Life is Strange Episode 2 trailer makes its debut

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Life is Strange Episode 2 trailer makes its debut

Return to Arcadia Bay on PS3 and PS4 next week

Thanks a lot to our awesome community for the great response to the first episode of Life is Strange. We’ve been thrilled to see all the nice comments, fan art, fan fiction and let’s play videos! This is exactly why we are creating games, for all of you – the players – to enjoy, and we couldn’t be happier.

Episode 1 was just the beginning of our story. It is an introduction to the characters, to Blackwell Academy and to Arcadia Bay, but there is much more to come. Will Max and Chloe discover what has happened to Rachel Amber? Why does Max have this vision of a tornado? And what about the weird snow storm? There are plenty of secrets lurking in Arcadia Bay…

03 LIS EP2 Bus Ride

In Episode 2 you will start to see much of your choices affecting the story in a lot of different ways – be prepared for some surprises!

You will also discover new locations as Max will go outside of Blackwell Academy and start exploring new areas in Arcadia Bay. You’ll be able to learn more about the town, its inhabitants, and the social issues it’s facing. You will also meet some new and important characters as well as having a lot of difficult choices to make.

We can’t wait to see your reactions to Episode 2: Out of Time. We hope to see some more let’s play videos, fan art and maybe even some cosplay!

For those have already purchased Episode 1, you can pick up episodes 2-5 via the ‘Season Pass’ (£13.99/€17.99). Alternatively, you can purchase all episodes with the ‘Complete Season’ bundle for £15.99/€19.99. If you have yet to play Life is Strange, there is a free trial available for you to try out the game.

Get ready for episode 2 ‘Out of Time’ releasing on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 on 25th March!

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  • Still in doubt if I should buy this one. The concept of the game looks awesome (played the trial). but I get the feeling after having watched some YouTube videos that you’re heavily railroaded in this game and the decisions don’t really matter that much since you end up with the same one in the end after ‘rolling back’.

    • Like Telltale games, it only gives you the illusion of your own decisions. I don’t mind that if it’s a good game with a good story. But don’t play the same episode/game again, because you will be disappointed. :)

    • @NowickySLO Of course you realize that you’re commenting on 1/5 of the game, right? Episode 1 was (naturally) an introduction with a slow pace, not much happened yet. Your decisions will probably make a difference when the story unfolds. Doesn’t really make sense to expect them to rightaway.

  • Not really liking this whole “episodic-decision making” trend, so I decided to stop actively supporting it. I bought Walking Dead season 1, and it was ok, but I’ll never revisit that again and frankly, i’d rather watch a tv show. But ofcourse, this is just my point of view, i hope this game turns out well, and if and when it will be on sale as a season bundle (completed that is) i may consider buying it, but no more season preordering stuff, and waiting for episodes to come out, and, at this price range for me.

  • Great first episode.
    Unfortunately I’m a dirty consumer and I crave the rest right now :D

  • I really liked the first episode, but…

    you guys have to fix the lip sync — it is *really* distractingly bad. Telltale’s Back to the Future game also had awful lip sync issues for the first few episodes of that series, but I hope you guys fix yours more quickly.

    Is there any chance you’ll supply a patch for episode 1 to fix those issues?

    What encoding do you guys use for your audio assets? Some of the first episode sounded great, but then other bits sounded quite flat like low-bitrate lossy audio.

    • This, lip sync issues were terribad. Otherwise a pleasent and interesting IP.

    • A developer interview earlier this week revealed that they cannot fix the lip sync problems, apparently it’s a problem with the engine or animation or something and fixing it would mean delays that they feel would be a deal breaker.

      On the subject of delays, they also explained that when they said that new episodes would be available every six weeks that we all misunderstood them. Apparently when they said “and there will be a new episode every six weeks” what they actually meant to say but didn’t until a week after they missed that deadline was “we are aiming to release every six weeks but it’ll actually be once every two months” unless of course they miss that deadline too, then it’ll be another case of stupid gamers taking a dev at his literal word but certainly not the developers fault.

      Was hoping that Dontnod could do right all that TellTale did wrong and shame them into improving, so far that’s not happening. The wait for someone to do this whole episodic release thing properly continues.

  • Fantastic, been really looking forward to some more episodes.

  • Loved episode 1, very cool. Definitely playing this!

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