Epic RPG Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines launches on PS Vita tomorrow

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Epic RPG Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines launches on PS Vita tomorrow

High-stakes adventure awaits in a massive new portable role-player

Hello PlayStation Blog! We’re happy to say that today is the day Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines launches for PS Vita and PS TV on the PlayStation Store, priced £15.99/ €19.99!

To celebrate the launch and as a thank you for purchasing, for the next two weeks only, you will receive two additional gods as a bonus that cannot be normally unlocked from within the game.

As a quick reminder, Oreshika is a story about revenge that takes place in ancient Japan. Your clan was sentenced to death for crimes they did not commit and then had two curses placed on them. You have just been resurrected by a god and are now searching for those who cursed and conspired against your clan so that you may redeem the honour of your family name.

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Within the game you will choose from eight unique classes for the warriors of your clan. Each class has unique strengths that add to the strategy when choosing which warriors to take into battle, along with which items and equipment or you can leave it up to your trusted advisor Kōchin.

Travel to distant lands of other AI or player controlled clans. In these far off lands you can explore new dungeons, find new rare items, discover new gods, combat new demons and interact with the towns of the distant clans. Within their towns you can purchase exotic items, adopt their members, hire mercenaries to aid you or form a union with members of other clans.

Invest in your town to invite armourers and weaponsmiths to create heirloom items, which can grow stronger the more they are used and can be passed down the generations.

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Unlock secret arts to unleash devastating damage to your enemies and show them the might of your clan.

Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines is a deep and challenging JRPG featuring beautiful artwork come to life, the authentic original voice cast, a game mode that takes an estimated 100 hours of game play to complete and an epic story about finding those who cursed your family and seeking retribution.

Through countless deaths, your clan becomes more powerful…

Through countless lives, the curse will be broken…

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3 Author Replies

  • Cant wait :D…

    Now i schould be like some others… WHERE IS THE MARCH PS PLUS GAME????. lmao just joking

    • I honestly don’t care about the IGC content not being shown before tomorrow, however the hole thing does show how terrible this blog’s PR is. A simple post today giving info about the IGC status (even “we don’t know yet but not today”) would have made a big difference. I think that a lot of people are angry because their cries are not heard and not because the actual IGC release. Not reacting to what the customers say in a blog that’s designed for customer relationship and info is a poor decision imo.

    • True, i want the IGC too, it’s almost amazing with new ‘FREE’ games, but i dont start to spam every News, they allready told the news will come in this week, i know what people but feel but still ^^.

      (Sorry for my bad english)

    • always*

  • IGC? come one now, this is ridiculous

    • Please, this is a Oreshika article. Go post your IGC elsewhere.

      Anyway, thirsty for a Vita Jrpg so I’m getting this day 1.

    • Yeah, this game is not for IGC…

      … OR IS IT!?!?

    • this is a rhetorical question…..

      OR IS IT?

    • If Sony had posted some kind of update, people would be posting their IGC questions there instead.

    • The only thing that’s ridiculous is all these PS+ questions in blog posts that isn’t related PS+. There’s no need to know which games are coming to PS+ before tomorrow.

    • As plus IGC is pretty much the same in both EU and US, the US store often has their store update blog post around half 10 pm GMT so chances are we will know then… although there has been at least one occasion when the US didn’t receive their store update on Tuesday and had it on a Thursday instead.

  • Those gifts make it look pretty interesting.
    Thank you for actually saying its compatible with the PSTV.

  • This looks good ..

    i just hope the ingame text isnt all in japanese like in the trailer.

    • Problaly it is but there are english text.

    • The ingame text is indeed in English – we’re working on another trailer with recaptured English game footage but it didn’t make it in time for this post!

  • Thanks for the PStv support, I wish more Vita devs were like you guys :)

  • I don’t care, where are the Ps Plus games for March? I know that they will announce it today…

  • Dear SCE, haven’t you realized that the people is need some information about the March Plus update? Something, like “Sorry guys, the update will be delayed for a week” or “Today we will announce the March IGC list” or anything. If you don’t say something, the gamers will spam every post, this is ok for you?

    • Either they have been told not to discuss about it officially, or its just bad customer relationship. Due to the fact that is happening quite often, I would say the latter.

    • I think they don’t talk on purpose. Imagine how many PSPlus results are being cached into google from the last few days.

  • €20 = £14.55
    $20 = £13

    UK pays £15.99.

    Once again, thanks but no thanks, I’ll buy it during a sale.

    • £13+20% tax = £15.60
      American prices don’t include the tax in their listed price. It is added on top of the display price.
      If a state had the same tax as us they would be paying $23.99 (£15.60)
      So you’re waiting for a sale because we’re paying 39p more?

    • Yeah, except most states DONT charge tax on PSN, google it. It’s a common misconception, I’ve bought tons of things from my US account

      Were paying more for no reason

    • @mike

      There is no tax addition on the US PSN, and there isn’t here either. Due to a flaw in the tax systems of both US and Europe the tax is levied where the transaction takes place, well where do digital transactions take place? Usually in another country where you don’t have to pay tax because you’re not there making both you and the seller tax exempt.

      At the end of the day, if the game is worth 20 dollars, it should be 20 dollars, not £16, which is 24 dollars and far greater than the tax difference between the UK and US if tax even applied.

    • States not charging tax is due to that state’s policy. They don’t have tax on digital downloads and that’s why.
      In the UK they still need to pay the tax for these things and that’s why we pay it.

      I have an American account and purposely picked Washington for that reason so I know they don’t charge tax. But as I said, that’s down to the state policies.

    • @TrueMurton Only specific states are exempt from sales tax. There are still some states that if you register as living there then you need to pay sales tax on top of the purchase.

    • @TrueMurton: This is no longer correct since January 1 2015 in Europe. Digital gods are now taxed in the country of the buyer, and not the location of the store. So the flaw your talking about is history in Europe, Similar laws is trying to pass in the US as well and some have for physical gods.

    • Tax rate is variable in the US, some pay no sales tax and some pay as high as 12%. US states are a bit like individual countries with their own laws etc (some states recent legalization of some *stuff*). Actually the European Union is a bit like the US a small group of people trying to force their authority on those member states.

      I just threw £1.44 in change in the road you are welcome to come and pick it up towards a purchase….really going to wait over £1.44?

  • Buying as soon as its possible, hyped as all hell!

  • I would prefer a physical copy but I’ll still get it.

    • The bigest joke is: you can order an english subbed physical copy … only from asia (like sword art online)

  • Oh, not bloody Vita again. Let’s have some RPG’s on PS4 for Christ’s sake!

    • Us Vita owners are used to being the afterthought! In time I’m sure you will get plenty, let us have our moment XD

    • There are some upcoming jrpg for ps4 (eg. persona 5, wonder flick, omega quintet, maybe dragon quest 11) but in japan (and asia? ) the handheld consoles rule the market, that is why vita have more jrpg than ps4.

    • So you hate the PSVita?

      The PS4 is getting plenty of support from many developers while the Vita only gets support from niche developers and indies developers. I can count how many RPG’s are coming to the PS4. There’s Final Fantasy X/X2 HD, Toukiden Kiwami, Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts III, Bloodbrone, and even Final Fantasy Type-0 HD that the Vita didn’t get.

      Let Vita owners have their share. The PS4 had too much love lately.

  • This game is great ,just saying ^^
    Remember to go for the enemy squad leaders if you are in a pinch in a fight (*ov.v)o

    • Good tip! Taking out the enemy leader will let you win the battle. Trouble is some of the enemy leaders like to hide behind a wall of minions so my tip is to make sure you have some archers handy in your clan ;)

  • Looks like I’ll be using my small game purchase slot of March on this, unless I’m too tempted by Bastion or Helldivers. Thanks for bringing this over to the West!

  • Sony, where do you get your GBP exchange rate from?

    On the Game, I’m considering this or P4G as a first turn based RPG, any thoughts on which would be best?

    • Persona 4 golden is amazing. I’d get that

    • Get Persona 4 Golden for sure, amazing game & you can get a physical copy for about the same price as this

    • The exchange rate is actually fairly accurate. Before VAT the game itself costs £13.32 which is $20.48.
      We’re paying a whole $0.49 more before tax. (since the US listed prices do NOT include tax)
      Just putting this out there since a lot of people in Europe seem to not know about this and without knowing about it, it definitely seems unfair to us but in all honesty it’s relatively fair.

    • P4G is as great as you hear it is, and it’s accessible too.

      Just remember that not many JRPGs will be able to live up to it after, it’s like coming into the genre at its climax, perhaps not the best of ideas.

    • This one looks good but I think P4G too because that game is amazing! Maybe this would be good for you to start because once you play P4G then you won’t want to play anything else for a long long time. lol. Even talking about it is making me want to jump back on. This is coming from someone (me) whom had no idea what I was getting myself into, didn’t understand what the big deal over it was, didn’t enjoy the gameplay videos, desperately looking around for a demo to try it out only to end up felling in love with it as soon as I started playing and could finally understand why people love it so much.

  • Unrelated but if Helldivers launches tomorrow for $20 in the US & £16 in the U.K thats another game I’m not buying. I’m getting sick of this.

  • Looks like #psvita still has got sm thing left and its days are not over yet. Thats a jolly good news cz if it wasnt ft #psvita, I would have been a loyalist of X-box. A person like me, who is always on the move cannot carry console everywhere but wd vita I cn carry my own world with me.
    As fr the game is concerned, the post does ignite the excitement and being a person who love long experience games, this one does well suited fr my taste. Way to go…

  • This look pretty awesome. And animal eared girls FTW!^^

  • I’m in the game looks a lot better than i had expected :)

  • Is it coming to Plus?

  • £16 huh. I’ll get it in a sale, the gating gods behind a paywall thing is also pretty dumb.. I assume they’ll be separate DLC later.

  • Not sure if this one I would buy. The price is even better, but it sounds more like a hack & slash game than a RPG. Gotta say that the idea is very original though! Also the artwork looks well done to match the medieval Japan setting. Oh well, perhaps next month for my b-day ;)

  • Please Sony, respect the PS Vita owners and the Italian/Spanish customers. This game looks beatiful and it’s an AAA first party title for the poor Vita, it deserves a better treatment.
    Sign the petition: https://www.change.org/p/sony-computer-entertainment-europe-shuhei-yoshida-jim-ryan-physical-release-for-oreshika-tainted-bloodlines-in-europe-with-italian-and-spanish-translation?just_created=true

    • Stop with this crap, it’s not gonna work. You talk about respect yet you act like some entitled child and ask for a foreign language in yet another foreign site.

  • Wow nearly the same price I paid to import the Japanese version. I will buy it at that price….it would have been nice if there had been a physical release with an art book.

    As your avatar is from No Heroes Allowed No Puzzles Either, have the monthly events stopped? Trying to fill the monster book is a pain especially as some of the monsters have multiple possibilities of which monster it will evolve into and acquiring them in the mine is…you have probably have better chances of winning a lottery

  • A first party title and only a simly download, Shame on you Sony. I really hope that Oreshika will be the last title whos published by Sony. Please stop the publishing of such games, there are company like NISA or IF who can do this much better.

    • Also not translated in Italian and Spanish languages, have you ever seen a first party title treated like this?

    • While at it, please make a Dutch translation as well :D

    • Yup. No retail, no marketing other than 2 blog posts, and yet they’re asking themselves why is Vita struggling in Europe and North America? Too funny.

  • Shame it’s digital only. Lost almost all my interest thanks to this. Might get it some day during a sale, or I’ll just wait for it to appear in PS+.

  • @Sony Europe/America
    There exists a asian retail version of Oreshika with english subtitles, so why are not able to bring a retail version to Europe and NA ? This game is your first party title like Uncharted, so you have to handle this with respect. Many gamers prefer a retail versions of this awesome game, so why don’t you listen to your fans?
    I expected a detailed explanation from Mr. Shuhei Yoshida or one of the decicion makers from SCEE/SCEA why you won’t give us retail game!

  • I bought it. Thank you for game, localizations and thank you for nice price for my region. I was afraid that will be expensive, but it’s ok :)

  • Yay, really looking forward to this! Thank you~

  • Game is going to be neato.

  • Minashiro_Soushi

    God, this looks amazing! Any chance we’ll get original voice acting with localized version?

  • Jan, you won’t believe me how much i want to support this game by buying it for my Vita. But, you know, due to SCEE arrogance and ignorance regarding forced Singstar in PS3 XMB i made statement that i won’t buy anything from PSN Store until we get option to delete that insulting thing. Sorry.

  • Why on Earth is this game impossible to find on the Vita store unless you actually use the search function??? This is a big release for the Vita yet it isn’t Featured in the store, nor does it appear in the “Latest” section and on top of that doesn’t even appear in the “Vita Games” section! Sort it out! Surely the developers of this game must be really unhappy!?

    Massive fan of my vita and own or have owned about 100 games for it, was really looking forward to this game so really surprised on the lack of effort at launch… Please sort SCEE

  • Why on Earth is this game impossible to find on the Vita store unless you actually use the search function??? This is a big release for the Vita yet it isn’t Featured in the store, nor does it appear in the “Latest” section and on top of that doesn’t even appear in the “Vita Games” section! Sort it out! Surely the developers of this game must be really unhappy!?

    Massive fan of my vita and own or have owned about 100 games for it, was really looking forward to this game so really surprised on the lack of effort at launch… Please sort this SCEE

    • sorry for double post, it didn’t appear the first time so posted again. (A delete option would be nice)

  • @Sony Europe/America


    Take a look at dis online petition, we have collected 1000 votes from players who wants a retail version. So why don’t you listen to your fans ? So what about this, you could produce a limited number of copies ONLY for people who pre-order this awesome game. You could sell this retail over your Online Shop, so you don’t have any problems with unsold games.
    So what do you say ? or do you have another suggestion ? please let me know, i am willing to do what I can to help you. And don’t forget the explanation, i am still waiting for an answer, Thank you.

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