Far Cry 4’s Valley of the Yetis DLC launches 11th March

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Far Cry 4’s Valley of the Yetis DLC launches 11th March

Check out the trailer for the sandbox shooter’s outlandish new DLC pack

Get ready. If you think you’ve explored every hidden corner of Kyrat’s massive open world, the latest Far Cry 4 DLC is about to prove you wrong as you uncover Valley of the Yetis. Set in the aftermath of a helicopter crash, players are once more cast as Ajay Ghale, but this time he’s up against an otherworldly foe. Check out the trailer above.

Beyond the supernatural twist and beasts, Ajay will have to contend with a group of violent cultists, whose regular assaults will require an arsenal of weapons and fortifications to fend off. The enemy is after a secret that lies in the heart of the Valley, and as Ajay discovers their motives, he’ll have to fight a mystic evil that runs deeper than anything he’s seen before.

But he doesn’t have to do it alone!

For those who enjoyed open-world co-op in the main game, this DLC allows players to go beyond just free roam. The entire Valley of the Yetis campaign can be played with a friend, taking on the role of Hurk. It means you get more fun, more anecdotes, more bro-ship.

The Valley of the Yetis DLC launches 11th March and is available for purchase as part of the Far Cry 4 Season Pass or on its own.

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  • omggggggg, i’ve been refreshing this like a madman for the last hour, and get all excited when something new appears…….. just tell us the March ps plus games already!

    • Ditto mate!!!!

    • Sorry to keep you waiting folks. We’re still finalising some details, and it’s unlikely the Plus announcement will be ready for you today. You’ll have it as soon as possible.

    • Zero relevance to this post though?

    • No worries..Personally, I don’t care at for this month..I won’t have the time to play no matter how good the ps3 game (s) are (only console I own). Sub expires same week as the games go live. That’s one less complain to worry about xD.

    • Well the far inferior “Games with Gold” just announced their best month ever with a double month for April. I guess someone at SCEA didn’t want to have whatever lineup was stacked to run against that so there’s been some last minute negotiations to get something truly exceptional. SCEA are great at getting fantastic deals for mlour colonial cousins.

      On a side note, Fred: as you probably already know, the 1st of April is a wednesday, so will PS+ be updated on the first Wednesday of the month as we were originally promised when you revamped the service, or do we have to wait until the second week so the Americans don’t get upset? You owe people an answer on this ahead of time, not like last October where you waited until the week of the update and said “we know its the first Wednesday this week but you have to wait a week because reasons” we both know its going to be delayed, so just say so now, do the right thing.

    • Sounds like pandemonium as the games you were going to give us were crap then you seen what xbox is getting and you started flapping. Helldivers isn’t going to be one which is a shame but may still get it. I’m not overly optimistic on vita as it’s been quite poor of late

    • so you think (and I suspect could be valid) the reason for the delay is what the competitors have in store for their paying customers? I still can fathom how Micro and Sony haven’t teamed up yet to know the market unconscious. Driving up the prices for physical/digital games, services etc..That would be a freaking nightmare.

    • We all know that we’ll get our content on the 8th next month not first weds as originally promised, they have to get content before us, better sales, bigger discounts on plus and more freebies. Notice they are planning a new 60 day Spring sale, how nice (reminds myself to get a U.S. account)
      As regards Games with gold they are stepping up, coupled with the fact all games for 360 are free to own forever it’s quite an offer, I’m tempted at least I would keep Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider if my sub expired, plus Witcher 2 last month and double next, looking good for multi-platform gamers.

    • knock*…how hard can it be to implement an edit button/option.

    • @TrueMorton: You already know the answer to your question about April’s line-up, although they probably will use a different excuse, something along the line of dotting ‘i’s and crossing ‘t’s :)

    • So from now on it’s Fridays? Thanks for the long wait.

    • I don’t see what’s the big deal about next month’s gwg, PS3 already got bio infinite and tomb raider a year ago, and rayman is old and cheap.

    • @supersmith2500

      With the latest Sony efficiency of “dotting ‘i’s and crossing ‘t’s”, we will soon be seeing the lineup once, the US Store got updated on the first Tuesday of the month. Or maybe even later…

  • Nearly had a heart attack then. Thought we were getting Far Cry 4 on plus! Haha too good to be true.

  • This better be incredibly amazing. The rest of the FC4 season pass was utter disappointment.. Also hope you guys do a seperate co op for FC5 again, FC3 had way more replay value because of that imo.

    • Gotta say, I’ve had more value out of this season pass than any I can remember. I put hours into Escape from Durgesh, enjoyed the extra Hurk missions, and VotY looks great/insane. Nice to see a game offer so much single-play-friendly DLC. But to each their own!

    • Oh, I think I already had the Hurk missions from the start because I pre ordered it. Escape from Durgesh really wasn’t my thing, which is probably the reason this season pass gets more negative votes from me. Really hope VotY can counter my negative feelings on this a bit but yea, like you said, to each their own ^^

    • I actually got zero gameplay value of out FC3 coop because of Ubisofts incredibly poor voice chat in that game. How or why Sony allowed such a shoddy chat imementation through QA is beyond me, but then no big publisher game is allowed to fail, look at last year.

    • I’m actually a lonewolf that loves playing co op with randoms since I don’t want to add friends for every game I play for a while, so I can’t really comment on the voice chat, but I can understand it’s a deal breaker if you play with friends.

  • Do we know how many more dlc’s are going to be released? Really hoping for a complete edition at some point during early summer.

  • I really hope you remember to add some trophies aswell this time, note to self : Nevet buy season pass again before you actually know what you get! As throphy addicted I am I find games without boring, sad but true!

  • Fred, Are you still there? Do you know if the Games of 2015 the US blog just announced will be coming to our region? Also, that Chariot tips article. . . Is chariot in the IGC for March?

    • The Spring Fever games? It’s not 100% confirmed at this stage, but yes, we plan to mirror release dates and Plus discounts where possible. As for March PS Plus – sorry, you’ll get no clues from me ;)

    • Mirror the Plus discounts? That would be a first time.

    • sony EU try to do something as good as the US, believe it when i see it, fully expected to be treated badly again in april when 1st day of month is a wednesday , 2 guesses who’s ps plus will be getting put back to appease the other

    • Sorry Fred, but “mirror the plus discounts” not a chance will that be happening. The largest plus discount I can remember seeing in the EU was 20% which is the minimum in the US. In fact I remember the spring sale last year, Lego Marvel was 10 USD, but our price was £35, some six times more theirs.

      Someone best grab a screenshot of this post, its gonna be real handy when the sale hits and the prices are massively different.

    • @ TrueMurton

      Fred probably meant, that they will be using “distorting mirror” on these prices.

    • I actually just checked the US Blog for the Spring Fever, Fred is reffering, and actually SCEA will probably be able to give the same 10% discount as the US… The number before the currency will of course also be mirrored…

      I have been following both blogs for few years now and have some funny observations:
      1. US players were always moaning about poor PS Plus games (comparing to EU)
      2. EU players were always moaning about poor sales discounts (comparing to US)

      Now what Sony did #4ThePlayers? They applied US Plus games standard to EU and EU sales discounts to US, so no one could feel worse. Now everyone can moan about everything! Good Job!

    • * I meant SCEE

  • The Save options disappeared from my Far Cry 4 (PS4) menu. I submitted a query to Ubisoft and no reply after a week.
    The game is borked for me before I got through its second half, so I wish they’d patch their god damn games properly before flogging more DLC.
    Does Playstation have any idea when a patch will come because Ubisoft aren’t being any help. Grrr!

  • Will we be getting the amazing spring sale launch specials the U.S. PS store is… getting…?

  • I’m praying to god the DLC doesn’t have trophies.

  • I hope it’s better than the previous DLC offerings. It sure needs to be to warrant the cost of the season pass. Looks promising though

  • @Christoff1985 That sounds about right for Sony at them moment. things just seem to go from mundane to downright unacceptable whereby PS Plus is concerned. I enjoyed the last couple of months IGC games but they were still pretty weak compared to what I expect. PS4 early adopters always seem to get the brunt of the bad deals, weakest discounts and shallow offerings for their IGC. #SortItOutSony

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