Heart Forth, Alicia coming to PS4, PS Vita

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The story-driven, Metroidvania RPG with a colourful art style is coming to PlayStation early next year. Inspired by Symphony of the Night and Xenogears.

Hey everyone! I’m Alonso Martin, the lead developer of Heart Forth, Alicia — an upcoming Metroidvania RPG about a young wizard on her journey to stop a Spirit from consuming her homeland.

Heart Forth, Alicia

Heart Forth, Alicia is a ’90s-inspired adventure that combines the electrifying gameplay of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, the expansive world & dungeons of the Zelda series, and the unfolding story style of Xenogears… except it’s a little darker and has its own fantasy twist. You can watch the trailer here.

Up until May last year, I’d been the sole developer of this game for a few years. Thanks to the incredible support of the Kickstarter crowd and the outlets that covered the campaign, the game grew into a much bigger project, and it’s thanks to them that we’re able to bring the game to PS4 and PS Vita in early 2016.

Even the legendary Manami Matsumae (composer of Mega Man, Mighty No. 9, Shovel Knight) came aboard to produce a few tracks for the game! These past months have been one of the best things that’ve ever happened to me.


Features of the game

Heart Forth, Alicia is inspired by games that hold a special place in my heart and by the things I loved about them. There’s always been something magical about the open-world nature of games like Zelda and Super Metroid where everything’s filled with content, and the compelling story style of games like Xenogears or Final Fantasy VII.

These two things are seldom packaged together in Metroidvanias, so I took it upon myself to make a game where the player can enjoy both the fun, open-ended exploration experience with upgrades and unlockables, and the excitement of taking part in an epic storyline like those in some of my favourite Square games of the late ’90s.

Making this happen is a tall order for sure, but if Heart Forth, Alicia can even bring back part of the wonder and magic those great games had, I’ll consider it a job well done.

Adventure through an intricately detailed world filled with wonders, creative puzzles, secrets and lethal dungeons.

  • Engage in fast, agile melee combat with over 20 special attacks & upgrades, and devastating magic spells to annihilate your enemies.
  • Play with powerful RPG elements that include the gear, loot, side quests, and gameplay depth that make for a classic RPG experience.
  • Discover 5 secret fairy familiars to crush, shock, freeze, and burn your enemies, or save you at your most dire moment of need.
  • Experience a deep and unfolding story that takes place centuries after the War of the Fatherlands, starring a cast of fascinating and complex characters.


Going to GDC!

The nice guys at PlayStation gave us the opportunity to showcase a PS4 demo of the game at GDC this Wednesday, 4th March at their South Hall Expo booths. We will be showing a part of the recently overhauled introduction, which is also sporting the recent change into widescreen mode, adding 80 sexy pixels horizontally.

Heart Forth, Alicia

This is both really exciting and thrilling for me, as it will be the first time the game will be shown in public after several years in the making. The team and I have worked our best to make this PS4 demo as fun and engaging as possible, so it’ll be really rewarding to watch people play through it.

Stay tuned for more updates on Heart Forth, Alicia, and thanks for reading!

Heart Forth, Alicia

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  • I don’t care. Where are the plus free games for the March……..

  • This looks like a funny game :)

    Think ill have to keep an eye on this

  • Looks pretty good, I dont usually get excited for 2d platformers anymore, but this one seems to stand out. I especially like the animations, everything feels alive.

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  • I’ve not played anything like this before, but i’m loving the art style.

  • Metroidvania RPG? I’m sold :P
    Looks awesome.

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  • Sorry for this,but……..Plus?

  • Game looks fun, I’ll check it out!

    Shame this thread will hijacked by PS+ whiners.

    • Blog management plays a factor in this too though.

      Fred himself replying to a hijacked previous post only makes it worse and comes across as very unprofessional, probably more to the developers who post here than to the people whining about PS+

  • It’s not important. I’m sure you have other games to play, and I’m sure you can hold off on buying other games to play. Be patient, young grasshopper. It’s not going to kill you.

  • @Alonso Martin
    something tells me this is going to be a very unfortunate time to post news about your (pretty looking) game…

  • I think you just got one more buyer!

  • Hi Alonso this game looks amazing, but I then I noticed it said 2016 D:. I think i’m very likely to get this. This is the exact type of game I love to play on Vita and I certainly will check this one out. Its also inspiring to hear someone get so having worked alone on a game for so long.

    P.S. So sorry people are overlooking your amazing game by spamming unrelated posts.

  • LEGO Marvel Super Heroes and Octodad

  • This looks awesome! Sure buy :)

  • I do blame the guys over here that work on the blog. How difficult is to create a post saying the obvious and offer an apology? Obviously people will complain wherever they find room for it, especially if they CONSTANTLY being ignored!

    • People are not being ignored, the bloggers have answered people’s questions on Twitter, it’s your own fault if you’re too lazy to ask them personally. The games will probably be realeased around the same time they usually do so quit crying, you’re not losing any money. Also, they don’t have to announce them at all. For as long as you get your games when you’re supposed to you have nothing at all to b*tch about.

    • @igotinfectified, that’s not true. It was stated very clearly last year what the new arrangement is regarding PS Plus. Two games for each platform, made free on the first Wednesday of the month (if it follows the first Tuesday) and announced exactly a week before that.

      This is a service that we pay for. We honoured our end of the deal and so they must honour their’s. It’s that simple. Delays are forgivable but they need to keep us informed properly and not ignore us.

      It’s not fair to the devs whose posts are being hijacked but there is nowhere else to communicate. People have asked Fred on twitter but all we get is a vague reply, probably because he’s just the messenger.

  • Nice looking game. Deffo getting this :)

  • Never been aware of this game until now and thank you for bringing this to our attention. Is there anyway we will be able to get a glimpse of it at GDC who aren’t attending too? Those gifs are amazing. The animation and fluidity gives me Neo Geo vibes :)

  • Ooosh this looks gorgeous. Braid gorgeous.

  • Looks awesome. Reminds me of mystical ninja on SNES

  • Whoa! This look absolutely stunning! It has a nice, cozy, nostalgic vibe. Can hardly wait to buy it in… oh my 2016 , really? :)

  • Great, backed this on Kickstarter, and the team can take as long as they like over it!

  • Obviously this was going to turn like this and the posters are hardly to be blamed…But since I decided to post, on topic, no thank you…When I’ll decide to get a next gen console, it will be solely for playing next gen games..

    • Next Gen games… Ubisoft / EA games that don’t work on launch, require a day one 10GB patch and half of the play time has to be paid for in form of DLC’s… no thanks, I’ll stick to Rogue Legacy, Apotheon and many other indies that are far superior to quite a lot of AAA games.

    • Lots of anger in Greece today

    • Rubbish. Of course the posters are to be blamed! It is their decision to troll unrelated posts – from an indie developer, no less! Fair enough if you sympathize with them, but don’t absolve them of responsibility – they are plenty irresponsible already.

    • Well, I don’t blame you. If you had read what I usually write, you’d know my feelings about Ubi….Be that as it may, as someone who has owned quite a few of the consoles from previous cycles, I’ll stand with what I am saying…Games like that aren’t my cup of tea.

    • Harrisown…I don’t know where’s that coming from and what it has to do with anything. But as someone who has lived and studied in England, I’d advise you to tread lightly…I know things…..

    • @Harrisown
      We need a few more Greeks to say nice things for Balance, we must never play with it!

    • Well I’m confused now….

    • @Harrisown

      Basically, you ded.

  • This looks really good :D cant wait!

    The old guy popping at the end was kind of unexpected :P

  • I agree with DarkArchoNx66 (#24). I wont play this on my PS4…

    …But on my Vita, I might just pick it up. It DOES look appealing.

  • It’s odd to use Xenogears as a point of comparison since Xenogears was never released in the EU and isn’t available in the PS Store to this day. I’m guessing this is a copy and paste job from the US website.

    Alicia, Heartforth looks beautiful and will be a day one purchase for me, providing it plays well too.

  • Ps plus is becoming a joke I for one am discontinuing my subscription to ps plus I’ve been a plus member from the start and its just getting worse and worse each month I have a massive back catalogue of games still to play but know what? I don’t really care and I won’t have Sony holding my games library to the ransom of 4.99 a month or whatever price it is now. Also Fred said last week in a reply post that they were dotting the I, s and crossing the t, s on March Inc. this was last wed cmon Fred you don’t know anymore than us so goodbye ps plus it was good when it started and I defo won’t be upgrading to ps4 no way. I’ll just keep buying second hand ps3 games then the choice is mine.

    • Have you met my friends, grammar and punctuation?

    • Don’t let the door hit you one the way out.

      Delays happen once and a while stop being entitled.

    • Y’know when Fred said they were ‘dotting the ‘i’s and crossing the ‘t’s? Could you try doing that with your posts, because your breathless, stream-of-consciousness rant is practically illegible.

    • @MaxDiehard – I think you should introduce those friends to Lucreto too.

    • @Njitram2000

      Sorry, I am not a grammar dictator. I hit add reply before I could edit the grammar.

    • Trolls and fanboys. Im not writing an english essay. There thats a full stop i used. Hope you like it. Xxx

    • Punctuation isn’t just for scoring points in English essays. It also shows some regard for potential readers as it makes your post easier to understand rather than having to decipher it first. Even if your bizarre mindset is that you selfishly only use it when you have something to gain, generally it makes a point seem more coherent if you have taken a few seconds to tidy it up. Otherwise it just comes across as screaming without bothering to take a breath. That counts double when addressing a complaint to a company you expect to do something about it.

  • Game looks great! It certainly caught my attention.

  • Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap! I backed you but completely missed the PSV add ons. I’d much rather play this type of game on a handheld than my PC… Any chance we can work something out and swap versions please?

  • madmanwithabox12

    Game looks cool, nice to have Metroidvania games on Vita. Symphony of the Night is definitely a good place to take inspiration from. I’ll keep an eye on this one.

    PS+ babies amuse me:


    *Games are revealed*


    *Doesn’t cancel subscription, keeps crying like a baby*

    Entitled much?

    • You forget when they are non-indie games
      “I HAVE THAT”
      “CRAP GAMES!”

    • Yes… people are entitled to what they paid for, is this a confusing concept to you?

    • We pay for 2 random games per console and we get them, all that whine is not needed

    • there’s no way to cancel a subscription you…………………..

      Ignorant much? And whining about the whiners. People who whine have at least a reason for it, however valid it may be..What’s your excuse haha.

    • I don’t whine about whiners, I make fun of them!
      Also indeed there is no way to cancel an account, but PS+ was always with random games. Sure the model has change a couple of years ago, but from the moment they start giving free games, they where random.

      I have wrote nothing that shows ignorance, both my replies here are facts, not even an opinion. Every time they announce the IQC there are complains for lots of things and as I said games where always random.

    • @Rochala

      hehe, I wasn’t referring to you, mate..That was for madmanwithabox12.

    • Sorry then! :)

    • no worries xD.

  • This looks excellent :D shame we have to wait so long! lol

  • It’s a game to keep an eye on. It looks interesting.

  • This will not be a purchase for me, the whole look and feel of the game just doesn’t make me want to play it. But, I hope it does well for you.

  • You know what really grinds my gears? People calling plus members entitled like it’s a bad thing. I am pretty sure my paid subscription entitles me to the content every month. Last time I checked we aren’t in the victorian workhouses and we aren’t begging for food. We are simply asking for what we have paid for. I would urge the owners of the games in the posts that are being hijacked to add pressure to the blog team so that this doesn’t happen in the future. Trying to curry favour with a developer by defending the post from the majority of angry paid subscribers is just exacerbating the problem by allowing Sony to get away with it.

    • What grinds my gears are people who give no flexibility when something unexpected happens. They have always been on time but something happened this time and no leniency is given.

      I have ordered pizza’s which arrive in 30 minutes. Once it was snowing and it took 45 minutes. I didn’t ring and complain and threaten to go to a rival service. Things happen get over it.

    • Lucreto, You know what you’re right. . . Just not this time, This stinks of desperation, Something is up and once again we are being kept in the dark. The way we have been treated for the past 2 years is disgusting so forgive me if I cannot agree with you.

    • It could be simply someone backed out at the last minute and they are rushing to find a replacement or a new indie game got stuck in QA and are looking for a new one to replace it.

      As I said something happened, I smell no stink of desperation. They have been keeping up updated here and on twitter. We are getting the games no matter what just the waiting period between announcement and release is a bit shorter this time.

      If they said, “Oops, One game will be delayed until next week” it would be a warzone on here. People moaning we should have 6 games each month and lots of threatening of cancelled subscriptions.

      They just can’t win.

  • Looks like fun. Ill give it a try

  • Damn, early next year. Hope i dont forget about it ^^

  • If the game was actually good, there would be no need to name drop all those classic masterpieces. I mean comon, you’re really listing this alongside:

    Final Fantasy VII
    Castlevania SOTN
    Super Metroid
    Zelda series

    Give us a break! I’m seriously passing on this game due to ridiculous false advertising.

  • I don’t typically enjoy these pixel-art kind of games (Fez being an exception) but the trailer had proper, very beautiful music that doesn’t give me a headache and the game itself seems pretty engaging. If it also leaves out the frustration aspect that usually accompanies these kinds of games, I’m interested. I’ll keep an eye out for this one.

  • I think we need the weekly recap back. All the moaners corralled in one spot can only improve legitimate news stories like this one. There is more about plus than people talking about the game.

  • This game really reminds me of Dust: An Elysian Tail, which I absolutely loved, so I’ll definitely have to keep an eye out for this game! :D

  • Hi Alonso

    I am one of your Kickstarter backers and your game has come a long way in a year well done and i cannot wait to play it early next year. Keep up the good work :D

    • I also backed this on Kickstarter – will we be able to get our backer reward as the PS4 version instead of PC?

  • I actually backed the Kickstarter campaign for the PC version but now that it’s coming to Vita too I’ll *very* happily buy it again for some Metroidvania fun on the go.

    Between this and Axiom Verge it’s shaping up to be a good time for the genre on Vita. Are there any others coming soon?

  • Looks like fun!

  • Yep count me in….. looks mint and perfect for the Vita!

  • Well this is interesting and look forward to hearing more as its closer to release
    …Zelda hmm reminds me I still haven’t finished Hyrule Warriors

    Yes, it’s nice when people know what is coming to plus in advance so that they have plenty of time to moan about it. If I’m not interested in a blog post about a game then I certainly don’t make posts stating I don’t care.

    I really hope they end up giving us games like Cho Aniki psx, special only for plus American PSP version, then Fists of The North Star Ken’s Rage PS3 and Bladestorm and PS4 Natural Doctrine please oh please make this happen. Sadly I already own all of these games, but the resulting backlash would be hilarious.

  • As a backer of this I couldn’t be happier :)

  • Yesssss

    2016’s a bit far though….ah well. Polish it to perfection!

  • This looks several steps ahead of most current metroidvania elaborations. Made it to the top 5 of my 2015 wanted list instantly :)

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