New Helldivers DLC deploys this Wednesday for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita

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New Helldivers DLC deploys this Wednesday for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita

Plus, a few stats on how you’ve been faring since launch earlier this month

Greetings Helldivers. As a civilian you made the most important decision of your life by enlisting in the Helldivers.

As a Helldiver you made liberty, democracy and the protection of SUPER-EARTH your personal responsibility.

YOU HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE. The positive response and recruitment rate since Helldivers first launched into the galaxy on 4th March have been overwhelming. The latest statistics coming in from the Galactic Fleet bring us some heartening news:

  • 4.2 billion shots fired by the Helldivers (avg. accuracy 38%)
  • 500 million enemies of SUPER-EARTH neutralised (killed)
  • 772,000 planets liberated
  • 53,000 Cape Spinning Trophies earned

We remember and salute the 9 million brave Helldivers who have already sacrificed their lives in our fight for freedom! (2.3 million of those to Friendly Fire). But the war is still far from won. We need every woman, man and child to step up and preserve our hard-won ground and push out towards the home worlds of the alien races threatening us.

To meet the alien threat, on 18th March we are deploying three new DLC packs to any Helldiver in need of new outfits and gear. Each pack is available individually for €2.99 or you can buy all three in the Helldivers Add-On Bundle for €5.99.

Commando Pack

Helldiver Commandos are the best of the best, specialists at being a one man army capable of leaving a wake of death and destruction. Though they are seen as one man armies, they Commandos value teamwork greatly due to their equipment. The Commando Pack contains:

  • The Commando Uniform (helmet, armour and cape).
  • SMG-34 ‘Ninja’: A silenced, compact, submachine gun with short reach and good accuracy. The silenced aspect has been debated much and there is no proof that it actually reduces the risk of detection.
  • MLS-4X ‘Commando’: A multiple missile launcher system similar to the one used on the EXO-44. From its four barrels it fires seeking missiles at a high rate of fire; primarily an anti-personnel weapon, it can be upgraded to have limited anti-tank capabilities.


Defender Pack

Helldiver Defenders are the unmovable objects of humanity, capable of holding their ground in any situation. They have a bulkier look and a helmet reminiscent of the knights of Old Earth and used to double as riot police before humanity unified properly. The Defender Pack contains:

  • The Defender Uniform (helmet, armour and cape).
  • CR-9 ‘Suppressor’: A semi-automatic rifle firing small fragmentation grenades. It is a volatile weapon but capable of devastating large masses of enemies, hence the nickname ‘Suppressor’.
  • AD-334 ‘Guard Dog’: A backpack drone system, featuring an automated defensive combat drone armed with a small submachine gun. The drone circles ahead, firing at targets of opportunity and will land in the backpack to reload.


Support Pack

Support Helldivers are much loved by their squad mates and bring both firepower and medical aid to any squad they join. Wearing the classic grey cape with a black cross they project an aura of capable concern for fellow humans.

  • The Support Uniform, Helmet, Armour and Cape.
  • LAS-16 ‘Sickle’: A carbine based on laser technology, modified to behave more as a regular assault rifle. It overheats quickly but well placed shots do excellent damage and the virtually unlimited ammunition is invaluable in tight situations.
  • AD-289 ‘Angel’: A backpack drone system, with an automated healing and repair drone that will try to help all friendly targets in its vicinity. It will land in the backpack to refill the restorative substance.


Ranger Limited Edition bundle

From March 18th you can also buy a Limited Edition bundle, until 28th April. Citizens that enlist before this date will receive special Helldivers Ranger training at no added cost.

Helldivers specially trained in scouting and assassination of high value targets, these Rangers are the first to drop into the unknown. Ranger training was standard procedure for all Helldivers in the early days of SUPER EARTH, but has now become rarer.

  • The Ranger Uniform, Helmet, Armour and Cape.
  • LHO-63 ‘Camper’: A designated marksman rifle with high power and accuracy traded for fire rate, few enemies take more than a few shots to kill.
  • ‘Humblebee’ UAV: An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, capable of revealing enemies and hidden objectives at greater distances.


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  • Can all of these add-ons be acquired by leveling up in-game?

    If that’s not the case, then I’m not happy about these being added. It takes away from the progression and feeling of accomplishment.

  • Great game, but dlc for and indie, and so soon?

  • Er, game’s been out a week, give it a chance lol

  • Content like this, that a couple of interns can create in an afternoon, is less than what other developers give away as free content. This is little better than horse armour.

    Good game, but lame DLC like this earns you a bunch of negative points in the black book of greedy game devs.

  • Proud to be a cape spinner, sorry about bringing down the accuracy stats, thanks once again for a great game, I just wish I had more time to play it.

  • Really regrettable.

    No, six items are not worth almost a third of the game’s asking price. And putting this up barely two weeks after launch? Shameful.

    So things are looking like this will be a continuous nickel-and-dime type of business venue, right? Well I’m glad I had my fill of the game before this whole thing started out. And really, it’s a great game – I would’ve gladly bought a fully featured, fairly priced expansion.

  • This is the sort of crap that makes me angry. I happily bought the game on day of release and have enjoyed the game almost as much as any other PS4 game to date. This just feels like a developer trying to cash in on the game whilst it’s still hot. If you’re going to release DLC surely your time would be better served coming up with ways to stop the game from becoming repetitive in the long run. You will loose a lot of people’s faith in your game with this kind of shallow money grabbing stunt.

  • Like this game very good!how much will this cost in swedish kr?Because I live in Sweden you see!:)

  • Question: are the DLC user locked?

    I am loving Helldivers anyway.

  • Overpriced. This for 1/3 of what the full game cost?

  • I didn’t bought this game, and now, after hearing good things on forums, and reading this bad things, i think it will no longer be in my buying list. In the opposite side, I’m not a big fan of RPGs, i never played the previous games but i will buy the Witcher 3, just to support a dev that believes we deserve DLC free of charge, since we did bought the full game in the first place.

    • What make you think that these DLC are vital and should be included in the game?
      From what I see all the DLC items here are under-powered variations of existing in-game that you can unlock.

    • Where did i mention it was vital? I did mention, clearly, that i don’t own the game. I’m delivering my opinion based on what i do know. And your question didn’t change anything. I know it’s a optional DLC, is there any other kind? I will vote with my wallet, and its a done deal. Just wanted to the game developers and sony to know that.

  • Cool, might get these :)

    Game could do with some improvements though. Specifically around the joining other games, getting sick of joining other games only to find them standing on their “bridge”.

  • The game was already quite expensive guys…

  • Wow, this is really sad news. I wanted to buy this game, but now I will think twice. Same filling I have after reading abot “Kombat pack” for Mortal Kombat.

  • Games should no longer be referred to as a ‘Full game’ … It should be called ‘base game’!
    Because you buy the base game and purchase the rest of it through add-ons. They obviously plan what they are going to put out as add-ons. So surely they can put them into the main game instead, but I guess it all my eg grabbing with games nowadays.

  • So, will this be Magicka all over again? 24 DLC packs for that one…

    I completely forgot that these guys made Magicka. Never buying anything from Arrowhead again if this game also turns into DLC The Game. I loathe small, crappy DLC packs that add up to far more than the already overpriced base game.

  • Everyone who blames the developers here need to wise up to the fact that pricing and DLC policies are all Sony decisions. This is a first-party title fully funded and published by Sony. So blame Shuhei (though it’s probably not him personally making these decisions, but he’s in charge of those who do) if you feel like you have to blame someone.

  • Seriously? This game just came out and you’re loading it up with paid DLC?

    Leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Won’t be supporting your future games Arrowhead.

    Sucks because Helldivers sold so much and was well received, there was so much good faith built for the studio.

  • Sooo…

    – The game has been delayed for a long time and you couldn’t delay it a bit further to include this DLC
    – For some stupid reason, EU people have to pay even more than the usual $1 = €1. This is the first time ever I’ve seen it for a Sony IP game
    – On top of that, this DLC is $1 = €1
    – There was early purchase-only DLC that couldn’t be attained with normal progression

    Meanwhile, Soul Sacrifice (a game only for the Vita; much smaller audience) gets a ton of free DLC.

    Paid DLC is fine, as long as it’s substantial and not 1 hour after the game is released. Muramasa Rebirth gradually had 4 episode DLC months after it was released, I had no problems buying them and the base game has plenty of value and a good price.


    Compare this rubbish to the attitude of the Witcher 3 developers on free DLC (google it, PSBlog doesn’t like URLs):


    CD Projekt co-founder and joint CEO Marcin Iwiński tells IGN that the developer is releasing 16 free The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt downloadable post-launch content packs to make a statement against the “steeply priced” paid DLC economy.

    “Because people just paid full price for our game,” Iwiński responded when we asked why the developer is releasing its next 16 DLC packs for free. “We owe them.”

    “Yeah, we are making a statement,” he added. “We, as gamers, would like to be treated this way, ‘Hey, give me free DLC.’ It doesn’t have to be something huge. And I’m saying we aren’t giving out huge stuff, we aren’t giving tens of hours of storyline here, we are giving small bits of pieces that don’t cost a lot. And I think people would feel better about our game, and, so, they will enjoy the adventure even more.”

    “DLC, it’s small content,” said head of marketing and PR Michal Platkow-Gilewski last September. “Like one-thousandth of the whole game. Why should you charge for that? If it’s small, give it for free. I know it’s not always possible or easy but this is what we want to give gamers; a little bit of love, which we’d like to get from other developers as gamers ourselves.”


    Witcher devs can get my money any day of the week. You scammers never will.

    • I agree with everything you said.

    • Not all studios can afford to release/make content for free.
      Arrowhead which is a small studio and not a AAA studio with millions of budgets and 230 employees like CD Project Red.
      Small studios need DLC and transaction to survive NOT because they want to rob us.

    • It should be pointed out however that despite all their talk about the industry is becoming increasingly toxic they did completely go back on their “complete parity between all versions of Witcher 3” promise and created an XB1 exclusive collectors edition.

      I like CDPR as much as the next guy, but this image they’ve created as gaming good guys is exactly that, an image. One they’ve earned over lots of well thought out sound bytes backed by pro-gamer actions, but underneath it all. They’re still a part of this toxic industry and being slightly better than the others isn’t exactly difficult is it?

    • except Soul Sacrifice got only a dozen of packs, all released ages ago, it’s not “getting”.

    • Ton is informal and gets is transitive…the grammar is fine.

      I enjoy the game but I too agree that this type of dlc is disappointing, unfortunately though, people will and do buy it…I don’t know why. I rarely buy dlc, occasionally there’ll be something that is worthwhile and is priced to offer value, but mostly it’s just a nickel-and-dime practice.

      Timing of dlc is a curious issue though, day one, or too soon, and people feel it should have been part of the initial release, or too late (months later?) and often people have moved on from the game and have no desire to revisit it, even if the dlc is worthwhile. Of course, it’s all relative to the style, scope and longevity of any given game.

      Free dlc is good PR, but it’s often accompanied with paid content in order to lure you in, although there are exceptions. Most devs/publishers play the cash grab game, it never fails to astonish me just how many gamers fall for it.

      *Have to mention my all time favourite waste of dlc money…character skins in the fps genre…spend a few quid buying a new outfit for your character that you can’t even see in-game?! Someone explain it to me…please?! :P

  • I would need the base game to be more stable with friends before considering spending any more on it. When it’s up and working it’s some of the most fun I’ve had online for a very long time. Last night was horrendous for trying to link up with friends though, we ended up frustrated and switched to another game.

    Friends status out of sync with where they actually are, constant failures to connect up, mid game drops along followed by failed host migration and all exiting to our own ships. When is this going to be fixed?

  • i’ll echo the disappointment of others. more levels and actual gameplay would be welcomed but pay-to-win weapon upgrades is not cool.
    soul sacrifice and freedom wars had the right approach giving lots of free new levels. I’ll be more hesitant to buy anything from this dev again

    • I am sorry but seem to be one of those people that doesn’t understand what pay to win even means. Pay to win means that you can pay real money to get overpowered equipment to defeat other players who otherwise spent less money than you. This is A CO-OP game with no PvP at all. This game can’t be pay to win. You also don’t know the statistics on the weapons to even say they are more powerful than what you can get by leveling up.Do not throw the term pay to win around just because you can purchase items in a game. everyone seems to be doing this.

  • Pass, i will never buy game now. GREEDY.

  • Absolutely disgusting releasing DLC so soon after launch. Not buying this game now.

  • eh so soon after release dlc already?
    I only buy games on day 1 very rare because most games nickel and dime us with dlc.
    im not supporting this. I really like the game but no just no!

  • everybody is commenting on dlc being released only 2 weeks after the game was released & how much overpriced it is costing 1/3 of the game itself…
    well i couldn’t care less as i wasn’t going to buy it anyway
    never was a fun of dlc content and if everybody followed my example we would be getting full games again at sometime instead of games in portions that we end up paying double of what we should pay in the first place…

    anyways what annoys me in this case is the game being full of bugs & instead of having them fixed they release some dlc… its like they are mocking us…

    i have yet to connect with friends on another platform (so much for cross play)
    i have been getting disconnected every now and then
    my progress is still not being uploaded & i bet others have te same issue too, making the campaign progress even slower
    others are still losing all their progress because some bug occured etc etc etc

  • Cheers for this Malin, this is definitely my favourite game of 2015 so far, so 6 quid for a load of extras is just what I need :)

    • Extra content maybe, guns that would have been given on those odd level ups where you got nothing? Not so much.

      Aldo have you seen the US price? Its 6 dollars, which is a little under £4. Perfect message to send, that its fine to sell cut content, less than two weeks after release, at a price 60% what the developer themselves has valued it at.

      Sony, get some price control on here for Christ’s sake, these indie developers are get as bad as Activision and Ubisoft. Its your store, your responsibility, so get your house in order.

    • That Ranger pack at the bottom was just a small unlock code as well if you bought the game within a week of launch. I bet the other 3 are unlocks too.

  • Disgusted by Arrowhead, you went from awesome to money grab scammers in such a small time. Payed DLC for a game released 2 weeks ago is shamefull. Also the content of the DLC are FAR from being worth the price asked for. Luckily i destroyed this game already, lvl25 and everything capped. Okie, time to move on. No more games form you Arrowhead

  • Love the game but just no. No, no, no. This DLC stuff… Stupid. No no no. Nope.

  • What I’m disgusted at is all the damn complainers!!!

    They gave us the game for a great price, a fraction of a full retail game and may I add I’ve so far had more playtime out of this than any of my full retail priced games on the ps4 to date.

    These expansion packs cost next to nothing and nobody is forcing you to buy them, this is a small development company who have families to feed.

    • Don’t worry bro, we’re already at 27€ for the actually complete game (Base + cut content), not too long before we’re not talking fractions, but multiples.

    • we have families to feed too, and we make 4€/h….

    • You do realise that your “great price” was still more than a non-PS+ member paid in the US right?

      Then the DLC, made up of cut content (notice how toy didn’t unlock any new skins or guns on some levels?) Is also charged way above the exchange rate, just two weeks after the main game.

      The people complaining here have a very valid argument and I am disgusted by those defending this practice.

  • Its far, far worse than you people think.

    The testing time for a DLC release in the SCEE region is, on average, 7-10 days. What this means is that the DLC would have to have been submitted the same week the game came out, at the earliest. It would also have to have been in internal testing before that, while the game was in certification with Sony, at the latest.

    Also the drip feed of guns for levelling up in the game has weird gaps where you get nothing for one level then something for the next three. Let’s be honest here, these weapons were bugged and removed from the main game, now they’re fixed and being sold, on a game that not only came out two weeks ago, but was marked up in the UK by a considerable margin, enough that even with the increased 20% PS+ discount, a non-Plus US gamer still paid less. Oh, and the DLC is near as makes a difference 1:1 price conversion.

    Indie developers are starting to make me a little sick. They get on their high horse about how the traditional industry are all money grabbing megacorps out to scam as much money from gamers as possible and then go out and do the same thing but we’re supposed to smile because we’re supporting the little guy? Was kinda looking forward to Magicka but I’ll wait to see what sort of cash grab shenanigans you try to pull first.

  • Yay! I’m loving this game so far its so much fun.

  • I don’t really know why people are complaining this hard on such a small things. This game is priced really low at release (considering that it is cross-buy on 3 systems). Furthermore, these added weapons are balanced, nothing OP and will ruin the game for others.

    Compared this to the like of Destiny/evolve, bought game full-priced spending tons of money on P2W DLC, I would choose this everyday.

    If there’s anything to blame them, it’s just bad timing for the release of this DLC.

  • Hey Bucko don’t forget the Rock Band DLC this week, 2 months and counting.

  • Well, this game lasted on my top list for all of a couple of weeks. Think you’ve found a gem and a developer who knows how to get it right, then they slap you in the face for it.

  • “From March 18th you can also buy a Limited Edition bundle, until 28th April. Citizens that enlist before this date will receive special Helldivers Ranger training at no added cost.”

    Does this mean that those of us who bought the game full price in the few days between the release deal and this new offer will also get the ranger pack?

    Interested to know if anyone can shed any light on this?

    • As far as I can tell it’s the same thing, just with a fancy new name for perceived value – at least the store description has exactly the same content.

    • If anyone else is wondering about this, I found the below comment from a Helldivers’ dev on their forum:

      “Just want to say that if you were in the EU region and bought Helldivers last week when the Ranger pack was expired, you are now retroactively able to get it. I have been told that you may have to redownload the game if it does not appear though.”

  • Greedy, plain and simple. I bought the game and its great, but this a week after is almost akin to begging for my money. Not happening. Sorry guys.

  • Hmmm. I bought the game on release, and I quite enjoy it… but this DLC is way, way too soon… and to punish early adopters by releasing the “Limited Edition Bundle” so soon after release too… I am regretting giving these tools my money now. This puts me off playing the game.

    DLC should be something that is released later in a game’s lifespan, to encourage players back and increase longevity… NOT to nickel & dime those who have done the publishers a favour by buying the game in the first place.


  • Sony, for the umpteenth time – fix what ever system you’re using to convert prices because it so variable it’s not funny, Helldivers and this DLC is around nearly 80% more than what the U.S. is paying for it at a raw. Arrowhead are unfairly taking the heat for this and things were converted fairly there wouldn’t be an issue.

    • America wins yet again.

      We are the super power of the world.

      We made the modern, industrialized, democratic-centered world as it is now.

      We deserve cheaper games.

      Story. Complete.

    • This is why Fred’s much promised then cancelled pricing FAQ was so important.

      For years we have been told that publishers set prices, but over the last year or so I’ve been doubting this claim. I’ve basically done what no games journalist would dare to do and looked at the price differences and attempted to coax indie devs into explaining their price decisions and so far what I’m hearing is quite contradictory.

      Alasdair of Laughing Jackal told me that developers don’t have full control over pricing in the EU the way they do in the US. If I understood him correctly a developer can actually set the US price as they wish and then give a suggested price to SCEE, who might follow it (and do most of the time) but they might choose not to and overcharge. The suggested price is also for Euros, they have bobsay whatsoever in UK pricing.

      Then Jakob of Grip games told me that its considerably more expensive to get a game age rated in Europe than it is in the US and we pay a mark up to cover that cost, suggesting that developers may have direct control over EU pricing and choose to charge more. (While is can believe that PEGI charge more than the ESRB, I can’t believe that the difference is so much that we have to pay a minimum of 20% and sometimes as much as 60% more for our games)

      Going back there are other examples. Castlestorm PS4, developer announced the price at £12, it hit the store at £18 though, this 50% increase was also seen in the US, although when asked about the mistake their price was reduced to what was previously announced by the developer, here in Europe Jawads answer was “The developer got it wrong in their blog post”

      Going back a little further we have Titan Attacks, this was announced as costing £8 just 24 hours before it hit the store at £8.49, when Jawad didn’t answer questions about the last minute change people asked the dev in Twitter and he said he had no idea what had changed with the price, as he had asked for the price point he set in his blog post.

      I’m sure as time goes on more evidence will mount up that SCEE does in fact have a hand in these price differences and I hope that when the day comes that some developer somewhere hands us that smoking gun that someone from SCEE will have the good grace to answer the very serious questions it raises.

  • I gotta say I am feeling the same way as the majority here and elsewhere.

    I’m enjoying the game, feel it was a fair price (ps+ discount & cross-buy factored in, it was a good deal). But having DLC so soon after launch and charging what they are for it, has tainted my experience.

    Timing aside, I welcome DLC that adds enough content to warrant its price tag, this really isn’t the case here. So I find myself a little annoyed at not having access to the new equipment, but there is ZERO chance I’m going to pay up what is being asked for it.

    I don’t know how much input Arrowhead has into pricing, but unfortunately this is the kind of practice that will make me reconsider purchases from this company in future.

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