Tower of Guns arrives on PS3 and PS4 next week

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Tower of Guns arrives on PS3 and PS4 next week

It is a tower…of guns! What else is there to explain?

Hey! It’s Jakub from Grip Games. Our newest game, Tower of Guns, is ready to open its doors and let all the curious visitors in. Please bring your weapons and personal armour with you!

Tower of Guns is an old-school first person shooter. You only have one life and if you get killed, you have to start from the beginning. All the levels, enemies, pick-ups and other elements of the game are completely randomised, so each run through the game is unique and everything is new each time you start over. As you play the game, you build up your arsenal, unlock additional items and perks and get stronger.

We have loaded Tower of Guns with content. There are over 20 weapons and countless modifications and upgrades to get. There are items to collect that give you special abilities and perks that change the way you play. The game is hilariously over-the-top. How about getting a rocket-launcher and then giving it a machine-gun modifier? No problem! A shotgun with a ricochet modification? Bring it! Or stack a hundred “double-jumps” and never touch the ground again? Who would want to walk when you can fly, anyway!

And you will need all the help and equipment you can get, because Tower of Guns is a bullet-hell style game in the first person view. The enemies are merciless and you’ll need to be constantly on the move, dodging bullets. Forget cover mechanics or stealth missions – instead it is time to re-learn strafing and double-jumping and enter each room with guns blazing. And just when you think you are out of the worst, you’ll meet one of the game’s many huge bosses, like the Doomball or the Egg Scrambler. You will die and you will die a lot.

After you unlock everything and conquer the tower several times, there is always the Endless Mode where you face room after room of progressively more difficult enemies until you die. All your skills will be put to a test and you’ll be able to see how you are standing in the Leaderboards. If that’s still not enough for you, Tower of Guns has countless secret rooms to find and rare items to get. There are even secret stages to unlock and secret rooms within secret rooms!

Tower of Guns is simply loaded with content and hours of fun. It is out 8th April on the PS3 and PS4 for £11.59, €14.99, with cross-buy supported. And if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you’ll get it for free! Make sure you follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest news, or visit the official web page!

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3 Author Replies

  • How about a Vita version?

    • From a previous post: “Sorry guys, no Vita version. The number of bullets on screen can get insane and that is simply too much for Vita to handle. We really tried, but it would have to be a different game to run on Vita at an acceptable level (we won’t release a Vita version that runs at 10 fps, that’s not our style)”

    • That’s bull. RESOGUN made it on Vita just fine.

    • Why does the fact that Resogun on Vita runs fine automatically mean that Tower of Guns would run fine? What are you basing that on?

    • The amount of objects/particles on screen at once.

      Just needs to be optimised correctly.

    • There are way more demanding games than this on Vita. Killzone Mercenary, Wipeout 2048, Super Stardust Delta. Hell even something like P4G has a fast-forward button – for a 70 hour game that’s pretty impressive.

    • Trust me that we tried running it on Vita, but it would require too many compromises. The game can have 100s of bullets and other items on screen at the same time, all of them fully rendered, running within the physics engine, with collisions, etc (you can actually jump on some bullets… try that in Killzone)… without going into too much detail, that is a lot more demanding that pretty textures. We have more games in planning for this year and some of them are definitely going to Vita as well!

    • It is great to know that you are coming back to the Vita, but the concern of the Vita gaming community is that Unmechanical Extended Edition and Tower of Guns are two games that were listed for Vita and then either cancelled or put to the back of your projects list. Also, look at it from the point of the Vita’s screen being a tenth of a large screen TV, so cutting a few bullets from the game here or there won’t make much difference to the experience as the screen would not feel as empty as a 50″ TV, so any which way you look at it any comprises that have to be made, should be made to bring two more excellent games to the Vita. You could bring both games to the Vita, you just need to keep at it with the optimisation processes.

    • I don’t mind if the game is slightly scaled down to work on Vita. I’d rather have that than nothing at all. I have a device and I want to make use of it.

      Surely the demand for more Vita games including yours is sufficient enough to at least try one more time, even if it means sacrificing some assets.

    • Jakub, don’t feel like you have to provide a Vita version. Some of the Vita fans here are incredibly self entitled, in fact one of these two said only two days ago that the last thing the Vita needed was “yet another port”

      If it can’t be done, it can’t be done.

    • There’s a difference between ‘yet another port’ and a new indie title being released on multiple consoles.

      It’s when much older games or inferior ones are ported over and are a shame to the system.

      And yes we act entitled. The majority of us paid over £200 for a Vita, and since Sony won’t support their own handheld, we have to turn to and practically beg indies to bring their games to the system.

  • sounds like a fun idea for a shooting game 8). also looks a tiny bit like Borderlands artstyle aswell hehe. will give it a go and see how far i can get!

    does the game have a platinum trophy? :)


  • I really look forward to this; re-learn strafing and double-jumping! Hell yeah I’m down!
    Bullethell style gameplay? Damn bring it, son!

  • and i thought it was a TD game :(.

  • Is there anything you keep after dying?

    • All the unlocks, like guns and perks stay even if you die. Items and upgrades (like more health or more armor) must be found in-game during each run.

  • Killzone also had a chaingun rocket launcher and it was the most satisfying gun I’ve ever used in an FPS, hoping this game does it justice too. You sold me on the mobility aspect; double-jumps, strafing and dodging is what makes FPS fun, not just standing there shooting like ALL FPSs these days.

  • I thought Bastion was out this coming week?? also is there any update on the hotline miami 2 release for AUS/NZ? it has been classified now :)

  • Been looking forward to this for a while. Just a shame that SCEE can’t hold to their own commitments on PS+ or we’d have it now rather than having to wait a week.

    Only SCEE could think that the best way to prevent inconvenience to someone else’s customer by making them wait 6 days until their content is actually due is to block the release of content to their own customer and make them wait until 7 days after its due.

  • What exactly does “procedurally-generated” mean, seems to be used alot lately….is it the Saying-of-the-Month?
    All looks to be what you would play in a game with side challenges….that have leaderboards.
    Not too sure about this game + every new game shown on this Blog seems to have a Vita release request.
    Killzone type weapons….can’t be bad :)

    Cleverness with a hint of luck will be required to get through this game, looks tricky.
    Useful keeping all weapons that have been unlocked….replayability with trial and error.
    No end to weapon posssibilites = Limitless fun with trying different weapons.
    The only thing that would have improved it would be co-op, maybe in the sequel? lol.

    Welldone Grip Games, you are one to look out for!! You have been noted.

  • Alright, so I’m guessing I wont really get an answer but the Remote Play controls are pretty awful…

    L1 to Jump, okay, I get that, good. R1 shoots right? Wrong! It does nothing. So where do I shoot?

    ….The upper corners of the touch screen! What?! I tried to remap the controls via the accessibility option but that doesn’t seem to do anything.

    We really should be able to remap Remote Play controls – It’s like in GTA V; the rear touchpad is for opening the weapon wheel and taking cover. While the bottom corners are made for stealth and looking behind. Shouldn’t that be the other way around :S since you do the prior things much more.

  • i’m waiting to give it a try on ps3

  • What a fun game, presenting the kind of challenge I like- and the over all sense of humour of the game, definitely give it a try guys :P

  • Fun game but as soon as I’ve seen the “Unreal Engine” splash logo (so probably Unreal Engine 3) I’ve dread that this would be another game with low level of Anisotropic filtering on PS4 using that engine.

    So I wasn’t really surprised to see a low level of AF (maybe 2x) in all oblique textures on this very low demanding game which kind of defeats the point of using sharp 1080p resolution if all oblique textures are blurry.

    Is it so hard to activate 16xAF on textures with Unreal Engine? Dying Light devs (which is a much more demanding game that this one, open world, next gen assets etc.) patched their game with 8xAF on PS4 afterwards with no performance penalty (but they weren’t using UE3).

    Also, the sensitivity level of the controls is ridiculously low on standard. Even max level (10) is barely fast enough for that kind of game IMO.

  • So when is this game getting fixed?

    The perk for getting 15 badges is glitched, as is the trophy for unlocking all the guns.

    Also, the game is far too easy until you get to like stage 15 at which point the frame rate will kill you.

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