Run Sackboy! Run! arrives on PS Vita this week

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Plus, new DLC available for LittleBigPlanet 3

Sackboy scampers back to the PS Vita this week with the release of our free-to-play, platform-survival game – Run Sackboy! Run!

Race away from the Negativitron across familiar worlds from LittleBigPlanet and collect as many Bubbles as you can to enable you to purchase special costumes, upgrades and power-ups. You can even challenge your friends using the game’s social features and leaderboards to see who is the top Sackboy or Sackgirl runner!

Filled to the brim with missions to complete and with tons of stickers to collect too, there’s plenty of fun to be had with Run Sackboy! Run! and completing your very own sticker book will also unlock exclusive costumes for LittleBigPlanet 3.

Run Sackboy! Run! is available tomorrow across PS Vita, iOS and Android. It’s free-to-play, so head on over to PlayStation Store and download it today to begin your race across LittleBigPlanet!

Run Sackboy!! Run!RSBR 140923 08

The Order: 1886 Galahad Costume – new DLC available now


The Order: 1886 arrived last month and to help commemorate this latest addition to the PlayStation family of games, we have collaborated with our good friends at Ready at Dawn and SCE Santa Monica Studio to bring you this rather noble Sir Galahad Costume for Sackboy.

This rather spiffy costume hand-crafted by our finest tailors can be picked up from the Store for £1.69/€1.99 and will ensure that your Sackpersonage will be able to walk around LittleBigPlanet with an added air of nobility to their presence.

Spring Creator Kit – FREE DLC coming this month

Spring is arriving this week and a new season of creativity will begin for LittleBigPlanet. Since it is the beginning of a new season, we will be re-releasing our traditional FREE Spring Creator Kit that is just full to the brim with wonderfully creative goodies that will really help bring that springtime feeling to your creations.

  • Spring Creator Kit  – Available on the Store from March 18th until Autumn!
  • Price: FREE
St. Patrick's Costume IconSpring Creator Kit Icon


LittleBigPlanet 3 Adventure Team Pick

Treasure Hunter by Felkroth

We continue to be amazed by your amazing creations and wanted to give an extra special shout-out to our very first Adventure Team Pick!

Treasure Hunter is an incredible adventure featuring hours of gameplay including:

  •  Four playable character classes with up to three-play co-op
  •  World map featuring a town, guildhall and dungeons.
  •  Over 25 quests to complete
  •  Character progression, upgrades and levelling
  •  Randomised dungeons for a new adventure every time
  •  Lots and lots of treasure!

So head on over to the LittleBigPlanet 3: Team Picks today, dive into Treasure Hunter by Felkroth and begin your life as a Treasure Hunter! If you have already played this level, why not tell us in the comments below what level your character is and how many Collectabells you possess?

We would love to know who is the top Treasure Hunter in the community!

RSBR 140924 4RSBR 140924 7


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2 Author Replies

  • The trailer says Coming soon March 18?

  • Nice! Is it PS TV compatible?

    • i just bought ps tv they so awesomee so glad i got it in the sale i will get I’m a huge fan of lbp i even have the sack boy teddy yes i may be 18 but cmon guys its lbp

  • Also how come it took so long for it to come on Vita?

  • This is a pleasant surprise, will give this a download :)

  • Yay! I was waiting for it to arrive to Vita. Thanks :)

  • Can we expect some discount on some older DLC, like DC Level Pack or Season Pass? :)

  • On an LBP note – when is the DC Comics DLC for LBP Vita being relisted on the EU store please? It clearly says all levels are cross-buy (and is available for purchase through the Vita store) but all I get is two costumes for ~£6…?

    Would it be possible to get this fixed? If new content can be listed, surely this issue can be resolved? Thanks

  • So it doesn’t unlock stuff for LBP Vita? That was part of the appeal of having this on Vita for me. Disappointing honestly. =/

    • No, it said from the start it was for LBP3 only.

    • Fairly sure they said way back when this was first announced that it would unlock things in LBP2, LBPK, LBPV and LBP3. Then again, this was before they completely dropped all support for those games.

    • I’m more annoyed by the fact that newly released Sackboy costumes for LBP3 aren’t compatible for Vita.

    • Well there’s that too. I get dropping LBP2 since LBP3 replaces it. But it shouldn’t replace LBPV, which is really relatively new (late 2012) and just got a repackaged version.

  • Also… copy/paste from NA gone wrong:

    “Run Sackboy! Run! is AVAILABLE TOMORROW across PS Vita, iOS and Android. It’s free-to-play, so head on over to PlayStation Store and DOWNLOAD IT TODAY to begin your race across LittleBigPlanet!”

  • I’m glad it’s finally coming to Vita. My phone always freezes up on this game.

  • Are there trophies? Can I transfer my progress from the Android version?

    • There will be trophies, it’s mandatory.

      Saves will not carry over though as it’s local data on two different systems, same as Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake.

  • This is really cool. This is a fun game, looking forward to playing this on the OLED. I just wish some more smartphone games could be ported to Vita. I would love to play games like GTA, Dead Space and Mass Effect Infiltrator with some proper controls.

    • No, the last thing Vita needs is more damn ports. It’s bad enough we don’t even have a native LEGO game. They’re all ported from the inferior 3DS versions.

  • Can we have a new proper lbp now?, you’ve got all the mechanics and costumes already made so just need to make a new story with a some enhancements

  • I need help. The europe store and doesnt have RSBR! Checked and clicked the link, no help. The search doesnt show the Game and When I click the link it says the address! Help please as I would like to play this game and will raffle my code for the T shirt since I already got one!

  • Oh, OK. Nice to see someone giving feedback, Thanks :) By the way can you perhaps help with a little problem. It is concerning my Tag DLC. It says unavailable, and when I click view more It says I already own it?! I forwarded this to support. Havent heard a thing yet :/

    • DLC is still being worked on at the moment. Don’t buy any content you already own on other systems.

      It’s all slowly becoming available again as it’s a Store issue, not a game one.

  • Hey Steven,

    This should come with a warning. The level of addiction this game possesses is bloody ridiculous. I have killed my phone battery quite a few times.

    I am wondering if you can help me. I collect the little sackboy keychains and recently saw there was a bloodborne variant. Any idea where I can buy one?

  • I’m hoping this will be available in Switzerland.

    The Mobile app on android was never available in Switzerland :(


  • Why would you create this for Vita and make it touch only? PlayStation Vita has BUTTONS, which is why it’s a much better mobile gaming platforming then smartphones, but you are forced to use only the touchscreen *sigh*

    Please update the game, so it gets support for buttons.

    • Seconded. I’ve been playing it for a while now and the touch controls suck. You can’t have touch controls in a game that wants you to have precision. It’s not reliable. Buttons would eliminate this problem. But eh, they don’t care.

    • There’s an option in the settings to use the Rear Touch Pad. It’s an improvement, but I’d still prefer buttons.

  • PSN Sign in and Facebook posting features don’t work.

  • So, Steven Isbell, when is SCEE going to solve this issue with LittleBigPlanet VITA DLC? I bought a scam of 24,99€ of Season Pass that advertised I would get the levels, but I got none!
    Are you really going to tell someone at the higher floors that this problem is there since months, or you keep silence because you know there’s an issue but REFUSE to fix it? I’m not the only one that complain, you should go around some forums. Should I link one here? Here!

    So now you can see there’s really an issue. So please, stop ignoring us! USA Store got the DLCs back, but EU still nothing. I will keep going on complaining till you fix this issue. LBP it’s a top-selling Sony IP, and this shows how little care for both customers and the game!

    One of the employer at Sony Call-center even told me that “contents are not availabe everywhere”. Too bad that once upon a time, it was there!

    It’s unbelievable that I really want to 100% this game, even by buying more stuff, but you won’t give me what I want (or… what I need)!

    Ok, let’s see now what will happen!

  • Sweet, gotta love Sackboy. :) Thanks a lot for this!

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