Helldivers arrives tomorrow for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita

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Helldivers arrives tomorrow for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita

Arrowhead’s frenetic top-down squad shooter launches with 20% PS Plus discount

Greetings soldier! After the long wait, we are now excited that Helldivers will be launching tomorrow.

Are you ready to take the step up from being a regular soldier, to a true Helldiver? For a recruitment fee of only €20.99 you can become a permanent part of the scalpel of humanity’s military strength (disclaimer: survival cannot be guaranteed by the Super Earth Armed Forces).

For PlayStation Plus recruits there is also an additional 20% off during launch week only (4/3/ – 10/3), meaning that Plus members can get their hands on Helldivers for only €16.79!

We welcome recruits from any background, be it PS3, PS4 or PS Vita. We offer full Cross-Buy, Cross-Save and Cross-Play between the platforms. Liberating the galaxy is no one man’s job. Bring up to three friends from other neighbourhoods and fight for spreading democracy together!

Early recruits will acquire special Helldivers Ranger training. For a short period of time you have the chance to grab the Helldivers Ranger Pack add-on at no added cost. Specially trained in scouting and assassination of high value targets, these Rangers are the first to drop into the unknown. It comes with the Ranger Uniform, a LHO-63 ‘Camper’ rifle, and a ‘Humblebee’ Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Stratagem.

Ranger PAck 1

And remember; keep a lookout for more Helldivers content updates in the future!

Important safety tips for new Helldivers:

  • Remember; friendly fire isn’t friendly.
  • Taking out enemies before they eliminate your squad has proven to substantially increase the likelihood of survival.
  • Helldivers’ uniforms are not fire proof.
  • Being hit by objects, such as Hellpods, launched at supersonic speeds from orbit may cause bodily harm.
  • Beware of false propaganda.
  • Don’t be afraid of dying, another Helldiver will take your place.

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  • ahhh generic IGC complaint post!

  • My Vita says thank you! My wallet also thanks you.

  • Looks like a game that could be fun.
    May buy it, dunno yet.

  • First off, great to see a 20% PS+ launch discount BUT €20.99 normal price? Really? Who thought the 1€ extra was a good idea?

  • Unlikely I know but is the online play cross-platform? IE can I play with my PS4 owning friends on my Vita?

    • Yes you can – it’s Cross-Play between all platforms! Chat will also work.

    • thats great news

    • Sweet! Thank you, that’s such a great feature and means I won’t be struggling to find a group on my Vita. Turned a maybe purchase into a day one buy for me.

    • This was my own and only question. That’s +1 sale.

    • Try it though… Doesn’t work. The ps4 doesn’t “see” your friends ps3 / vita games. And the ps3 / vita doesn’t see the ps4 online at all! Joining random players works fine cross play though. Finding friends games needs some work me thinks

  • 20.99€? Is that a joke?

  • Some good stuff hitting this month. I thank you, my wallet probably won’t, my wife will definitely not…..

  • Awesome looking game, just wish i had money now to buy it :( I think i will just wait for it to release on PS+…

  • Nice touch!We will enjoy Helldivers!

  • I might get the game because it is cross-buy, but mostly for cross-play.

    I hope that works well.

  • So how much is it in £ then?

  • When is it coming to Plus?

  • So what’s the UK £ Sterling price please?

    Also, I wish everyone would stop whining about the PS+ games. They have obviously just had a little bit of last minute trouble this month and are trying to work it out. It’s just moan, moan, moan all the time. Enjoy yourself and be patient, it’s not like there isn’t anything else to be playing or doing!

    Excited for this game, got 3 other friends ready for some couch co-op action :) The 20% discount is nice! Thanks

  • Why any one buys off the EU store is beyond me. This is $20 on the US store. That’s about £11

  • Sorry, I lied. It’s £11 after the 20% discount.

  • By delaying the PS+ announcement by a week you have basically dug your own grave Sony, people will be expecting way way more than the usual selection and if that isn’t delivered it will be called a letdown even if the games themselves are excellent!

    You guys really need to work on communication with your customers, why has the delay not been explained?

    • Don’t no about that. More people then ever talk about the PS+ update. Any press is always good press whatever it’s bad or good.

    • Exactly JezPSN.
      People are going to expect that all the games are recent released AAA games.
      Their communication skills are poor, since it’s a paid subscription people can expect some kind of communication.

      Anyway, we may not even get the games this week since they haven’t even talked about it for days. They are just keeping their mouth shut which is so stupid.

    • It’s obviously a late development that has changed things and caused the delay. Something’s just can’t be helped. Why are people so self-entitled? Just be patient and wait! The games are good every month, some better than others but always at least one great title.

      Sometimes things in life don’t always go the way they’re expected.Try supporting instead of hating and you’ll be amazed how easier and happier everything turns out to be.

    • By delaying PS+ announcements this and other PS Blogs are full of comments and readers.

    • “It’s obviously a late development that has changed things and caused the delay. Something’s just can’t be helped. Why are people so self-entitled? Just be patient and wait! ”

      A simple ‘actually folks, some stuff’s gone down and there’s going to be a delay, sorry about that we’ll have it with you ASAP’ is sufficient. It’s basic good manners, at very least. simply sitting tight is, at best, amateurish at worst, outright contemptuous for your customers. I couldn’t get away with it in my job, It’s not unreasonable to expect basic good manners someone who is providing you with a service.

  • Overpriced seeing as it’s co op only.

    • It has single player..
      Also the reviews are almost al above the 90% so its prolly worth the price

    • Single player with bots… yeah its a multiplayer shooter with no campaign to speak of. Not for me.

    • The Single Player is Single Player. As in Limited Lives and no bots. Don’t have to look far to find that out (MrPSVitaReviews played it in Single Player).

  • Oh, man! Can’t wait!

  • Do these add-on pack type things contain content that can be unlocked in the game via normal progression?

  • tuesday for psblog staff – ZZzzz Zzzzz Zzzzz….
    3 posts all day! 2 from devs & ONLY 1 from scee & of course that one is irrelevant to what everybody’s waiting to hear….
    can i get a job there with u guys? i ll bring my own covers & pillows, i swear! =)
    ps. love your consistency and good sense of trolling gents :D

    • yea my friend banged his head and his brain fell out and now he just sorta walks in zig zags and can’t comprehend speech. He is at 3rd interview for the position of Sony CEO!

    • Yeah Sony Pictures had a great end to 2014…

    • Death threats? Real nice. My post was clearly a joke aimed at the previous poster. Also it not just SCEE other divisions are having issues updating their paying customers. Well seeng as you feel the need to make threats I went ahead and reported you. I do hope you get banned and your digital purchases are locked. Have a nice day.

    • Technically not a death threat :) Also said in jest. But I knew people would get the wrong idea. A lot of people fly off the handle because of a slight delay in an announcement. Some people though… Just some people…

  • I thought there was a solo campaign. Is there a solo campaign?

    Also, and it’s something I generally hate to do, but how can the EUR price be HIGHER than the dollar? I mean, how does that work?
    Going from current conversion rates plus maximum sales tax, even generously rounding up you’d be at a maximum of 19.50 EUR. So I don’t get it.

    You (Sony) are hurting good games and their devs with these price points. And while the PS Plus discount might seem like it alleviates the pricing problem, you (Sony) have done your best in the last year to drive people away from Plus, with mediocre IGC offerings and a pay-to-play-online-on-PS4 service that seems to suffer from constant issues not in line with a paid-for service.

    • Just FYI, according to the Gamespot review (8 of 10), “Playing the game solo is possible and provides its own set of challenges”. According to Destructoid (9 of 10), “the satisfaction of single-handedly conquering a planet cannot be denied.”

      So, yes to solo play :)

    • Well i tried to play this solo and it’s always asking me for the dam PSN PLUS… seems like i cant play it offline or solo!!!
      And i just wanted this game to play with the family without forcing me to play online of playing with PSN PLUS!
      How did you play solo?

  • I played it a year ago and it was the best game at the show, really looking forward to picking it up tomorrow… the 20% discount is a bonus :)

    I guess when you announce the changes to PS+ tonight a lot of the fair-weather fans will be jumping ship… again, unfortunately not without a lot of entitled whinging first though :/

    • Know something we don’t?

      Actually changes to the TOS is probably the most obvious reason for the delay after a dev pulling out of the IGC agreement last minute.

    • That’s one of the things I’ve heard, but also that the IGC is not going down well with devs in general.

    • The problem is the lack of communication. I am always amazed how any one person or corporate entitiy can still believe that “No comment” is the best way to tackle a problem regarding a promised service.

      What Sony shoukd have done is pro-actively tell people that there is a problem which will lead to delays. That’s it.

      “We’re sorry, stuff happened, we can’t go into details, but we’ll let you know as soon as we know – or until we update you again, tomorrow at the latest.”

      And then actually follow through. But they don’t. And whoever made that decision to remain quiet is an idiot. You’re not letting sleeping dogs lie, the hounds are awake and baying for blood and you think hiding in a corner and closing your eyes will make it all go away.

      If something happens, TELL people about it. BEFORE they call you out on it. Some will still complain, but many many more will be grateful for the communication, thankful for the heads-up.

      But you don’t. Maybe you think admitting to problems is even worse than having problems.
      It’s not. Not in these days.

    • @ AndyBeans

      I wouldn’t find it surprising at all if PS+ (IGC) isn’t going down well with devs in general.

      PS+ essentially quickly devalues games and conditions people to expect games for dirt cheap. How many time do you hear things like “oh I’ll wait for PS+!” or “No I purchased this game already and it’s now on PS+!!”.

      It’s conditioning people to buy LESS games and to spend less money on games in general.. Which means less revenue for developers. Which means business being tougher for developers.

      Even developers that don’t do business with PS+ to have their games in IGC might suffer a bit from it, because of the consumers being conditioned to buy less digital games (since they can get digital games for little cost from PS+ anyway).

      And while developers / publishers undoubtedly get some royalties or something for their game on PS+; their long term revenue is likely to be impacted by it and be less.

  • Just FYI, according to the Gamespot review (8 of 10), “Playing the game solo is possible and provides its own set of challenges”.

    So, yes to solo campaign :)

    • “but it just doesn’t offer the same experience.” is the rest of the part to the partial sentence you quoted.

  • €20.99 in EU yet $19.99 in the US? This is worse than normal! It might for once be cheaper with the 20% PS+ discount but I’m not supporting this kind of theft from the EU community.

  • Positive reviews and a metascore over 80/100

  • Is this online play similar as DESTINY?
    in USA there’s also 10% discount for PS+ subs :) 17,99$.

    • EH bought valiant 1 month ago :( of course never played it.

    • It would really be disappointing considering how long we’ve been waiting to know the list….

    • Oddworld not rly my type of came but aint to bad but valiant hearts SERIOUSLY watched the video a bit on youtube and that game is just ridiculous.

      I got my ps4 about 2 weeks ago and if this is the standard for games i get with plus on ps4 i should have stayed with ps3 wich give’s much better game’s from what i have seen.

      Just my luck first 2 ridiculous game’s in february wich not only look horrible but just aint no fun to play and now 1 ok game and another ridiculous low budget titel………………

  • What is the price in UK pounds? Lot of devs/pubs ripping off UK last gen and they doing it eve worse this gen. Not supporting any who do not give a fair price conversion (I of course allow for tax, though US PSN seems to have no tax).

    • To be fair seems by and large to be European thing as opposed to just UK unfairness. Tax works out differently in the states. Each state is practically at country-level, having it’s own tax policies and such. Which is why I think digital good rarely ever have sales tax.

    • Frimo is right, seems to be a SCEE thing. Might be more understandable if it was consistant but it goes from fair to ludicrous at varying intervals. I guess the accountants use a random markup generator.

  • Is this similair to Dead Nation?

    • Both games are twin stick shooters so the gameplay is similar, each bring their own differences to the table, in the case of Helldivers it’s the addition of Stratagems, patrols setting off alarms, Perks and so on just to name a few.

  • Been looking forward to this since the reveal but that price conversion just ended any possibility of my buying it.

    $20 into €21 and an undisclosed UK price (I reckon about 18 quid which is $26) I have to draw a line now, you indie devs are as bad as the big publisherd. I’ll buy games that are reasonably prices and ignore all others until someone from SCEE grows a backbone and explains to us why these price hikes exist.

  • Here are the plus games

    Ps4 oddworld & valient hearts
    Ps3 sherlock holmes & papo & yo
    Vita counterspy & olli olli 2 (both cross buy)

  • I know not about ps plus games but this first time for not letting us know maybe ps plus free games cancelled for good.

    If they say they still sorting out I think should give us

    5 AAA PS3 free games
    5 pspvita games free
    4 free ps4 games

    if not a lot ps3 players cancelled there ps plus and they will go buy xbox1 or xbox360 where free gold games are.

  • Really liking the look of this however after looking at some reviews I saw something concerning, this quote is from the PS lifestyle review.

    “I keep talking about co-op and team play, and yes, Helldivers is both online and couch co-op, mix and match. However, you will still need an internet connection to even play couch co-op or solo. This is because everything you do contributes to the overall war effort, with every battle either pushing the enemy back to their home planet little by little, or defending the people of Super Earth so that they may fight another day. Sorry offline players, this game isn’t for you.”

    Is this true, does it only apply to particular things in game? I mean if I can’t contribute to the war then well it should be mentioned but oh well. However if I can’t play at all without an online connection then it should really be mentioned somewhere as this will mean some people might be able to buy it lose the connection and suddenly are down 20.99 without anything until the connection is back.

    • Nah. It’s not true. You can play offline no problem. It just means you don’t contribute to the “war”. Everything else works fine offline. Couch coop is brilliant! I’ve had a brilliant time with it!

  • Any idea on what size this is on the Vita? I’ll likely get is for ps4 anyway, but i’d like to play on Vita too yet I’m desperately short on space.

    • ~1.8GB on Vita. If you check around you can upgrade to a 64GB Vita Memory card for under £70 by importing, my Vita currently holds over 30 titles with more to add!

  • Will happily pick this up on day one. It’s been high on my list since last year and the discount is just icing on an already sweet deal. Will be having my crew over for a BIG pizza and gaming night come Easter holidays and the star is this game.
    Thanks, Arrowhead.

  • Bought this morning at 7am from the EU PSN Store. £16.99 (£13.59 for PS Plus Members)

    PS4 ~ 2.8GB
    PS3 ~ 1.9GB
    Vita ~ 1.8GB

    • Nice to see an informative comment that’s not just whining! Thank you especially for confirming the size of the Vita game.

  • Why is Helldivers expensive on EU PS Store?. It’s 19.99$ on US PS Store with a 10% discount. While on EU PS Store it’s 28.99$ with 20% discount.

  • I love this game, got it this morning and spent an hour. Can’t tell what happens on difficulties 5+, but even 2 difficulty always ends with at least 1-2 deaths under unlucky circumstances. :) The game feels polished and looks like much care was put into it.

    Please, devs, don’t leave the project. Keep working on it, there is so much to be added to game mechanics and in terms of content. Personal wish, I know you looked at WH40k, please bring some heavy armor later on, content DLC, maybe?

  • Any plans of a disc version release? Game looks great!

  • US price $20 (no tax) should = UK £13.02 (no tax). With tax in UK should be sold no more than £15.62. So how much are we going to pay. Even with 20% discount will probably still be more

  • £16.99 (£13.59 for PS Plus Members)

  • Does it have matchmaking? or do I have to rely on friends buying it too.

    • Seamless online matchmaking, places team killers with team killers and those with high commendations with high commendations :) Also drop-in local multiplayer and cross platform support, so Vita, PS3 and PS4 can all play together regardless of which platform you play it on.

  • The game description mentions an additional (small?) license fee to play it on multiple same console types at the same time. How is it handled to play it with one PSN account on PS3 and Vita at the same time? Can I play it on the PS3 while my son plays it on the Vita?

    • I bought mine on PS4, currently downloading it to my Vita for free from my download queue which will take around an hour, so will test this out and get back to you then.

    • I couldn’t work it out sorry, I got two profiles on PS4 but only one has PS Plus, with this set up both profiles can play together on PS4 in a co-op game without any problems in offline mode. I couldn’t get the Vita to join any of my other profile’s games on the PS4 though, so I’m guessing PS Plus not being present on one of the profiles could be the sticking point?

    • Thanks for trying out. Think I’ll pick it up anyway and see what’ll happen on my PS+ account. Not to mention, I kinda lack action/strategy games like this one in my collection ;)

    • guys i dont have a PS+ sub now i still dont get it how can i play this solo or with my son with no PS+ active!! It’s supose to have LOCAL CO OP why the hell i need PS+ to play online when i dont want to play online!!
      Did you guys test this one out?

  • So, doesn’t this “Early Adopters Pack” work w/o PS+ (PS3)? I can’t choose the items. :/

    • im having that problem… that “offline” mode or local co op for 4 players shouldn’t be necessary to have PS+!!! Or it’s a major issue i bought this game to play with my family not online so i shouldn’t need PS+. plus there isn’t stated ANYWHERE that PS+ is mandatory to play this!!
      Do you know anything?

  • Brilliant game! but cross play isn’t working well. I can randomly join games and cross play works fine. But friends cannot join me! On a friends ps3 it says I’m offline, and on my ps4 their game doesn’t show to join (even though it says they are online)

  • Signed up and ready for duty!!!!!!!

  • Was really excited for this but $25 seems a bit much, and that’s with the PS+ discount.
    Think Ill get The Last of Us instead.

    • The cross-buy is a nice option, but why not release individual versions for those that only have the one console. Just a thought.

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