Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Havoc DLC out now on PS4, PS3

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Exo Zombies makes its debut, alongside new maps and weapons

Greetings, PlayStation nation! I am beyond excited to announce that Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Havoc DLC has arrived on PS4 and PS3, heralding the arrival of Exo Zombies, four new multiplayer maps, and the AE4 directed energy assault rifle.

Let’s kick things off with Exo Zombies. With a celebrity cast including John Malkovich (In the Line of Fire, RED, Burn After Reading), Bill Paxton (Aliens, Titanic, Edge of Tomorrow), Rose McGowan (Planet Terror, Scream), and Jon Bernthal (Fury, The Wolf of Wall Street), Exo Zombies takes a new spin on the zombie survival experience.


As four Atlas Corporation employees battling deadly hordes infected by a DNA bioweapon, players must survive the onslaught and unravel the mysteries of the outbreak in Exo Zombies’ standalone story. But these aren’t your run of the mill undead – armed with exoskeletons and unpredictable mutations, the enemies in Exo Zombies are faster and more lethal than ever before.


For a little friendly competition, there are also four new multiplayer maps to dive into:


Fight through the ruins of a nuclear fusion plant that features a both narrow pathways for close-quarters combat and long sightlines for long-range players. Rack up enough points and unlock the map-based scorestreak, which unleashes a swarm of decontamination drones to take out your enemies.



Set in an abandoned inn beneath Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, Sideshow’s wide-open exteriors and rooftops are prime for snipers and getting the jump on the competition. At certain points in a match, the clown inn’s sign may tip its hat and start raining down a barrage of explosives with rainbow smoke trails, which you can pick up and lob at other players.



High in the Rocky Mountains, you’ll find Drift—a picturesque snow-covered ski resort. Its three primary lanes keep the pace high and the action focused, but players can use a number of elevated vantages and a rotating carousel in the center of the map to maintain a competitive edge. Don’t get too comfortable, though, as an avalanche may occur unexpectedly, taking out anyone in its path.



Those that enjoy fast, frenetic matches will love Urban. Taking on a smaller, three-lane design, Urban is perfect for SMGs and close-range weapons. However, new pathways and routes can emerge as the futuristic mega structure goes into lockdown, so watch your back.


Finally, those that pick up Havoc will unlock the AE4 directed energy assault rifle and its Widowmaker variant, which Season Pass owners gained early access to in January. Like its heavier sibling, the EM1, the AE4 fires bursts of energy, but performs like a lightweight assault rifle, making it quicker on the draw but offering infinite ammunition – just make sure you don’t let it overheat.

For an in-depth look at all that’s included in Havoc, check out the Activision Games Blog. Otherwise, I look forward to seeing everyone online!

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  • I acutally enjoy the new modes that aw brings, and the ae4 is a pretty potent weapon. espically the firing rate. i can’t wait to try the new maps.

  • Boring DLC, nothing like the brilliant, story-driven Extinction. Lame attempt, Sledgehammer. Infinity Ward you’re not.

  • Was going to purchase this DLC but there seems to be alot of hassles , can anyone confirm this is working and ok to purchase in the UK , thanks peeps .

  • It keeps on daying waiting to install for me. Does anyone know how to fix this

  • I can confirm it’s working and available for the UK.
    There are 3 downloads for the Havoc DLC. 5.5GB + 5.6GB and a smaller 3.5GB download, all of which installed without any issues. (Actual size is different to stated above)
    The first chapter in the DLC Zombies Story (I only brought this game and it’s season pass in hopes that this would be better than Black OP’s 2’s Zombies – As I only have the first part and a vague understanding on how to escape and complete it I can’t judge as of yet)
    I also suggest once you have it downloaded and installed that you go to your PlayStation settings and to PSN, then refresh your licenses to make sure it works as a service.
    Clan Wars also started another War today, and if you have a big enough team it is actually possible to win games as they are not over run with hackers with god mode on like Black OP’s 2.
    Hope this helps
    Kind regards

  • 15 hrs still waiting to install Havoc DLC. This is B/S !!!!!!!!!!!

  • what gb is this for ps3

  • Why isnt my havoc dlc installing waited 4 hrs for it to download an can’t use it

  • Not installing

  • Hi everyone like to say is I got the dlc for £11.99 did not work It won’t let me play it. So I phone ps they said to down load season pass for £34.99 so that’s what I did still did not work been on the game I can’t get into the store. They did say there a lot of pple not happy but they r fixing the problem but still waiting since the 27th

  • Ive been waiting since release for mine to install this is total B/S i mean making us pay for zombies in the first place but then making us pay not to play is a bit of a [MODERATED]

  • If my last comment gets deleted then i know theres someone checking on this page so why cant you answer our questions youre happy to take our money but not resolve our problems

    • I agree with u there slinkymcpot they take our money but cant sort it out. On the xbox u dont have problems.

  • Guys c’mon sort this crap out had to down load and install havoc 8 times bow and its still not working. You gona fix it ir what???

  • Does anyone know what the HAVOC file size is for United Kingdom as three file sizes have started to download?

  • Its 15gb for all 3 let all 3 down load and see if they work you might be lucky

    • Cheers mate. Wow Surely it can’t be all 3 I need to download, I’m not doubting you just find it hard to believe that I need to download 15GB. If Playstation 4 made it easier to know what downloads you need to download for each different regions that would help a lot, sort it out Sony please?

  • Do you want to win the PS4? details below the video on Youtube ( ). To the contest ended, it must take a minimum of 1,000 players participated. Recently I’ve won the PS4:).

  • Why isnt anyone acknowledging us we are still paying customers just because some people can use the dlc doesmt mean they have to forget about the rest of us

  • I can also confirm its not an internet problem or something because my sons dlc worked first time

  • Nearly a week now come on sony sort it out

  • There saying they r trying to sort it asap thats what there saying to me.

  • They need to sort the hacking out before you bring more map’s out it’s ruins the game for everyone else who play and them camping losers aswell

  • I have tried to download the dlc I get the maps but not the zombies like the rest of people its waiting to install
    I have also tried deleting the whole game and then re-install the whole game and still ^&^&%^%^^ help please

  • Right here how to fix, there are 3 files with these new DLC pack but only need one to use the new maps and play zombies, Delete the 2 maps that have the less G, Bite you should now only have one file. shut down the PS.4 and once its restarts you be fine … not forget to play the new maps select multilayer and than find game at the bottom you should see Havoc playlists select and play …remember you only need one file for these 3 adds the other 2 are corrupt and will not install

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