Gran Turismo 6 update adds three new Vision GT cars today

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Introducing the LEXUS LF-LC GT and Alpine Vision Gran Turismo

Today, we’re pleased to announce the launch of update 1.17 for Gran Turismo 6! Read on to learn more about the Lexus LF-LC GT ‘Vision Gran Turismo’ and new Alpine Vision Gran Turismo cars that will be available for you to play from today…

Introducing the LEXUS LF-LC GT “Vision Gran Turismo”

From today Gran Turismo 6 welcomes the LEXUS LF-LC GT into the Vision Gran Turismo garage, a fighting machine in which the LEXUS have redefined the coupé concept “LF-LC” using racing technology.

After Update 1.17 has been installed, the car can be purchased from the [Vision GT] area within the [CARS] section in “My Home” (here, you will also find the car’s presentation movie). Alternatively, you can get the car by completing a lap (regardless of the lap time) in the new Seasonal Event, though this is only available for a limited time.


Alpine Vision Gran Turismo & ‘Race Mode’ edition

The LEXUS is not the only Vision GT car to be driving in to Gran Turismo 6 in this brand new update. The Alpine Vision Gran Turismo and ‘Alpine Vision Gran Turismo Race Mode’ cars will also be available from today. The ‘Race Mode’ edition is a single seat sportscar containing the essence of Alpine tradition and the future.

After Update 1.17 has been installed, the cars can be purchased from the [Vision GT] area within the [CARS] section in “My Home” (here, you can also find the cars’ presentation movie). Alternatively, it is also possible to obtain the cars by completing a lap (regardless of the lap time) in the new Seasonal Event, available only for a limited time.

The “Alpine Vision GT” racing suits and helmets have been added to the [Special Outfits] page of the [Racing Gear] option within the [TUNING & SERVICING] section, accessible from “My Home”. The suits and helmets can also be obtained from the corresponding Seasonal Events, available only for a limited time.


Resolved issues

The issue regarding the “Championship” race found after installing Update 1.16, where it was not possible to resume a Championship race that was previously suspended while playing in “B-Spec” mode, has been fixed.

For more details on each of the above features, please refer to the online manual on Happy racing!

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  • I’m so happy with this! The Alpine car was one of my anticipated ones! Can’t wait to drive it! Thank you so much for the support on the game! Can’t wait for that Nike car now! and also would like more circuits from the previous games or new ones too.

  • Glad to hear about new updates :) on a side note, are you guys going to release another “final update” for GT5? Just to permanently add the Spec 2.0 intro movie to the game… the GT TV servers are going down later this month.

  • Love the new cars! Any news on when the course maker will be released?

  • How about a remastered gt6 for ps4… if only :)

    • How about Polyphony Digital should have just released this on PS4! It arrived a week after it launched. I skipped this at the time because I just got a PS4… and GT5 was such a disaster. Turn10 can pump out 3 Forza games in the time PD pumps out half of one. What happened to you PD? If theres another no-show on PS4 you’re going to force me to buy an Xbox One!

    • GT 5 a disaster that sells over 10 million units is my kind of disaster. :)

    • Maybe so, but how many units did GT6 ship? The PS4 wasn’t the sole contributory factor in it’s poor sales. Many people felt PD let them down. Where do you start? The delays, the standard cars ripped straight from PS2, forcing people to waste energy whilst their PS3 played itself in B-Spec races, the same silly jingle every time you unlocked a car (ok there were two from but why you had to endure them every time I never know), the static cars, among other things. If PD mess up GT7 they will kill the IP off… FOR GOOD. If Project Cars is the best multi-plat sim racer we’ve ever seen they will be in even more trouble. If Sony can close Liverpool (and theres another rant in itself, a Playstation with no Wipeout?) they won’t be long winding up PD either if sales are poor.

      I don’t want to see that, I want them to blow people away with GT7 including me. I come over to the PS3 from Xbox360 specifically for GT5 but after playing Forza 2 and 3 it was a bitter disappointment. I am now firmly in the Playstation camp, which is kind of because of PD and their disaster game introducing me to Media Molecule and Naughty Dog. I no longer have that PS3 but PS4 and Vita. Forza 6 will be here before GT7 so yet again Xbox has Two Forza games whilst Playstation owners wait for PD to pull their finger out of their backside! I am fed up waiting for a decent PS4 racer that I am prepared to buy an Xbox One just for Forza.

    • @anlygi

      But Forza games come with with than half the tracks and less than a quarter the number of cars, it’s also less detailed graphically and has a much less sophisticated driving engine.

      If you want an arcade racer with little in the way of choice in cars and tracks you can get DriveClub for £20.

  • Still lots of Vision cars to go. Hurry up PD. GT7 late this year would be great too, that and a Morpheus patch early in 2016 along Morpheus launch. Get moving

  • I need help I have try every Mefford everyone’s put on the forums to download these updates it worked fine on 1.15 now what’s the problem help

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