New cars and features available in today’s Gran Turismo 6 update

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New cars and features available in today’s Gran Turismo 6 update

The 'MINI Clubman Vision Gran Turismo' revs its engines for the first time

Hi everyone, today see’s the launch of another great update for Gran Turismo 6 with new cars, features and more being rolled out.

Read on for more details on what you can expect to see when you boot up GT6 today…

Vision Gran Turismo – MINI

The collection of Vision Gran Turismo cars continues to grow with the release of the brand new “MINI Clubman Vision Gran Turismo”.

Once the update has completed installation you can purchase the car from the [Vision GT] option within the [CARS] section in “My Home”. However, you can also get the car by completing a lap (regardless of the lap time) in the new Seasonal Event – hurry though, this opportunity is only available for a limited time.


New track: Mid-Field Raceway

The popular, original track from previous Gran Turismo’s makes a comeback in a new and improved version. This high speed circuit is built on a mountain landscape full of inclines and descents. Made tougher by its famous grade separated crossing where the direction of the lap circle changes, and its long flat out sections and mid to high speed corners – this is a true challenge for all GT fans.

New feature: B-Spec Mode

Launched today, the “B-Spec” mode (where an AI driver can race on your behalf) is now available in all Career Mode race events. You can use B-Spec for those races that you might find difficult to complete such as some of the longer endurance races, or maybe you just want to sit back and enjoy watching the race. You can select [B-Spec] from the Quick Menu displayed before the start of an event races of [Career Mode].

Additional updates

  • “Paint” options expanded: The [Paint] options have been expanded and it is now possible to paint the custom rear wings. In addition, the option [Select from an already painted colour.] has been added to the Paint menu to make it easier to paint the body and the wings with the same colour.
  • Additional cars available to paint: It is now possible to paint the body of the “Mazda LM55 Vision Gran Turismo” and the “Chevrolet 2X Vision Gran Turismo”.
  • Other improvements and adjustments: The steering wheel controller force feedback has been weakened for the Red Bull X Series Fan Car.
  • It is now possible to view the content of the Seasonal Events from the Community features available on

For more details on each of the above features, please refer to the online manual on Happy racing!


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  • It’s nice to see last gen hasn’t been forgotten. I look forward to giving this a go.

    Before launch there was a suggestion that improved engine sounds might be patched in. Perhaps next time?

  • When will ps4 owners get some proper racing game. X1 will have 3 forza games at the end of this year yet all ps4 got is crappy driveclub and no info about next GT.

    • PS4 owners are waiting for information about support of Logitech G27 Racing Wheel…
      Before a new racing game we need a solution for not throw in the toilet this and others great accessories.

    • What about Project CARS? Only about a month left until release. Besides, I wouldn’t really call Driveclub a crappy game, I’m having a lot of fun with it.

    • Until they make Logitech wheels compatible with PS4 I’ll stick with racing on PC. Nevertheless I’m going to check this update as always :)

  • Downloading right now!!!

  • @2 Crappy Driveclub???? Crappy???? Get out of my Internet, Driveclub is one of THE BEST racing games in recent memory. But I guess you just go by other people opinions and reviews made by spoiled brats.

    • I find it to be decent but not very involving actually, it struggles to keep me hooked. For something that was originally billed to meet car obsessions, that is something it just doesn’t do as there’s virtually no real involvement with the cars beyond picking it from a list and changing liveries.

    • I’m going to preface my comment by saying 2 things. 1: Opinions are subjective and people can like what they want. If you like Driveclub, more power to ya. 2: I haven’t played it since it came out, so if patches have fixed stuff I wouldn’t know.

      But, Driveclub is an appalling game. AI is horrendous and the cars handling, for all types was atrocious. Online connectivity was a joke when I played it, I think I only connected once, the whole point of the game and it didn’t even work. It wasn’t fun for me, and was a poor racing game, in my opinion. Glad someone’s having fun with it though.

    • ^^the game is functioning fine now and at last is meeting expectations. I probably prefer the handling to DC than GT but I haven’t seen a racing game come out where someone has not liked the handling. Just different preferences, I’d give DC another chance if I was you. My favourite racing game released on PlayStation since GT4.

    • “I haven’t played it since it came out, so if patches have fixed stuff I wouldn’t know.”

      So then you really arent qualified to give an opinion on it. Seriously, if you havent played it since launch then you basically havent played it at all. Its night and day.

    • @Ruliya And yet here we are again “AI is horrendous”. Please explain your statement. The AI isn’t horrendous. Want proof?

      Giuseppe of Dualshockers pretty much made all “gaming journalists” and haters look like, as MK24ever put it, spoiled brats. The handling is superb too. You are the one missing out by not playing it.

    • your internet? :-/

    • @MarsupialJones

      So my opinion isn’t valid because I experienced a broken game that is now apparently fixed? Maybe when i get time I’ll go back and give it a go, but I won’t hold my breath, no offense. We’re still yet to see the PS+ edition, so it looks like even the developers don’t have faith in it. But that’s neither here nor there.

      To explain, imo the AI seemed rigid and sluggish, in tight quarters I’d trade paint often, even have them rear end me and such. If I’m missing out, I’m missing out, that’s my prerogative. The handling, when I played it, was pretty awful. Seemed at times unresponsive and stiff. You’d skid and lose traction out of nowhere. Before you say it’s because I’m a bad driver, I’ve platinumed GT6, it’s not my first go around a race track.

    • To be fair, if Ruliya was one of the early adopters, he absolutely has a right to his opinion. Drive club was a mess when it first came out, regardless of its current state. However, since it’s £19.99 on the store just now, and with all the updates hitting it in recent months, it’s a much better game than it was, or rather, the game it should’ve been at launch.

    • @Ruliya

      Your opinion WAS valid at one point but it has been out of date for quite a while. Its not accurate for anyone playing/buying the game today.

      For the record I bought DC day one and it was embarrasingly broken. It has made huge strides since then and is honestly a very good game now.

    • No. I bought the game quite recently. It is crap – it’s neither fun nor a sim. It’s bland.

    • As someone who bought the game day one, platted it and still play it here and there Ruliya’s opinion is still valid, they may have fixed connectivity (sort of) but the AI is still garbage and the handling is still beyond bad.

      Also that dualshockers video proves nothing, park a car or cut across the pack in a very unnatural manner in any game and AI will avoid it, he doesn’t show you getting pit manoeuvred and rear end shunted constantly, which is where the bulk of the problem lies. Once Project Cars and a new GT hit the PS4, DriveClub will be obsolete.

  • I wonder if they’ll deliver a final update for GT5, March is coming and after that we’ll never be able to get the Spec 2.0 intro movie anymore. I remember they fixed the DLC installation months after the server shutdown. I know the movie is on Youtube but it’s not really the same, also it’s not on full HD :D

  • Ingame money: Keep your updates and game! DLC’s te complete a game: keep it also.

    Good Example: Burnout Paradise
    Bad Example: Motorstorm RC

    • Except you can get Motorstorm and all content for less than buying Burnout Paradise and all content… but both games are good regardless…

  • I just need news about GT for the PS4, nothing more.

  • Any news on when we can expect the course maker to be released? It’s the most anticipated feature for a lot of players, and after almost 15 months we still don’t have it.

  • So when are the issues with updating from a brand new game going to be fixed, I would buy this but I don’t fancy wasting hours while it updates waiting to quit at the right point each time otherwise the update fails.

  • “PS4 owners are waiting for information about support of Logitech G27 Racing Wheel…
    Before a new racing game we need a solution for not throw in the toilet this and others great accessories.”

    All the information is already out there. Logitech doesnt make wheels anymore so they have zero interest in making their old wheels compatible with current gen systems and never will. There is no solution. Move on.

  • Nice. B-spec is gonna make life easier on the ridiculous Autobarmy trophy.

  • Saw this on GTplanet during the week and was wondering when it would drop. Well done to the work that is put into this game. It shows how much effort is when a track like Midfield Raceway is brought over from the PS2 generation. I hope that work is being put in on a PS4 version of the series too and if Midfield Raceway ends up in that final game, we can assume that it is being worked on now. :)

  • Btw the B Spec mode is GT6 is not that interesting compared to the GT5 B Spec Mode

  • Hey great update! Thank you so much for the support of the game! :) Although some tracks from the original games should have been shipped with GT6. I would really like more tracks on the game! And add more missions is the career mode if possible.

  • Yeahhhh … now go away until you’re ready to release Gran Turismo 7 for PS4.

  • I actually got this game and never played it, despite having loved GT5. This released somewhere around the transfer of generations and now it seems this would have been better left out for a later ps4 release, although no one at the time could have known the ps4 would be so popular from the start.. And with all the remasters we see nowadays, it surprises me that some games that deserve it way more than others don’t get one.. Like this and the Fallouts to name some..

  • Really loving the free updates – thank you. Nice to see an old track re-mastered and returned to the series. The introduction of B-Spec mode is nice, but I really hope it will offer a challenge in many races rather than just ‘sit and wait’ like GT5.

  • I kind of expected separate career for bspec, like in gt5, not something like this. I’ve already completed all races long time ago so no reason to sit and watch a bot going through them. It’d be a completely different case if I could level him up and stuff…

  • The maxrace v1.5 allows the use of the G27 on the PS4 for racing games as i have purchased one, Fony can take a run and jump if they think i was going to purchase a new wheel because of a “security chip” what load of rubbish and the maxrace proves it!!!!!!

  • Looking forward to the next instalment upon the new hardware. I hope you devise a correct online strategy and offline activation process before release, so people can actually play this one without having to give credit card details first.
    Kind regards

  • Whatever became of the smartphone app that let you create your own track !?

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