New on PlayStation Store: Hotline Miami 2, DmC Devil May Cry, more

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New on PlayStation Store: Hotline Miami 2, DmC Devil May Cry, more

Plus, Flame Over, Shiftlings and a hefty discount on Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is finally here! Bigger, better and just as addictive, Hotline Miami 2 continues on from the first game’s story, now following the paths of multiple factions. Grab a pair of good (non-leaking) headphones and enjoy the killer soundtrack as you play.

Capcom’s remastered DmC Devil May Cry is also available on PS4 from this week. Building on the foundations of the original, the remaster crams in new content together with heavily reworked gameplay providing for an even better experience.

Aside from new releases, we’ve also got new offers on Rockstar titles, including GTAV (PS3) and a massive deal on Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (PS4).

PlayStation Plus

Flame Over – 20% off, ends 18th March
Hotline Miami 2 – 10% off, ends 18th March

PlayStation 4

DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition Out 10th March

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Not available in AU/NZ

Resident Evil Revelations 2 – Episode Three: Judgment


Sniper Elite 3 ULTIMATE EDITION (Out 13th March)

Pillar Demo
Not available in Russia

PlayStation 3

Aabs Animals (PS Vita & PS3) Bundle

atelier shallie
Atelier Shallie with Bonus

Wroom Wroom Bundle!

BLOCKBUSTER Denmark only

DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round with Bonus

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Not available in AU/NZ

Resident Evil Revelations 2 – Episode Three: Judgment

Sniper Elite 3 ULTIMATE EDITION Out 13th March

tokyo twilight
Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters

PlayStation Vita

Aabs Animals (PS Vita & PS3) Bundle

Doodle Kingdom

Flame Over

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Not available in AU/NZ

Reel Fishing: Master’s Challenge Not available Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine

PlayStation Mobile

Appli Archives G-mode BurgerTime

Star Sabotage 2.1

Ahhh! Asteroids

One Image Viewer

Snow Material


3D Zombie survival

Warfare Shooter


25 Invisible Mazes

Cube Dasher

Miners Of the Sky: Battlefront

Fragment’s Note (ENG)


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

  • CREATE A CLASS SLOTS (£1.69/€1.99/$2.95)
  • EXTRA ARMORY SLOTS 1 (£1.69/€1.99/$2.95)
  • EXTRA ARMORY SLOTS 2 (£1.69/€1.99/$2.95)
  • EXTRA ARMORY SLOTS 3 (£1.69/€1.99/$2.95)
  • EXTRA ARMORY SLOTS 4 (£1.69/€1.99/$2.95)
  • EXTRA ARMORY SLOTS 5 (£1.69/€1.99/$2.95)

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round

  • DOA5LR Season Pass (£73.99/€89.99/$135.95)

Dying Light

  • Ultimate Survivor Bundle (£3.99/€4.99/$7.55)

Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires

  • DW8Emp – Edit Parts – Equipment Set 1 (£7.99/€9.99/$14.95)
  • DW8Emp – Edit Parts – Equipment 1 (£3.29/€3.99/$5.95)
  • DW8Emp – Edit Parts – Face and Hair (£3.29/€3.99/$5.95)
  • DW8Emp – Edit Parts – Equipment 2 (£3.29/€3.99/$5.95)
  • DW8Emp – Edit Parts – Equipment 3 (£3.29/€3.99/$5.95)

Far Cry 4

  • Valley of the Yetis (£11.99/€14.99/$22.95)

Monopoly Family Fun Pack

  • MONOPOLY MY LITTLE PONY DLC (£2.49/€2.99/$4.55)

Monopoly Plus

  • MONOPOLY MY LITTLE PONY DLC (£2.49/€2.99/$4.55)


  • Avenged Sevenfold Song Pack (£6.49/€7.99/$11.95)
  • Megadeth Song Pack (£3.29/€3.99/$5.95)
  • Jeff Buckley Song Pack (£6.19/€7.49/$11.25)
  • Hallelujah- Jeff Buckley (£2.49/€2.99/$4.55)
  • Grace – Jeff Buckley (£2.49/€2.99/$4.55)
  • Last Goodbye – Jeff Buckley (£2.49/€2.99/$4.55)

The Crew

  • Vintage Car Pack (£5.79/€6.99/$10.45)

The Evil Within

  • The Assignment (£7.99/€9.99/$14.95)


Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires

  • DW8Emp – Edit Parts – Equipment Set 1 (£7.99/€9.99/$14.95)
  • DW8Emp – Edit Parts – Equipment 1 (£3.29/€3.99/$5.95)
  • DW8Emp – Edit Parts – Face and Hair (£3.29/€3.99/$5.95)
  • DW8Emp – Edit Parts – Equipment 2 (£3.29/€3.99/$5.95)
  • DW8Emp – Edit Parts – Equipment 3 (£3.29/€3.99/$5.95)

Far Cry 4

  • Valley of the Yetis (£11.99/€14.99/$22.95)


  • Creed Songs (£9.49/€11.99/$17.95)
  • Jeff Buckley Song Pack (£6.49/€7.99/$11.95)
  • Hallelujah- Jeff Buckley (£2.49/€2.99/$4.55)
  • Grace – Jeff Buckley (£2.49/€2.99/$4.55)
  • Last Goodbye – Jeff Buckley (£2.49/€2.99/$4.55)

The Evil Within

  • The Assignment (£7.99/€9.99/$14.95)


Doodle Kingdom

  • 10000 crystals (£3.99/€4.99/$7.55)
  • 1000 crystals (£0.79/€0.99/$1.45)
  • 30000 crystals (£7.99/€9.99/$14.95)
  • 3000 crystals (£1.69/€1.99/$2.95)

Magical Beats

  • BLAZBLUE Music & Character Pack Vol.3 (£2.99/€3.59/$5.45)
  • BLAZBLUE Music & Character – Lust SIN – JIN (£0.59/€0.75/$1.15)
  • BLAZBLUE Music & Character – Gluttony Fang – HAZAMA (£0.59/€0.75/$1.15)
  • BLAZBLUE Music & Character – Queen of rose – RACHEL (£0.59/€0.75/$1.15)
  • BLAZBLUE Music & Character – Marionette Purple – CARL (£0.59/€0.75/$1.15)
  • BLAZBLUE Music & Character – Susanooh II – HAKUMEN (£0.59/€0.75/$1.15)
  • BLAZBLUE Music & Character – Reppu II – BANG (£0.59/€0.75/$1.15)


  • JUST DANCE DLC (£2.49/€2.99/$4.55)

Deal of the Week

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (PS4) – Was £39.99/€59.99, now £9.49/€11.99

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  • Nice update indeed. Sorry to be a pill but when can we expect the DLC for Oreshika to become active?

  • Where is the Rock Band 3 DLC

  • Sniper Elite price on US store: $39.99 on PS3, $39.99 on PS4
    Sniper Elite price on US store: £19.99 on PS3, £34.99 on PS4

    I know this sort of carp shouldn’t surprise me any more, but it really does nark me off

    • Comparing prices between US and UK always brings out someone that will defend the practice by claiming that you haven’t accounted for tax and then proceeding to give incorrect maths to deflate the price difference argument. If anyone reading this has ever said “but tax” then here’s the actual facts.

      Before the maths bit, an interesting bit of information that those who argue tax as the difference maker don’t mention, the US Store doesn’t charge tax, at all, no download store in the US does because their tax system doesn’t require them to, they simply expect everyone to be good citizens and mark an untaxed purchase on their tax return and pay it at the end of the year, because everyone is actually going to do that…

      Second bit of interesting information, is that VAT isn’t actually being collected in the UK from download purchases due to a flaw in our system, this flaw is being fixed in April but until then our prices include VAT but the VAT isn’t being paid. Amazon was routinely £5 cheaper than everyone else for retail games because they were using a similar loophole so they simply removed the VAT, this is also why if you import something and customs get their hands on it you pay VAT in addition to your customs charges, because it isn’t being charged and collected at point of sale, even though the seller is including it in the price.

      There are two ways of using maths to try and match the prices by removing the tax, you can take their price, call it pre-tax then convert to GBP and apply the VAT last, or you can go the other way around, take our price remove the VAT then convert it to see what the US equivalent is. Same process but backwards, you might be forgiven for thinking that the answers will be the same as that’s how maths usually works, but if you do it with the prices of goods between two regions with different tax levels, you get a different answer for the two methods.

      Their price converted to ours: £32.07 after VAT
      Our price converted to theirs $43.16 pre-tax (if tax was actually a thing on the PSN)

      Yet our price, is £35, which is $52.35, some £3 more than the lazy maths says it should be and $9 above what the correct maths says it should be. Proof if it was ever needed that price conversions on the PSN are broken, and worse than it, it’s deliberately broken, it would take zero special effort to ensure that first party titles didn’t carry huge mark ups, yet they all have and indeed still do.

  • Deadman Cross and Desert Ashes for PS Vita (EU) When it comes.

  • Hi Jawad
    Why the pre-order in not available at the Qatari store
    What is the point of not having a pre-order at the qatari store

  • I see that the Rockband 3 dlc (that was supposed to be released 7 weeks ago) still isnt in the store. Does playstation europe not like their fans who play music based games?

  • For Rocksmith. You’ve found the bottom of a drawer. I am sure when looking a bit further you will find all the DLC rocksmith.

    • While I am happy to see that you tried to make some progress on the 4 months overdue Rocksmith legacy DLC I am a bit disappointed with the tinyness of the step and the flaws related with it. We appreciate that you made at least a bit of room in the upload schedule to clear your backlog, but since it is only an infintely small fraction of the missing (and partly already paid for) content, we would like to kindly ask you to step up your game for the weeks to come! Also there are multiple issues with the accessability, which will soon spawn a lot of support tickets on your end. Surely people will iterate on the in the comments below. You can certainly do better than that! So, we appreciate the good intention, but magnitude and execution are disappointing as always! ;(

      Regarding what Jawad told us last week: we checked again with Ubisoft representatives and we have a written statement that they delivered all the missing content to you on launch (4 months ago). So it should definitely be in your pipeline and we would still like to know why it takes so long and when you will be through with it.

      To all the users interested in the matter: head over to for the whole story or check for tweets with hashtag #RSDLCScandal.

    • It’s kind of a mixed bag. What’s Going On and What’s My Age Again is fixed via hoop jumping. Hundreds of songs are still missing. My Creed song pack doesn’t give me the option to download it or the songs after purchase.

      There seriously needs to be some effort put forth to mend all this crossbuy mess. We’ve paid for all this content and have zero info on how long it will take to simply post it all to the store.

    • Well said patdj182.

    • Sorry but,……. Two packs for ps4, this is a joke….More than a hundred songs paid still missing… What happen here?… Four months…..

    • Yes, some progress, but still a pretty pitiful update compared to your US counterparts who seemed to get most of it up within the first few weeks!

    • A tiny step in the right direction BUT still 231 songs and over 70 packs missing!

    • SCEE! If you don’t know what to do, here’s a list of things to be fixed:

    • Time to raise a complaint with trading standards then, because you sure as hell won’t listen to your customers or offer the common courtesy of giving us content we’ve already paid for. Didn’t you already get in trouble over false advertising for the Vita? Did you not learn your lesson? There is no valid excuse for this relentless incompetence week after week.

    • Good to see some progress, however it looks like I have to purchase the Megadeth and A7X packs again.

      I had previously purchased this for the PS3 so why is it requiring me to purchase them again???

      Please Sony, fix these long outstanding issues, as like a lot of loyal Rocksmith fans, we all have made significant investments with DLC

    • If nothing else, please stop ignoring the community. Provide us with honest updates and explain whats causing the delay. Provide us with some kind of timeline for when we can expect resolution.

  • Hi jawad
    Any news on the update for Binding of isaac?

    The us have it for months now, nicolis said they submitted to SCEE also at The same time so when can we expect it???

  • Any news on Powers release for EU?

    • I’d like to know this too

    • They need to make subtitles for every country first .. so dont expect it any time soon

    • There is a Powers App on the Store for the PS4 today.

    • Surprise surprise…

      Ah well, I can get it from other sources. I pay my PS Plus, we shouldn’t have to wait weeks/months just because we’re in Europe.

      Judging from various forums/reddit, it seems Powers will have a comparatively low view count in the EU, because everyone’s getting it from other places! Same thing has been happening with TV for years, although it is very “Sonyesque” to make the same mistakes others have made over and over.

    • So, yet another example of why we under SCEE have less value for our PS Plus subscription than our US counterparts, and still pay more for that “service”. I seem to remember all announcements for Powers saying that it would be available to all PS Plus members, not just those in North America. I can watch the entire first episode of Powers on Youtube via the Playstation channel, but again SCEE drag their arses providing the same content for their customers. Please just fire everyone at SCEE and just merge the service under SCEA or SCE, they know how to treat their customers. Don’t even get me started on the lack of Playstation Now, or any plans for Europe in today’s announcement of Playstation Vue….

      Right now SCEE is the ghetto of PSN.

    • @eXeViuS

      Where did you find that app? I’ve tried the Apps section of the store, a search for “Powers” on the store, and there’s nothing in the video app section of the dashboard suggesting I download it.

  • Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd – Black Star Module DLC is still unavailable for purchase.
    Why is Sony so slow at fixing its errors? please fix this already.

    • I tried contacting both Sega and PlayStation support, got nothing from Sega and PS Support said the lamest thing ever “We’ll need more details” and told me to call.
      Seriously? how hard is it to fix a DLC?

    • I was in contact with Sega UK support and provided them with some screenshots and information they requested. Haven’t heard back since but I’m assuming they are trying to work it out. It sure does take a lot of time though to fix a small availability issue…

  • Hi Jawad, what happened to Hustle Kings for PS4 on all non-UK stores? The game was released ages ago in UK. Rest of Europe got the DLC but not the game itself. Really, what gives?

    • I want Hustle Kings too , i guess it’s gonna be in the EU PSNstore next week?

    • @dennis: the problem is, the UK version was released three weeks ago. We got the DLC last week. What’s the point in releasing DLC long before the actual game?

  • What about the WWE 2K15 NXT DLC?

  • *looks at flame over* CLAIMED! Lol

  • Hi Jawad will tales from the borderlands episode 2 come out next week for EU?

  • FINAL FANTASY® XIV: A Realm Reborn disappeared from Russian store. plz fix it.

  • Flame Over and HotLine Miami 2 for me!

    Any chance on any sort of news on….

    1001 Spikes ??
    Mutant Mudds Deluxe ??

    At least tell me to stop asking if they are never gonna get an EU release!

    • Didn’t they already tell you both games didn’t pass QA? They probably gave up at this point.

    • Sony don’t comment on any game that is in the QA pipeline but my sources tell me that both of these games failed and were never resubmitted for another attempt. At this point it’s the developer you need to be questioning.

      Same goes for anyone asking about Costume Quest 2 (PS4) or Counter Strike Global Offensive (PS3)

    • Fair enough I will stop asking on here and give the developers one last shot then write them both off!

    • They both failed SCEE QA and will never get resubmitted. Plus, Mutant Mudds publisher Renegade Kid and many other tiny studios in US will have to get their games rated from each ratings board from each country/region (PEGI, ACB in Austraila, USK in Germany) before they can be submitted to SCEE for QA testing. If a game is finally released and it missed out some countries, that could mean the game has failed or skipped the ratings part for that particular country. Even QA testing and ratings can take REALLY long to submit before it is ready for release.

      While for North America you see. It is one big country while Europe is split into many different countries.

    • @Murton: hopefully they stopped asking for CQ2 and CSGO lol

  • Can we confirm the Dying Light Ultimate Survivor pack is out today? I thought that needed the latest patch which was due today (US got it yesterday) but Techland have confirmed EU will get the patch on March 14th now and not today.

  • Why the hell is Hotline Miami 2 not available in New Zealand? It was only banned in Australia, we are NOT the same country. Looks like I have to buy it on my US account seeing as you guys think we’re the same country. Pathetic.

    • HM2 is currently undergoing classification in NZ (it may take 4+ weeks to assess) and SONY are playing by the corect rules to not publish it. It may be rated or banned due to this process.

  • Where’s the Rock Band DLC? Already looking forward to having this ignored for the 7 weeks straight :)

    • It’s in SCEE’s hands apparently according to Harmonix Developers (from their official Forums)…

      “For folks asking about SCEE: I haven’t heard an update in a week. It’s essentially out of our hands at this point, and Sony will push to the store when they push to the store. I wish I had a more concrete date. I’ll bump the thread internally and see if I missed an update while I was at PAX South. As soon as I know more I’ll post here. Thanks all for your patience.”


      “Sorry, been slammed with PAX East prep. No new info at the moment. We’ve been reaching out to SCEE multiple times a week, every week, since the day the January DLC didn’t go live. We haven’t been getting any response, so it’s kind of out of our hands? Everything was submitted on our end, we’re just waiting for SCEE to push it live. If something needs to be fixed, we’re just waiting for them to tell us. We want the DLC up just as badly as you do, so you can trust that we’re working on it. As soon as I have more info I will be sure to shout it from the rooftops.”

      Jawad… I think it’s about time we got the content or some answers.

      With Rock Band 4 coming to the PS4, I can see it becoming a repeat of the Rocksmith debacle where PS3 content that was meant to be available on the PS4, still isn’t.

      How can the US PSN Store and XBOX Marketplace (WORLDWIDE) get it right, yet it’s delays and ignorance from SCEE?

  • I see yet again the DOA5LR Ps4 DLC transfer issue has been ignored, and we’re still waiting for the 1.02 patch that currently means we can’t play online against anyone outside the EU. I have over £100 of DLC that I currently can’t use. This update also fails to mention that Ninja Pack 2 is out, but that’s no shock given that the required catalog isn’t there so it doesn’t work.
    At this point, I’m beginning to wonder if DOA players should wear some sort of badge so Sony Europe employees know who to spit at.

    • The Ninja Pack 2 catalogue is there. But there is another issue now. I’ve just bought the season pass and I haven’t been given access to the Ninja Pack 1 costumes, nor Marie Rose’s white dress – which was promised. If this isn’t fixed soon I might have to demand a refund. I hope I don’t have to resort to that.

    • I know how you feel I regret buying DOA for my ps4 seeing as the US store and XBL has no problems. Maybe i should sell it and get the US ver. I didnt buy that much dlc and wont have to wait forever for updates.

    • I still wait for the Season Pass in Germany, I can’t transfer my DLC and in German Store there are no Ninja Pack 2. This Release is a Desaster for SCEE.

  • You probably already know this, but you messed up on the DLC for Dead or Alive. Again. Like you always do.

    She was three weeks late on the PS3 but Honoka finally popped up today, so I immediately bought her with the money I had saved up for her. But I am not able to download Honoka either from the store or the download list – despite the fact that the store took my money. All I have is a receipt in my account saying I paid for her at the same time that I got REV2 chapter 3.

    According to the DOA communities at the Dead or Alive Game Facebook group and Freestepdodge, this happens to everyone who tries to buy the DLC characters Honoka and Raidou. They are literally already in the game as computer opponents, all you need is to hand us some working unlock keys.

    I already paid you, so what’s the problem?

    • And still over 200 of individual DLC are missing, no PS3 DLC transfer, no patch 1.02. People at SCEE and KT are so bad at their jobs it’s not even funny anymore.

  • Final Fantasy Type-0 preorder is $95 on the KSA store….is this a JOKE?

    • buy on disc be a lot cheaper.

    • Have they even mentioned if the duscae demo would come with type 0 digital? Because my understanding is its only with the first “printing” of the disc releases… I’ve pre ordered CE anyway but this is definitely one I would avoid getting digitally just in case.

  • Why Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters available only on PS3?

  • Hi Jawad your post says Shiftlings is £11.99 but its on the store for £13.99 just so you are aware! Mistake in your post or store price??

  • I miss the vita version of Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters or is it just one cross-buy product in the PS3 section?

  • flames avoer, a FREE Iphone game i own for 5 years now, and here it is at 8 euros for the same game ??? dont understand…

  • Cant find only Honoka to purchase for DOA5LR, its only available with costumes? I just want the character…

    • Não a compres meu, vais ser roubado. Toda a gente que a comprou diz que nao a consegue usar porque nao aparece o dowload da key, mas no entanto a store come-te o dinheiro! Cuidado!

    • Não a comprei… só está disponível com os fatos e sim ao que parece nem ficas com ela no jogo, infelizmente já sei o que a casa gasta ou seja Sony Europeia, com os jogos do DOA5/Koei, isto é uma situação que já vem de há algum tempo. Já falei com a Team Ninja por e-mail e eles é que se desculpam pelo nome da Sony, vergonhoso. Mas thanks.

  • you’re putting up new psm content?
    where’s the notice that says that in a few months you’re shutting the playstation mobile service and after that nobody will be able to download anything they bought.

    i got screwed when you shut down the comics service and all that money i spent on comics went down the toilet.
    and now you’re doing it again to people who buy psm games.

    i thought not getting Powers here would be the most annoying thing about this week’s update.

    but this?
    this is despicable.

    you should be ashamed.

    but i know you wont be.

    this company disgusts me right now.

    being incompetent or just apathetic is one thing, but this is virtually theft.

  • Where is the Rocksmith 2014 PS4 Legacy dlc and import tool. We want the content we paid for is that too much to ask of SCEE and the answer would be apparently so.

  • Isn’t LEGO Batman 3’s Heroines and Villainesses pack supposed to be out today?

  • awaiting moderation?
    for telling people how these psm titles will soon disappear from the store and be undownloadable even to those who bought them?
    you don’t seem to want to tell them so somebody has to.
    you may be happy to see people lose content they paid for, but they won’t be.

  • Jawad, Fred I saw today that playstation mobile is closing in September, this is a problem for me. Although I have never bought a psm game I have bought many ps1 (40+), ps3(260+) and ps4(71) games digitall. the closing of psm is the 2nd digital service you have shut down down and now my confidence is shattered when it comes to buying digital. What safety net is there for people like me who choose to buy digital?

  • you deleted my post about how you’re going to take away peoples purchases in a few months.

    you guys are real pieces of work you know that.

    trying to hide the fact you’re going to take away content people spent money on.

    this is what you think of your customers is it?


  • When will be hear about consumers getting full refunds for all their PlayStation Mobile purchases that’ll soon be deleted off the store forever? Looking forward to it, thanks.

  • Chris/Jawad/Fred can you fix the 2 problems that I have:

    1. I bought the Killzone Shadow Fall + season pass bundle, after that I went to the “Library” section on my PS4 only to discover that there were two links, I chose one and as it turned out it was the trial which is a 40GB! download, I tried to unlock it only to discover that I can’t unlock the game because the bundle does not entitle me to Killzone SF standalone, so now I need to re-download 40GB+!!! worth of data which is quite a lot.

    2. The second Problem that I have is the reason why I didn’t just simply tell my PS4 from my PC (Store Web page) to download the game, for some reason it can take all the way from 3 days to a week for an item to show up on my download list on PC, which has proven to be annoying with cross-buy titles were I would prefer to play the game on another device.

    Thank you in advance.

    • Crusher915 – for your second problem, you can sort this by signing out of the store, then sign back in and select download list. Your new purchases will be there.

    • I will try that next time thanks but you didn’t have to do that previously which is annoying

    • It’s since they added the animation to the download list page. That doesn’t work on the download button on the thank you page (chrome, z1tablet), so the page freezes effectively.
      Signing out and back in and going to the download list sorts it out.

  • once again ps4 users get the worst deals. Why would i need a discount for injustice – game that was already a freebie in ps plus and is mediocre at best

  • Now we have to wait 4 weeks until the Atelier Shallie bonus dlc is available for retail buyers…

  • Nothing for me sadly . I would love to see Parasite Eve 1 as a PS1 Classic. No chance of that seeing SCEE has been lacking in the PS1 Classic department compared to the US

  • Jawad or fred

    Shiftlings is showing up on the store as £13.99 instead of £11.99 which one is the correct price?

    • This crap again? Are you really that stubborn?

    • @lance

      This is why they shouldn’t have done a physical release for Freedom Wars, which nobody bought because on the Vita digital is actually cheaper. By caving in to the spam campaign for that game they have created a precedent that Vita owners can create petitions on third party websites then link them here and get their way.

    • I admire the dedication! Lmao :D

    • @Murton: the best part is that this “petition” got what, 4-5 new subscriptions in a week? And the game is already out anyway lol…

    • @TrueMurton
      Did Freedom Wars physical tank then?

    • Says the guy who hopelessly tries to “ask for respect for his language” IN A FOREIGN FORUM, using a silly petition that only got less than 100 signatures in weeks, with the game already available for sale… yeah, i’m definitely the one that needs a life, yuk!

    • @kane

      Been a long time since I’ve seen any numbers published but the last time Sony said anything about digital purchases it was that they were growing, especially on Vita. As for Freedom Wars specifically, no numbers have ever been announced but I know it didn’t chart at retail at all in the UK, given how few Vita games get physical releases if you don’t chart then your either utterly failed or did its business on PSN.

    • Really? Now ONCE A WEEK has suddenly become “24/7”? People have become that dense?

  • Jawad/Fred, Any news on Journey PS4? :(

  • BE Better Place In Gaming World Without DLC.

    anyways PlayStation Mobile closing down .

    Also dragon Age 3 getting 6 hour demo on Xbox live so where we getting it ?

    Also rest dlc I own on lbp and I got lbp3 rest still saying got pay since own it in past plz sort out by end month and if don’t do until them I be ringing Sony Network and make complained.

  • Hey, Jawad,
    Could someone check, why Killzone Mercenary’s Botzone DLC, isn’t available on polish PSS, please?

  • About the 10% discount that showed up on the store on Monday…did I miss something? Something in one of the articles maybe? I took advantage of it, but merely because I happened to jump onto the store and noticed it, didn’t read about it anywhere, nor did I receive an email. It only ran until 23:59, Monday night, then it was gone…what was that all about?!

    Sure there’s a joke in there about Sony/Kojima and trying out new stealth mechanics! :P

  • And yet again no ps3 dlc available to transfer to ps4 DOA Last round. We were promised it. It says on the back of my retail box that i can transfer my ps3 dlc to ps4. It was a major factor in my decision to buy the game yet again.
    The rest of the world has it.
    And yet SCEE dosent even have the common courtesy to even acknowledge the problem.
    Starting to feel like a complete mug for ever giving any money to Sony

    • Agreed, I would not have bought the game on PS4 if the DLC transfer wasn’t part of the deal, as such I’m incredibly angry with the amount of time this is taking. I wouldn’t be as angry if they could at least reply to us with a reason why we’re lagging so far behind the rest of the world with this. Or even just acknowledging their failings here would be a start. Please let us know something is being done, and if it isn’t, tell us why.

    • At least you in England have the Season Pass, still waiting for it in Germany. And no DLC Transfer too for me…

  • I can’t find the DragonBall XenoVerse DLC. I already tried looking on PS4 store and on the browser version. Seems like other things are already up, so will I be able to get the DLC today?

    Another thing: Will Hotline Miami 2 get a level editor on PS4 or not? I heard different things about it and it’d be nice to know since that would make me get the game.

  • We need the Rock Band DLC folks, its almost 2 months.

  • Can only find the Dragon Ball season pass and not the GT pack on its own…..

  • Any new information on Cross Region Gifting.
    Like steam have had for years.

    I do mean gifts would have to be purchased as gift. (not transferral of used). Like how you can get physical copies from abroad, you should be able to get digital ones too.

    How soon are the following titles getting on the SEN store?
    Final Fantasy Crisis Core
    Ghost in the Shell: Stand alone Complex
    Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep (yes I know of 2.5 hd remake, but that’s not playable on portable device is it? ;) )
    Tales of Eternia
    Tales of the World Radiant Mythology
    Valkyrie Profile Lenneth
    Jeanne d’Arc
    Phantasy Star Portable 1 and 2

    Digimon World
    Digimon World 2003
    Dino Crisis 1
    Dino Crisis 2

    Why I keep asking (for the PSP ones), I got most of these on UMD, but I do not want to have to drag the PSP whit me in addition to the Vita. And for those that do not get (portable i.e., Vita) remakes, it would be sad that people would not get to play them in the future. I addition, soon these could be fun to play on PS TV device. You know that poor device will need all the games it can get, just as the Vita.. Also added some games to the list by request.

    Oh, and to anyone complaining about me reposting, if they (SCEE, Not other people) would just take time to reply, something like: We have brought your suggestions to the correct people/departments. Id shut up (about the things in the post) for at least a few months.

    • So delusional as usual…

    • I don’t think that’s possible. The game would only be able to be gifted to users in the regions the titles are already available for.

    • Have to kinda agree a little. Theres a whole shedload of PS1 titles that’s on the US PSN store that I wish we had. Legend of Dragoon being missing being the biggest irritant for me given I used to play that loads as a kid and would love to go back to it again… Just FUSTRATING.

  • Hi Jawad

    Just posting my weekly query about the Rock Band 3 DLC for you to ignore.

    Are we to expect the same level of contempt and ignorance once Rock Band 4 is released? I just need to know whether to start saving for an Xbox One.

    • I don’t think they ignore it on purpose, from what I’ve seen Jawad and everyone else here posts the news that they’re given and updates the store. I don’t think he or anyone here has any insight into what goes on behind closed doors at Sony. Most likely there’s a lot of deals going on with Harmonix and EA Games who are working out the specifics.

      It sucks but these guys can’t tell you what they don’t know and from past experience I know myself that some guys on this site tend to turn nasty if they don’t get a straight forward answer so maybe they think you’ll react badly.

    • Sorry, funnydude6556, but that just doesn’t fly.

      Firstly – they don’t ignore it on purpose? That makes no sense. This is THE only place to ask questions about content released (or not) as part of the weekly update, and the PS Store is just that – a store. Stores rely on their customers, so offering good customer service should be top of the agenda. Do you seriously think that not posting a single acknowledgement – that’s important: not an answer, an acknowledgement – to anyone asking about the RB3 content for nigh on two months is either a) ignoring the questions “accidentally” or b) good customer service?

      Moving on. Harmonix – who are happy to engage with their customer base on their forums and on social media platforms – have made clear that everything is a-ok on their side of things and the delay is ONLY on SCEE’s side.

      As to EA’s involvement, I could be wrong, but my understanding is that EA and MTV Games have nothing to do with the DLC side of Rock Band. In fact, Mad Catz will be distributing Rock Band 4 games as well as peripherals this time, so I’m not even sure there’s any connection between EA and Harmonix anymore.

      Whatever EA’s stake may or may not be, HMX isn’t some upstart studio releasing its first batch of DLC. It’s a seasoned developer, one that I’ve supported over the years by purchasing their physical and digital software, hardware & DLC going back to Guitar Hero’s release date on PS2 and want to continue to support. These are guys who’ve been releasing DLC since Rock Band 7 or 8 years ago, and moreover they’re assuring people asking the question that they’ve done everything they need to at their end. Who would you believe?

      I get what you say about people turning nasty; the Internet is still populated by a large number of that type of folk and – though I know you’ve no reason to believe me – I can assure you that I’m not that kind of guy. I reckon that if any of the people asking about RB3 week in, week out were going to turn nasty, they’d have done so by now.

      Instead, although there’s some minor grumpiness in some of the posts (mine included!), all I’m seeing is people asking a reasonable, simple question in a respectful manner. In my case, the grumpiness isn’t down to the reason for the delay, whatever that may be. It’s from being constantly ignored. SCEE has a lot to learn about engaging with its users.

      Hope that makes sense. We’re all just frustrated PSN users that are itching to part with our money!

    • Hey funnydude6556,

      If Jawad simply replied with “i’ll look into it and get back to you next week”, at least we’d have some acknowledgement and wouldn’t be as p’d off.

      Would it be so difficult for Jawad Ashraf, Fred Dutton or Chris Howe to make a quick call or check the email trail that Harmonix has in fact tried their darnedest to make contact with SCEE and rectify this issue?

      It would appease a lot of us on here, if SCEE would sort this out promptly. We have been very patient.

      When Rock Band delays occur, it’s only ever in SCEE regions. No such delays with SCEA. No problems delivering the content worldwide on the XBOX Marketplace. How can Microsoft get it right for the entire planet and PlayStation employees get it right in all other parts of the world, but we here in SCEE regions have to endure delays, and literally beg for the content to appear, and when it does eventually appear, it costs considerably more as well.

      I’m sorry, but if this was any other business, and customer’s queries went ignored, that level of customer service would not be tolerated. Those employees would (and should be) fired, and replaced by someone competent who can make the content available when it should be and communicate delays in a responsible manner to the customer (like what Harmonix have been and are continuing to do).

      Jawad, Fred and Chris, you’re all posting on this blog and must have some influence as to what appears on the PSN Store and when, or at the very least are able to contact others to make the necessary changes.

      Simply making these “announcements” each week and not bothering to reply to most asked questions, unacceptable.

      The longer you ignore us, the more frustrated we become. We would like some answers and action please.

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