Introducing Operation Abyss, the new JRPG from the Demon Gaze team

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Introducing Operation Abyss, the new JRPG from the Demon Gaze team

Get your hands on that latest PS Vita title from Experience Inc. this June

Gosh, I feel like it was just yesterday that I finished up Demon Gaze from Experience, Inc. and now their next game for PlayStation Vita, Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy, has been making me neglect my poor Furby again! I know, I know, you guys can’t get your mitts on it until 5th June, but I thought you’d appreciate a little insight into my experience with the game along with a brand spankin’ new trailer!

So everybody who knows anything about dungeon crawlers knows that there are three important things in them: a cool setting, challenging gameplay, and customisation. And let me tell you, Operation Abyss has all three in spades.

A cool setting

Demon Gaze was good. Hell, it was great, but rollin’ around the forest with my elf crew a la Robin Hood (the fox, not the person) felt a touch… normal. With Operation Abyss, Experience throws the forest and little woodland critters out the window, and really challenges the genre by replacing them with the towering skyscrapers of near future Tokyo, and the dark, dank depths of an abyss that’s threatening to swallow it whole.

Every step in this sci-fi game gives me the creeps. The art makes each baddie beautifully revolting, and pairs perfectly with the haunting tunes that drift through my headphones as I stalk the hallways of the abyss.



Challenging gameplay

Of course, the prettiest lass in class becomes boring if she can’t challenge your mind, and so far, Experience has been doing just that with their expertly designed dungeons and enemies. The baddies here are Variants who have been threatening to crunch the bones of every Tokyo-ite ever since they started spawning deep in the abyss.

Every time I venture into a dungeon, I’ve had to hold my breath a bit and occasionally dine-and-dash to avoid getting smashed by a powerful Wanted Variant. These foul beasts pop up if you overstay your welcome trying to snag some hot sci-fi style loot in a dungeon. It’s a dangerous game that’s encouraged by the Rise and Drop system. The longer you stay down in the abyss, the tougher enemies get, but they also have sweeter drops too. Sometimes I wish I was more of a gambler…


Customisation station

Oh dear, golly me is the customisation sick in Operation Abyss. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but each member of your squad, the Xth, has the awesome ability to Code Rise which lets them access the Genome of a great person from history to unleash powerful skills, and guide their development to become a slick ninja warrior, or a rough-and-tumble bruiser.

So far, my favourite strategy has been assigning my favourite character the Xuanzang Blood Code, placing him in the front row with the sweet Psycho Knuckles I found, and letting him pummel the Variants to pieces. But that’s just one of the myriad of strategies you can use with the Blood Code system. I know my pal Tiffany prefers rockin’ a team with Jeanne d’Arc – you’ll have to figure out your own favourite in June!

And since we have a couple months, we’ve even managed to squeeze some awesome DLC into our production schedule! You’ll be able to snag our awesome Swim Team Xth Squad Portraits for free any time in the first month after release! We’ll also be bringing out some devilish Dark Hero Portraits for just €0.99, because you can never have enough options.


Alrighty now, I could literally go on for days about the features and awesomeness that is Operation Abyss (I’m pretty verbose), but the boss says I need to leave some for later. So with that, I’m going to get back to work!

If this is the first you’ve heard of Operation Abyss, make sure you check out our website for more details on this PlayStation Vita exclusive, and if you just can’t wait until June, I recommend picking up Demon Gaze for a taste of what you’ll be in for! You know what, I think Experience, Inc. just might be the best RPG developer in Japan right now. What do you think?

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  • Im gonna pick up demon gaze very soon actually, experience DRPGs look amazing, the art is nice and I only heard good things from fellow DRPG fans. I hope more experience games will get localized. Shame about the voice acting…

    • Yeah bit shame…

      I would be so happy for free DLC with JAP dub… as I heard the issues was too small Memory Card, probably by adding jap dub they would have to switch to more pricey memory card… and sadly those are expensive (blame SCE)

    • What do you mean? Demon gaze was dual audio, is this one going to be english only?

    • Actually they lied about the memory space, since the Japanese game is like ~1 GB. Besides if this was the case, they could just release original audio as a free DLC. For example IFI will do it with their next Neptunia game, so it’s totally possible.

      Personally I don’t like NISA’s dubs. Did you ever watch any of their localized anime? It’s awful! I hope people will make them reconsider adding original voices to the game, as it seems pretty interesting. I still didn’t finish Demon Gaze, but I had lots of fun playing it.

    • Releasing japanese audio as DLC is just a bs move from both companies.

  • Demon Gaze is really one of hidden gems on Vita. I picked it up only because Conception 2 from Atlus was not released with full retail version in Europe. Yeah shame on me. (sorry :P) I really didn’t expected much from the game, I just bought it in place of another game.

    But I was pleasantly suprised with what I got! On hardest difficulty it was really fun to play. Underwater -no magic- locations forced you to have diversed team… really nice… and really challanging!

    I’m going to pick Operation Abyss for sure! Sadly not limited version as it is bit pricey… but standard version will be must have for me.

    Anyway so many games on Vita lately are released… damn… I don’t have enough money for all of this! Just picked up imported retail Oreshika (curse you SCEE) and Steins;Gate. Maybe I will also try to grab Retro City Rampage… So I’m glad that I still have time to save some money for Operation Abyss.

    *hats off*

    Thanks for nearly always bringing retails (though I’m still bit sad about htol#niq… we couldn’t even import it :() Really thanks for all the hard work! You guys should be example for other publishers!

  • If you don’t mind, I would like to ask a question about NIS games in general. It seems like the English version of your games are done by NIS America, who sells the localised version in US and Europe. Then there is NIS Japan, who sells the Japanese version in Japan (and sometimes also selling the Japanese version in Asia).

    Question is, who’s responsible for Asia, where the majority of players are English speaking and do not understand Japanese. It seems Asian customers have always been forgotten by NIS. NIS Japan says they are not responsible for the English version. NIS America says they are not responsible for Aisa. No one is releasing NIS English games on the Asia PSN Store!

    This void had been there for ages and customers are just getting kicked around, and SCE Japan/Asia doesn’t care either (I have been following the Asia Playstation blog and customers had been asking all the time but not getting any reply). Eventually you, NIS, are missing out on a customer base that is eager to but not able to enjoy your products. This is especially a problem when the Vita only supports a single account, so if your game is not released on Asia PSN, players just cannot buy your Vita games digitally (using their Asia PSN accounts).

  • How about this and other JRPG’s coming to PS4? We’re sadly lacking any sort of RPG on PS4. Vita is no good to me because of my failing eyesight. It’s just too small for me to see.

    • Omega Quintet – the end of April
      Neptunia VII – somewhere in Q3 probably
      Persona 5 – 2016 probably

  • Curse my backlog on #psvita, which keeps on piling up with each sale on #psn. Being a non seasoned player, I take longer time to 100℅ or platinum the game, so, my bad that such superb games will have to wait. Bt, I am happy that vita days r far from over

  • Loved Demon Gaze so this is day 1 for me!

  • Ah, I love this sort of game. Must remember to pick up a copy; thanks for bringing it to us!

  • madmanwithabox12

    What do I think? I think NIS are killing it on Vita and hope to see that continue into the future. Looking forward to Danganronpa Another Episode (and potentially DR3 as well :)). Keep it up! =D

  • This looks really good, thanks for bringing it over.

  • Another excellent NIS title to look forward to :D Demon Gaze was simply fantastic, hard to believe Experience Inc were relatively obscure Indie dev’s before it.

  • Why is NISA copying Atlus? :/
    I’m gonna pass up on this, without dual audio, games just do not appeal to me that much.

  • ATLUS just did a survey about dual audio it was like closed in 10 hours, pretty lame so fast.
    i hope it shows future Dual audio releases but with ATLUS i doubt it. i just hope NIS america isen’t going english dub with too many games in the future and this is the 1 off.

    • 10 hours? They couldn’t handle so many original dub fans? :D
      Btw, care to share the survey?

    • there isen’t much point it’s alrdy over and no info on the results. when i wanted to join the survey myself it was alrdy over meaning either their goal was just to get majority english dub and then. find an excuse to throw at ppl like us. cause like with the lost dimension post showed ATLUS PR guy very bias and supportive for english dub only.

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