New Bloodborne video shows Darkbeast boss fight

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New Bloodborne video shows Darkbeast boss fight

Just one of the fearsome encounters that awaits in the impending PS4 epic

Hello, PlayStation Blog readers. This is Kitao, PR Manager for Bloodborne in Japan. Today I would like to introduce a brand new boss enemy from the game.

Just like in Demon’s Souls, Bloodborne will feature many boss enemies of all shapes and sizes, and there will be a variety of ways to defeat them. So I think you will find that the gameplay in Bloodborne is rich and diverse.

I am happy to introduce a new boss character called “Darkbeast.” This electric beast emerges from giant skeletal remains. With lightning coursing through its body, it bombards the player with its erratic and off-speed movements. You can check out this beast in action in the video just released as part of IGN First.



A malformed beast enveloped in blue lightning.
With a long body made of only bones, and a wrinkle-covered skull, people say this beast must be very old, very ancient.
Or perhaps, it is a descendent of the city of the plague of beasts.”

This marks the last post covering content from IGN First’s month-long coverage of Bloodborne, but we have more in store for you before the game launches on 25th March, so please stay tuned.


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  • Pre-ordered the nightmare edition. Cannot wait for this game to release

  • As awesome as this looks, which is REALLY awesome, I’d still appreciate an update on when the plus games are going to be announced?

    • C’mon Fred. . .

    • for once I am absolutely indifferent, but I am curious to find out what I will be missing..

    • Fred, we are expecting something…

    • I’ve got a feeling the games they had lined up were a bit rubbish and they’ve seen what people on Xbox are getting and Sony are rushing around to get us better games. Rayman legends is a great game to receive free but other 2 was Ps+ ages ago.

    • Sorry to keep you good folks waiting. I appreciate you’re all really keen to see the line-up and that it’s frustrating having to hang on a bit longer than usual. Alas, we’re still not quite ready to make the announcement. I can’t give you a firm time at present as to when the post will go live, but we’re working to get it to you as soon as possible. It may well be next week at this stage.

    • Change the problematic title Fred! Knack would fill that gap wonderfully.

    • So Tuesday night then?

    • Can’t be Tuesday night as that would upset their core demographic, the Americans.

    • @Fred
      That’s not good enough.

    • Kanye West is that you?

    • Bladestorm Nightmare is being released around the time Plus is updated, you might as well give us that XD

    • Aww Fred, at least tell us what colour is #the dress? Is it really blue and black?

    • No please no knack. I just recently bought it. It always happens to me, the games I buy, show up for free. Instead Olli Olli 2, Helldivers or Shiftlings may be perfect candidates for Plus IGC.

    • Next week? Shouldn’t the list be up before the month starts, you know, for people to decide if they should or should not pay the March subscription?
      Funny how one month Sony announces the igc for the following 2 months and on another, 4 days before it goes live (at least for the US), we still don’t know what the games are…

    • PEOPLE why on earth are you liking freds reply. We only got the response because we hijacked this post on this awesome game and embarrassed the blog into acting. We should have had a post explaining a delay so we wouldn’t have to hijack. In fact Fred you should have posted separately and instead you also hijacked the developer post!!!!

    • Fred I know this is going to be a negative comment however…
      Why is it you guys have such a hard time making such a simple announcement? I surely hope you guys are so organized that you have this planned out just a few weeks before they go live. If not then I can’t see how the future of Sony is going to be.
      You treat PS+ as a joke and the subscribers as fools. It’s getting tiresome. You need to step up your game, this is paid subscription, so we can actually expect that you guys communicate a little bit better.
      Your communication skills has gone downhill a lot.

    • So the IGC announcement is a little late…we’ll still get the games. I want to know too but it’s hardly a trauma.

      I’m also trying to ignore much of the Bloodborne media, looks great, but I’d like to go into the game and be surprised for a change.

      The dress was white & gold to me! ;)

    • People are forgetting that the IGC games are supposed to go live the first Wednesday of every month as was discussed when they changed things round
      Already this hasn’t happened so things are getting stretched and it isn’t fair. The IGC games are supposed to go live tomorrow, not next week. This was announced in the post that outlined the changes. That’s half the reason everyone is getting so frustrated.

  • Maybe next year son :-)

  • THIS IS BECOMING A JOKE. Developers of other games who work hard are getting their posts hijacked because due to the IGC still not being announced. Its becoming embarrassing and this blog should get their act together. GET IT SORTED.
    I am looking forward to bloodborne and the videos look awesome.

  • I can’t believe you deleted comment just because I complained about the lack of ps plus IGC announcement. What is the point of calling this website a BLOG if you plan to delete post comments that you dislike?

    This is technically limiting my freedom of speech on this website!

    • AFAIK freedom of speech only applies if you criticize the government (or government bodies) so they cannot arrest you for doing so. It doesn’t help you invoking it to a corporaton, esp. since you agreed to their terms when posting. That being said as long as IGC is updated next thursday we have nothing to complain about.

    • Dude if they decided that you needed to post pictures of yourself dressed up as a purple piñata before every post you made it would still be within their right.
      Freedom of speech only protects you from criticizing the government. The rest is private domain.

    • You are being off topic if you are commenting about lack of IGC announcement in a post that has nothing to do with it. I would guess that’s why your post would have been deleted.

      And that’s beside the point anyway. You have no freedom, it’s Sony’s privately owned blog, they can do what they like (rightly so). Freedom goes both ways mate.

      “However, we reserve the right to monitor all such content and, without notice, to edit, delete or remove any content which we deem to be inappropriate.”
      (that link is right next to ‘add reply’ button, you should have a read to see what your “rights” are before you try to invoke them)

  • I absolutely won’t watch the video, but the stills awesome. GREAT design. Just hope it won’t kill me too often…

  • Please avoid splashing anymore unavoidable Bloodborne spoilers all over your landing page. Prefer the content to reveal as the game is played – as I’m sure most players do.

  • I am not going to watch the video, as it could spoil the game.
    However from the pictures I can say it looks nice. Also it sounds cool.

    Looking forward for Bloodborne. Could really be one of the better games this year despite we are still early.

  • Awe I was hoping they wouldn’t let too much out of the bag.
    Just release the game and let the players do the promoting.

  • On the start, I want to tell you “sorry” for offtopic, but I cannot wait. We know, that we will get PS+ letter with games, but, because of that, will we don’t get games in PS Store next wednesday (4th March)? Thanks for anwser!

  • This game looks awesome!

  • I can’t believe you guys. This is a post about Bloodborne! You’re gonna get your free games in just 5 days. I mean, have you seen the video? If they can’t announce the contect yet, then they won’t do it and whining isn’t gonna change that. I only played Demon’s Souls and skipped both sequels, but I definitely won’t miss this one. 26 days left!

    • Ok, sorry for this, but I can’t wait. I’m really looking forward to it!/Ok, sorry jeszcze raz, ale jestem zbyt podekstytowany!

  • I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore! I’m a human being, my life has value. On the other hand; Bloodborne does look amazing, the boss fight looks intense and it ran smoothly with no drops, looking forward to playing this in the next couple of months.

  • I couldn’t even beat the boss in the beta but damn, that one looks harder! But then again I need more experience with those games as I still didn’t get round to the Souls yet.

  • Serious question guys. There is only a week apart release date wise but which game to get, dark souls 2 (ps4) or bloodborne.

    • Get Bloodborne DSII is the worst game in the series.

    • Definitely get Bloodborne, DS2 may be the worst souls game but it’s still better than a lot of games out there and the new version has a lot of welcome changes and additions so it’ll be well worth picking up at a later date
      Bloodborne should be priority tho, it looks so damn good, plays pretty well aswell (as of the last beta atleast)

  • Fred, it’s not the announcement being late that annoys people but the lack of communication about it. I would really appreciate if those in charge of getting the IGC deals were more upfront and clear about there being a delay. This is a paid service which people pay €50 for, not a charity. Thus next time communicate better to your customers about the delay in advance.

    • Your upset about a delay to an announcement about a delay?!?
      Fred has said enough if you care to find where it’s written, maybe that’s the problem, your not sure where to look.
      The games will come , knowing about them doesn’t matter.

    • But Fred should be posting that into here, in the blog, not his personal twitter account.

      All that was needed is a single official blog post announcing the delay and giving some sort of explanation then there wouldn’t be four different threads being hijacked by IGC questions. Fred just isn’t very good at managing the community, I imagine he has other duties outside of the blog that stop him from spending too much time here, but the time that is spent here isn’t spent very well.

    • Well having been with Xbox previously since 2001 I can tell you this blog is exceptionally well maintained.
      There still isn’t a delay the games are coming on Wednesday (as far as we know) the only delay is a post about what’s going to be on offer. A list of games you couldn’t have till Wednesday anyway…

    • i kind of agree with harrisown but…
      how would you feel if you bought killzone on a whim as its cheap but then on wednesday you could have it on ps+.
      Its always nice to know whats coming up to stop you buying anything that you would get on ps+.

  • I am interested but I have never played a souls game .. and I’m afraid of buying and put off by the difficulty, out it down and never finish. Hope there will be a demo.

    • I rly urge you to buy Dark souls 2 , sure its a hard game but with a little practice you come along way and its absolutly thrilling game wich got me playing my ps3 for ours in a row.

      By now their so many guide’s on the net that when you get stuck the sollution is always out their for you to google.

      Dark souls is 1 of the few game’s i would absolutly recommend to any1 who has a intrest for this kind of game’s

    • Thanks Yao. I think I will give it a try; Hotline Miami was the best game I played last year, and I thought that was pretty hard, so might as well try Bloodborne.

  • I am so hyped for this game. Biggest concern is the potential lack of environmental/enemy variety due to the theme – as such this boss could actually look like a clever reskin of the already overexposed hell hound boss. Hopefully I am wrong.

  • hey…. come on!!! what about the igc games for march, we are already on march, only 2 days away of the supposed delivery date and still waiting to known them…

    What’s the point on putting a rule (last wednesday-first wednesday) if you break it every once and then?

    We expect this information to be reliable and clockwork. It’s very difficult to understand why you don’t have the games confirmed until the last moment (not the best way of working, or living…)…

    Many folks think about you intimidated by Microsoft line up, and trying to change the indie-full march line up into something worth our money…

    if that’s the reason… go on and explain it… give an estimated date… but dont let us on darkness for a week….

    2xvita, 1xps3 and 1xps4 owner…. (that’s more than enough authoroty to demand some answers, IMHO)

    • Not that it really matters, but why do you have 2 vitas?

    • There’s 2 Vita’s in my house too, Willow.

      1 is mine, and 1 is my wife’s.
      There’s also 1x PS4, and a whopping 4xPS3’s in my house.
      Kids, eh?

      So I throw my authoritative hat into the… hat. No, wait?

    • Sheesh, entitled much? I get that you’re angry and impatient, but please stop hi-jacking unrelated posts and go spam Fred on Twitter instead or something.

    • How would Sony be intimidated by Microsoft line up? We got all those games months even years ago.

      They have been on time now but not this month. Sounds like something must have happened last minute and they are trying to change a game.

  • One for my son, and another one for myself, it’s quite cheap, we share digital and all the plus games, and we can even play ad-hoc almost every digital game (until now, I only found invizimals 2 wich doesnt work this way)

    I bougth mine first, but seeing my son asking for playing the same games I play…. It was a natural move to buy the second… ;-)

    If you have sons, you’ll see my point, if not, it’s a free tip for the future XD

  • I just bought my ps4 a week ago and after seeing the huge dissapointment on the fedruary free games (personal opinion ofc) i was rly looking forward to the game’s for march hoping they would be alot better then last months game’s.

    But now their is still no update on the march game’s is this normal or ?

  • Strong rumours of Lego Marvel Super Heroes on PS4 and Octodad (probably multi format).

  • Are we gonna get the PS+ games this week or any official statement about the issue?

  • do you really think your going to get a statement about ps plus games here stop been disrespectful and go and ask about it in the right place
    hopefully bloodborne will be the best game this year its the reason i got a ps4

    • If the PlayStation Blog isn’t the right place where is? Should I ask Nintendo or Microsoft?

    • link1983 I believe the playstation forums are probably a better place. The PR Manager for Bloodborne isn’t going to be able to answer the question either. Sony will anounce IGC when they are good and ready.

  • Bloodborne really does look good. Got a good pedigree for the team behind it too, and I’m really excited. Despite a number of things being posted and spoiled as a way to hype the game… when I’d have liked to have had an ‘holy sh%%” moment when I saw it for the first time unexpectedly.

    On the subject of the IGC that everyone seems to be hijacking threads about, I too am annoyed about it. But hijacking threads isn’t going to do much sadly. Which in a way shows just how little Sony care about not only their supporters, but also developers on their system. Constantly developers are posting game updates, and they get bogged down with people begging for news on the IGC, which Fred and the team have not had the good grace to provide anyone with.

    At this point, no one even needs to know the games, people were just after a small update. A quick blog post to say “IGC Update: Hi guys, there’s been a delay. Games will come on March 11th, the titles will be announced this Friday” or “IGC Update: Sorry for the delay. Games will be released tomorrow, but the final game is still not finalised, so it won’t be revealed until it goes live in America tonight”

    Anything really. Just something that stops people complaining, and stops developers having their posts hijacked. It’s common decency, it’s professional, and it’s the right thing to do when you’re not following the guidelines for your announcements that you previously set. Also, as others have mentioned, a ton of first party first year release games are dirt cheap now. Some people who just got the console may well pick up Killzone for 10 quid, and then see it free the next day. That’s a pain in the ass, and something that shouldn’t be the case. the IGC should always come with a warning to prevent that as much as possible. 1 days notice is tight. Obviously you can’t protect everyone from sales that suddenly affect games they just bought, but games suddenly becoming free should be something they’re given advance notice off.

    There’s a chance Xbox Ones free game of Rayman has made Sony change a title, to try and get a retail release thrown in. But I’m expecting two indies, one of which will be chariot (nice game, already free on Xbox and I completed it there. Wont bother again). So I’ve not got high hopes, but with the long delay and zero communication others will be getting more hyped about what is to come, and as the announcements often get a lot of detractors, it will be a lot worse if it disappoints now.

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