Transistor dev’s Bastion is coming to PS4 on 8th April

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Transistor dev’s Bastion is coming to PS4 on 8th April

Bastion makes its debut on PS4 as part of the excellent Spring Fever 2015 lineup

It’ s an exciting moment for us at Supergiant, as you may know us best from our game Transistor, which debuted on the PS4 last year. But before that, we created Bastion, and this launch means a whole new slew of people will soon get to see what that game’s all about. So, whether you’ve never played any of our games, or played and enjoyed Transistor and want to see what else we can do, or count yourself a fan of both and want to play Bastion again, we love you! Thanks to you we get to do what we do every day, and keep on making stuff.


It was always difficult to describe Bastion while the game was in development. We designed the game in an organic way, little by little, listening to what it needed most and building whatever that was next, until we felt that we were done. It didn’t start with an elevator pitch for what would make the next big blockbuster. After all, one of the nice things about being a small independent studio is you can focus all your energies on making the game you really want to make, and with any luck, you can discover much of that during the process.


We liked to joke about how the pitch for Bastion would have been just awful, and how the game never would have been made if it started off that way: “Well you see it’s this action RPG where an old man talks to you the entire time!” While this is technically accurate, it’s selling the game more than a little short. We wanted Bastion to feel cohesive rather than like a collection of cool features. This trailer we came up with is one of our attempts to convey that:

Thankfully, these days, the success of Bastion helps explain it better than we ever could. For one thing, more than three million people all around the world have bought this game, and for another, it’s earned more than 100 different end-of-year awards and accolades. As you might imagine, this exceeded our wildest fantasies while the game was in development. We just wanted to make a game that felt personal to the seven people on the team, building a game in the living room of a house in a California suburb. We hoped, and did our best to make sure, that it would do well enough that we could stick together and keep going, and make something new (that something was Transistor).


It feels great having made a game we feel has stood the test of time, as the first version of Bastion launched almost four years ago — practically an eternity in game years, yet you wouldn’t know it just from playing this latest version, with its hand-painted scenery running at a silky smooth 60 frames per second in 1080p and all that! And for you completionists out there, it’s another Platinum Trophy you could add to your collection. We couldn’t have done this without the help of the team at BlitWorks, based over in Barcelona, who we knew would be up to the task from their great work on PlayStation 4 versions of great games like Don’t Starve and FEZ. The result is an exacting translation of a game that’s very near and dear to us, and we hope will soon be very near and dear to you.

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  • All we need now is a much appreciated Transistor / Bastion retail combo pack. :D

  • good for those who haven’t played this game
    but for the rest of us… another HD port, surprise!!!!!!

  • “Bastion makes its debut on PS4 as part of the excellent Spring Fever 2015 lineup”. If you acknowledge Spring Fever 2015 on Europe, where is Metal Slug 3 that is a part of the Spring Fever 2015?

  • So glad Bastion is finally here! I loved Bastion on Xbox 360. Please make more games for us instead of xbox as we love you more ! :P

  • Is this PS4 exclusive now? IIRC, it was originally announced as being for PS4 and Vita, and I for one was really looking forward to having it on the Vita. Did that version get scrapped, or is it still in development?

    • Both the PS4 och Vita logo is clearly visible in the trailer.

    • Unless I’m mistaken, that’s just a repost of the same trailer that was used in the earlier post announcing the game for both PS4 and Vita. It’s entirely possible it’s still valid, and I hope it is, but I was hoping for some confirmation, since the Vita version was pointedly not mentioned anywhere within the post itself.

    • The dev is too busy replying in the US blog. The vista version hás been delayed and is still in development

    • Thanks for the info’, miguel_fabio, and others further down making the same point. Good to know it’s still in development — I’ll take a delay over a cancellation any day!

  • Why is there no mention of the Vita version now?

  • Now all we need is a release date for vita, and a vita port of Transistor.

    • From the US blog:
      + Greg Kasavin on April 7th, 2015 at 9:58 am said:

      Thanks!! We’re still in the thick of Vita development so no real estimate right now, though we’re working on it! The Vita is pretty different under the hood than the PS4 as you can imagine so there’s more engineering needed to bring the game over.


    Hmm, that post title seemed a bit longer last time, can’t quite put my finger on what’s missing

  • No news for the Vita version?! :(

  • well would buy it. But since I have a feeling this game is best played on vita I will hold off. I know it is cross buy, but after the promise of Mercenary Kings I am very careful, who knows maybe it may never come.
    BTW does someone know where the vita port of Mercenary Kings went off to?

  • Loved Bastion the first time around on the 360, and can’t wait to get it again.

    I must say though, this growing trend of releasing on the PS4 and the Vita version following “sometime after” is getting incredibly frustrating. Of course it’s better to get it on the Vita than not at all, but come on guys. Release them together. Too many games are starting to follow this habit.

    By the time the Vita version arrives, those that have multiple PS consoles will be done with it, limiting the appeal.

    • The trend of releasing on PS4 then just sort of forgetting about the Vita version is even worse. Still waiting for Road Not Taken after 8 months…

    • Road Not Taken Vita has encountered some issues, apparently. I wouldn’t count on it releasing at all, from what I was told.

    • Absolutely agree. It’s clear they’re doing it to fulfil some stupid quota so they can be part of a Spring Fever or the IGC or some other such promotion. Which I find really irritating because it becomes neglect and apathy towards the Vita release – it doesn’t get blog posts, it doesn’t get advertised and there’s no communication from the devs to suggest they’re even working on it or that they care. It’s disheartening.

  • Road Not Taken Vita has encountered some issues, apparently. I wouldn’t count on it releasing at all, from what I was told.

    • I find it hard to believe personally. Seems more like laziness on the developers behalf, since small teams have done way more demanding things than Road Not Taken on Vita. They probably hit a snag in development and now they don’t seem to want to put in the effort to actually make the game.

  • I hear not out tomorrow in EU is true? Hope not i charge money yesterday for buy the game T_____________T end of spring is too late.

  • This “Spring Fever” promo hasn’t really worked has it?

    Helldiver’s: charged at 1:1 conversion and two weeks later had cut content readded at above 1:1
    No idea what week 2 was or if it even released.
    Metal Slug: MIA with no comment
    Axiom Verge: not quite 1:1 but still way above the exchange rate.
    Bastion: rumoured to not be making its scheduled appearance tomorrow. Very likely to be overpriced despite being 2 years old.

    And there’s another month of these to go. Will any of them manage to be both on time and fairly priced. All indicators point to probably not.

    • Its been confirmed that this isn’t available in Europe this week or even this month, pretty poor.

      Also just realised how poor my memory is, game is almost four years old and is looking like its going to cost considerably more now than it did then.

      Its going to have to be a pass for me I fear.

    • Just buy it off Steam, problem solved.

    • Second game was Hotline Miami 2. It came out and it was awesome.

      But I do agree, this Spring Fever thing has been so horrendously skewed toward our North American overlords that it’s not even disappointing. SCEE has become so synonymous with disappointment, that nothing they actually do can ever be considered disappointing. They’d desensitised us to it.

  • I really enjoyed Transistor so I will get this one no doubt.

  • Bought and loved this game when it was 1200 msp (roughly £10) in the 2011 Summer of Arcade on 360. Now that it’s been on practically every other platform imaginable and in many sales as well as Humble Bundles etc can we expect a reasonable price or are we getting the usual price gouge for old games on PS4?

  • Wow not tomorrow in EU, ok no buy at all, i’m tired of this treatment for EU users everytime. Game is multi 5 don’t understand why.

  • Currently £4.09 on I wonder how much the PS4 version will be? I’m imagining around 15 quid. Would rather play it on PS4 but if we’re looking at a tenner cheaper for it on PC…

  • Once again another delay for europe. Do you guys realise it’s 2015? Can’t we get a digital release the same day as the U.S. frustrating!

  • Quote from the US Blog.

    + Greg Kasavin on April 7th, 2015 at 10:02 am said:
    The Vita version of Bastion is still in development. We don’t have a release date for it at this time. We expect for it to be cross-buy enabled with the PS4 version.

  • I found this right now UPDATE 07/04/2015 9pm: Bastion’s PS4 port will be out tomorrow in Europe, Supergiant’s Greg Kasavin has confirmed to Eurogamer. Hope is true

    • The problem is I’m sure the developer intends for the game to be out tomorrow, but once SCEE gets their hands on it we don’t know if we’ll ever see it ala Metal Slug 3.

    • I’m very, very skeptical of that statement for a couple of reasons, but let’s look at the events as they played out.

      1: this post was originally a copy and paste of the US one.
      2: the wording on this page was then changed to say it was coming “later this Spring”
      3: Supergiant already confirmed it wouldn’t be coming out this month earlier this afternoon.
      4: Supergiant then apparently tell Eurogamer 7 hours after this blog post that they were mistaken and it will be coming out tomorrow but haven’t changed this post or added an author reply?

      I really wish I could take this as the good news that it is, but there’s so many reasons not to trust the games industry right now. Overcharging, content cut for resale, games being shipped that are known to be broken, patches being sold as full games, and I’m afraid I’ve simply become automatically suspicious of most of what is said, but in this case something just doesn’t add up.

    • It’s out on the U.S store and Metal Slug 3 is also out for….$14.99 hahaha they couldnt even be bothered to bundle all the Metal Slug games together and its just an emulator with an old rom…….lol

      You buy i cry with laughter

  • i hope it is out today i am dying to get my mitts on this!

  • Finally I can get to play this using a physical controller.

    I tried it on the iPad when it was released but I’ve never been able to get to grips with directional movements using a touch screen interface.

  • So is this definitely out tomorrow? I see they updated the title to “out April 8”

  • Glad this is on the PlayStation console line at last (had to do with the X360 edition at first).

    Will the Stranger’s Dream DLC be with this release or separately?

  • hope it will look as good as the 360 version like ” dust and elysian tale ‘ ( a great 360 exclusive recently releasd on ps4 too ) if the port is the same as the 360 version i’ll buy it, hoping that the bonus DLc will be included from start… i hope the price doesnt go beyond 10 euros… because in this case i would be not fair… if u didn’t like transistor, dont worry bastion is a lot more different, and really better…

  • Where is the game on Eu store, pleasy anyone confirm is out or not today. This thing drive me crazy. Supergiant game site confirm release for today in EU but no game on Eu store, and PLUS game is alla available.

    • It says bastion is out. It is definitely out in New Zealand. It also says bastion is not out in the Middle East.

  • Yeah out in Italy too

  • This is absolutly beautiful! I bought Bastion yesterday, the moment it was available in the psn store. Thanks so much for these games, I’m in love. :’)

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