Ruthless platformer La-Mulana EX lands on PS Vita next week

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Ruthless platformer La-Mulana EX lands on PS Vita next week

Find out why the ‘EX’ stands for ‘Extra’!

Hello, fellow explorers! It’s been a while but, finally, I’m happy to say that thanks to our friends at Rising Star Games, the western release of La-Mulana EX on PlayStation Vita is set for 4th March! The game is already out in Japan and the response from Japanese fans has been overwhelming, so I hope you’re all looking forward to playing it soon too.

If you’ve played it before, the idea of diving into La-Mulana once again will be very exciting, especially as PlayStation Vita means you can go exploring whenever and wherever you like. However, other people might not have even heard of La-Mulana – what a tragedy! That’s why I thought I should give a quick introduction to the game, before introducing the improvements and additions that make La-Mulana EX the ultimate version…

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What is La-Mulana EX?

I’m glad you asked! La-Mulana is the original Archeological Ruins Exploration Action game, and a throwback to the days when games tested you to your very limit. First created by developer NIGORO in 2005, players use their skills and wits to explore the ruins and discover the ultimate treasure without falling foul of the monsters and traps in their way. It might look like a straightforward Metroidvania-style platformer, but it’s not just an action game. You’ll also need to solve riddles and keep mental notes to make progress, so it’s much more!

Of course, we’re thinking of La-Mulana EX as the ultimate version of La-Mulana – as the blog title says, the EX stands for Extra! In developing the game, we’ve worked with NIGORO to make some important tweaks that not just tighten up the game’s puzzle logic but also enhance the overall experience. We also added new material that everyone from new players to dedicated archeologists could enjoy; it was a lot of work, but the results are worth the effort!

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What’s new in La-Mulana EX?

For starters, the new Monster Bestiary is where you can check out details of every monster you slay and character you meet. It’s useful to read, but you’ll also get to see some wonderful art for the creatures in the ruins. We were amazed when we saw how much previously unseen art there was for La-Mulana, so this was the perfect way to show it off!

We’ve also tweaked the gameplay. La-Mulana lets you go almost anywhere you like from the start, which can be a bit daunting to some. When we first started developing La-Mulana EX, the plan was to have two modes: the original version for returning players and a revised adventure that was more accessible for new players. However, as time went on, we decided to bring both versions together in a way that improves the experience for everyone.

Of course, this doesn’t mean we’ve made La-Mulana EX easier! Trust me, it’s still just as challenging as ever – it’s just also more accessible for those who might be too scared to enter the ruins otherwise. The signposting is improved, some of the puzzles and obstacles have been altered slightly (don’t rely on your memories if you’ve played the game before!), it’s now possible to undo the ‘Hard Mode’ curse if you want to and so on. We’ve even added more languages (French and German, on top of English, Spanish and Russian) and improved the old translations, so now even more people can enjoy La-Mulana than ever before!

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Got any tips, please?

Absolutely! Here are some to get you started:

  • Read every stone tablet you find. The clues to solving the ruin’s puzzles are there for you to unravel!
  • Collect the Shell Horn and listen for it sounding. That means something has changed in the ruins for you to find.
  • If you hit a dead-end or meet an enemy you can’t beat, don’t be afraid to run away and explore somewhere else.
  • I know it’s old-fashioned, but please read the e-manual! Seriously, read it. Especially page 26.

I hope you all enjoy La-Mulana EX when it arrives on PlayStation Vita! And if you have any questions in the meantime, please put them in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them. Thank you!

#07 - 20140604-0190#08 - Co_Op (5)

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  • Great News!
    Does La-Mulana EX support the playstation tv (vita tv)?

  • This and Shovel Knight are the games I am waiting mostly for my Vita.
    Any idea of the price? Ps plus discount? Or even better ps plus free game ? :D

  • This looks pretty damn good. And on Vita? Bonus!

    • Thanks BluSpykz!
      La-Mulana EX is not only beautiful but, also pretty damn challenging too!
      Really hope you enjoy it!

  • Great, this a game very anticipated for vita…

    If only there were more AA and AAA titles… such a waste of hardware…

    Having Vita is like buying a Ferrary to do the farming… it does the work, but it’s not what was intended for…

    Anyway, indies like la-mulana are always wellcome…

    Great to have it on spanish too, my 7 years old son it’s not very fond on english yet, so he will enjoy this title as much as I. any clues about the pricing?

    or is one of the missing igc games

    • Muchas gracias! Sinceramente, esperamos que puedas disfrutar del juego, aunque quizas sea un poco complicado para tu hijo de 7 años jajaja

      Un saludo

    • Hey!!! mi hijo se merienda spelunkys y de postre rogue legacy’s… es un crack!!! no creo que la-mulana le cueste demasiado ;-)


  • Excellent, I look forward to it. =]

  • *Another Amazing indie game on Vita :D !!!
    Long live the Vita.

    there i fixed it for you

  • Is there any chance this could be making its way to the PS4 also?

    • Hey Stevejcrow!

      Thanks for your support. Sadly, La-Mulana EX is only available for PlayStation Vita you want to play it in the comfort of your armchair its compatible with PlayStation TV

  • Hey Guys!

    It’s me again, Tyrone Walcott from Rising Star Games!

    Today, I’ll endeavour to answer all of your questions about our new kick-ass game La-Mulana EX!

    If not, I’ll pass you over to my trusted sidekick :)

    • Is there any chance you’ll be releasing La-Mulana EX on any other sony platforms?

    • I’m guessing your sidekick is me then? :D

      I’m Martin from RSG – if you’ve got any technical questions about the game’s improvements or tweaks, I’m your man!

  • Is it possible to jump off ladders in this version? Good as it is, some of the mechanics in the original are frustratingly clunky.

    • A good few of the gameplay mechanics have been tweaked/polished for this Vita version, stefchauk, but no – that’s not one of them.

  • Gosh it looks amazing, Spelunky-like. Since it’s not coming to PS4, I’ll have to get it for PC. But I want to play it so badly on PS4 :(

    • Actually, La-Mulana has been credited as being one of the inspirations for Spelunky – the original La-Mulana came out four years before Derek Yu’s awesome game. :D

  • So this is sort of like Spelunky? If that’s the case, i’m totally in for it! Game looks great!

    • Spelunky meets Dark Souls* (even though, again, it originally came out even before Demons’ Souls). You’re going to love it, Rawanz!

      * I can’t believe I said that… I’ve had so much stick in our office for comparing it to From’s series. :)

  • What about the price?

    or is it one of the IGC march games? ;-)

  • Not a bad choice if it’s IGC IMHO… XD

  • Awesome, I actually stopped playing La-Mulana on PC when I heard that it was coming to Vita. Just so I could enjoy it more on my favorite platform. Can we get a price on the game?

  • Looks Mint!! Can’t wait to get stuck into this. Looks old school!
    Another great Indie title. With so many still to come.
    Price? Plus discount?
    Either way I’m already sold!

  • This looks awesome!
    Anyone know if it’s stupid hard though like Spelunky, or do I actually have a chance of finishing this one?

    • It’s not random – the maps have a distinct layout and there’s a route to success, although you can break that route lots so it’s not fixed in the true sense. I just hope you’ve got your thinking cap on, ThugETH, not to mention your ‘fighting massive bosses’ hat… you’re going to need both. :D

  • Wow it looks quite nice.. looking forward to play this game on my vita!

  • Well going by the comments it doesn’t look like people will sleep on this :D
    That’s great, the game is great, it’s brutal but fair and I’ll once again descent the ruins and become the one true…who am I kidding I’ll be dying here as well :D

  • Finally! Been waiting for this one.

  • Quick question?

    Will you discriminate against everybody outside of North America and charge them more for digital content which is the choice by the developer who sets the price which is not set by Sony PSN.
    Or will you set the price by current global exchange rates ? If its the second then i will by if not I will just forward your company info and grievance to the european commission of consumer rights.

    Thank you and good luck with your game .

  • And it has a platinum :) eagerly awaiting price tag :)

  • *Groan* Looks like the gaming world has gone retro-mad, i’ve been through that era already, think i’ll come back when things start to look promising again (maybe). I’m outa here.

  • Uohh, I love this game. It remembers me “Maze of Galious” from MSX. I loved my MSX.
    Congratulations! I will buy!!

  • Something must be wrong with the comments system.

  • I can’t see this coming to PS4 as it looks extremely CPU and GPU intensive….maybe on a top end PC?

  • I have been interested in this game for a long time but always heard the game is rather complicated to play. From what ive seen on Twitch etc. is that you literally need a notebook and qa pen next to you to solve the puzzles & memorize stuff. Is it still something you need to do for this revamped version or is there a in game notebook/options to keep track of these thigns now. Im really glad its made more accessible for players who have been discouraged to try it like myself though i really didnt want to miss out on this game, hopefully the final product is like this.

    • You can find software for your in-game laptop that lets you ‘save’ text from any stone tablets you read and then re-read it any time you like – that was in the game before, so there’s no real need for a notebook. The only part that might be a tad trickier is the end-game, but even that’s doable if you use your brain! :)

  • Will the new revamped version of this game remove the the chance of getting permanently stuck like the things mentioned etc. from the thread ” avoid badly designed games like this” and hearing that you need a notebook & pen to solve some of the puzzles and remember stuff ?

    ive been interested in this game for a long time but been really discouraged about these archaic and horrible obselete design choices theyve made to the original of this game so its just been stuck on my wishlist for ages.

  • This is weird, but could I ask who did the incredible title artwork at the page header?

    It looks like Milo Manara or Moebius, but I presume both of them aren’t really available……

    Thanks in any case!

  • I’ve been following Rising Star Games since DeathSmiles and would’ve missed many gems without you. You guys are doing awesome work!

  • How large will the download be? Really can’t wait for this, loved it on WiiWare.

  • Steven Spielberg and George Lucas want a word. They seem to think that the banner picture at the top somehow abd the thukbnail on the main menu reminds them of a joint collaboration they worked on in the eighties.

  • Will the existing PC version get an “EX update”? The puzzles and secrets were way too cryptic, I gave up because having to look up a walkthrough every 10 minutes was just ruining the game for me. I’m not gonna buy it again on Vita just to see if this new version is indeed easier on the puzzles side, but I’d definitely give it another try if this new mode is released on PC.

    • We didn’t release the PC version, so I wouldn’t know. You’d have to ask NIGORO directly, but they’re very busy working on the sequel…

  • It is already up here in Australia. Is there a ps plus discount i should be waiting for?

  • Bought! I’m very excited to play it – it will be my first time, since I never played it for PC. I love games with exploration and puzzles.

  • Hi guys, was just wondering, where on earth did the full screen went for the VITA version ?
    Can t find the configuration right away, is this someth;ing you unlock later ?
    It seems to be available from start on other plateform

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