Horror adventure Home arrives on PS4 and PS Vita next week

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Horror adventure Home arrives on PS4 and PS Vita next week

PlayStation Plus members get 50% off the Cross Buy bundle for the first week

The question I have received most over the last several months has been, “When is Home coming to Europe?” After what I know has been way too long, I’m happy I can finally say: next week!

More accurately, next Wednesday, 15th April, for both PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, and just like in North America, Home is Cross Buy, so players will get both versions for one price.

As a thank you for your patience, PlayStation Plus users will get the Cross Buy bundle for 50% off for the first week.

If you haven’t played or heard of Home, what’s the big deal? Well, it’s a horror-themed adventure game with a story you control. You wake up in a dark, dusty house that isn’t yours, with a pain in your leg and a desperate need to make sure your wife is okay. Home is a unique experience — there’s no inventory, no combat, and no death. It’s a narrative-focused game you get sucked into and just play.


This is one murder mystery where very key details of the plot, and the outcome, are entirely up to the player. It’s not that the game features simple binary choices and a good ending or bad ending — it pays attention to you and your decisions, and as you play, the story unfolds according to your actions. What you learn by the end will be far more nuanced than you might expect. And, as with a real mystery, you might not get all the answers, which is why Home players often run through the game more than once.

More importantly, however; it’s a game people enjoy talking about and comparing notes on. And ever since the game’s original release, I’ve allowed players to share their stories with me — I’ve collected some pretty interesting theories out there, including many I wish I’d thought of myself. You can see some of them and contribute your own here — but don’t do so until you’ve finished the game, or you’ll ruin everything for yourself.

Home’s explosive success has been an amazing ride, and I’m genuinely stoked to bring it to more players across the pond. I hope you’ll give it a shot on the 15th — remember, though: lights out, crank the sound and enjoy!


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4 Author Replies

  • Great, I’ve been looking forward to this for a while.

  • An another game with retro feeling.

    No thx.

    • What’s the point of commenting on a story to say that you aren’t interested in it? Nobody cares. I don’t bother writing ‘another AAA title, no thanks’ under each new boxed release.

    • Haters gonna hate.

    • With you on this, this why ps vita failed plus my ps4 could do way better.

    • Yes thx.

      Just to balance out a needlessly negative comment.

    • whats the matter smokeypsd how’s having a different opinion being negative?
      I’m with cipo_hun all these retro games are getting a bit much, I wouldn’t mind if there was a great selection of good AAA games on my ps4 so far I’m really not liking ps4 I hope E3 changes my mind.

    • No to mention it’s RUDE AS HELL to the developer trying to introduce their game here. Some of you people really have no empathy whatsoever, it’s sad.

  • Been looking forward to playing this thanks for info on when its out,any word on how much £ but i will be still getting Day one

  • This game was released on the PS4 in the US on the 28th of October 2014. That’s half a year ago. Do you really think this is acceptable!? Because it’s not.

    Please stop region locking content. Allow your customers to buy the content they want, regardless of region or localization. Many of your (non-native-English-speaking) consumers don’t need or want additional localization. Add localization options for those who do want or need them at a later date for those who want it.

    Your current practices are alienating customers, dividing gaming communities (especially with competitive games like Guilty Gear Xrd) and promoting piracy.

    • Hey there, A_Karanov! I totally understand the frustration; no one was more worried about the delay than I was. I’m a one-man operation (for the most part), and so a combination of timing, issues with my middleware, moving, teaching, simultaneously working on the new game, inexperience with European rating processes, trying to track down weird bugs, etc. delayed things.

      Regardless, I do hope you give it a try!

    • @A_Karanov

      its not region locked… its only now being published into europe, but no locking to buy it earlier from the US store …

    • If it were physically region locked, it wouldn’t work on your system at all, regardless of using a foreign account.

      PS4 is a region free-system. I can easily import a physical disk from Japan and play that no problem.

      Games have to be region marked though due to country laws and restrictions.

  • Looks very similar to Lone Survivor

    • Hey there, Finskyflyk; I can understand the perception. The best way to clarify is probably that Lone Survivor is more “traditional” survival horror (it obviously does its own thing, and does it really well). Home is a much more narrative-heavy experiment.

  • This is great news :)

    Any news of a release date for the Vita version of Tokyo twilight ghosthunters?

    • Tokyo Twilight Ghosthunters has been out for over a month now at retail. =p It’s been glitched on the PS Store ever since launch and SCEE absolutely refuses to fix it (since it’s a fault on their end, not NISA) because it’s a Vita game and not PS4.

  • Oh, didn’t see that this was a developer article. Please ignore my question ;)

  • How much will it cost?
    Lone Survivor is 7.99, so I personally think, that would be a great pricepoint, and I immediately would buy with the 50% off (3.99).

    • I was talking about £ of course.

    • I’d imagine it will be close to the cost of the PC version. It was the same price on PS and Steam in NA at least.
      So probably £1.99 with the 50% discount bringing it down to £0.99

    • In my experience, PlayStation never price anything close to the Steam version.

    • You can imagine all you like but this won’t be £2 before the discount. It was $3 when it came out almost 6 months ago in the US, $5 games are usually £4 so I imagine this will likely be very close to 1:1, that seems to be what SCEE are pushing for at the moment.

    • Murton, keyword: “Close”
      Even £3 is close to the cost and even if it is 1:1 rate, that is still close to the cost of the PC version
      For perspective:
      PC NA: $2.99
      PC UK: £1.99
      PS NA: $2.99

      If the UK version is more than £3 that would be some ridiculous pricing structure and it’s the developers who set the price, not Sony.

    • £3 is nowhere near the cost of the game in other platforms or regions. You can claim its “close” because its only £1 more, but its still 50% higher than the exchange rate and that’s something that should be resisted by all of us. Only when a stupid price is met with zero sales will any of these people learn.

    • It’s up now – £3.99 or £2.00 after discount

      Also, Costume Quest 2 is up on PS4!!!

  • Thanks for bringing the Game to Europe and the time its taken u , as u said not easy

  • Will it be compatible with PS TV?

  • Really fantastic game, I highly recommend it.

    Now is a great time for vita gamers as we have this and Titan souls to look forward to next week. I already have this on pc but look forward to replaying it on the go with my vita.

    Big thank you to the dev Ben and I look forward to seeing your next project.

  • So is this not Lone Survivor? It looks almost identical. . .

    • No it isn’t. Very different game that has been out for a few years now on other platforms. This is more narrative driven whilst Lone Survivor is survival horror. This is not survival horror at all.

    • Lone Survivor has some horrible pixel distortion filter on it. That didn’t appeal to me. This one does.

  • @MaxDiehard

    I have the US version, and it works on my PS TV

    • Thanks. But I still need official clarification, as there are games that aren’t compatible in some regions where they are in others.

  • I’ll definitely be grabbing this. Loved the game when I first played through it back in 2012 and have been looking forward to a PS4 version :)

  • Hi Bejamin,
    As I asked on GAF if I should have pulled the trigger on the Steam release I have to say that I did.
    Well I’m definitely buying it again on Vita as I barely have time to actually play it at home :)

    From what I saw I really liked the narrative focus of the game and I for one really want to experience the rest so thanks for your hard work in bringing it over to us. Must be hard doing everything solo :)

    • Thanks very much for the kind words, Rildiz! I think it’s a pretty fun experience on Vita, especially if you can take your system somewhere creepy to play. :-)

    • Looks nothing like MSPaint. You’re basically saying all pixel games are childish.

    • Actually no I never said anything about childish. That’s your view of Ms Paint drawing, not mine. And yes, this does look like ms paint art. It would take a long time to do it all but it can easily be done on ms paint. The point is the ps3 and ps4 should not be used for 8 bit indies to the point of exhaustion. There is an obsession among indie developers to do 8 bit and it’s getting repetitive. These sort of games belong on mobile and handheld devices. Not powerful consoles. But far be it from me to ruin your straw man bait.

    • You could just not buy these games instead of groaning about them. Not every game on PS4 has to cater to you, and I know a lot of people who will totally dig this game.

      Basically, stop being so selfish.

    • How is it being selfish to display an opinion and a reasonable one at that? Do you even know what the word selfish means? Because you’ve certainly not used it properly here.

      Others have said the same as I. Would you rather have developers devote their time to Ms Paint games that could’ve been made years ago or would you rather see them use the power of the console they’re developing for and make superb quality games? I know which I would rather have. The 8 bit fad has gone on long enough. The only decent one was fez and we lost that sequel due to drama llammas. Hell, this isn’t even a game by the sounds of it. Just a story with you turning the 8 bit pages.

      I take it you don’t ever share your opinion then, when it is consisting of negative feedback. Because if you do then you have no right to lambast me for doing so.

  • another pc indie game that u can find on humble bundles for $1 that will be priced £9.99+ on PS4, starting to love PS4 indie prices on the PS Store…

    • Unfortunately, Sony control the pricing.

    • Officially, publishers set prices. But a couple of Indies have let slip little details that lead me to believe that they only set the US price and that price conversions are done by Sony locally. Sadly this is pure speculation on my part as nine of the developers I’ve spoken with will go into more detail due to NDA.

  • I bought this from the NA PS store a few weeks back for $1

  • AWESOME! Thanks Benjamin, I know Europe QA are hell to deal with, DAY ONE BUY!

  • Good news. I’m looking forward to seeing what Alone with You has in store too. Keep it up! =D

  • Steam price match or no buy.
    Actually nevermind, this will surely end up in the IGC knowing the bias the PS+ selectors have for games like this.

  • I played it on Steam and it’s probably the ugliest game I ever played.

    • thank God that is just your Opinion and not a fact , go preorder Call of Duty BO 3 NOW!!!!!! and wait in line for the day 1 release like every year for a Brainless game.
      and for the next 6 month get hyped for the next installment of Call of Dookie

    • @twinspectre
      Why are you full of prejudices? I don’t even play CoD, and it’s not because of pixel-art style graphics I wrote my opinion before, or because it’s indie.
      I really like a lot of indie games and some of them look really nice graphically – Bastion, Fez, Guacamelee, Bastion, Deadlight. Also played To The Moon recently and it’s superior game to this. Because it’s indie it don’t have to look like crap (let’s be honest, a lot of PSone games looks far better than this). Also, gameplay in this game is really simple – basically it’s ”walking simulator” with some sounds that tries to be disturbing.

  • Wahey, yet another retro game.
    Amazing graphics, interesting story.
    New horror adventure awaits.
    Kudos to the developers.

    So glad the Vita is getting so many games, good time to own one.
    Horror is def my fave genre.
    I just can’t keep up with all these retro titles.
    This is the reason i prefer to play on my Vita, for me it beats PS4 any day.

  • i will buy it for PS4

  • Looks my kinda game…i love dose game in which u unfokd d story and can take your own time, rather than just hack n slash through your way to the fights. Such games r perfect fit for #PSVita…The 50 % off seems to be inviting.

  • shame it has the retro/pixel look. Don’t see why you not use a modern art style. Pixel art is just plan lazy now. :(

  • Wow… i’m impressed. Not.

    The game’s been available on the US PSN Store for ages, and it was actually 95 cents in their “flash sale” they had a few weeks back…

  • Better late than never….
    You hear that 1001 Spikes / Mutant Mudds Deluxe!!!

    Anyway.. Looks interesting and with Cross Buy and 50% Plus discount….
    I’m in on Day 1!
    Thanks for not abandoning the EU as so indies have done

    • its usually Nintendo that abandon eshop indie releases
      Terrible games like moon chronicles, mutant mudd deluxe on wii u never made it to EU. Sony are usually good with indie regional releases

  • I love the look of this, I’d really like to know what it’s gonna cost?..

  • This was a $1 USD Dollar in the US PSN STORE FLASH SALE about 2 weeks ago

    • And here it is on our store now. Six miles the later for £4.

      $3 six months ago, £4 now, looks legit.

      Benjamin, you seem like a cool guy, if you tell me, on the record, that you asked for parity and SCEE doubled the price I’ll believe you.

      I want to support your game, but I can not and will not support that price hike, so until you explain it you can forget that.

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