goffeentl.

      Personally, I’m very excited for the Resident Evil Revelations 2 PS Vita version. :D

      To be frank, I think you’re quite some hefty assumptions here. I’m not saying it is certainly wrong what you’re saying, but I mean we can’t saying that what you say is sure to be the truth. You don’t know what it’s like behind the scenes for the development of the PS Vita port of Resident Evil Revelations 2.

      A little bit of optimism sometime can’t hurt, but to each their own. :)

      Frima Studios is a very big Canadian studio by the way, they do have some experience with handheld and mobile development.

    • @miguel_fabio

      Yeah PS All-Stars Battle Royale on PS Vita was a fantastic version. Rock-solid 60 fps and the graphics were pretty good in my humble opinion.

    • Instead of Iron Galaxy, Sony should have gotten Capcom to do it internally.

      @miguel_fabio All-Stars was designed to be multi-platform. The engine it uses is the Bluepoint Engine, which runs well on Vita. The studio that handled the Vita port happened to be Bluepoint, the company that created the engine. Compare this to Frima, who are a Quebec studio (that’s in Canada) handling a Japanese game running on proprietary tech.

    • @gerneric123 if the engine still havê remnants of the 3ds meaning that the engine knows how to work on a handheld. Se also dont know how long havê they been working on the engine and if they even are using the same engine (we all know the problema the original engine had) and use a in-house engine. Either way se got to wait and ser.

      @Cyrske se are replying so much people are going to say we work for Sony lol

  • So, finally the day has arrived when i will be able to play this coveted game on my #psvita. Never played this game but heard a lot and couldn’t be more excited about this. Just wish the game is not too hard for a non seasoned gamer like me, so i kust wish gettin a platinum on this game should not prove to be imposibke for me. All in all, a great day for vita. Thank you #sony.

  • Cross-buy? For those who already bought PS4 version

  • ‘The incredibly passionate team at Frima Studio is knee-deep in production of this title for our favourite little handheld.’

    Funny you should say that. I see this post is a copy/paste from the US Blog.

    You see Mr.SCEA, Here in the SCEE region, the Vita is merely a PS4 companion and is in no way Sony’s ‘favourite little handheld’.

    • @MaxDiehard

      I don’t really see why the EU blog post should have a different blog post compared to the US blog post? The message about the development update and release window update of the PS Vita version should be exactly the same for both the EU PS Blog and the US PS Blog, so it makes sense if it’s copy-paste to me? There’s no region-specific content in Resident Evil Revelations 2 or something so I don’t see why you would want a region-specific PS Blog post?

      Also, maybe Gio Corsi is simply taking from a personal experience? Maybe the PS Vita is his favourite handheld. Or maybe he means that within the Third Party Production group of SCEA, the PS Vita is one of their favourite systems? Seems perfectly plausible to me considering Third Party Production is producing various PS Vita games.

      Really, he’s not necessarily meaning to speak in conformity with, or as a representation of SCEE’s marketing message of the PS Vita.

      He could be speaking from a more subjective point of view in line with the expectations of the readers. And to me, he’s right, PS Vita is my favourite handheld as well. :D

    • I second that. For me its better than the ps4, a more complete console and on-the-go :D

    • Not to mention, I don’t really see what makes you so concerned about SCEE’s marketing of the PS Vita.

      SCEE can market their device how they want to me. If the think they can make it appear more appealing to a larger amount of people by explicitly highlighting the PS4 Remote Play capabilities of the PS Vita, then so be it.

      Doesn’t mean that you or I immediately need to stop playing native PS Vita games on PS Vita and only use it for PS4 Remote Play.

    • That mindset isn’t exclusive to SCEE. SCEA treats Vita with even less respect. There’s not been a single Vita advertisement on TV since 2012. The only bundle North America got last year was Borderlands 2.

    • Lol
      Man how opinions differ. It my opinion SCEE is the one outside of SCEJA that has the treated the Vita with any dignity. Even of that has been lacking as of late.

  • we WANT physical release too, please!!!

  • Thanks for the update Gio Corsi. Clear communication is always appreciated.

    And no worries, Frima Studio can take the time their need to make the PS Vita version, a great one. :)

    I hope you’ll continue to work on several PS Vita-related projects in the future and bring more great games to PS Vita.

    I think Resident Evil Revelations 2 is a good choice to bring over to PS Vita. I think surival-horror games can feel very intimate, more personal and intrinsic on a handheld, especially with good Sony headphones. :)

  • An update on Yakuza 5 localization would be great too. We haven’t heard anything about it since PSX.

  • Can’t wait for this game on psvita ^_^

  • We want a physical release too, please!

  • Well, at least we got some news. Although looking at the developer and how both Sony and Capcom don’t care about Vita version, anything positive coming out of this will be a huge surprise.

  • wth no retail version !!! c’mon i didn t buy the vita to buy digital games >_<

  • Yes! Yes! Yes! and Yes!
    Brilliant news, was beginning to fear this was never happening.
    Will defo be buying a second copy of this really enjoyable game.

    Any word on whether the game will be PSTV compatible? Not essential, but would be very nice.

  • A big thank you for thinking about vita owners but I have already bought this for ps4.will there be any discounts for people who own the game already

  • been waiting on vita version please release it physically

  • 1. Will it come out in stores?
    2. Please make it run well, to many ports in the past have been dreadful

  • Wow ps vita what’s that lol, completed mine on ps4 ages ago great game.

  • I and many others on this and the us blog that we want a physical release too. I won’t buy this game if it is digital only. Sometimes i think they do this on purpose. They release digital only, then it won’t sell that good, and they have an excuse to say that big titles don’t sell on psvita. Release these games phisical and you will see that big titles sell on psvita. For example bring out a new uncharted for the psvita and it will sell at least a million copies. Come on Sony i dare you!!!

  • And releasing this game 4 months after it was released on ps3 and ps4 won’t help sales also. You should have released it at the same time and physical, only then can you get a fair comparison of sales.

  • please tell me…..the gyroscopic controls for targeting can be changed for standard stick controls? some of us find that sort of option impossible to use

    • It’s been an option in every game I’ve seen it in. Even on the nother nhan3Dheld nthat nshall nnot nbe nname3D

  • Still no Alyson Court doing Clare’s voice, still NO BUY. Not that I had much chance of buying a Resident Evil game post 2005 anyway, but at least that would have been the ONLY great thing going for the game.

    • You are not buying it because Alyson court is not doing her voice that’s the stupidest thing I have ever read lol you don’t really notice the change of voice anyway.
      Plus I think you are trolling not buying an re game since 2005 re4 was good but you must stop living in the past re5&6 and revelations 1&2 are brilliant re games.

  • I have three questions:

    1) Will there be a Physical Retail Version?

    2) Will it be compatible with PlayStation TV?

    3) Will it feature Cross-Save Compatiblity?

  • As Bob Marley (kinda) said in the famous song :

    No retail, no buy. No retail, no buy!

    • I see what you did there :) but I brought it on the psn I’m a diehard re fan and could not wait plus it’s cheaper on psn than the shops for once also it was a brilliant re game.

  • Agree with many of the comments posted, I will only buy a physical copy! My memory cards are always full and I have to juggle deleting stuff to accommodate new stuff.

    Please release a physical copy!!!!!!!!!!

  • I will buy it digital only is fine, all my games bar one are digital downloads. I have enjoyed resident evil games in the past and I definitely want to play this one (and will) .is raid mode like mercenary’s from the 3ds?

  • I don’t understand this “no retail, no buy” thing. People don’t seem to have any problems spending money on Steam sales to end up with huge back catalogues they’ll never play, I’ve yet to find that with most stuff I’ve bought ddl on any of my consoles. I sunk the money into importing a 64gb mem card and I haven’t bought a single physical game and I don’t regret it.

  • You don’t understand No Retail No Buy. Let me explain. There are a lot of people that don’t buy on steam or digtal games in general. I buy 99% of my games retail. You don’t buy digital games. You pay so you can play the game. The game is never truly yours. You can’t lent it to a friend or give it away or sell it. When i spent my money i want the game and not a license to play it. If you are happy buying digital games, good for you. But a lot of people don’t like digital games. That is why No Retail No Buy.

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