PlayStation Plus in April: Dishonored, Killzone Mercenary, Never Alone, more

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PlayStation Plus in April: Dishonored, Killzone Mercenary, Never Alone, more

Tower of Guns, Aaru’s Awakening, MonsterBag also join the service this month

Spring is officially here but that doesn’t mean it’s time to put down your controller and head outside! We’ve got some great titles coming your way courtesy of PlayStation Plus this April, so make sure you download them before they vanish quicker than an Easter egg!

New on PlayStation 4:

First up this month on PS4 is yet another day one title for PS Plus! Tower of Guns is an old-school rogue-like first person shooter with randomised levels and enemies. It’s a pure FPS experience for players who just want to grab a big gun, shoot stuff and battle gigantic bosses. No stupid NPCs to get in the way, no ridiculous story to explain your motivations. You’re the good guy, they’re the bad guys. If you get to the end, you win.

Next up, developed in partnership with the Alaska Native community, Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna) is an atmospheric puzzle platformer that explores the harsh and dynamic world of Alaska Native stories. You will explore awe-inspiring environments, perform heroic deeds, and meet legendary characters. Take on the roles of both Nuna and Fox as you explore the fascinating, frigid and potentially deadly world of the Iñupiat people.

And don’t miss Aaru’s Awakening – a stylish hand-drawn, fast-paced 2D action platformer, that’s also available on PS3. The game puts players in charge of Aaru, a mythical creature with two unique abilities; teleportation and charging. He uses these abilities as he travels through the dangerous world of Lumenox to defeat an evil entity. These two abilities are at the heart of every level design throughout the game, to make for a challenging and fluid experience.

New on PlayStation 3:

We’ve a real treat for PS3 owners this month – a game that IGN rated 9.2/10, and a must-play for any discerning gamer. Dishonored is a stealth action adventure set in the fictional, plague-ridden industrial city of Dunwall. The game follows the story of Corvo Attano, bodyguard to the Empress of the Isles, who is framed for her murder and forced to become an assassin, seeking revenge on those who conspired against him.

New on PS Vita:

From the talented team at Guerilla Cambridge comes the ultimate in portable FPS action, Killzone Mercenary. You are thrown into a deadly firefight where you not only fight alongside the dangerous ISA, but also shoulder to shoulder with the vicious Helghast. There is no good. There is no evil. There is only the mission… and the money.

Finally this month, make sure you pick up MonsterBag. This tricky little title is all about puzzles and platforms as you try and guide a little backpack-shaped monster on a stealthy adventure in an attempt to reach his friend Nia. MonsterBag may look cute and funny but there’s a dark side also await…

In summary

Leaving PS Plus:
8h April: Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty
8th April: Valiant Hearts
8th April: Papo and Yo
8th April: Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishments
8th April: OlliOlli2 Welcome to Olliwood
8th April: CounterSpy

Entering PS Plus:
8th April: Tower of Guns (PS4/PS3)
8th April: Never Alone (PS4)
8th April: Dishonored (PS3)
8th April: Aaru’s Awakening (PS4/PS3)
8th April: Killzone Mercenary (PS Vita)
8th April: MonsterBag (PS Vita)

Don’t miss out! Make sure to add any of the games scheduled to leave the service to your download list now to ensure you get to play them!

Not a PlayStation Plus member? Then join today from just £5.49/€6.99 p/m. To find out more visit our PlayStation Plus site.

Remember, if you’ve not got access to your PS4, PS3 or PS Vita then you can also buy through our online store.

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  • As i always writed: ”Nice ganmes for PS Plus in April” in my Birthday list, I will pick up MonsterBag for PS Vita this week! :D

    • (Games)

    • (wrote)

    • Sorry to hijack but why do we Europeans have to wait until the 8th of April? I am pretty sure that if the US store were to be updated on wednesdays and EU store were to be updated on tuesdays, than surely the US store would have the games this wednesday and would not wait for the EU store at all. But noooooo, the world revolves around USA and we have to wait until they get their games. Because God Forbid a soccer mom from Arkansas calls Sony HQ USA and complains them that her 8 year old kid got owned on COD:AW by an 7 year old kid and cried. After so much crying and anger he later wants to try the new free games in Plus but to his surprise the US store does not have the games although the EU store has them and he goes on a rampage killing his classmates with his step father’s assault rifle which is in an unclocked box under his bed. And US department of justice(!) fines Sony US for $20M in damages to the families of the victims. God Forbid!

    • @iARDAs That’s a very detailed story you have there… Unfortunately it’s quite likely in ‘Murica. But in all seriousness: Sony is a Japanese company with it’s largest user base in Europe so your point is 100% valid.

    • Indeed iARDAs and Njitram2000, indeed.

      This regional discrimination has to end.

      Just launch the games WW at the same time.

    • Lol at iARDAs and I 100% agree with what you were trying to get across here (although I sure hope that first and last letter in your username aren’t meant to support a specific group of people). The US gets so many advantages over us Europeans already, but God forbid that the Americans get their Plus Update 6 days later…no problem just let the Europeans wait cause they’ll swallow everything and even have a group of devoted fans on the blog to defend them…unbelievable! What about the other 10 or 11 months of the year when the US gets their update 1 day earlier than us? Can’t we just add those up and then have them wait for 6 days on Europe when the first Wednesday happens to coincide with the first of the month? Serious, I know this isn’t a big deal but it just adds up to all the other stuff Sony is putting us Europeans up with.

    • iARDAs: EU gets PS+ on the first Wednesday that is after the 1st of the month. It’s always been like that. Deal with it.

    • @kosigan. Sorry I am not a sheep so I will protest whenever I see a wrong pattern.

    • Wow took the Sony defense force long enough this time. Now can you please point out where it was stated that it should be that way? Because I have a quote for you from the author of this very thread from the June 2014 PS Plus Update that states something completely different from what you’re saying:

      “Since we’ve seen how excited many of you are to download Instant Game Collection titles as soon as they’re available, we’ve decided to adjust the length of time each title will be available. Starting in July, every title in the Instant Game Collection will be available the first Wednesday of the month, and will be free for that month, until the first Wednesday of the following month.”

      Don’t like people that complain when they don’t get what they were promised? Deal with it.

    • ( I [aɪ] )

  • Backlog month for me.

    • Dito, but I’m running out of games to play, and fast! As Spring is officially here, maybe it’s time to put down my controller and head outside!

    • It’s really sad that this is pretty much the last big Vita game to give away. Nobody is making them.
      The Vita is now worse than a Nintendo home console. At least Nintendo makes games for the Wii U.

    • p.s this moderation queue thing is garbage. blocking free speech on a blog is very questionable.

    • Correct. It’s not legal in many territories unless Sony states that this page is for advertising purposes.

    • @Shrina – Wii U’s got Xenoblade, Zelda and Starfox in bound, plus whatever Retro Studios is doing.

      Of course it’s low on games, but if like me you like all of the AAA Nintendo stuff and a few other bits, it’s enough to justify having the system.

  • WOW… *Claps Slowly* well done Sony, well done. brilliant month.

  • I’m not usually one to moan but… i will! I think it’s about time Killzone Shadow Fall was up on here, you can pick it up for peanuts in store but would be a nice gesture to people who were disappointed with it failing to match the hype. Not that it was a bad game, it was just a ‘good’ game, nothing amazing.

    • I really hope that’s never gonna happen.
      Basically every PS4 owner has or had Killzone SF and if not they can buy it for a few euros. Why would you want a cheap, valueless game for PS+ what you could buy for nothing?(Killzone SF is a good game, but it’s a launch title, everyone has it and it worths nothing)
      A Never Alone is hundred times better for PS+. It’s a digital title so you only can buy it on Store, its price is constant, and most of the PS4 owners wouldn’t buy it on their own, but maybe would like to play it.

    • Not shadowfail such a disappointment terrible game it made me instantly regret buying a ps4.

    • The indie games are cheap too and you can buy them if you want. Its time the ps4 offering improved and balances out. You say every ps4 owner has shadow fall, I know I don’t and I bet a lot don’t, and I’m a hell of a lot more likely to play shadowfall than never alone.

    • Already plat KZ:SF, like KZ:M, great game.

      So no, for me fill the slot with another game. Same as Knack, bought it for almost 18€ intend to play it and plat it.

      This is not for you but there’s a few hypocrites out there who badmouth PS exclusives at every turn but at the same time want them on PS+ to play them, especially the games I mentioned.

      Wait for a sale and pick the games up if you want to play them, if not buy them at their regular price or pass…like every other game.

    • @residentSteve lol

      KZ:SF is better than annualised regurgitated crap like COD and BF (main or Hardline/spinoffs).
      It doesn’t rely on noobish aim assist, it plays smoothly and has great IQ.
      Wolfenstein and Alien: Isolation are other good FPS’s.

      SP is ok a bit worse than KZ:2 and KZ:M, but not bad. Love Echo, the animations and lip sync are awesome. A lot of people were put off by the freefall sections. It takes a few tries(2-5) to get used to the feel of the controls in them but when you do they pose no further problems. They make a nice change of pace from all the shooting. The feeling of passing through Fallen City 1st time is great. These sections are not bad simply because people may get stuck in them. If they get stuck in them and rage, they suck (lol), it isn’t a problem with game design or the controls. They are adequate for those sections. Also, who the hell gets lost in this game!? It isn’t non-linear at all! Barring the 2nd chapter, and even there everything is properly marked, the game is a typical FPS, the likes of the former Killzones. People (including the casual gaming “journalists” trash) are just used to the typical ultra-linear corridorish FPS’s (annual trash) so when a few levels break a bit apart from the mold, they whine. LOL
      The story…had no problems figuring out what was happening, WHEN was happening. It was a self-contained story but set up an eventual sequel (with Echo/other Helghast. It’s an idea after seeing all the comic book collectibles). The characters were believable. Loved the epilogue.

      MP is great fun but obviously if you play alone you’ll suffer. Teaming up/clan is the way to go. KZ veterans were annoyed the “heavy feel” was reduced. It’s true, the game is faster paced than KZ:2. But the identity of KZ, the Classes and their abilties is there. With a few changes but it is.

      This game and a few others suffered from the stigma of launch game. People always set their expectations in the sky at the start of every generation and when a regular good launch game comes by they trash it because it doesn’t reinvent the wheel. Their fault, not the games.

    • I’m not the biggest fps fan to be honest shapeshifter Dan I didn’t like killzone 2 but really enjoyed killzone 3 and hoped shadowfail would be the same I never did finish it.
      I just found the game really dull and some of the stuff you had to do unclear the text was another issue it was to small to read.

    • @residentSteve

      Just because you bought a game you didnt like which you ‘instantly’ regret buying a PS4 is just like saying that it’s your feets fault for buying shoes you dont like.

    • What incognito smoker? why would your feet buy shoes what are you smoking? Get it lol.

    • What i meant was, what you just said is like saying you’d instantly regret having feet because you bought shoes you don’t like… Analogy, get it ?

  • “I am sceptical of your claims, sir” – hippo.

  • any chance of seeing a discount on the killzone mercs dlc seeing as it’s on ps+ now?

  • Feel a little bit of regret for already buying Never Alone. Should have probably waited for this free version :(

    • It happens to everyone, I bought Transistor on sale and then a week later it was announced for PS plus

    • Same here and I still don’t regret buying it either :)

    • Don’t regret it, Never Alone is well worth owning.

    • I bought Far Cry 4 a couple of weeks ago for £54.99. Before it had even fully downloaded onto my PS4, it was in the Easter Sale for £31.49. So annoying, but you just have to shrug it off.

      It’s always great when a game you almost bought comes to Plus, I was so close to getting Never Alone. Looking forward to playing it.

    • Was in your place for First Light. Friend told me if you ever see a game that low just wait you may get lucky.

  • I’m so glad I kept holding off buying Killzone Mercenary, it seems my patience has been rewarded.

  • Well…what to say. #killzonemercenary is a super game but I already got it and I don’t think I could be any more excited about #monsterbag. #killzonemercenary is the best #fps on vita so i dont think any vita owner didnt have it already. Thankfully my subscription expired and I was in no mood to extend it. This list gave me the reason I was seeking. I don’t have my #ps4 with me so only #psvita games were in my attention. I wud better buy some titles in summer sale.

    • #Thanks for sharing your #opinion.

      I haven’t played #killzonemercenary on #psvita yet, so I think I’m going to #buy it. Thanks for the #recommendation. :D

    • Not everybody cares about shooters. In particular, I doubt many Vita owners who picked up a console in the last couple of years did so for the slim range of them available on it.

      Still, I picked KZ:M up in the sale a while ago and really enjoyed it. Campaign was short but it was punchy, fun to play and at least it didn’t outstay it’s welcome.

  • Killzone Mercenary :-)

    Does it also work on Playstation TV? I Would like to play it on the big screen too.

  • 4 out of 6 ganes

    • Fail…. Meant to say “4 out of 6 games I don’t already own. Rather than 6 out of 6. Less of an impact on my backlog/collection too ;)”

  • A good month I would say. But we don’t have Aaru’s Awakening in Sweden. What will we get instead of that title?

    • For some people, they just don’t care though. They would prefer “AAA” nonsense like BF4 or Watch Dogs (2 games I haven’t touched to this day btw) and they wouldn’t consider Never Alone to be a game for “gamers” at all. Thankfully we aren’t all like that. I was planning on grabbing Never Alone in a discount at some point but being able to play it next week is just awesome now :D

    • @andrewsqual unfortunetly you are right…
      Many people only care about to get a boxed title for PS+, they don’t care if it’s a bad game, but just be a boxed game…
      I read once that someone would more like to get Amazing Spiderman 2 than Valiant Hearts or Oddworld: New’n’Tasty just because it’s boxed. I feel sorry for those people.

    • Vh looks rubbish I don’t download games like that.

    • Vh is a great game, it’s a shame u can’t for some reason bring urself to play it and mayb understand something different about gaming

    • Eurogamer give pretty much every indie a perfect score and they bore me. Yeah they may seem pretty and artistic but I’m looking for fun. Valiant hearts has held my attention but 90% of them seem like games I played 20 years ago. I think these must appeal to people of a younger disposition

    • Vh just looks so pointless and silly give me uncharted any day lol.

    • @residentSteve what?
      I mean what?
      It’s a historical game, you can learn a lot from it about the 1. WW. And not just learn, but have fun while doing so. I would put that game in to schools. It would make teens to learn about history.
      And it’s emotional too.
      I literally fought with my tears at the end.

      I don’t think indies are for younger “gamers”… In the contrary, it’s for the older. You really think a indie game could grab a young “gamer’s” attention? When everything’s about the graphics for them?
      I can’t really do anything just be ashamed when I read youtube comments under videos, and they argue about resolution and frame-rates. And they dare to call themself gamers…

    • @adumr82
      It’s hilarious that you think indie games must be aimed at adolescents, and violent shooters at adults. I can assure you the opposite is often true. The people kickstarting awesome 2D platformers that hark back to 8-bit games (like Shovel Knight and Axiom Verge) are more likely to be thirty-somethings like me who played games like that back in the day.

    • Lol misi2mezei I don’t play games to learn things I play games to kill things ww1 is so boring sorry the end of me3 was a bit tearful for me and gears 3 when Dom died.

    • Andrewsqual everyone can have his opinion, but seriously, you cannot compare a simple 2D platformer with a multiplayer shooter with big and destructible maps and 64 players or an open world sandbox game. BF4 and Watchdogs have plenty of flaws, but still, just one friction of those games took more effort to be made than complete Never Alone game.

  • Really interesting selection. Never Alone, Aaru’s and Tower of Guns are all the sort of things that piqued my interest but never enough to pay money for – perfect Plus picks

    It’s all academic of course, I shall be spedning the entirety of April playing Bloodborne

  • I have a suggestion about the video.

    Can it just be in the PSN store in the plus area each month?

    and could you put the hardware i order.. it’s weird to go ps4, ps3, vita, ps4, ps3, vita. why not group together?

  • Not really a good month for me cos I already finished Dishonored and Killzone Mercenary. But they are two games that make this month a good one! Killzone Mercenary is impressive for the Vita this month! Hope to see more of that. Sold both games off long time ago so would be nice to get into them again if I can get the time. Might get round to playing the two PS4 games eventually too. But not for a while as I’m busy with a lot of games right now. Will use next month to tackle my backlog.

  • Good thing I cancelled PS+. It’s my 4th month to get the ‘free games’ and honestly, only Papo & Yo was worth to play for me. I could have saved the money and buy that game directly…

    • Papo & Yo? I really didn’t care for that. There were nice ideas here and there, but it was ugly and didn’t play well… Care to explain why you think it was good?

  • Click on one of the two comments below that corresponds better on how you feel about this ps+ update.
    Please, click only one (and vote one time only), so that the results are representative of our feelings towards it. Thank you.

  • Phew, another month, another collection of triple AAA games….oh wait no, that’s Microsoft this month.
    Tower of guns?! huh?

    • Good thing there’s choice to buy an Xbox or PlayStation console then. Or even both.

      Also, Killzone Mercenary and Dishonored are indeed AAA games, so that forms a collection of AAA games indeed! ;)

    • Seriously…it’s £35 a year, £3 a month and people want AAA games every month. Let’s be realistic here, both Xbox & PS and good and bad months.

      I personally think the Ps Plus offering has been pretty good and I’ve got a fair few games I’ve really enjoyed :)

    • Its actually £40 a year im into my second year on ps4 and the only game i have enjoyed is outlast as i injustice online dont work infamous first light did not appeal to me after being let down by second son ,, I’ve got 2 questions 1 who make sony more money AAA gamers ? or indie gamers, and 2 did you really spend all that money on a next gen console to play indie games?

  • Meh, looks like I’ll be playing borderlands the handsome collection until may, then it be time for the Witcher 3.

  • Killzone Mercs is awesome, better than Shadow Fall. Great month but I’m all about Bloodborne for the foreseeable future!

    • It isn’t better than SF.

      The SP yes, but the MP no way. And I play these games mainly for MP.
      Still KZ:M has a good MP for an handheld device.

  • Great month for Vita!

  • Tower of Guns? What’s this?
    Never Alon, interested.
    Dishonored, too many dlcs.
    Aaru’s Awakening? What’s this?
    Killzone Mercenary, already bought.
    MonsterBag? What’s this?

    Conclusion: dissapointed.

    • No offence, but that’s a ridiculous comment. You’re disappointed when you dont know what half the games are. The original point of PS+ for most people was that, for free, you got to try a bunch of games you’d not normally try and potentially find new favourite games/genres.

      I’m disappointed this month, because it’s a really poor offering compared to Microsoft and Sony have really failed to do anything to make PS+ worthwhile since it became essential for online gaming. Which sucks.

      But all 3 games you said you’ve never heard of, I’ll be downloading and playing. Even if I only get an hours entertainment from them, it justifies my £4 payment. It’s not a great offering by any means, and falls short of Microsoft, but at least we’re getting games that are highly rated (Never Alone) or new, instead of games that are re-releases and sold on sale the previous week.

    • @aimeraya: Maybe do some research on the games you don’t know before writing them off as garbage. Tower of Guns, Monster Bag and Aaru’s Awakening all look awesome.

    • This dishonored DLCs are addons and don’t affect the original game at all.

  • Why the hell do we get indie games for PS3? And another bad month for PS4

  • Only Dishonoured for me this month :) Good line up though

    Already have Never Alone, bought it in the sale. Nice little game, worth a play to anyone who hasn’t!

    Cue the *indie station* / entitled comments regarding the 6 great games :|

  • Is MonsterBag PlayStation TV compatible?

  • Wow… Very nice update!

  • When are you going to stop treating PS4 users with contempt? You should be encouraging PS3 users to upgrade. Oh wait, you don’t have to give us decent games because we have to subscribe to play online. 1.5 retail games in 18 months is a JOKE.

    Never Alone is worth a play for anyone that hasn’t played it but there are enough worthless PS4 games now to be giving us.

  • Yup ps plus is definetly going downhill, fast.

  • It’s only dishonored for me I don’t own ps4 or vita… thinking of buying vita because I own like 20 or more excellent games got from ps plus but I am confused as the future for vita seems very dark

    • Enjoy the 20 games you have for it then. The future is always dark. That’s why it’s the future.

    • Future for Vita isn’t dark. It’s got more games in development than other platform on the market. It’s just not seeing love from Sony due to its poor sales, which is also why big publishers won’t touch it with a 6000ft barge pole. But it’s got plenty of great games out and coming up.

  • Is whoa dave still a bonus game for PS4?

  • Dishonored is the only good thing in April. Cant even give myself the strengh to dowload the loads of indies that no one knows what they are or even care about them.

  • Never Alone and Dishonored are cool, I already have Killzone, Aaru and MonsterBag I’ll have to try first…overall a pretty solid month, thanks!

  • Just llike to say I’ve been with ps plus since day one and it’s by far tthe best subscription service out there. 4 pound a month for totally awesomeness. For all the negative commenters oout there use the 4 ppounds a month on something else aand stop bogging up the blog message boards

  • No reasons for me to renew my Plus membership this month, thanks Sony ;-)

    • Well on PS4 that means no online multiplayer unfortunately. :(

      And on PS3 and PS Vita it’s usually worth it to subscribe to PS+ imo. Unless you’re really picky.

  • Really solid month for me! The only game I already own here is Killzone: Mercenary, and I’m interested in every other game on offer! Awesome! :D

  • First month without a subscription and damn, Dishonored is coming to plus…oh wait, I have platinumed more than 2 years ago.. Somewhat old but still a must play game for anyone who hasn’t had already..As I primarily used to subscribe just for Ps3, I am quite content with this month..Nothing I’m missing.

  • They as in sony are going to have to put there hand in there pockets every 3mths will do AAA,not just at Christmas .Oh before i forget P.S games are same as US last few,how aboat we as in EU ect get the same deals ,flash sales and wait for it PRICE on games ,its time we stopped paying for there store ,which is fact.

    • Every 3 months won’t even cut it. We’ve seen nothing but indies so far. Time for AAA on the regular. That’s the one thing that made the mandatory PLUS for ps4 online gaming more bearable, and so far I’ve only seen indies being shoved down my throath.

  • What about Portugal and Sweden? We have no Aaru’s available at the store. What is the replacement??

  • another [MODERATED] month with PS+ and PS4. Thanks Sony, but Microsoft with XBONE is better this month.

  • I literally just bought killzone mercenary in the sale, if I knew this I would have bought Tearaway instead.

    • I feel you! :'(
      I also bought Tearaway in another sale, and I’m sure that will probably come to Vita next month.

  • 8th April? Is it not Wednesdays anymore?

  • Nice line-up as always. Enjoy it, people.

  • I can’t wait to get home and not download any of this…

    • How come the games are in second Wednesday of the month

    • Cos Americans must always get their games first so we get the day after them

    • If that’s true then Sony have broken the one rule that they still have not broken that ps plus games are first Wednesday of month

    • @ Xtro3000
      Yeah but its pretty clear that they dont give a poop about what EU gamers think, as long as the americans are satisfied, they will change the rule as they like.

  • LOL
    Also today not even one message about PS Home, you know a place where many people bought your virtual stuff and that you closed for no valid reason. But we already know how you feel about players.

  • Another disappointing month of ps+ on ps4, honestly if it wasn’t for battlefield and having to have ps+ to play online I wouldn’t have renewed my sub. I certainly won’t be renewing it in 3 though, not unless the quality of these games improves. I mean seriously isn’t the purpose of ps+ to entice people to want to buy a PlayStation? And surly your priorities should be on ps4 now, they’re remaking nearly every ps3 game for ps4 it seems so why keep putting the better games on ps3? Ps4 should have the better games So it geta people to buy ps4s, seeing as how now we have to have it on ps4 to play online, you don’t need to convince people to get plus, but they do need a reason to buy a ps4. Cause lets face it your whole “greatness awaits” thing has been a massive flop. There’s been one ps4 game that’s stood out as great to me I’m the last year and a half and there’s only one exclusive coming out that I’m even remotely interested in. So seeing as how your games ain’t doing anything ps+ should be a lot better than it currently is. You even let tomb raider become a timed exclusive on Xbox, that’s been on PlayStation from the start and now PlayStation may not even get it. Seriously you need to either sort out your games or make plus better, cause I’m seriously considering selling my ps4 at the moment and buying an Xbox 1 instead. Seriously Sony sort it out

    • 1. Paragraphs
      2. Get a PS Vita

    • That’s what I will do after 3 generations of Playstation… buy an xbox one.
      PS4 users are still waiting for Drive Club PS+ and the studio is hit with layoffs. What is going on? They don’t even tell the truth to the players.

    • 3. Sort your sentence structure out
      4. Improve punctuation

      And now people might actually read your reply. :P

      Sorry for possibly coming over across as a douchy, displeasant person, but I think a wall of text like that is repellent to read for most people.

    • ” I mean seriously isn’t the purpose of ps+ to entice people to want to buy a PlayStation?”


      And “you even let TR become a timed exclusive” lol
      That was M$, CD and SE deal, nothing to do with Sony.
      Those 2 accepted the green putrid cash, take it up to them.
      The door and the way out, you know the deal…


    • agreed! The games are garbage… ps+ used to be worth while now it’s just another way for Sony to take our money.

  • Good to see some love for the PS Vita, about damn time! And I am very interested in Aaru’s Awakening!

    But then again I have to admit that Microsoft has beaten Sony two months in a row with their game line up, come on Sony, you are on the right track!

    • Has there ever been a strategy JRPG in the IGC ??

      I would love to have that for a change.

    • There was Rainbow Moon. That goes in the direction that you are looking for.
      RPGs are overdue though. I haven’t seen any since Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen in September 2013.

    • Rainbow Moon did not appeal to me at all…

      I’m really hoping for something like these games:

      – Final Fantasy Tactics
      – Tactics Ogre; Let Us Cling Together
      – Persona 3 portable
      – Disgaea 3/4

      Even though they are PSP games for the most part, there is nothing wrong with it, if it is a quality game.

  • Never alone is a great wee game
    Dishonoured looks interesting

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