New Bloodborne video shows Darkbeast boss fight

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New Bloodborne video shows Darkbeast boss fight

Just one of the fearsome encounters that awaits in the impending PS4 epic

Hello, PlayStation Blog readers. This is Kitao, PR Manager for Bloodborne in Japan. Today I would like to introduce a brand new boss enemy from the game.

Just like in Demon’s Souls, Bloodborne will feature many boss enemies of all shapes and sizes, and there will be a variety of ways to defeat them. So I think you will find that the gameplay in Bloodborne is rich and diverse.

I am happy to introduce a new boss character called “Darkbeast.” This electric beast emerges from giant skeletal remains. With lightning coursing through its body, it bombards the player with its erratic and off-speed movements. You can check out this beast in action in the video just released as part of IGN First.



A malformed beast enveloped in blue lightning.
With a long body made of only bones, and a wrinkle-covered skull, people say this beast must be very old, very ancient.
Or perhaps, it is a descendent of the city of the plague of beasts.”

This marks the last post covering content from IGN First’s month-long coverage of Bloodborne, but we have more in store for you before the game launches on 25th March, so please stay tuned.


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