Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines demo goes live tomorrow

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Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines demo goes live tomorrow

Get a taste of the acclaimed PS Vita JRPG this week

Hello everybody! If you haven’t picked up Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines yet, now’s your chance to get a taste of an epic tale of revenge set in ancient Japan, as the demo for PS Vita and PS TV is available today on the PlayStation Store. Also available today, we have additional DLC content for sale! Previously offered only to early purchasers of the full game, now for sale at £0.59 each, you can unlock 2 rare and powerful gods, Tonkararin and Kiri No Mashu to unite with.

Going back to the demo for a minute – all progress made is transferable to the full game, so you’ll be able to continue your journey without losing a step. Oh, and a quick note about game modes – while there is only one mode of difficulty in the demo, you’ll have the option to change it without losing any progress after you upgrade to the full game for £15.99. So for any fanatics out there, the full game offers a game mode where you can immerse yourself with an estimated playthrough time of 100 hours!

Can’t get enough of Oreshika news!? For those thirsting to know more about the game, we caught up with Shoji Masuda, game designer of Oreshika, who shared some exclusive behind-the-scenes stories. Take a look!

As mentioned in the video, Oreshika is set in Japan a thousand years ago where people still believed that there were spirits and demons in the world. This is not everyday Japan by any stretch – it’s a complete fantasy world unique to Japanese culture. Another thing you won’t have much contact with in your everyday life, is the Japanese traditional art form of woodblock prints, known as ukiyo-e, and Japanese-style paintings, which served as inspiration for the distinct game art. We hope players will enjoy an escape-from-the-everyday by delving into the strange and mythical fantasy world that is Oreshika!

Battle Scene_Swipe Winged EnemyDungeon Crawl_Martial Artist Sprint

Now that you’re in-the-know about Oreshika, how’d you like to add some Oreshika flair to your PS Vita home screen? We have two downloadable wallpapers pre-sized for the PS Vita for everyone to enjoy! Access the web browser on your PS Vita and visit here. Follow the instructions, and voilà! You’ll be enjoying your new Oreshika-themed background wallpaper in no time.

That’s it for today! Till next time… Go forth over my dead body…

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  • One demo I will certainly download tomorrow. I hope it’s better than Disgeae 4 (totally didn’t like that one)

    • Better is hard to say, it’s different yes. But if you’re looking for not so..”Shounen” then yeah this is better :) And man it’s one of the most beautiful games ever. The environment designers to this game really needs a great big thank you, so do the character designers and the music side. These 3 things really stand above most I have seen in a few years. The story itself as you push forward is interesting as well, I can’t really say much since I haven’t gotten far. Lack of Time and now Bloodborne has kinda…well killed off everything else :) But hey, a demo is perfect, I really think everyone should try it. It’s a great game to bad it has gotten so little exposure :(

  • Haven’t picked this up yet, will give the demo a go this week. Hope to see more Vita love from Japan Studio in the future. Is there anything else that’s not been localised from them? I can’t think of anything.

    • I’m sure we will. The Vita is enjoying more support in Japan from many Japanese developers.

    • Nope. :(

      Freedom Wars 2 is not in production, and its producer of it just left today. And none of new games were announced. Today was live show on niconico from Studio Japan but it turned out they showed only MonsterBag and some PS2 game (bad game). And it is rather doubtful that we will get anything new for Vita from them :(

      Even Gravity Rush is being ported to PS4 (already got Korean rating)… so if anything Gravity Rush 2 will probably be released on PS4 instead.

      So aye… that’s the end of goodies… at least for now.

    • I’m going to get the demo, too. I was planning on picking the game up, but I haven’t gotten around to it, since I’m in no rush.

  • Wow great news! I really want to buy this game and this demo will surely be appreciated :)

  • Nothing sadly, still waiting for Gravity Rush 2 if it’s PS4/PSV…

  • Retail with Italian translation please.

    • Enough with this crap: it’s a miracle that it’s getting released IN THE WEST. You live in a fantasy world where they owe you something.

  • How about retail? That’s the only problem I have… add retail and you can be sure that me and probably many others will buy this even without demo.

    • I’m one of those.

    • I’m one for retail as well. Certainly for the Vita with those extremely overpriced memorycards – 3 games and it’s full while a retail game is almost the same price as digital download.

    • @Reiza
      It’s not really about price of memory cards… that’s also important.

      But I just don’t like buying digital games on consoles… and not to forget that digital games work slightly worse than retails (not much).

      Some games sold digitally like New Little King’s Story worked really poorly.

      And I’m really fine with paying slightly more for retails.

    • The minimum production costs for retail (meaning a physical product in stores) is humongous for small-scale games like these. Sure, they might sell more if it gets a retail release, but the profit per sold game will SEVERELY suffer from this (first, you have special Vita cards that need to be made, then you got the simple casing and such, and THEN you got the retail store taking up a LARGE part of the income, and any game produced but not sold is a complete loss). In the end, it’s up to the publisher to estimate how many more people would buy it if it was published physically, and see whether the tremendous extra costs for such a release are profitable.

      It’s something to consider before claiming such things. I love retail and am happy some niche games have gotten physical versions (some of the Hyperdimension Neptunia games for example), but I completely understand games like these being digital-only, despite me preferring physical.

  • Anyone that hates buying digital (like me) the Asian English Retail version of this game is out this week. Only problem then is you can’t use any future DLC.

    • PlayAsia said that they contacted their sellers in TW, HK, and SG and all of them said that they don’t know anything about retail version and that it probably got cancelled.

      The release was supposed to be today… as you can see PlayAsia is still not selling it.

    • Correction

      not today buy yesterday (30th of March)

    • I heard the online functions wont work either when the games region does not match your accounts.

    • Ok it became available on Play Asia just today.

      Can anyone tell me about those interent feauters? Is that something which will make me unable to beat whole game?

  • I don’t see any demo listed anywhere on the store? Or hasn’t it gone up yet?


    Greg Miller and Colin Moriarty, formerly of IGN, are leading a campaign for the Freedom Wars sequel. Follow and Retweet the following tweet

    Spread the word, contribute for the greater good! Greg has made bigger games than this happen through the power of social media (Borderlands 2 for example) so we may as well give it a shot. Let Sony know!

    • That’s really fine and dandy but Junichi Yoshizawa just left today :) He no longer works with team that made Freedom Wars.

      But aye I will try to spread the world nevertheless on forum, thx.

  • Should have released the demo BEFORE the game released !!!!

  • Why wont you release the Oreshika and Freedom Wars themes for Vita in NA and EU? Do you hate easy money?

  • Only 16 GBP? I tought it’s gonna be 30 something, but I like this pricing.
    I might end up buying this.
    Just one question. Is there a Japanese voice option?

    • Actually Japanese is the only voice option, there’s no other language dub.

    • Bought this game when it came out, it’s a fantastic time-sink to snuggle up with your Vita and play. Definitely check it out if you enjoy managing your characters across a long campaign, though be prepared for the sadness when they die of old age :(

  • Holy cow it’s a demo. I’m going to keep replaying this like a 8 year old again. Thanks guys.

  • Good news, every game should have a trial version! :)

  • Bought this game when it came out, it’s a fantastic time-sink to snuggle up with your Vita and play. Definitely check it out if you enjoy managing your characters across a long campaign, though be prepared for the sadness when they die of old age :(

  • Oh well… I just risked and oredered it from Play Asia. Now hoping that they will have enough copies for Asia + EU + NA. It seems that it’s running out pretty fast. Earlier this morning it was shipping 2-4 day… now it is pending :/

    And hoping it won’t turn out to be download code in box :/ that would be bad :/

    SCEE you won’t see my money, you can blame only yourself. Keep doing it… let’s see who will lose more.

  • …Still no demo then?

  • Thanks can’t find many video reviews no one seems to be bothered reviewing it so playing for myself will help me decide if yo buy and where is resident evil rev 2 on vita been waiting forever

    • I’ve been playing the demo. Didn’t really know much about this game, plus I haven’t really played any JRPGs before either. I think its really cool, I will definitely get this game at some point in the future.

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