Bloodborne: TV commercial debuts, customisation features detailed

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Discover how the Hunter’s Dream hub area works

Hello, PlayStation fans! We’re just a few days away from the launch of Bloodborne and the team at Japan Studio and From Software couldn’t be more excited about the fans finally getting to experience this game for yourselves.

To tide you over these last few days, I’m here to share some brand new information about some of the game’s customisation and leveling, as well as the 90-second extended cut of our TV commercial.

If you caught our preview of the first 18 minutes of the game during the IGN First coverage in February, you know that the main hub that players will use as their home base is the Hunter’s Dream. Find lanterns spread throughout Yharnam to return to the Hunter’s Dream at any time.

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In the Hunter’s Dream, you’ll be able to purchase items, level up your character by speaking to the Doll, repair and upgrade your weapons (more on that below), and get useful advice from Gehrman, the old man in the wheelchair.

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The main currency in Bloodborne is called Blood Echoes, which you can earn by hunting beasts and more. Use Blood Echoes to purchase items from the shop in the Hunter’s Dream, or even repair and strengthen your weapons. In your adventures, you’ll soon come across special items called Blood Gems, which can be attached to weapons in order to increase their attack power and even add special characteristics to your weapons.


In the Hunter’s Dream, you can also interact with the Memory Altar in order to memorise special Caryll Runes to upgrade your character. Some runes may allow you to carry more items in your inventory, or boost the amount of Blood Echoes you receive from each beast you hunt down, allowing you to customise your hunter however you see fit.

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I don’t want to give away any more information so as to not spoil any major surprises or spoilers for you. But I do have one cool piece of news for those of you who have an official PlayStation headset. You will be able to upload a custom Bloodborne audio mode, tuned specifically to bring the unique world of Yharnam to life, to your headset through the PlayStation 4 headset app.

The hunt begins next week. See you soon.


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