PS4 system update 2.50 features detailed; available today

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PS4 system update 2.50 features detailed; available today

Find out what to expect from the forthcoming “Yukimura” update

Tomorrow PlayStation 4 will get an update to system software version 2.50, codenamed “Yukimura,” which will bring an onslaught of new features: some you’ve been anticipating, many you’ve requested and others that might surprise you.

This update will make significant improvements to your PS4 experience, making it even more streamlined and enjoyable. Following the update, you’ll be able to smoothly pick games up right where you left off, find and connect with friends quicker, customise your experience and share your most epic moments in a more meaningful way.

PlayStation 4 v2.50 update

Features coming to PS4 with “Yukimura” include:

  •  Suspend/Resume: Supported by nearly all of your PS4 games, you can jump in and out of your games with just the press of the PS button.  Quickly switch from Rest Mode to powered-up so you can pick up where you left off.
  •  Back-up and restore HDD to USB: Back-up and restore your hard disc drive data associated with users on your PS4, including settings, saved data, screenshots and video clips as well as games, patches and download data, to and from an external USB drive.
  •  Find and connect with friends: “Yukimura” adds to an already robust set of social tools, bringing several updates to continue making PS4 the best place to play with your friends, including:
    •  Facebook friend finder – Using your linked account, you can expand your network by searching and connecting with your Facebook friends.
    •  Improved friend requests – Friend requests and Real Name requests can be sent together in one step when adding a friend on PS4.
    •  Streamlined Party process – The process to create a Party has been streamlined with a reduction in the number of steps required.
    •  Find friends who play your games – Easily view what friends are playing on each game detail page with a real-time “Friends Who Play This” section, which also highlights which friends are currently online and playing it, and allows you to jump directly into the game.
    •  Join Friends directly from news feed – A new tile will be added on your What’s New feed where you can see what your friends are currently playing, enabling you to join in the game if you own it.
  •  Share earned trophies and optimise your trophy list: We know that Trophies are important to many gamers, so we’re bringing more control with how you show them off:
    •  Automatic Trophy screenshots – A screenshot will automatically be captured when a Trophy is earned, preserving the moment to share with friends.
    •  SHARE Trophies – Players can share Trophy information to Facebook, Twitter or via Message by pressing the SHARE button.
    •  Additional Trophy sorting options – Sort your Trophy list by Earned Date, Not Earned and Grade.
    •  Delete 0% Trophies – Remove games from your Trophy list that have zero percent completion.
  •  Improved and expanded accessibility options: New options added to customise the user experience include:
    •  Customised button assignments for DUALSHOCK 4.
    •  Zoom for displayed pictures and inverted colors for all system functions, apps and in-game.
    •  Text-to-speech for all graphical user interface, including Message and Party.
    •  Enlarged text for all graphical user interface, including Message and Party, as well as the system’s browser.
    •  Bolder fonts and higher contrast UI for all system applications (but will not apply to games or third-party applications).
  • Remote Play and Share Play: For games that support 60 fps, users will be able to automatically enjoy those games with 60fps for both Remote Play and Share Play* on supported devices.
  • Automatic installation for system software updates: Enable automatic installation for future system software updates.
  • Sub-account upgrade: Enable users 18 years of age or older with sub-accounts to upgrade to a master account directly on PS4, removing restrictions on chat and enabling users to add funds to their Wallet, purchase content and more.
  • Verified Accounts: Select game developers, producers, designers and community managers will be verified with a badge.
  • Dailymotion: Upload video clips directly to Dailymotion via the SHARE button.

PlayStation Vita and PlayStation App for smartphones and tablets will also receive system software updates tonight, adding complementary features to those added to PS4. PS Vita update version 3.50 and PlayStation App update version 2.50 will add new accessibility options, including enlarged text, increased contrast and more. This update also enables PS Vita to support 60fps streaming for Remote Play.

We’re excited for you to get your hands on these new features and experience them for yourselves. You have all been such a big part of our successes, and we have carefully listened to your requests to make your PlayStation experiences even better. We’re happy to be delivering many of them with “Yukimura.” Please keep the feedback flowing, so we can continue making PlayStation 4 the best place to play.

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  • Hell yeah for deleting 0% trophylists!

    Also, it is possible for you guys to add a function so we can disable to the whole “People you may know” feature? It’s freaking annoying.

    • I agree with this. that thing isn’t needed and is just using up room. at least give us the option of displaying it instead of forcing stuff like this on us :/

      Also needed is: Favorites coming online notifications
      Appearing offline
      Re-design the library it’s a damn mess
      instead of having the library at the end put it at the beginning beside whats new
      Video Playback
      Option to turn the dualshock light completely off

      oh and while you’re at it fix SCEE as a whole

    • @Roxas i agree with all of those, especially the appear offline and turning off the light bar (such a battery drainer that i just keep the usb hooked up to the controller all the time now)

    • @Roxas:
      I hope they don’t listen to your library suggestion. I never use it (as you already state: it’s a mess anyway) and don’t plan on doing so. I’m really, really glad it’s all the way at the end! Instead, give us the option to make folders. Why would one even need the library then anyway?

    • Yeah, even despite having all my privacy options as strict as possible, people can still see me in ‘people you may know’ and I get messages from random weirdos all the time.

    • @Roxas598 No to the library option, it is far better at the end of the list out of the way.

      @AshesArise Turning off the controllers light will only increase battery life by less than an hour. The touch pad is the big drain on the battery.

    • if they’re gonna keep it the way it is I think moving the library title to the start would be better. it would just be to the left of were you start rather than all the way at the end. but each to their own i guess.

      I also saw a screenshot going around on gaf showing that sony moved the store icon to the left of the whats new icon on the main bar so they can move stuff there.

    • Yeah I’ve seen those screenshots too, not happy about it. The status bar looks bland without the Store icon, and the main list becomes even more cluttered. I think it was better the way it was, with system services (Store/Friends/Settings) along the top, and games/apps in the main row.
      We wanted to be able to remove icons from that line (The Playroom, Music Unlimited etc.), not add to it! I suppose on the bright side, at least we don’t have indelible SingStar spam on PS4 like we had on on PS3. Yet.

      I appreciate the work they’ve done, but nevertheless there’s pretty much nothing in this update for me. I suppose deleting 0% trophies is nice, and I may use Suspend/Resume occasionally. STILL waiting for that one essential feature though, USB Video playback. Having to switch over to the PS3/Xbone all the time solely for that functionality is such a hassle. First world problem #1.

    • We should be able to delete all games from our trophylist if we want. I’ve some games with 1% completion…

    • “Delete 0% Trophies – Remove games from your Trophy list that have zero percent completion.” Useless… Make it then at least for games with less then 5% since most games give a already a trophy for pressing start or new game.

    • And where are the good PS3 Rpg’s for PS4?? PS Now only has one and NA only -_- . I coldplay easily spend 500 bucks in PS3 RPG gases for Ps4 butacas tiene is NONE.

    • Could pay *

    • Chances are you’ve played the game enough to get 1% trophy which means it can’t be deleted :( Why the percentage limitation? Being able to delete earned trophies would be nice too, there are some that are a lot of fun to earn, be nice to be able to earn them again.

  • backup and restore!!!!!
    customizable folders for the xmb, and dlna next?
    but seriously, thank you for backup and restore option. maybe now i can upgrade my hdd :)

    • Be careful!

      It may not let you ‘restore’ to a different hard drive than the one you backed up from. I had this issue on PS3!

    • What the HELL are you talking about, Bovrillor? You’re supposed to upgrade your HDD with that option!

    • Bovrillor – I always used “Backup and Restore” on my PS3 to upgrade the HDD and never had an issue.

    • Bovrillor – I always used “Backup and Restore” on my PS3 to upgrade the HDD and never had an issue.

    • Wow, way to get cranky about someone trying to be helpful.

      I’m well aware of what the function is *supposed* to do… but it doesn’t always work. The second time I used the feature, it failed to restore to the new drive (after 3 hours of data transfer, it spat out a generic error message and erased the backup data)

      Yes it can work, but it can also fail. Make sure you’ve got backups of saved data etc.

    • The #1 reason to back up is so if something happens to your hard drive (or whole console for that matter) you can restore to a new one – so I would sure hope restoring to a different HDD works…it worked for me when I switched out my PS3’s for a bigger one – it worked as good as Mac’s Time Machine – it was exactly like when I shut it down from the old hard drive.

    • I Agree with Bovrillor. I had allot of issues when i upgraded my PS3 Hdd from 320Gb to 2Tb.
      It was taking around 24 hours to backup and the restore did not work so I just uploaded all my saves to PS+ and downloaded again the saves and games i bought after that.

    • Some of these i need on the PS3 :))
      Automatic Trophy screenshots

  • Great improvements :)

    Now for PS1/2 classics please :)

    • Agreed!!!

    • I also agree! Realise i’m late to this post but I’m not buying anything from Playstation Now, but i’ll continue to buy PS2/PS1 games on the store if we get a regular emulator like PS3 (Please?!)

  • What about PSTV? Will that get an update, so that “Remote Play” works at 60FPS?

  • ‘Yukimura’ has shown up sooner than I expected. Will post feedback after updating tomorrow.

    • Carried out the update smoothly, and no problems in the installation process.

      I’m not really into the social features or trophy fanaticism, but OK, they seem reasonable for a vast majority.

      Suspend/resume is the feature I was looking forward to the most. After updating the PS4, I played FIFA 15.

      The scenario was: an easy pass from Van Persie to Wayne Rooney, for a shot from outside the box. I took the shot, tried to add some finesse to it. I then paused the game as the ball was half way to the goal. I put the console in rest mode. I went downstairs, made a sandwich (I’m now out of ham and cheese), then went back upstairs to carry on playing.

      Switched the console back on, resumed FIFA 15. Rooney’s shot was just wide of the post, but the pause/resume feature worked.

  • Means i’ll be waiting a few days without updating so that other people test the update for me before I risk installing it..
    Not that there’s anything to play on it anyway..

  • Quick question regarding the customised button assignments on the DS4. Will the change button assignments carry over to the Vita in remote play?

    • I thought this would be a given, but unfortunately I tried it this morning and apparently it’s not the case.

      Maybe in a future patch you guy can add this, John Booth?

  • Please can you consider expanding the trophy percentage to 5-10%, some games give you trophies in tutorials and you sometimes end up not liking the game anyway and its stuck in your trophy list, it would be nice to delete any game that is between 0 and 10%

    • I 100% agree. There is a few games I’ve got a couple of trophies for that I have either sold or not going to play again. I’m sure this would be a popular request.

    • Probably not going to happen since it would disrupt the rarity values and PSN score

    • I’d rather want 0% trophy deletion on PS3 and Vita, too.

    • I agree!!!
      At least give us the options to hide trophies on PS4 as well. Although PS3 has this option, it would work a ton better on PS4. Synching trophies on PS3 takes ages…!

    • For the moment you can only delete 0% Trophies. There is a way to hide Trophies on a per game basis. Take a look at the link below:

    • @paveman You can hide your trophies on the PS4 as well, the function can be found in the privacy section and it works better than the PS3 option.

      Also erasing games with only 1-10% completion would cause all sorts of issues with the data collected on the servers so it will never happen. Those games with low percentage are a little annoying but they are hardly a major issue or a deal breaker. I enjoy collecting trophies but i do realise that its only a side show, there is way more to gaming than trophy scores.

    • @John/TVR: thanks! It would feel more logical to me to have this option @ the trophy section, but hey: can’t complain as the option is there and works better than on PS3 (at least I’m guessing it does)..!

    • Hopefully this is just the first step. In the end we would like to delete any game from our Trophy list regardless the percentage. Sometimes you’ll earn a Trophy for just playing the first level :-/ And since Microsoft’s Xbox and Apple’s Game Center can do it, I’m sure this just the first step.

    • Deleting trophies with 0% needs to be on PS3 as well so we can delete SingStar trophies that a lot of PS3ers didn’t want in the first place but recieved when SingStar was added to everyone’s PS3 in an update.

  • Will we have a detailed post like this one about the new/removed features the PS Vita 3.50 firmware will bring tomorrow ?

    • REALLY wish they’d add control remapping to Remote Play as well. Some games are just unplayable (like Geometry Wars 3, for example) and Sony forces stupid restrictions on developers making custom remote play schemes.

    • Sony? Can we get a response to this please? It would be nice to know what’s actually happening with Vita.

  • Also an option for friends online (and to those with many many friends, have this feature be one we can toggle on and off)

  • Please allow us to change our PSN IDs in the next big firmware update.

    • /\ THIS

    • They have addressed why you aren’t able to do that at the moment. Their response was to protect the community against the toxic members. Don’t ask me why that is a good reason, I read it on IGN after they had interviewed someone from Sony about it.
      So I doubt we will such a feature on PSN for some time.
      They could do like Steam, that you have 1 unchangeable ID (Login ID) and one that is displayed. Maybe also have the Login ID displayed on the profile, or some other way.

    • If they do allow that, it’ll end up like Steam with people changing their names on a daily basis to absolutely inane things. No thanks.

    • I’m fairly certain that name changing doesn’t require a firmware update on any system made by any company, as long as they offer account management through a website.

    • But again, a solution like the one used in Japan for PS3 would be great.

    • The ‘Toxic Users’ argument doesn’t really stand up now that Plus is mandatory for most users (i.e. banning is a greater threat)

      They could make it a one-off deal, or charge a fee.

      I wouldn’t want to see MSN/Steam-style daily name changes, but giving long-time users the chance to revise their name as they mature is a basic request to say the least. Especially now they have the sub->master upgrade in place.

      Sounds more like laziness from the network infrastructure team than anything else to me.

    • I’m curious as to what this Japan solution you mention was?

    • This feature is something I’ve been waiting for for a long time, just look at my ID, people think I’m 15, im 27! :(

  • How about having uncompressed screenshots in PNG format?

    • Theres no such thing as uncompressed PNG, PNG is compression format by itself and you can only set level of compression. If you wan fully uncompressed format you want save in bitmap (BMP) format

    • I want gif file directly into 4chan

  • Still can’t play/upload music from a CD.

    • The USB music player works fine, I bought a 32gb & I’ve not had a problem with my music on the PS4!

    • I also have a dedicated mp3 USB player for PS4, but my PS3 can play mp3s AND videos OFF HDD! PS3’s old slogan of “It only does everything” actually makes PS4 look like it’s gone backwards. It was a multimedia and gaming machine, unlike PS4 which is just an advanced yet barebones gaming console. A next-gen 2015 console is still less useful than some outdated 2007 hardware, it’s ridiculous.

    • It can’t play vinyl either :'(

  • Oh, can we have an option to remove the “people you may know” header on the friends list. It gets on my t*ts. Lol

    • Whoops, sorry; someone else already posted about this.

    • I know what you mean. Since my friends list is quite small, I keep getting the same people all the time. Remove it Sony, remove it! (Or Give us the option to anyway)

  • When will the feature for you to be able to see people coming online or offline be added like happened on the ps3? Could add it as an optional feature in notifications settings if needs be but it’s something that’s useful as I’d like to know who’s on at any point for something like GTA Online.

  • Great – I expect v2.01 to be released early next week then :)

  • But really great with suspend/resume – finally :)

    Hopefully custom folders will be in a update in the near future…

  • Looking forward to getting ride of some of the 0% trophy list :)
    Wish I could get ride of 1 % also.

  • Big step in the right direction (although you’ve promised some options to be on the device wayyy before launch = about time…!), but not quite there yet. I still feel my PS3 has more options and is better in use than my PS4. Cheers on the trophy deletion option, but where’s the option to hide trophy sets (like the PS3 has)?
    Pls let us make folders… just like… on PS3. It’s way more userfriendly, certainly if you have quite a lot of games.

    Of course, the main thing in this update is the suspend/resume option. I’m really glad we’re finally able to use this option! Just hope it’ll work on most, if not all, games and not just be a fun gimmick like SharePlay (sounds fun, often doesn’t work due to overprotective developers – not even when both players own the game…!!).

    Back-up/restore: I was so surprised this wasn’t there from the start.. Seemed like such a logical and normal option to have…?

    The rest of the features: I hope some of the other users will appreciate them. Somehow I think most of them will rather be annoying than helpful to me….

  • Nice updates! Off topic but will the PSTV be receiving any updates in the near future?
    Very tempted to get one but from what I’ve read it doesn’t seem to have reached it’s full potential just yet.

    • I have one, and for me the remote play function is what I use it for the majority of the time; I have a family and having the option to play the PS4 in a different room is great. Saves on many an argument! :-)

      The ability to play PSP games on the TV is good, I’m currently playing through Y’s 7. Which is cool.

      But actual VITA compatibility is grim…

    • Thanks for the reply. I’m completely with you on the remote play as that’s the main reason I’d use it, although I’ve heard the connection is a bit sketchy—are you using it wired?

    • Yeah, over Ethernet. It still has a bit of a “Speed Wobble” from time to time though. The lag is the biggest issue. If you’re playing games that require quick reflex/button presses, then there are issues.

      Driveclub is ok until you start driving the faster cars, then the lag is a huge issue as you need to react more quickly. Shadow of Mordor is pretty bad as it requires you to press the triangle button to counter attack… you can do it, but you have to preempt the button prompt. If that makes sense? Lol

      Are there any games in particular that you play? I can let you know what the game is like via remote play on PSTV. I have a few games. :-)

    • Ha, preempting a button prompt! Currently playing GTA and Dying Light but thinking of getting Borderlands which would need quick button responses really. Just reading some reviews on a certain shopping site and most look pretty positive, I think it will just come down to having a good connection.

    • To be honest, I don’t regret purchasing the PSTV at all, as it does exactly what I want it to do (and hopefully will improve in the future in regards to VITA compatibility). Plus with this update, Remote play is capable of supporting 60FPS so I’m hoping that will mean some improvements to the lag. Maybe.

      Genearlly, I use remote play most of the time, becasue my 5 year old is hogging the gaming TV playing Minecraft! Lol.

      You can get the PSTV for a really good price now too.

    • Thanks for the advice. Looks like I can return it if I’m not happy so I think I’ll order one now! Let’s hope they’ll give it some updates too….

  • Will you guys ever add 0% trophy deletion to PS3 and Vita, too? Since most useless trophies came from there.

    • You’ll have to upgrade to PS4. ;)

    • Really “useful” reply…

    • You can delete the trophies through the playstation app on your phone if not.
      with the new update

    • Like i have a phone that supports “apps”… the “best” i currently have is a Nokia N97 and i don’t even really use that much anyway. My sister has a S3 but asking her to use it for gaming-related stuff is like trying to use diplomacy with ISIL lol.

  • Great update, some very useful features.

    Now all i need is DLNA and i think i will be set :)

  • I’m assuming that you’ll be able to delete PS3/Vita games with 0% trophies, but this will have to be done from a PS4, is that correct?

    • Hi. You can use your PS4 or PS App to delete any 0% Trophies from PSN. However, Trophy Data local to your PS3 and PS Vita will not be deleted.

    • @John – does that mean that if you deleted a 0% game (PS3 say) from PSN, and then synchronized from that PS3 would it then return on PSN? Or if the server is then told to ignore that trophy list, what happens if you then earn a trophy? Would it be unsyncable?

    • That doesn’t make much sense. Hopefully you have put a delete flag that once we synchronize the trophies removes them locally as well. Also another couple of things: why not a web option? And please, allow to delete at list the trophies with less than 5%. I don’t want to have the shame of COD showing up in my played list forever just because I started it by mistake with my account. :p

    • Delete any trophy % any time no matter what % do you have in your games shall be a success

    • Hey Highflyer, a good question which will need a little explanation.

      If you delete 0% trophies from PS4, local Trophy Data and PSN data will be deleted.

      If you synch your PS3 Trophies that contain the same Trophy Data (e.g. Cross-Buy title The Swapper) after this, the same 0% Trophy will not synch with the network until some change to your Trophy list occurs (i,e. you win a Trophy at which point it won’t be a 0% Trophy anymore!).

      Hope that helps. :)

    • Maybe you guys should release the same feature on PS3 and Vita too, John.

      We don’t want to delete our 0% lists just because we’re abandoning our “obsolete” systems.

  • Very nice! Any chance of getting friend notifications when a user is signing on/off? Perhaps as a notification preference allowing users to turn it on or off depending if they like the feature?

  • Still missing DLNA Media Server Support :(

  • when will we get PS1 and PS2 emulation ? PS4 can easily emulate those consoles so give us that feature. also DLNA and video player are needed.

    • THIS right here. Come on Sony, PS4 is the FIRST PlayStation console after PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP and Vita that DOESN’T play PS1 games. What is going on there? And I understand PS Now and all that but we don’t have that yet AND we have no idea when it will support PS1 or PS2 games anyway.
      You dropped the ball and it would have been something that put the PS4 ahead of Xbone getting you more great publicity at the same time.

    • The hardware could emulate it but they still have to write a good solid emulator for it which takes time. Something I wish was here but I don’t expect them to roll it out quickly.

  • Will the speed of sending and receiving messages be improved in this update? Half an hour to read a message is ridiculous on PS4 when PS3 only takes seconds.

    • When I first got the ps4 messages took for ever to send. And receive but Sony has since addressed this in a updat…. My messages send and deceive almost instantly now and has been for a long time

    • When did you get your PS4? I had mine two weeks after launch and it was working fine for me. The problem started when I got Destiny and it seems people in forums have been reporting the exact same thing. It started off as 5 minutes delay, then 10, 15 and now it’s over 30 minutes. The strange thing is that it works fine most of the time in the morning and afternoon but when it comes to the evening and night, that’s when it happens the worst.

  • And what about PS3? Any news regarding delete option for forced and annoying Singstar in XMB crap?

    • I cant believe so many users bang on and on about the Singstar icon. Is it really that much of a problem for you guys? I don’t even notice its there anymore, if i ever did.

    • Well for that guy is actually “personal” lol.

      I’ll be just fine if they allow me to remove its 0% trophy list from my account.

  • Would rather you wait till a few weeks after Bloodborne to brick our consoles ;)

  • Streamlining creating a Party is good, I’ve always been frustrated at how many clicks it takes to create/invite people to parties.

  • Whoop whoop!

  • There seems to be some good things in the update, also some things I am not going to use myself though.
    Anyway it’s always good to see you guys taking it serious and giving us an update. Now we just need the blog people to take it serious too :P Just joking, or not completely… ^^ Don’t take it too hardly, however there have been some serious annoying issues.

  • Next we should have custom UI and HUD.
    PC games have enjoyed this for ages so IMO it’s about time PlayStation get it too.

  • Great update. New features as well as improvements on existing ones. This should be a template for future updates.

  • urgh this makes me feel really nervous after 2.0. So. Close. To. Bloodborne.

  • Where is the option to turn off the light on the Dualshock 4 controller? The battery is fast empty.

    • People need to listen as its already been explained that the light bar barely even touches the battery time, Its just a tiny little LED. Turn it off and maybe you will save about 5 mins.

    • if you want your battery to last, turn off the rumble feedback in the controller. Those motors chew through power.

  • Sweet!! Will be updating tomorrow and might leave some comments after updating. I would like to be able to remove games with a trophy percentage of 10% or below if at all possible. Good update and I totally did not expect it this soon.

  • Backup and auto-update are welcome, but how about some media love?

    Either make the existing PS3 remote work or create smartphone apps to allow us to control blu-ray and related media services without requiring a DS4.

    The PS4 is the hub of my living room with things like Netflix, Amazon, Plex, iPlayer and so on. They’re great, but asking non-gamers to control them with a DS4 is not ideal. Especially when they were used to PS3 remote.

  • Can we not have an option to play your ipod through it like even the xbox360 had

  • STILL no HBO?! What are you waiting for?

  • I hope that with this update, I’ll finally be able to use Shareplay with my 6mbit upload line. Or at least get a decent report about why my connection would be too slow compared to the current non info error.

  • What about friend notifications when a friend has come online like on ps3

    • Please don’t!! I like the current PS4 system way over the PS3 system! All these notifications and social control b/c you can see how long it has been since one has been online on PS3 just bug me.

  • I suppose the screenshots of the trophies helps keep track of them somewhat, but could you please add offline trophy support for those of us who aren’t online.
    Also a proper media player for the same reason as we can’t use the streaming services.

    • I agree. It’s really annoying to check to see what you have left, only to be told you have to sign in first. This feature was on PS3. Pretty pretty please bring it back.

  • I hope the enlarged text is an option, not forced, because I hated it when it came to PS3. Made my HDTV look like standard resolution as everything was so big.

  • I really like some of the new features :) There will always be things to improve on but this is a good start for me. Deleting 0% trophies was needed and the system resume should be good too.

    I personally like the idea of being able to run a game in trial mode for 30 minutes or something where no matter what you don’t get the trophies. I hate it when I get a game, play it for 2 minutes, get a trophy and then decide I don’t like the game and I’m stuck with it. Certainly not needed but I think it would be cool :)

    • We should be allowed to remove online only games like MAG and SOCOM. My disks are just usless now that the servers are shut down, same with MotorStorm Pacific Rift. Those are trophies i’ll never get.

  • What about pictures? I would like to download my pics in my ps4. Is it possible it would ever happen? & if it happens when?

  • Right..Great update without a doubt..thanks for the massive effort Sony..there is alot of moaners around here but hey just listen to your community,take your notes and take your time..just one question regarding the whole back up thing,can you download games to an external hard drive and play them from there??or it only works for saves,pics etc..??..thanks.

    • Allowing games to be put on an external drive opens up a plethora of security issues and could make reverse engineering and hacking the system easier.

      It’s what happened to the PSP.

  • This is going to a much better update, great to see things finally moving toward what we were all expecting. The one thing i would say is why stop at baking up the data to external HDD how about letting us use those external drives as extra storage space because it hugely needed. Even expanding the internal to a 2tb drive wont last very long not with the size of the games these days and even retail disc based games demand a huge amount of storage space now.

    Oh and one last thing I find it shocking its not already there but id like to be able to appear offline to my friends list, Xbox and Facebook etc has it. There are always those times when it is needed, for example, pulling a sick day from work and then getting caught on-line or telling someone your busy and out for the day so you can spend some quality gaming time and then you realise you can’t play on-line because people will know you lied.

    • *Backing up the data not baking lol

    • Surely you can still play a Ps4 when you are sick?

    • I am sure you could do a lot of things whist sick/ill but if you had the day off work etc because you was so ill one would expect you to be at home getting rest and not spending the day playing games. Obviously it depends on the illness and the job you do but tbh we don’t need to look at it this deeply. There are many reasons for wanting privacy whist gaming. It surprises me that more users don’t request it.

    • I think you’re right, this seems like an obvious feature. Although I’d argue anyone at home sick is well within their rights to spend their day gaming!

    • So you want to lie and have others help facilitate this for you? :-)

  • Still no DLNA support?!? At this moment this is pretty ridiculous. Very,very dissapointing. I hope suspend resume feature will actually work.

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