PS4 Update 2.50: codenamed “Yukimura”

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Suspend/Resume and more

While developing PlayStation 4, our hardware and software teams relied on feedback from our great community of developers. The result is the most innovative and forward-thinking gaming console in the market today.

Since launch, PlayStation has continued that trend of listening to feedback by bringing some of the most highly requested features from PlayStation Nation to PS4 with each of our system software updates. When we unveiled PS4 two years ago, we announced Suspend/Resume, a feature that would enable PS4 users to jump in and out of their games faster than ever. This has been a feature gamers have been excited about since then, and today I am honoured to officially confirm that system software update 2.50, codenamed “Yukimura”, will soon deliver Suspend/Resume, as well as a number of other requested features to PS4.

Suspend/Resume will create an atmosphere where your games are immediately available at any time — just pick up your DUALSHOCK 4 controller, hit the PS button and get right back into the action of your games. When it’s time to log off, simply put your PS4 in Rest Mode and when you power up the next time, you’ll start your game where you left off*1. Spend less time getting into your games and more time playing your games.

Check out some of the other highly requested, new features and changes coming soon in “Yukimura”:

  • Sub-account to master account upgrade: Users with a sub-account will now be able to upgrade to a master account directly from their PS4 when they turn 18, removing restrictions for chat, enabling users to fund their own wallet, make purchases and more. Currently, users can upgrade their sub-accounts online.
  • Facebook friend search: Gamers globally have jumped into PS4 as a redefined social gaming experience and connecting with friends over the network is a huge part of what makes the PS4 community so special. PlayStation now lets you go even bigger by connecting with your Facebook friends on PS4 using your linked account. Search for Facebook friends who are PSN members and build on the foundation of Friends you already have in your list.
  • Remote Play & Share Play at 60 fps*2: The ability to customise the frame rate of Remote Play and Share Play will be added with “Yukimura”. Play to your bandwidth strengths and use this option to stream gameplay at 60 or 30 fps when using Remote Play or Share Play.
  • Accessibility Options: “Yukimura” introduces a wide variety of options to make the PS4 entertainment experience even more accessible. Options include text to speech, enlarged text, bolder fonts, higher contrast UI, zoom for displayed pictures, invert colours on screen and more. Users will also be able to reassign buttons for DUALSHOCK 4, making it easier for users with limited manual dexterity or limited reach and strength to play.
  • Trophy Improvements: We have received a tonne of feedback to improve Trophies. In “Yukimura”, a screenshot will automatically be captured at the moment a Trophy is earned, making it easier than ever for you to share your greatest gaming moments with your friends. We’re also adding more sorting options along with the new ability to remove games from the Trophy list that have 0% completion.
  • Share Video Clips to Dailymotion: When sharing standout PS4 moments via the Share button on DualShock 4, “Yukimura” will allow players to upload directly to Dailymotion.

Stay tuned for more information on “Yukimura” and, as always, let us know in the comments how we can continue to improve PS4 to make it the best place to play.

*1 Dependant on software titles
*2 Supported devices need to enjoy Share Play and Remote Play features.

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  • I want to see external hard drive support as most peoples consoles are full with software, but it looks like it’s falling on deaf ears.

    • I have a 2TB HDD in my PS4. I have about 10 games installed and still 1.5TB of free space. It will last me most of this generation. Why do you want external HDD support when Sony provide you an option to upgrade.

      The Xbox only has the option as you can’t upgrade it.

    • I also have a 2TB HDD and have nearly 90 games installed (including all plus games with around 15 being physical copies) and only have 700GB left so an external HDD would be much appreciated. I’ve bought nearly every big title since launch excluding sports games and most of the digital games on the store.

      Also an external 3TB (or if you lucky 4TB on sale) sells for a similar price to a 2.5 inch 2TB drive so for guys who still have a 500gb its better to buy a 3-4TB HDD if the support was there.

    • @Lucreto You would want external HDD support so that you can transfer games easily if you ever needed a new console. Your PS4 goes caput and boom, all those downloaded games have to be redownloaded.

    • I’m also waiting for external HD Support and Support for
      A proper media player. I don’t believe Sony cares much what
      we think or say how ever.

    • Wait what? 90 games and over 700GB left and you have nearly ran out?

      Why don’t you, oh I don’t know play the games you have complete a few, maybe even get a few platinums and then Oh I don’t know delete them?

      I have 10/15 games I go back to, the rest I play, complete, delete.

      It’s not hard to manage 2TB of data, 500GB yeah maybe, but 2TB?

    • I personally don’t believe in deleting. Imagine going through download, update, download DLC and so on every time you want to play a game you have deleted. Insane. This is not Steam, most of those steps need to be done manually and, believe me, it’s a pain. My PS3 has died two times and I don’t play many of the games that I have there (and that I want to play) because I don’t feel like installing them all over again, so I just end playing something else on PS4 or Vita… where I have the same issue, btw.

      So, OK, you could not like the external HDD approach, whatever your reasons are. Then let’s ask Sony to 1) improve the Store speed and 2) simplify the download process. How about a “download all” option?

    • The PS4 has auto updates and background downloading.

      It’s not that big a deal.

      Then again I have 150mb broadband so downloading games isn’t that big a deal. I just play another game whilst I wait for the other to download.

    • Not the point. Background or not, in most cases you still have to a) start downloading the game, b) start downloading all DLC (if it’s “sized DLC”, not just licenses as some PS4 games have now) and c) start downloading updates. User interaction required, all three steps. Oh, and wait, you still have to wait. Maybe that’s not a problem for everyone, but time it’s a thing for some of us. Also, 200 Mb broadband here. Doesn’t matter, as there’s a download cap, at least in Spain.

      External storage could save that time. What I don’t really get is what’s the point on counterarguing ideas that could benefit everyone, whether you’ll use them or not. We should be asking for as much options as possible.

    • The main point of external drive support would be not having to replace the internal drive when you run out of space. Plus you could have a really big one and only use part of it for PS4 games and the rest for other purposes.

    • @wing126

      It that happens I just download them again or just the one or two I am currently playing. I don’t need to redownload them all. Anyway I have an unlimited download limits.

    • There is a delete option.
      You wouldn’t go to a Carvery and attempt to put the entire restaurant on your plate!…………..oh wait.
      Seriously, if people are buying 2tb hard drives and still arnt happy, you got issues.

      Only thing I request is more cloud storage space for cloud saves.

    • @ Lucreto what kind of a hdd do you have? I use 1TB HGST travelstar, but I need more space. ..

    • @AussiePower89 right now theres only one 2tb 2.5 inch HDD on the market that will ‘fit’ in the ps4. Its the Samsung spinpoint M9T

    • If you want to save some money by this external HDD and ‘remove’ it from the casing and it will fit in your PS4. Thats what i bought at launch as the standalone HDD (as linked before) didn’t launch until late last year.

    • Lucreto is a fanboy idiot. We need external hard drive support. The internal replacements are expensive and a pain in the butt. Why should anyone have to choose either internal or external memory? Both the PS4 and the XBOX ONE should have both options.

    • Or you can just… you know… delete the games you will obviously never ever play again?

      I really don’t get all the people complaining about the hard drive space.
      Like they are playing all the games they ever purchased all the time.

    • Installing a new HDD is easy as hell, and 2TB (upgraded) is plenty of space for all the games you currently play. I can understand not wanting to delete games you downloaded just in case you or anyone wants to play them again. Also it’s cool not needing a disk for digital copies. But when it comes to games I have the physical copies for I delete that **** as soon as I’m done playing. Can’t play without the disk anyways so If I ever want to play again I’ll put the disk in and reinstall it.

    • I’m super pleased to hear we’ll soon be able to delete 0% games off our trophy list. Thanks for listening Sony. I’d also like to see the PS4 being able to play movies, music, and other media in the future. I know I speak for a great number of people when I say I very much expected the PS4 to do all the same things the PS3 did.

  • Sounds good! Now i hope there will be notifications when friends come online but i’m happy for now :D

  • Will it finally be possible to check the trophy list from a friend, without being forced to compare it with your own?

    It’s not really fun, considering that it loads your own games first. And it gets worse, the more games you have played.

  • Hell yeah! Finally Remote Play @ 60 FPS! ^_^

  • Not bowled over by the fact many features that are just coming into play now were advertised before launch…. yet at the same time, what ya gonna do? That time has passed so might as well embrace the new features…. I forgive you

    • I second this comment.

    • Step 1, learn how to wrote code and how to implement/test that code……
      Step 2, apply for a job at Sony developing PS firmware
      Step 3, stop moaning unless you can do it any better

      Here endeth the lesson

    • No Toby1, that’s not how it works. Sony advertised the console with a plethora of features in feb 2013. Here we are over two years later and some of these features are just getting implemented.

      To make it worse, Sony are abysmal communicators. There’s no public timetable for the missing features and updates come out of the blue.

      Peppermint and iamdark are well within their rights to complain. It doesn’t matter if they can program firmware or not, they’re not the ones who were handed hundreds of pounds for a console that doesn’t have the features it was advertised to have nine months before it was even released.

    • I love it when people use “I’d like to see YOU do better” as an excuse to avoid criticism, it’s friggen ridiculous. No Toby, you don’t have to be a filmmaker to criticise movies, you don’t need to be a baker to dislike cake, and you don’t need to be a programmer to find fault in Sonys business practices.

    • @EddCoates

      “you don’t need to be a programmer to find fault in Sonys business practices”

      …hmmm actually programmers wouldn’t have anything to do with Sony business practices (management, business, marketing and finance) because programmers… you know they program, write code, develop software, develop games those kind of things and dare say I the most important skill is being computer savvy. You kind of have to be if you are going to sit behind a desk inputting code all day. The management that decides Sony business practices are the ones sitting behind the big desk counting cash all day.

      I can see how you would confuse the two as those jobs are just so similar

    • @Izorpo

      Maybe you should read the comments before acting smart, mate. You’ve completely missed the point and made yourself look foolish.

  • Great update really excited about 60 fps share and suspend/resume. Is there any chance the PS4 will get backwards capabilities for PS1/PS2 disc based or PSN purchased games?

    • Allow me to answer that.
      NO, why ? Simple, with Playstation NOW Sony can make pay a second time for those games you have, yes all company’s are greedy. PS4 has all the power avalable to emulate PS2 or PS1 but they wont give that us, it’s a shame since we have those discs and we can legally play those games on PS4.
      That’s why I say that the best console was PS2, it could play PS1 games and make them look better and it we didn’t have to buy the games digitally because it accepted physical discs.

  • Looks nice. I’m looking forward to seeing the Suspend/Resume. With that trophy ability to remove 0%, will it remove 1%, 5% or even 10% or whatever or does it need to be games that have no trophies earned? I would like to see external hard drive support too

    When could we be expecting Yukimura?

    Will this update also fix the messages? It takes me over half an hour to receive message from friends now.

  • Will we be able to delete 0% trophies? Also, please let us remove demos from our libraries.

  • Great to finally see the suspend/resume feature! Is this all there is to the update as some of the leaked beta images showed ‘backing-up’ of the PS4 HDD.

    In the next big update (probably 3.00) please add external HDD install’s for games. I installed a 2TB HDD at launch (1.75TB usable) and have 700GB left -.-

    • ^i can only imagine how people with the stock HDD feel

    • You could delete a few games. I highly doubt you play all those games frequently.

    • I try to play most of my games to completion so the stay on the drive for quite a while as i dont get alot of time due to uni work. Everything that needs completing is played a little over 2-3 weeks and the cycle starts again :S. i also leave most of them on there so in the future they’ll still be there once PSN support for ps4 has gone (ie late into PS5 cycle). did the same with my two PS3’s (1tb) and have around 150 games on one and 100 on the other

    • Ha ha, same for me. Not sure how much is left, but yeah 500GB I couldnt see cutting it for this gen. External HDD’s could solve the problem a little more (And a possible solution I listed below by perhaps archiving games/content, so lowering the space it takes, then undoing that when you want to play them again)
      Also perhaps the option to back up the games/settings/etc. from the original HDD when you want to replace the HDD would be good, its not something most will probably do often, but I did it twice and its just quite a pain to redownload everything all over again and set up accounts and etc.

    • Great idea :) im sure backing up will eventually come in an update if not this one. All the image leaks for this update were correct only thing missing is the HDD backup.Could be annouced later as it does say ‘stay tuned for more info on yukimura’

  • And notifications on/off for friends?
    Is it so much difficult to add that (basic) feature?

    • Ah forgot about that too, yeah that should be high in my list too! Maybe a favourites category too, as if you had 1000 friends, you may be getting notification non-stop!

  • DLNA?
    As promised!
    Like most of the planet I really don’t care about Facebook – I’d much rather be able to use files I already have .

    • This is the only other thing I really want from my PS4.
      This update is good I guess bug it’s mostly fluff. I want my PS4 to be as feature rich as my PS3 was.

    • I fully agree! I used my ps3 as a mediacenter and loved it. I was flabbergasted when i found out ps4 didnt have the feature.
      Dlna and friend notifications are on top of my wishlist!

  • Fantastic to see that suspend and resume is coming, highly looking forward to it.

    However, it says it is dependant on the software title. Can this be expanded a little? Is it at the discretion of the developer to turn this on/off like share play is, or is it dependant on the features that the software title might depend on, such as online games requiring an Internet connection?

    The other features are fantastic as well, and I’m sure some people are ecstatic at the inclusion of the accessibility features.

    As for how it can be improved, can we use external drives to move software to? Even if it is just to transfer and not run games from, it would probably be handier than having to sort through the download list to find what you want and download it again. If it is possible to transfer games from an external drive, could it work like downloads do, where you can start as soon as the transfer hits a certain point?

    Which brings me onto the download list itself. Please, can we have some sort of filters and sorting options in it. There’s a third party solution out there, and it makes the download list much much better. But it shouldn’t be necessary at all, to have to rely on an outside method to filter my download list by platform, or whether what titles I have from PS+ etc.

    • Please can you tell me the name of the 3rd party download list? I was considering writing to sony for a hard copy.

    • @Mulukh: it’s named PSDLE.

    • OMGod. You guys saved my life. Thanks for this convo revelation. Much love

    • they said on the US blog that it was dependent on the way the game was programmed. so some games may not start exactly where you left off and some might not work beause of this. So it doesnt seem that its up to the developer , just they way they might have programmed some things in the past. Hopefully the new SDK will make all future games work with suspend/ resume.

  • Just to see when people log on would be nice

  • 1. For us in the UK at least. The 4od (Channel 4 on demand) app, I remember it being on the PS3 but still hasn’t arrived to PS4 as of yet.

    2. Opening up the library to classic games from the ps1/ps2 era… Not sure if you’re not doing this as it may deter from people signing up for Playstation Now, but I don’t want to rent, I just wanna a nostalgia trip of going to play classics like Crash and other classics from my childhood.

    3. The ability to pin an app like the Youtube app on the home bar instead of it being in the video folder, granted it’s only 1 more second of my time to go down into the folder and click it. It would just be nice.

    That’s all I can think of that I, personally, would like. Thanks team.

    • Yup, I definitely want to play PS1/PS2 games on PS4 (not over PS Now — hate streaming, hate rentals). I understand why PS3 isn’t possible, but emulation of PS1/PS2 *on the hardware* should be doable.

    • 40ds ending soon and being replaced by a new service presumably ps4s gonna have the new service when it starts

  • about the trophy update , please make delete possible for games with at least 5% to 10 % , sometimes just finishing a tutorial for how to play a game or just customize something gives a trophy and it would be great if we dont end up liking that game to see it gone from our trophy list

    • they said they wont do this as it would compromise the integrity of trophies. I can understand that a little bit , i wouldnt mind an ability to hide them tho.

    • What kind of games are you playing since you want to hide some of your trophies…?

    • lol i just meant as a way to get the half completed game off your list while not actualy deleting them.
      I do hate those 0% trophies tho.

      I have nothing to hide ……..

    • Call of Duty Advanced Warfare , Battlefield 4, Destiny, DMC, Doki Doki Universe, Wolfenstein New Order, GTA V, The Order 1886, they might want to hide Doki Doki Universe… I’m just saying :-)

    • @theodor: are you one of those moral b-guys who care about what others do with their trophies? I remember being insulted by another guy just because i’ve hidden my trophies. He started posting crap about community and things like that. One of the lowest moments ever…

    • The ability to hide them has been there a while.. I do it for almost all my PLUS titles since those are mostly games I wouldn’t have gotten myself. Or when I have doubles in the list like cross buy titles etc.. I just wish they’d send those hidden titles to the bottom of the list because you can still see (and have to scroll through) them yourself..

  • Nice but download list is a complete mess please give us some tools to just throw some [MODERATED] out en sorted the list a little bit it just too much.

  • Remote Play at 60fps sounds awesome!
    Looking forward to Suspend and Resume and auto trophy syncing too!

    Hoping the following can come to PS4 in the future:
    -Media Playback (Videos/Music/Photos, etc.)
    -External HDD/USB support
    -Searching/Sorting for all downloaded titles/content associated with your account
    -Perhaps a QR download code similar to the X1 can be implemented for use with the PS Camera?
    -Not so sure whether this is a system or game software issue, but trophies unlocking on a 2nd player’s account in co op games never seems to happen, but I hear some games do, but I don’t know what the issue is here.
    -An idea of mine here, but I know on Sky, its possible to make recorded/downloaded content “inactive”, which reduces the filesize, thus saving space, and when you want it active again, you can do so. I thought something like this would be great for PS4, as games can take a lot of storage.

    Otherwise loving the PS4 OS so far, perhaps the next step after these features have been implemented is to lower the OS footprint so more juice can be put into games ;D

    • Oh, forgot some:
      – Notifications for Friends being online
      – Linked to the above, perhaps a “Favourite” category for friends, so notifications relating to them appear, as for those with high friend counts, notifications may be non-stop, so a way to limit it is needed.
      – Backup/Restore option for HDD. Not something done regularly granted, but for those replacing HDDs, the only thing you could back up were saves, would be better if you could backup the games/settings/accounts on the HDD and restore to the new one afterwards.

    • Do you have any problems with corrupted downloads on your download list or download history

  • Please, let us change our online ID just once, please.
    Other than that, I’m good with whatever your throw in there :D
    The suspend/resume feature will be very cool.

  • How about playing videos from USB stick like it was on PS3?

  • Sounds like a good update.

    What I would love to see is for the PS4’s screenshots to be improved. The compression on them at the moment is very disappointing. Would PNG files or something like that be possible?

    • PNG files would boost file sizes up dramatically.

    • I’d like to see the screenshot capture icon hidden when making more screenshots at the same time. This icon is able to ruin a really nice pic when a game doesn’t support the photo mode.

  • Please PLEASE add the support to view video files like we were able to on our ps3. I eant to view my own video files and save them onto the console. The ps3 was soo with good with that.

  • 1. 1080p Video Recording Support (upgraded from 720p compressed) just give the gamer the option to enhance their experience. Someone with a 1TB+ HDD will not mind the increase in storage size of the video clips. Make it a toggle option, we want to receive the best quality we can get, don’t settle for worse!
    2. Share video clips directly with PSN friends and upload to Feed for your community to watch.
    3. MKV and other video format support (MP4, Avi etc)
    4. Skype App
    5. Crunchy Roll App (for Europe)
    6. Custom Avatars (pre-made ones are fine but will we ever have option to upload our own?)
    7. DLNA Support
    8. A pause feature for music on theme, say press L1 to pause and press again to start.
    9. Folders to put games in, with custom labels like “Indie” folder “RPG” folder etc.
    10. A sticky feature so you can permanently place anything to the top of your dashboard.
    11. How about a “games you may like” area (on PSN or dashboard) where you can view similar games in the genre you like. This can be based either by relating the games you’ve previously purchased or a small survey to gauge your interests, I.E what type of games do you enjoy? A. Adventure, B. RPG.
    12. Anime Themes: Contact the anime studios directly and ask if they could make an exclusive theme based on their popular shows. I would happily pay £1.69 for a HQ premium anime theme and I’m sure others will too. Also don’t forget to add instrumental music from each show too. The PS4 is an entertainment platform not entirely just about gaming. The Japanese and Western anime fans will LOVE this! so please do it.
    13. Twitter App: Which allows you to upload screenshots and videos to your account with an accompanied message/caption at any time from your saved folder. At the moment the only way to do this is to upload direct from broadcast.
    14. More varieties of Face plates: A Persona 5 one would be highly requested. A nice idea would be including one with a special limited edition package of the game.
    15. 4K screenshot capture support?
    16. External HDD Support
    17. Further video chat options?

    • +1 for Anime themes!! and also MKV support so i can watch anime on my PS4 :P

    • Yes!! I’m for it wholeheartedly, I have been disappointed by the sheer lack of themes so far. So having a bunch of anime ones will add diversity to the set and mix it up a little. It would be awesome to have themes from my favourite series! Sony do it do it do it.

    • FYI, on PS4 at least, you can change get your avatar to anything you want using the Playstation app for iOS /Android.

    • Skype app will never happen since Microsoft own it and they would be directly competing with themselvs if they made it for PS4!

    • Hey make an us psn account and download the crunchyroll app it will work on your Europe psn account do expect alot of commercials if you don’t have a premium crunchyroll account.

    • 18. Custom Sound Fx: to be used on menus and store. It adds to the personal, customisation offering.

    • 6 – Thats already possible with Ps4, just ask ur friends to “ask you for show ur own name” in ur friend list, below ur icon and they can see ur FB avatar has well. But don’t expect a “upload my own” thing directly in to the PSN because that beats the purpose of Selling Avatars in the store.

      But yeah the other stuff would be pretty nice to… and Yeah I dont mind pay 3€ for a Anime theme… THAT ALSO MEANS I COULD BUY THEM FOR PS-VITA(speaking of Danganronpa and FreedomWars Themes that where promised and still nothing in the store…)

    • Btw you can watch online streams free, with the internet browser on your Ps4. I alredy do that myself and works.

    • I really would like a Skype App!!! PSP, PS Vita have it, should be natural that PS4 had it!


  • I want the abilty to specifically Mute the PS camera in game, while leaving voice commands active

    • Oh and a PS4 UI redesign, after hearing that people want folders + plus if you couple that with the library tab you start to realize that the UI is flawed as there is no smooth unified way to navigate it

    • And everytime you pile something on it gets more difficult to navigate it.

  • “Since launch, PlayStation has continued that trend of listening to feedback by bringing some of the most highly requested features from PlayStation Nation to PS4 with each of our system software updates. ”

    hahahahahaha, is this statement for real?

    just from a quick search on the internet the most requested features BY FAR are:
    ability to change region without having to create a new account
    ability to change name
    externalHDD support
    offline trophy

    the list goes on, but nothing EVER gets done.

    • your consoles been out for a year and a half already, are you guys all too busy watching the $$$$ roll in to be bothered actually doing anything that people ask for??

  • 0% trophy deletion sounds awesome. Will it ever come to PS3 and Vita, too? I mean, being able to delete trophies for all the systems, from all the systems.

  • the only reason I have moved from pc Steam to PS4 was the lack of local co-op / split screen games on pc where the same titles on ps3 had it. But just to find out that console gaming has also moved away from this epic feature. and with no dlna support either I recognise my mistake in the move.

    • The lack of co-op titles is woefully inadequate, in the mean time I’ll just play Shiftlings, Helldivers and Super Stardust Ultra which I’ve purchased only during the past month just doesn’t cut it (sarcasm)

      DLNA was an important feature for me four/five years ago but since then streaming sticks like Chromecast and Roku have come on the market which can cast from computers and phones in an instant, beforehand I would have turn on the PS3, setup a media server on my phone/tablet, navigate to the folder I wanted on the PS3 and select the file I wanted to watch.

      On my phone/tablet I open an casting app, select the file or link I want to cast, press the cast button and watch it on my TV, DLNA was something I thought would be in the PS4 but it is a very low priority update for myself.

    • jfontyman, I doubt you get DTS-HD Master Audio or Dolby TrueHD via Chromecast and Roku

    • My solution is now selling the PS4 and getting PC for Steam Gaming. There are more advantages than just DLNA. Network gaming is free, games are cheaper, you can upgrade hardware with time to run games at higher settings hence better graphics then PS4 will ever be able to render, there is no backwards compatibility issue, no need to wait for firmware updates, I think this list could go on. I have moved to PS4 from PC as mentioned in my original post, hoped to have less complex setup, power on & play plus some couch multilayer with my friends or wife (we loved Micro Machines) at the same time utilizing my NAS for multimedia streaming. But it didn’t work out. I thing I could live with just a PS4 provided it had DLNA but now after waiting so long I’ve got tired of reading rumors and googling on a daily basis to check if there is any news regarding it. In fact every announcement from Sony with no mentioning DLNA which is the only bit I need to complete my living room is making me so angry that I can explode :) have even got a bit offensive towards Sony this morning, they have deleted my post and send a warning via email :)

  • And hey, you don’t have to pay for network gaming on Steam!!!

  • and you don’t have to wait for these stupid updates. On Steam, everything you ever wished for is already there

    • This is a firmware update for the PS4’s hardware, Steam is a software store for PC’s just like PSN is a software store for PlayStations, I think maybe you have gotten confused somewhere along the line.

    • Not exactly, Sure it’s a software but it’s more then just a store. It holds your trophies & achievements, chat, fiends list, Installed games library, etc. I thing it was designed to give the console feel to the PC.

  • Suspend/Resume at last. very useful on xb1 since launch. been wanting it for ages as I use my ps4 much more than xb1

  • The trophies update/upgrade…. YAHHOOOOOOOOO

  • Where can I apply for the BETA program?

  • remote play (preferably on xperia devices) with the ability to use voice chat, if not party chat but at least in game voice.

    loving remote play on my z3 tablet but missing the voice chat :(

  • At least the US blog has replies to some user questions about the update. You may want to take speed read through that for now.

  • What about being able to view your trophy list while offline?
    I’d also like DLNA support!

  • And where is the possibility to play videos from pen-drives and usb disks? And what about streaming content from home DLNA servers?

  • Folders, folders, folders, folders, folder.
    is this too nuch to ask for??
    thr screen is becoming like a pool of icons and it is really annoing, i take some time until i reache the game i want to play.
    please fix this issue, it is really imparessing when someone asks me that a PS4 does not have folders to orgnize your games!!!???

  • Great update. In future, could we also have the ability to copy save data in bulk (eg. to cloud storage or USB) as we did with the PS3. Currently we’re restricted to doing it separately for each game.

  • Finally! So excited to see all the new accessibility-features. I have suggested this for years, and now, my wish has come true. The next huge accessibility-upgrade, accessible apps, such as YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, Viaplay and more, but who knows, if the text-to-speech is created the right way, then it will not be a problem. Please, make it available for multiple languages. My biggest wish is that the games will become more accessible, an example would be the possibility to resize the crosshairs in shooters. When you are visually impaired it is very small, and nearly impossible to use.

    Looking forward to a huge update! Thank you for your amazing work, and for bringing the first accessibility-features into the world of console-gaming.

  • Please add a option to choose your tv as a output of the standard ps4 headset that comes with every ps4. I use headphones when i play surten games. On the ps3 i could hang my headset on my shirt and hear the audio (game & Voices) treu my headphones. The standard headset that came with the ps4 doesnt give you a option to choose your tv as a audio output (and its weird/enoying to have to use the earpeace and then wear headphones over it ).
    Don’t know if every headset has this problem in general though….
    And can you let the ps4 accept your official Sony Playstation 3 headset (wireless earpeace)? I bought 2 of them on ps3 and they are getting useless when you play less on it. Its a official sony playstation headset, so it should be easy to fix i hope.

  • What about playing PS1 & PS2 games from the PS Store? Disc support would be most welcome too.

  • Headset bluetooth support?.

  • headset bluetooth support?

  • Webbrowser : The option to safe pictures from the internet on your hdd like the ps3 had was very appriciated. And the Zooming in option was good /better aswell. On ps4 you cant safe/copy pics to hdd. The zoom-in has 3 standard zooms, a ‘infinite’/self-choosing? zoom like ps3 was working great. These can be 2 good improvements for the webbrowser.
    (i know you can take screens onto your ps4 hdd, but only having the picture is better then the picture with serounding webpage).

  • I would really like to be able to customize the home screen. If it’s not too much to ask, placing the library with the other icons above and only having your pinned applications where the applications are right now. So your favorite applications, only the ones you use right now or to some other reference, will be more accessible, because I would really like to find them quick and have them structured to my reference, while now they feel very inconvenient placed and it bugs me a little, especially those under the tv & video category, that has all of those applications when I only use netlix.

    And also include folders so everyone can be happy! :D

  • Please add system wide statistics of time spent in the game.

  • Again my wishes for future firmware. Most important wishes have a ‘!’

    ! Backup function: Plug in a device on USB (USB flash drive, external hard drive) to save every Byte on it (games, game patches, game saves, demos, photos etc.)

    ! Capture videos in 1080p and 60 frames per second

    Comment function in “What’s New”

    ! Copy multiple links and quotes from websites and messages like we know it from PS3

    ! Copy music (MP3, AAC etc.) on hard drive

    ! Create a folder to sort games and demos

    ! Different sound if someone joins a party (there was actually a different jingle before 2.0)


    Increased time of voice-mails (30 seconds)

    ! Notification if a friend goes online/offline (with an option to select friends whom I would have a notification)

    ! Opportunity to be invisible for friends while logged-in in PSN

    ! Option to delete not whole game install file with patches of games but only the install file, so you can keep the game patch.

    ! Photo viewer from USB and save photos on PS4

    ! Playback of Audio-CD

    PlayStation Store: Add a wish list.

    ! Save some messages like we know it from PS3

    ! Send several pictures at once. This should be also possible for messages on Twitter.

    ! Support for Sony Bluetooth Headsets from PS3 (those with only a microphone)

    ! View photos from USB flash drive and hard drive and save them on PS4’s hard drive

    View trophies even when you are offline (it worked fine on PS3)

    ! Watch videos from USB flash drive and PS4’s hard drive … in short: please bring a media player!

    • Capture 1080p? Never happen.

      I want to be able to turn capture off and stop needlessly wearing out my hard drive and boost the performance of the machine in one swoop. Capture/streaming is such a niche feature, sucks its forced on us.

    • Oh and features that would be nice.

      1. An OFF button for the constant video capture. I dont want it pointlessly wearing down my hard drive.

      2. FOLDERS! I miss XMB so much, the new one is such a mess.

    • Man who would have thought cut & paste would be such a valuable feature on a supposed social media machine that I guess sharing links to your mates is somehow far beyond present day capabilities. Seriously this annoys me to no end….such a simple thing to implement

      I guess browser on a console is so 2006…rather cut & paste is so 2006

  • It’s not that I don’t appreciate the update but having a feature taking 2 years after it was prommissed to be implemented makes me think your software development team is made of a housewife eating bon bons all day and a monkey moking sigarets.

  • 1. Backwards compatibility, are you telling me the PS4 is the only Sony system that cannot play PS1 games?

    2. Media support from USB. I was shocked to visit my brother last week and I couldn’t play a movie file from my USB.

    Seems like you want us to “pay” to stream games we own already.

    Seems like you want us to “pay” to stream music we own already.

    Seems like you want us to “pay” to stream movies we own already.

    I for one will not pay for a subscription service to rent any content. for one my internet bandwidth is not fast enough and secondly I like to own all my content.

    It seems like mistake after mistake by Sony ever since the PS4’s release while the opposition is bending over backwards to do the right thing now.

    Not being able to re-download purchased content after September 10th (PS Minis), is downright disgusting!

    What’s the point building up a PSN library if I cannot transfer that collection to my next console? It’s like having to re-start my STEAM library if I get a new computer. Sony set the precedent with transferring games to PSP/PSV/PS3 even PSTV and now you change the rules?

    Is anybody else out there still waiting for the option to put games in to alphabetical order on PS3?

    As you might have guessed I’m not a fan of “content streaming” and I will stick with my PS3 like many, MANY others I have spoken too.

    I would like to say thank-you to Sony collaborating with Sega to bring Yakuza 5 west. Now if you would consider bringing Yakuza 0 I may jump on-board.

    At the moment it just seems like a backwards step, there’s a few good PS4 games but what else is there? Driveclub PS Plus edition?

    • 1. “Compatibilty” is not going to happen. It’s a matter of both hardware and software architecture and not a feature you can add. “Emulation” is the word you’re looking for and that’s a whole different story.

      2. would be nice indeed.

    • theVoltan

      1. I’m fully aware about Emulation and I choose to Support the developers and buy the classic games when I could just as easily use ePSXe or pSX or PCSX2 which all run flawlessly on my PC. If I like something I will “buy it”.

      2. There is no excuse not to “Emulate” PS1 and PS2 on the PS4, the only reason it is not implemented is because Sony want you to pay for a streaming service. The PS1 has been emulated on every Sony device since the PS1, even on a Phone!

      I give up, no point moaning about it. I talk with my wallet.

      P.S. The architecture on the PS4 is x86 and much easier to develop for than the PS3’s cell architecture ever was.

    • PS Minis will always be available, you’re confusing them with PS Mobile.

    • ps: i hope that by “talk with your walled” you don’t mean getting another console that was meant to be full of DRM, that’s no backwards compatible with older versions, and has a non-replaceable HDD…

    • This is why I keep warning people about digital content, I end up owning NOTHING! You can’t hold wind in your hand and the net is just that, wind, air, nothing!
      Keep fighting for physical releases people!

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